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Here is Mako Mori from Pacific Rim without any prior reserve! App is the under the third link or /app.


You’ll be staying in district Alpha!

You will be given a plastic cosplay of your mecha!

Enjoy your stay!

–Mod oo4

List Your Top 10 Favorite Characters ( 1 per series/fandom ), then tag 10 people.
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1. Gravity Falls: Mabel Pines
2. Pacific Rim: Mako Mori
3. Motorcity: Mike Chilton
4. Tron Uprising: Tron
5. Mad Max Fury Road: Nux
6. Legend of Zelda: Zelda
7. Avengers: Ago of Ultron: Ultron (the sass!)
8. Jurassic World: Blue
9. Black Butler: Sebastian
10. Fullmetal Alchemist: Envy

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Giving You My Trigger

by will_o_wisp

The Shatterdome is home to illegal cage matches, where the Jaegers rule the ring. Until, of course, someone new comes along looking for a challenge.

Words: 3987, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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When Mako was little, she really loved Gorillaz because of how much she identifies with Noodle. She used to listen to it with Newton when he was on Cool Uncle Duty®
( @agog-and-aghast says she’d totally sneak off with his albums sometimes)

One year for Halloween, Mako and Newt convinces the others to all dress up as members of the band. Mako dresses up as Noodle, Newton as 2D, Hermann and Murdoc, and Pentecost as Russel.

(Her and Newt were the two happiest to be in costume)

Pacific Rim Toys that NEED TO HAPPEN


Action figures:

18 inch Crimson Typhoon

18 inch Coyote Tango

Brawler Yukon

Crimson Typhoon 2.0 with interchangeable hands



18 inch Kaiju (pick one) with rubber Skin Mites






Battle Damage Coyote Tango



Battle Damage Scunner

Battle Damage Slattern 

Free fall Gipsy Danger

Mako Mori (Drive suit)

Raleigh Becket (Drive suit)


Gimmick figures

Blind toys (As in toys that come in a special container like the Kaiju come in ooze pods and the Jaegers come in packs that involve assembly)

Chibi figures (not like Neca, just mini statues)

Hero Mashers 



Gipsy Danger vs Knifehead

Hannibal Chau’s market

Leatherback vs Cherno Alpha

Sydney Brawl

Otachi Rampage

Baby Otachi Attack


Onibaba Attack

Battle at the Breach


Giving You My Trigger

read it on the AO3 at

by will_o_wisp

The Shatterdome is home to illegal cage matches, where the Jaegers rule the ring. Until, of course, someone new comes along looking for a challenge.

Words: 3987, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms

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1. Ginoza Nobuchika from Psycho-Pass

2. Pietro Maximoff from ANXF (All-New X-Factor) 

3. Wanda Maximoff from the Avengers Comics (I don’t care if that’s a cheat there’s too many comic worlds to choose just one) 

4. Nishiki Nishio from Tokyo Ghoul

5. Shinra from Durarara!! 

6. Sirius Black from Harry Potter

7. Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe 

8. Mako Mori from Pacific Rim 

9. Sugawara from Haikyuu!! 

10. 10th Doctor from Doctor Who

tagging whoever sees this. and possibly earlyreturns and terranprodigy if they see this and are bored. 

Mission Impossible

So I just watched Rogue Nation and DAMN WHAT A GOOD ACTION MOVIE. I have so many things I could say about how much I loved this movie (not the least of which is AMAZING FEMALE ACTION STAR WHO HAS HER OWN AGENCY AND DOESN’T EXIST AS A ROMANTIC SUBPLOT). This movie may not pass the Bechdel Test, but it certainly passes the Mako Mori test.

Anyway… after Ghost Protocol I was sort of shipping Ethan Hunt/William Brant. Not super hard, but I read some fics and it was all good. BUT THEN, OH BUT THEN I WATCHED THIS MOVIE AND OH BOY… I don’t ship Hunt/Brant after this movie. Not really. I broship them, but there was absolutely no romantic tension there for me. They were bros.

BUT ETHAN/BENJI. WELL SHIT> Ethan was so fucking protective the entire movie of Benji. I’ll try not to spoil, but let’s just say a whole lot of the movie revolves around Ethan trying to protect Benji. And it’s beautiful and glorious because seriously if I had to categorize how Benji behaved about Ethan, it would be as the submissive who just wants to make their Dom proud, wants to be helpful, wants to be SEEN. It’s so beautiful and gorgeous and I want to read all the fics. (WHY THE HELL ARE THERE ONLY 3?? WHY?) 

