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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #193 - Pacific Rim

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes, #242.

Format: Blu-ray


Raleigh: “When alien life entered our world it was from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean.”

This is actually a really interesting concept and break from the usual alien invasion movies. It keeps the movie incredibly sci-fi but gives the monsters a much more earthy quality to them. And opening the movie with the idea establishes the world we live in right away. In fact, the entire prologue does an excellent job of clearly and quickly establishing the world of Pacific Rim (I consider the prologue everything before Raleigh and Yancy go and fight the monster, even though the film’s title takes 16 minutes to show up).

2) The monsters in this film are referred to as Kaiju and that fact shows the incredible respect the filmmakers are showing to the genre they’re playing in. For those of you who don’t know, giant monster movies made in Japan like Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, etc. are referred to as Kaiju films so just by embracing that genre name for this film shows they’re playing in a similar world. I just like that that’s the path they went down.

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3) Ramin Djawdi’s score for Pacific Rim is absolutely kickass. The German composer is probably most known for his work on the first Iron Man and “Game of Thrones”, so audiences for those projects are familiar with the fact that Djawdi can get you pumped through music. Pacific Rim is no battle, with the main theme being an electric guitar heavy and absolutely energizing anthem of badassery that gets the audience ready for battle. I suggest everyone listens to it.

4) Charlie Hunam as Raleigh

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Raleigh is rough around the edges but in a way the audience can appreciate. He’s not a jackass, he’s not a jerk, he’s just a bit macho. But he’s still a nice guy (not Nice Guy™), showing kindness to much of the cast of characters throughout the film (Mako, Pentecost). There’s an old school roguish charm to him, but Hunam is also able to play the grief that marks Raleigh for a lot of the film.

Raleigh: “I was still connected to my brother when he died.”

That is an incredibly rich and unique conflict, to know what it feels like to die and live while also knowing that’s what your family felt in their last moments. Hunam is able to work with this well in a number of scenes and while at time his American accent can be a bit distracting his performance overall is damn good.

5) This film does a very good job of establishing minor and supporting characters so that even if they only have a few minutes of screen time you remember them. This includes Yancy, Choi, and all the other Jaeger pilots. Through combined visual design and unique character writing, they stand out.

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6) The first Kaiju/Jaeger fight - while not the best in the film - still strongly establishes the film’s intense action. It is important for the audience to know the rules in these fights early on. To know that the Kaiju and Jaeger are close to equally matched; neither is swifter, neither is bigger, it’s a really intense skirmish between opponent of equal size and strength. Establishing that well early on is important and exactly what this film did.

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7) Idris Elba as Marshall Pentecost

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I think Elba gives the best performance in the entire film. Pentecost is such an enigmatic character, he’s not an open book, but instead of feeling underdeveloped (which is a risk with such characters) he’s interesting. You can tell there’s more to Pentecost than we’re being told because Elba works so well wight he part. He just radiates leadership and authority in a multifaceted performance. You get his hard edges, his no nonsense behavior, his occasional jackassery, a caring father figure, a loyal soldier, and a driven man all in one package that is Idris Elba. I fucking love Elba in this film.

8) Rinko Kikuchi as Mako.

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Mako’s awesome. I love Mako. She’s…it’s hard to put into words. She’s an incredible strong character with deep rooted conflict and motivations which Kikuchi is able to carry with her always. This conflict is good because it strongly influences Mako’s choices in the film, which in and of themselves can breed more conflict. You can just tell that while Mako is good in her current position as Pentecost’s assistant(?) that she can do SO much more. You understand that through the way she interacts with Raleigh, the ease she handles the tasks given to her, you know she’s not reached her full potential yet even though she wants to. And you just freaking root for her to go further, to get what she wants, something which I think is equal parts Kikuchi’s performance and the writing for the character. It’s also worth noting her platonic relationship with Elba is very strong and helps develop both characters.

