Marlee & Niran by J&C entangled
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Mirwen/ Rendia comparison I’ve been wondering if they’re really that much alike. When Fairyland released the Rendia sculpt a lot of people compared her with Mirwen, but I actually think they’re quite different. They could be sisters though :)


Through the Dark par Shimiro Kestrel


IMG_8421 by Meanae
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Antlers for Yuma :D And my desktop as a background, haha. They DO look kinda big on her, but I think that makes them charming? Need to paint and decorate them still.

Finally, the fic I promised that anon ages ago is finished (it’s not even that long, I’m sorry, school just got in the way).

They requested: “You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.” I hope they weren’t expecting this to go a sexual route because I took this in an entirely different, but still cute (hopefully) direction.

Jamie’s sick, stuffy nosed whining under the cut:

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JunkFish and MakoShark

I tried a quick write for @froggyflan ;~; I said I was gonna write them a fic, and here it is. It’s not what it could be but I tried! Hope it doesn’t suck. 

   What’s he doing…? Mako thought. That was a fishing boat, and this fish was swimming right up to it. Was he dumb? Probably. Maybe he got shook around too much. He certainly looked like it. Stupid merman had some torn up gangly tail and some sickly green color. Scars littered up and down his tail as well as on his more human looking back and arm. He had what looked like a fishing hook lodged in his fin and ridiculously enough, a plastic can holder managed to get itself stuck on his tail years ago. It’s been there as long as anyone could remember. Among the mer-people in the sea, he’d been affectionately given the nickname Junkfish… 

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Cacey’s new look par J&C entangled

Happy 710 everyone! uncagedwonderland asked to see my favorite pieces from my collection.

Here we have my (I believe) 1/1 Mako upline pendant recycler, and my favorite pendant which is also by Mako. There is so much detail in the eyes, and the opals bring a great contrast and fire.

It’s hard to pick a true favorite because they all bring something different and awe-Inspiring to the table.

Please leave my caption intact when sharing. Thank you.


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Sephiroth/Genesis Stay

Genesis looked like he was made of parchment, skin translucent, veins inked green along his face and jaw. He did not scream. He had no voice. Pain gripped him at intervals and wracked him on the bed.

Sephiroth stared down at him, wordless. “You’ll get used to it,” he said. “They don’t tell you it’s like this when you sign on, but you do get used to it. Eventually.” Genesis’s eyes flared, the color of refined mako. He gripped the bedframe as the spasm took hold.  

“Don’t grind your teeth, it’s bad for you,” Sephiroth said. “Causes jaw pain.” The new mako eyes were rolling almost all the way back in Genesis’s head. There was nothing to do now but to wait it out, and Genesis had all the expert attention he needed for that. Sephiroth turned to go.

Something gripped his hand, pincer-like and trembling. He looked down, testing the strength of the grip, then looked back at Genesis with something like approval. “You will be fine.”

“Stay,” came the whisper. Sephiroth frowned. “Stay,” Genesis said again, nails digging through the thin leather of Sephiroth’s gloves. That bite stayed with Sephiroth, years later, when Genesis refused to stay for him.