mako you are all that is good in the world

floralmarsupial  asked:

Yoooooo 25,26,27

25. I there a ship you wish you didn’t know existed?

god, so many.

26. Name a ship that ended like you wanted it to.

ok I’m still super glad… Korra & Asami……. went and eloped to the spirit world, like, yeah it’d be nice if they could’ve been more obvious about it but honestly? to get from the dumpster fire of korra & mako???? I’m still really mad about all of S2 they just KEPT FRAMING mako as some hapless dude pulled along by alright I’m not gonna waste energy getting back into it. anyway. korra + asami are good and I’m glad they went on a vacation, just the two of them. 

27. Name a ship that deserved better in the end.

actually continuing the lok trend, and absolutely missing the point of this question, zhu li deserved so much better. I don’t like what’s his face. inventor dude. I don’t care he gets to feel bad that he’s treated her bad and he gotta deal with the consequences. she deserves better. it’s like….. I love that one song, what’s it, working my way back to you but imo screw that guy. damn straight she’s too proud to give in. YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE AND YA BLEW IT!!! 

queer-ocean-dweller  asked:

How did you two end that special date? (you know, the one after Ryuko saved the world and defeated Ragyo)

Ryuko: After we saw Satsuki off, we just walked home and ended up watching cartoons together for the rest of the night.

Mako: It was the best! Ryuko-chan told really terrible puns all the way home and they were so bad I almost started crying from laughter.

Ryuko: Wouldn’t that mean they were good though?

Mako: No! It’s just that they were so bad, they were good.

Mamoru left on an airplane.

He never arrived.

And these are the first words out of Mako’s mouth.


I just remade these R Movie gifs for a silly reply, but in the process, I noticed something.

In the event you didn’t recognize it, this is from the scene right at the end where the ginzuishou is reforming. Rei and Ami widen their eyes at about the same time. I assume the shot of Minako and Mako are intended to be happening pretty much simultaneously with Rei and Ami. which makes Minako widening her eyes in time with Ami and Rei. The realization of what this could mean hits them all at about the same moment.

But not Mako.

Mako’s eyes widen IMMEDIATELY. In my gif, it’s a good seven frames before Minako reacts. The fact that everyone besides Mako is pretty much on the same page is significant, as is the simple fact that it would be easier for them to animate everyone’s response at an equal pace. They chose to have Mako reacting significantly before everyone else, and that is incredibly beautiful.

Because who would trust and believe in exactly what she’s seeing faster than Mako? Who would instantly embrace what her heart was telling her was true?

Rei would be afraid to believe it, because being wrong would mean opening herself up to the pain all over again. Ami would be caught up in the hows and the whys, instinctively reaching for an explanation first. Minako would be processing all the other things that this could mean, delaying her acceptance of the one thing she wants it to mean most.

Not Mako though. Mako has had her heart ripped out by Usagi’s death as much as anyone else, but even in this darkest moment, Mako sees and doesn’t hesitate to embrace the best possible answer.

“I never should of let them dance…”


This is what happens when shuffle plays “Learn to Do It (Reprise)” and “Rule the World” in the same hour. Idea is ripped from Stardust and Anastasia, but at the same time, it’s not THAT original of idea. Lesbihonest/Let’s BI honest.

I mean, hey, this TOTALLY could of happened while they were all bored and between flying around on Asami’s airship during the search for the new Airbenders.

Tenzin is there ‘cause in both Stardust and Anastasia, the older mentor dude totally is being the wingman.