9) Burn Gorman and Charlie Day as both crazy strong in their roles also, breathing such life and fun into their parts and the film as large. The strong bickering Newt and Herman is incredibly fun to watch and while Day does get more time to shine as Newt that doesn’t mean Herman is any less interesting. They’re both such a fun team to watch.

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10) Something director Guillermo Del Toro is able to do incredibly well across all his films - largely through production design and practical sets/effects - is that he creates a world which is fully alive. Just from looking at it you get an understanding of how it works, how it’s different from our world. It is striking, full of life, and totally unique.

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11) Mako’s candidate trial.

Did I mention I love Mako? Because I do. And this scene just makes me love her more. The connection and kinship she is able to immediately establish with Raleigh is crazy good. It just FEELS right watching the pair of them on screen. Their relationship is in many ways the heart of this film and this scene gets you invested in them. You just know that they’re the right for each other.

12) Newt’s decision to drift with a Kaiju is a strong example of stakes. How far he’ll go to do what he think is the best thing to do because the alternative of doing nothing isn’t good enough. I dig it.

13) One thing I like is that Mako isn’t really sexualized or objectified in any way. I don’t even think we get a shot of her half naked or anything. The film shows off how sexy Raleigh’s body is more than it does Mako’s and I really freaking love that.

14) There are a few comparisons to make between this film and Independence Day. The fact that it’s humanity fighting against alien invaders (even though these aliens are from below the sea) is one thing, but then we learn this.

Newt: “These being, these colonists, they take over worlds…”

It’s very similar to how Bill Pullman notes the aliens in Independence Day are like locusts, moving from world to world and taking over natural resources. There are more coming up, and it’s not even a comparison of quality or saying one is a ripoff of the other, it’s more just I like the similarities because I like both films.

15) Mako’s backstory.

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Through showing us Mako’s backstory, not just telling us, the film makes it all the stronger. It perfectly explains her motivations and stakes throughout the film in a way which is simple, elegant, and ready to remember. Also the way the film cuts between Mako’s memory, Raleigh in Mako’s memory, and the real world of Gypsy Danger is very strong. All in all, it’s just a strong example of backstory.

16) Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chou.

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Okay, Ron Perlman is always a wonderful character actor. I have never seen a Ron Perlman performance which I have not liked. He just breathes this consistent charisma, energy, and fun into every performance he has ever given so Chou is no different. While he may be more devious and deceitful than say Hellboy, Perlman has no less fun with the part and just makes Hannibal Chou one of the surprise stand out characters in the film.

17) The first Jaeger fight with the Kaiju in Tokyo is just plain fun, a nice prologue to the upcoming Gypsy Danger fight but one that steps up the Kaiju VS Jaeger fun introduced in the film’s opening.

18) Gypsy Danger VS Kaiju.

The extended fight sequence is 100% fucking awesome! A perfect collaboration of, “oh that’s so cool!” and some, “oh that’s so stupid!” moments but in a way that is totally fun. It’s giant robot vs giant monster entertainment at its purest in a way which is just totally entertaining. Some highlights from the fight include:

  • Raleigh: “I think this guy’s dead, but let’s check for a pulse. (They shoot him with a plasma gun.) No pulse.”

And of course…

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More than anything else the best scene in the film (which this is) shows off all the imagination which can go into one of these fights and all of Gypsy Danger’s skills as a fighter.

19) Is this really necessary?

Newt [examining the dead Kaiju]: “It’s pregnant.”

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This whole moment feels a little extra. Like, couldn’t the Kaiju brain just be intact after the fight? Although it does lead to Hannibal’s “death” and a great post credits scene.

20) Okay, I’m tearing up a little bit at the goodbye Pentecost has with Mako before he gets in a Jaeger. Because they both know this will kill him and I just…okay, I’m good.

21) The best speech since Independence Day.

22) Something I haven’t really talked about yet is drifting. Drifting with another person in the context of the film is such an intimate and strong connection. It is pure relationship, pure honesty, and I freaking love it.