So yeah, I’m going to go write that now. Don’t mind me.

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Sleeping Beauty AU: Lars dies and Hermann and Newt can finally thank Herc and Stacker with a proper reception.

The night Lars dies, they are not at the deathbed;

It had been both a relief and a frustration to be sent away to the summer palace, far from court and the increasingly angry meetings; things had been bad, while they had been away, they had gotten worse;

“Fuck him for making you clear up his shit;” Newt spits, helping him on his horse;

Hermann looks down at the animals back, strokes the straw-coarse mane, there’s nothing he can say;

Newt mounts up; “I’ll help, we’ll sort it out;”

It’s the only words of comfort that could work, Hermann gives a thin smile; “Maybe we can call him, have a meeting;”



“Well yeah, he knows us;” Newt smiles back and gods- just looking at him, so bright and hopeful already, makes Hermann feels better, “Maybe we can talk it out;”

“The nobles won’t like it;”

Newt stops, stares into the distance, then forces a smile, “Well, we’ll get there and see, okay;”

Hermann nods, and they spur their horses for the long ride back to the capital.


It’s a small escort, anything else would attract attention, and the roads are dangerous now- with too many thrown off their lands and turned to banditry- or worse, joining the growing rebel forces;

Their entourage is so small, in fact, that the first volley of arrows kills most of them before they even know they’re under attack; Hermann’s horse rears, and screams as an arrow hits her in the rump, she kicks and charges blinding into the brush; Newt shouts and kicks his horse after him;

The ground drops away fast down into the river; the horse is too blinded with pain to see; Newt forces his horse alongside and Hermann lunges from him as his horse lunges into the rapids;

He gets his bad leg out of the stirrups, grabs the reins of Newt’s horse, Newt grabs him back the back of his cloak and drags his horse to a halt as Hermann’s mare loses her footing and crashed into the river;

It isn’t deep, but she lands badly, her forelimb crumpling under her and she shrieks again, in agony;

“Come on-” Newt is ash-pale, “They’re coming- get up-”

“We’re already here;” a voice cuts in, and a row of arrowheads spark above their heads; on the escarpment above the river;

Hermann lets go of the reins, lands heavily on his feet; “We surrender- there will be a ransom-”

“We know who you are;” a young woman appears over the edge of the escarpment, and you are coming with us, prince;”

Hermann looks at Newt, he leans down, “If we run-”

“No;” the bows are ready to fire, and the only thing Hermann cannot lose in this life is Newt; “Whatever they want- we can get out;”

“Good;” the woman smiles, slides down the cliff to the river; she bends down as she approaches Hermann’s groaning horse, “Poor girl;” she draws a knife;

Hermann cannot look, he stares around them, at their dead escort; and closes his eyes;

Newt hops down, puts his arms around him, Hermann turns into him; tries to fight back the tears;

Mako gets up, Hermann’s horse silent; “You will mount that horse;” she indicates Newt’s mount, “And we will lead her; if you struggle, we will shoot you, if you try and run, we will shoot you, if you-”

“Yeah, we know;” Newt is pale green now, his knuckles white where he holds Hermann hard enough to hurt;

The woman hesitates, glances at the dead men, her peoples are pulling them aside and- a grave is being dug, so there is that, at least; “If you do as we say, these could be the last deaths.”

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Beau and the Beast AU: aro Beast Mako despairs of ending the curse as she neither needs nor wants a romantic partner, but someone HAS to learn to love her in Beast form. Enter ace Beau Raleigh.

Raleigh is already waiting for her when she comes down in the morning; he smiles, and she hops up on her back legs self-consciously, pacing uncertainly to the table;

“Slept well? I made muffins;” he shoves the plate towards her and it’s a struggle to bite down years of solitude-bred habit and just stick her muzzle into the plate; instead she carefully picks up a muffin and bites in;

“It’s lovely;” she swallows it down, delicious; reaches for another;

Their hands touch;

For a moment, they just look at each other;

“Okay;” Raleigh takes a breath, “Look, I- I don’t think I can do this;”

Mako stops, her appetite suddenly gone; it’s not sickening, it’s not a relief, it’s some bizarre mixture of both, rocking her stomach and she cannot look at anything;

“I’m sorry;” Raleigh sounds wretched, “It’s not you- it’s not anyone- I just can’t feel- that way, to anyone;”

Mako looks at her hands, claws; she had- gotten used to them, she supposes, can live her life with them, but the thought that she will be stuck like this forever is- exhausting;

But how can she blame him- when she feels so much the same?

