Sylvester McCoy just being generally awesome at the HobbitCon 3 Closing Ceremony (06/04/15).

First attacking Graham with Sebastian, then realising how much trouble he was in.


My OW Fancasts

I have spent all morning working on this. An anon asked for my live action suggestions for Overwatch characters, and I wanted to give them a serious answer. Some (most) of these aren’t perfect, but it was a struggle.

And I do not have everyone. If you have suggestions, tell me. Please. I need more. (I also took some from other lists people had). I didn’t do Bastion because he wouldn’t need a fancast really.

So, here we go.

Solder: 76

Dallas Walker

Jack Morrison

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Tracer/Lena Oxton

Daisy Ridley

Fo Porter

Mercy/Angela Zeigler

Cate Blanchett


Anthony Varrenchia (I recently found out he had a husband who passed away, and that made me so sad.)

Jesse McCree

I support the idea of Jesse McCree being a POC, but I had a hard time finding someone I wanted. If you have any ideas, tell me.

Josh Holloway

Oscar Isaac (this was me being self-indulgent and loving the idea of Oscar Isaac dressed up as McCree. Plus, he is a POC, but not perfect for what McCree might be in terms of ethnicity.)

Hanzo Shimada

Hiroyuki Sanada

Ken Watanabe

Genji Shimada

Roadhog/Mako Rutledge

Don’t even talk to me about how hard it was finding someone for this man.

Lawrence Makoare (HE WAS IN LORD OF THE RINGS)

Junkrat/Jamison Fawkes

Another difficult one to find. Ugh.

Sam Rockwell

Frank Dilliane


Gwendoline Christie




I could not find someone I absolutely loved for her, and I am disappointed.

Priyanka Chopra


Once again, difficult to find someone.

Cykeem White

Reaper/Gabriel Reyes

So, the problem I had with finding his had to do with trying to find Afro-Latino actors. I have Idris Elba, but that’s accurate because it erases a part of Gabriel’s ethnicity. There are not many actors for him, and this was basically me settling for someone.

Laz Alonso


Honestly, I believe in the fact that Mei is chubby/fat. That is something I love, and I will not sacrifice that for anything. Though, I wasn’t able to find many chubby Chinese actresses without Porn wanting to pop up.

Kelly Marie Tran


Eva Green

Lea Seydoux

D.Va/Hana Song

Go Ah-Sung

Kim So-eun

Bae Suzy

Winston (voice and motion capture)

Keith David

Zenyatta (voice and motion capture)

Laurence Fishburne


Peter Stormare

Danny DeVito