23) The climactic fight with the category five fight is really a dual fight between the two Kaiju in a well paced, choreographed, and smoothly edited moment. You are never taken out of the moment during the fight due to shoddy craftsmanship, it is all just really smooth.

24) I think the final dive into the breach is really well done because there is a genuine question of if Raleigh will survive or not. The first time I saw this I thought for sure he would die and they wait until the last minute possible to get him out there, just upping the tension throughout. It’s really strong.

24.1) The final thing in this movie that reminds me of Independence Day is Raleigh sending his ship right into the enemy to explode feels a lot like this:

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

25) I actually love that this movie doesn’t end with Raleigh and Mako kissing. You can head canon it as anyway you want. I see it as platonic, but you can also see it as they know each other better than anyone else so they don’t need to kiss to know how they feel about each other. I just find it very strong.

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26) Remember how I mentioned a post credits scene in note #19?

Pacific Rim is just really incredibly fun. You can tell that Guillermo Del Toro is enjoying the world he helps to build, with sheer amazing giant robot vs giant monster action. The character drama and motivations are surprisingly poignant, the actors are incredibly strong, the writing is top notch, and it’s just…it’s so freaking good. It’s so freaking FUN! Go watch it. Now. Do it! Please! It’s that good.

Learn To Be Lonely (Mako x Reader)

The two firebenders were sat together in their pyjamas, staring out at the night sky above them. The cold wind ripped past them and off into the distance; unseen.

“So…how’s Republic City now then?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Bolin’s off being a mover star, Korra’s off doing Avatar stuff and Asami’s with her as her fiance. So, how do you feel?”

“Lonely…I’m not used to being on my own. Even after Mum and Dad died I had Bolin and then we had you and then Korra and then Asami and…” he trailed off as he continued his heavy stare into the distance.

“You’ll learn,” she replied quietly.

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Korra was undecided about what to do about Mako. She specifically expresses that Thank You may not be enough. Mako says their bond is so strong it is unnecessary to say thank you. Mako is injured and almost lost his life but he thinks he will do it again for Korra and the Krew for he lives for this. Asami cries for losing her Dad whom she didnt give a shit about for 5 years promptly making it all about her. Asami says she wouldn’t know what she would so of she lost Korra too. Yeah, hello, Korra ALMOST LOST HER LIFE AND DID A SUPER DANGEROUS THING LIKE OPENING A FUCKING SPIRIT PORTAL. And then basically has Korra apologise to her for "putting her through that" a life and death situation which INVOLVED KORRA'S LIFE AND KORRA'S AVATAR SPIRIT FUCKING NOT ASAMI IN ANY FUCKING WAY. So, this is one of the principal reasons why I dislike Korra/sami and I love Makorra because even as a friend Mako knows what to do and say and not act like a self-centered narcissistic piece of shit. I mean seriously Asami life doesn’t revolve only around her. What the hell were the writers thinking? Asami never celebrates any of Korra’s achievements nor does she embrace how far Korra has come. She only acts like some propagandist saying “oh, the world needs you ‘cause you are the avatar” wtf advice is that. At least Mako specifies they all needed Korra for Korra. Korra doesn’t have to do avatar duties all the time when she is healing at that moment because she is well not in a good place. She needs someone to remind her what she stands for as herself as well as avatar. Mako does this all the time. Asami just repeats rote memorisation things. This coupledom is BADLY written. It serves no one and shows Asami as a self-centered, spoiled rich girl who only gives a damn when it is about her. Mako caring and loving Korra with no relationship goals is something that Korra could use rather than a vacation Asami (I mean seriously the person who went through shit is Korra not Asami; Asami has been able to live her life whatever fucking way she wanted since B1). Korra is pushed aside in HER OWN FUCKING STORY to make room for a ship. This is a tragedy.

I will forever love Mako defending Usagi by taking on an entire gang of street toughs by herself, but Mako plucking Usagi out of the car’s way in one arm and running with her like she’s a fucking football will take a worthy second place.


