mako's scarf


playing bravely default makes me think of how agnes would totally be all “unacceptable” in senketsu and ryuko would be all “what the hell is this skanky number” in the vestal garb….

+ scarf satsuki needs to be a thing lmao…

+ ryukooooooo…

+ you pigs in human clothing… who the hell do you think i am???

(+ reference sheet + initial design)

a headcanon to keep me alive

so let’s say one day Mako decides to help somebody (or a group of people) and it has something to do with police work or traveling with the Krew or whatever

all goes well and the people are helped

all seems well until Mako realizes…


well about that…

looks like the bad guy found it and he(she)’s going to use it against you in some way (like I don’t know… tracking you down using a shirshu, you never know)


so sometime later the Krew runs into this bad guy and while Korra’s having a showdown with this person…


and to make a long story short… Korra gets it back

and of course there has to be some way Mako can repay such an act of bravery

and thus Makorra sails on