“I don’t know if I can,” she sighs, “I never wanted a- a partner or a husband, or a wife; you have been- all I can ask for;” she tries a smile, it feels odd through her fangs;

“I don’t mind that;” Raleigh says softly, smiles back, “It’s just- afterwards, you know, in bed;” he sighs, “I mean, if you wanted- you’d be the only one I do it with but it’s not-” he waves a hand, “It doesn’t look like fun;”

“It is,” she smiles, “When I was- human; it was enjoyable; just now and then; nothing serious;” she sighs again, her heart sinking through her belly at what she has to do; “I can’t keep you her- you can go, if you want to;”

Raleigh hesitates, then shakes his head, “Nah, I like it here- and if we’re not the right pair- maybe I can help you find the right one;” he holds out his hands, “Best friends forever-”

Mako smiles and it’s like a warm light has lit inside her, “Best friends,” she agrees and takes Raleigh’s hand;

It’s a shock like a lightning bolt and for a moment she can’t breathe, the air knocked from her lung and she clings to Raleigh, his eyes wide is shock and the chair slips out behind her and she falls, dragging him half across the table as she falls to her knees and chokes, gasps, trying to breath and she need to let go her hand is too tight, her claws must be cutting in-

She tries to loosen her grip but the pain- like a thousand needles pricking over every inch of her skin, like pins and needles through every muscle and she grits her teeth so hard they grind and let go- let go-

Raleigh doesn’t make a sound, and Mako shudders, the last wracks of pain shuddering through her; his hand is still strong on hers and she looks up-

His hand is whole, pink, unbloodied, and hers-

Human, soft, pale-skinned, tiny nails; hers;

Mako sits back, clutches at herself, her skin, her hair, her body soft and real and hers after so long;

“Mako-” Raleigh looks at her, starts to smile;

She starts to smile back, and her teeth press gently against her lips, her cheeks stretch and it feels so good, so her; that she starts to cry.

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more deaged babies? maybe continuing from the last one where they ask mako about a wedding?

Newt loves the new clothes, eagerly putting the top part on and bouncing, hugging himself;

Hermann approves, he is immensely huggable, and leans in to have a turn; Newt giggles and squeaks; “What about yours- come on, try it on-”

Hermann looks doubtfully at the shirt he has been given, they’ve cut a second pair of holes for his secondary arms, but he’s now sure why his should wear it- it will not keep out the cold, and anyway, for that he has his wonderful coat-much too large for him, soft and worn and fluffy for him to curl up in;

But they bought it, and put in the time, so Hermann tries to get it on; it’s a struggle, Newt giggles and helps him get his head out of an arm hole, and slowly arrange himself inside the thing;

He is still far from sure, the thing is tight and catches on his spines, pulling them flat down his back, but his arms are free, and Newt is smiling, strokes down his front, the sharp jut of his breastbone;

“You look great;” he hugs himself again, “Mako- can you marry us?”

Mako is sorting through her collection of packets and drops one; little multi-coloured balls sprinkle everywhere;

“Have you got M&Ms?” Newt sounds delighted, and snatches a handful, “Here, try one-”

The thing is completely tasteless, although the crush is nice, Newt however, devours them with gusto; “So, Mako- can you-”

Mako is looking at them, an odd sort of look on her face; “Do you want to get married;” she’s looking at Hermann;

“I-” he isn’t sure, but- “I want to stay;” he look at Newt; “With you;”

Mako nods, then smiles, although it’s slightly forced; “Let me get Tendo and his bunch, Chris will want to get you made up;”

Newt cheers, Hermann looks after Mako as she goes, puzzled.

10 fandom 10 faves

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1. Age of the Five (T. Canavan)- Auraya, forever and always

2. The Musketeers (BBC)- Athos

3. Marvel (MCU)- Peter Quill

4. Supernatural- Gabriel

5. Once Upon a Time- Hook

6. A Song of Ice and Fire- Brienne of Tharth

7. Pacific Rim- Mako Mori

8. Star Wars- Princess Leia

9. Orphan Black- Helena

10. Doctor Who (New Who)- Donna Noble

I tag anyone willing to do this!