More Dragon AU

Jamie has a weird habit of chewing on rocks when he’s in any sort of negative mood, when he’s hungry, zoned out, or extremely concentrated. His tail is also a huge part of balance for him, considering one of his wings is torn to hell. He likes to clutch onto it with his claws when sitting straight up. (Jamie can also walk on his hind legs when carrying things but doesn’t practice this often as his body wasn’t built for that and it hurts his spine).

Jamie has to be sure the rocks are big enough to hold, because if not he’ll end up letting them go and swallowing them, and that causes him to throw up. (he does utilize this when he’s out hording with hog though, its a good way to carry things for a temporary amount of time, minus the fact its not very healthy probably)

At first Mako was weirded out by it, and once or twice made a snarky comment about how it was the reason Jamie has such terrible fucking teeth (he’s not wrong) but now he finds it kind of cute, scraggly teeth, crunching and all. He usually takes it as a sign that Jamie needs food and cuddles, and hes happy to give both.

Jamie collects flammable or explosive powders/stones and gigantic leaves, he usually crushes the stone forms of the materials on the leaves and shovels the power into his mouth to store it under his tongue, later in battle he’ll spit it out and spit a fire ball/ blow flames to make them twice as volatile. It’s a one time use kind of thing, and he only uses it in dire situations. (he still hoards it like his life depends on it none the less, and stores it in animal skulls tell he plans on going out of the cave)

Mako had once been on the end of this attack and can vouch that it does throw the enemy for a loop and with the right powders can cause temporary deafness and blindness.

Though he isn’t a hatchling (he’s a dragonling currently), he acts like one when its time for bed, he is plenty warm considering he can breath fire, but Jamie still adores sleeping against Mako’s huge, warm, molten filled belly. At first Mako used to shove the little brat away, but eventually he grew soft for it, and now if Jamie doesn’t lay close to him he pulls him in. He also curls around him all protective like and usually doesn’t sleep until he knows for sure Jamie’s not going to wake up. (Jamie looks a quarter of his size when he’s all curled up, as small as he can get himself)

And that there are the boys’ hoarding habits. Jamie, the little oddity he is, doesn’t collect gold or gems (the few he has are gifts from Mako) no, he collects bones, stones, powders, ores, pieces of armor (for making his limb joins), and human tools. Mako used to find this strange and aggravating when the little punk would bring him stones to put in his hoard, useless, grey and boring, not at all shiny. He grew slightly less annoyed by it when Jamie showed him you could crack some of them open and find pretty gems inside, but over the years he found it slowly more and more enduring and, to appease his smaller companion, excepts his bones and stones happily.

Mako on the other hand, has a gigantic pile of gold, swords, a single throne, knights helmets, gems, and jewelry. If it shines, Mako probably wants it, he has pieces of golds and goods from all over the country side, maybe the world even, has things some people in the kingdom have never even heard of yet. He prides himself on his gargantuan gold mound, and often perches on top of it as a sign he wants to be alone. He spends a lot of time brooding up there, sometimes. Though sometimes he likes to lay up there and listen to Jamie chitter form atop his own, much smaller pile.

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Can I request a soulmate au with poly Roadrat?

I might be mistaken but I think someone was thinking of doing one? Followers, you know anything more, because it’s a shame that there shouldn’t be a roadrat ship week

Meanwhile, to tide you over, have some poly!roadrat Soulmate AU. I went with “Soulmates having a song in their heads that gets more complex the closer they are to each other” again because I love this concept too much

The third day on the road, Mako’s radio breaks down. It’s been wonky ever since the explosion, filled with static and barely comprehensible warnings not to approach the omnium or be anywhere southwest of it. That’s the way the wind and the fallout’s blowing. Mako has been driving southwest from the start, packed with everything he owns and whatever he could scavenge in the immediate aftermath. He doesn’t care about the radiation. It already did its worst to him.

And now it takes the radio and with it everything he had to drown out the song. He tries not to listen to it but as these things go the more he ignores it the louder it becomes. It’s just a low bass like faraway drums, repeating periodically. His soulmate is somewhere far away and he, turned inside out by nuclear fallout and without a home or family to return to, thinks it’s best they stay that way.
He drives on, makes a note to repair the radio as soon as possible, and listens only to the wheels on the dust covered paths.

One day he’ll forget all about the song and what it means.

One day he does.

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[translation] Free! Visual Story Vol.2 Drama CD track 2 - "Birthday Surprise"

[audio link] from wakoaime​ (thank you!!!)

Everyone loves Makoto here this makes me so happy.  Watch out for the lovely makoharu and makorin moment ^_^

Nagisa: Aaand done! The decoration’s perfect! Hehehe, it looks very much like a birthday party!

Rei: Yes! If I may say so myself, it’s beautifully done!

Nagisa: Hehe!  I hope Mako-chan likes it!

Makoto (in Nagisa’s mind): Ahaha, everyone, thank you so much! I’m… I’m so, so, HAPPY!-ppy-ppy-ppy…

Nagisa: Maybe he’ll cry just like that…

Rei: I’m not so sure if Makoto-senpai will cry, but I’m sure he’ll be happy.  Since we worked so hard to prepare this!

Rin: Let’s give him the biggest surprise!

Gou: Onii-chan, you’re kinda hyped up about this~

Rin: If we’re gonna make it a surprise, it won’t be fun if we don’t give it our all, right? Hehehe.

Gou: Hehehe.

Nagisa: Haru-chan~ how’s the cake~?

Haru: It’s ready.  Are you done over there?

Nagisa: Yup! All done!

Haru: I’ve just called Makoto, so he will be here anytime soon.

*ding dong*

Nagisa: Hah! It must be Mako-chan! Haru-chan, go get the door!

Haru: Okay.

Haru: Makoto.

Makoto: Oh! Haru! What’s going on? It’s really rare for you to call me over, I was really surprised! You said it’s an emergency, so I rushed over here…

Haru: Get in.

Makoto: Huh~ eh?

Makoto: Yikes! It’s really dark in your house! Can’t you at least turn on the light? Aaah!?  Haru… why are you covering up my eyes?

Haru: Don’t open your eyes until we get to the living room.

Makoto: C'mon, get this off me~ it’s really hard to walk like this…

Haru: Makoto, shut up.

Makoto: Whaa-t? Wait-! Stop pushing me, Haru~!

Rin: Geez, those guys are taking their time!

Nagisa: Rin-chan! Shhh! Here, take this firecracker.

Rei: Are you ready, everyone?  Just as what we’ve rehearsed…

Makoto: Wait, hey! Haru! What’s going on?

Haru: Just do as I say.

Makoto: Huuuhh~

Nagisa: Ah! They’re here!

Makoto: What!??


All: Happy Birthday, Makoto/Makoto-senpai/Mako-chan

Makoto: …you all gathered here?

Nagisa: Hehehe, Happy Birthday, Mako-chan! Since it’s your birthday today, We all prepared a party to celebrate together! Surprise!!

Rei: And it turned out to be a great success!

Gou: *giggle*

Makoto: hahaha… I thought my heart was going to stop!

Rin: Hahahaha, seeing you looking so surprised like that made it all worth it!

Makoto: You guys did this all… for me?

Nagisa: Rin-chan was supper excited when we were preparing! He’s the one who suggested that we’d all hide and surprise you when you walk in, Mako-chan…

Rei: And even though he kept saying how busy he was, he’s always the first to be here to help prepare.

Rin: Wha-!? I’m only here cos you guys wouldn’t stop bothering me about it!

Rei/Nagisa/Gou: hehehe….

Rin: What the hell…

Haru: Hey, here.

Haru: Happy Birthday, Makoto.

Makoto: Wow! A cake! Did you… make this, Haru?

Haru: Yeah. It’s chocolate, your favorite.

Makoto: That’s amazing~ it must’ve been difficult to make… thank you, Haru.

Haru: …it’s nothing special.

Nagisa: C'mon, Mako-chan, sit down! You too, Haru-chan!

Gou: I brought a camera! Let’s take a group photo!

Nagisa: Well prepared as always, Gou-chan!

Rin: I’m gonna light the candles now~

Rei: Well then, we’ll first sing a birthday song and…

Nagisa: There! Mako-chan, blow out the candles!

Rei: wait, we’re not singing!??

Gou: There, there, Rei-kun, clam down…

Rin: C'mon Makoto, do it quickly or the wax is gonna drip on the cake!

Makoto: waah, wait a sec!! uuhh… okay then, here I go! fuuuuuu….

Rin: Yeah!


Makoto: But really, thank you everyone.  I’m really glad to be able to celebrate with all of you.

Nagisa: All right then, it’s cake time~!

Makoto: Okay, I’ll start cutting.

Haru: I’ll cut it.  Makoto, you can sit and wait.

Makoto: Oh, there’s something inside the cake… ugh, please don’t tell me it’s…

Haru: Mackerel.

Makoto: Why would you put that in there!?

Haru: It adds a subtle touch to the flavor.

Makoto: It’s not subtle at all~!!

Nagisa: There, there, you never know, the chocolate-mackerel cake might taste good!

Makoto: Geez, Haru~~~


Rin: *teases Makoto* (probably asking him to take a bite)

Makoto: eeeh~~


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How did you two end that special date? (you know, the one after Ryuko saved the world and defeated Ragyo)

Ryuko: After we saw Satsuki off, we just walked home and ended up watching cartoons together for the rest of the night.

Mako: It was the best! Ryuko-chan told really terrible puns all the way home and they were so bad I almost started crying from laughter.

Ryuko: Wouldn’t that mean they were good though?

Mako: No! It’s just that they were so bad, they were good.



















new ceremony plot synopsis

i’m not gonna keep working on “new ceremony” because it’s time to turn my attention to other things, so here’s the entire plot synopsis starting from the beginning of chapter 2, the WIP of which i will post shortly

as soon as mako and korra go into the spirit world, they try to go to the library to look things up, sneaking around trying to avoid wan shi tong, but he finds them and kicks them out. mako gets incredibly frustrated and korra proposes they go to see uncle iroh; his spirit bruise starts to hurts more and more, and it grows even larger.

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I’m having trouble figuring out what’s up with Minako here. Has the sword become too heavy? Did she hurt her leg? It’s not really clear.

What IS clear though is that Mako takes it and is AWESOME.

I’d really love to see more of this, and I hope the manga serves me here. That the sword is Minako’s, but it’s a weapon all the Inners can and do use. And perhaps use differently? Each with a method of channeling themselves through the sword (or the sword through them). Like Mako had brute strength here, perhaps, but when Rei wields it, it’s flaming, and Ami uses it not so much as a direct weapon, but to like, reflect something and uses trajectories to hit an impossible target.

I have to say that I’m not confident I’ll get anything close to what I want here, but I would dearly love to be proven wrong.
【無冠の五将】ハナマロ(΄◉◞౪◟◉) | [Five Uncrowned Generals] Hanapole

[Artist Comments: The Five Uncrowned Generals are cuuute! I want to see what’s going to happen next, but it was a special edition this week so… it’s gonna be a while until the next one. I want to take a good look at what Reo-senpai does. I dream about the Uncrowneds too much. I want to see Hanamiya with the Uncrowneds. I saw a Hanamiya/Kuroko short story and now Hanamiya’s cute, so cute. Shitty cute. I want to draw Hanamiya/Kuroko one day. Thank you so much for your comments and bookmark comments! More Hanamiya with the Uncrowneds, more!]

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Who hard do you ship Junkrat and Roadhog?

was this meant to ask how hard i ship Tol n Smol? because the answer is: oh my god so much. so much ,,blizzard how the fuck did you do this to me what dark powers do you possess… i am such a sucker for found families and contrasting personalities fitting together and begrudging teamups-out-of-necessity becoming something wayy more squishy than either of them intended i eat that shit UP

like junkrat just giggling his way through life and a lot of the time just being there to have fun and fuck up some robots, but also being surprisingly sharp when it comes to chemistry and his bombs, and also having all this weird baggage with the trauma he went through that he may or may not remember. 

and at first mako is like what a fucking annoying twitchy little shit and jamie is like…Danger Pig could stab me at any time, better watch out, because he’s so used to being in that sort of environment - especially after he found the Treasure, you know? and then over time they just get used to each other, moving through tolerance to acceptance and maybe they have some bad fights and end up getting into why junkrat is so hair-trigger, or why roadhog won’t take off the mask, and hog says things like Jamie, you’re really good at chemistry, could you help me figure out this Life Threatening Problem, and junkrat was never praised like that, never valued for his intrinsic qualities and not simply what he possesses. And junkrat just is never fazed by mako- he always bounces back and keeps coming back, because mako will never be the worst thing he’s had to face - mako, who eventually comes to represent safety and dependability and someone who always has junkrat’s back, always always always, no matter what, in a world where people leave all the time. 

they save each others’ lives so often that trust isnt even a question anymore and mako goes from anger to annoyance to exasperation to exasperated fondness, and junkrat goes from wary mistrust to glee to genuine sentiment, and it goes from there. I’m a huge sap so it will probably Hurt Me when jamie finds out that mako was involved in devastating the Outback, but ya know. 

also! this ship is refreshingly different from your average “tall black haired calm dude + short blonde fired up dude” (which i also unabashedly adore, but like. come on it’s a lil overdone)…thank u blizzard for giving us such a variety of body types. i am having so much fun with Spicy Beanpole and Large Brick Shithouse

Second Chances, Part 4

Korra sees a lot of herself in Kuvira, even in prison, and is determined to offer her guidance.  Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about that.  Continues from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

A/N: The last couple of chapters might have been setup, but this is where the story really kicks into gear.  =)  At the moment, I’m thinking that the Spirit World arc will conclude in two chapters, and the next arc will take place after a time skip. Sit back and enjoy the ride.  ;)

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  • If you need more of an explanation, PLEASE, do not HESITATE to come and ask.

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I love that I ask for Makoto, and you give me everyone but her. Thanks JW, you're great.

I’m sorry! I don’t have any unboxing Mako with Mako I can shar e that won’t give away story. Or mayb ei misuntersood the quesiton? I AM DRUNK AND  NOT AT MY COGNITIVE BEST ATM

I have other mako! 

Look at this BAMF gazelle.


Another theory for how Duke Pentecost could an adult AND Stacker’s bio kid AND have not been mentioned in the original AND doesn’t make Stacker or Mako look bad...

Not everyone has to be a Jaeger pilot, or work for the PPDC.

Maybe Duke’s fulfilling another absolutely vital role somewhere else, remember, this is a global conflict.

Maybe he’s a Doctor Without Borders working in places where there’ve been civil wars because of people moving inland away from the oceans.

Maybe he’s a Marine Biologist desperately working to save the remaining ecosystems.

Maybe he’s a people smuggler working to get people off pacific islands.

And at the beginning of PR2 we get this heartrending scene with Stacker and Duke and Mako in the airport, and Mako and Stacker are going to Hong Kong, while Duke is going to Tibet or Malawi or Australia or Christmas Island or wherever. And they know they might never see each other again, and the world might end, and Duke is crying and trying not to and Stacker is struggling to hold back tears and they’re all hugging and saying goodbye.

And Duke turned to Stacker and says “I want to come with you, let me come with you.”

Stacker puts a hand on his shoulder and says “We need you out there. They need you. Go when you can do good, leave us little soldiers to our war.”

And there are SO MANY TEARS and Duke pulls Mako aside and whispers, “Look after him.” And Mako nods and