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protect ur smol ok

Aussie larrikin, part time smug-mug.
I can imagine the lip bite comes out all the time; embarrassed, wiring some explosives/joy and concentration - not to mention messin’ with ‘Hog satisfaction. 
Just a continuing doodle of my take on mask-less Mako and Jamie being casual. 


Flower and Frame

i have been thinkIng about an AU that junkrat take a part-time job in cinema interested in a man who never buy drinks or snacks but watching old movies alone everyday in the night and never talks(yes thats mako of course) 

wanna see they dont talk but know each other day by day with eye contact and maybe some days jamie will leave an old film ticket for mako but dont even know he will come or not,and he wants to know more about this man! 

(want some fluff or maybe hurt/comfort,i just want them to love each other by different ways in different aus i hate myself)

What the fuck are you doing

As my character makes her way towards the place where an attack happened, together with a dragonborn and Mako (yes, the Roadhog Mako) she sees something on the road.

DM; ‘roll perception to see what it is.’

Me; ‘sure, shouldnt be too hard’

I roll a 1, because of course i do.

DM; *laughs* 'Okay, so as you walk towards the road, you see something large standing in the middle of the path, and youre convinced its a giant.

Me; 'for gods sake, okay’. My character proceeds to run forwards with my sword drawn, screaming towards the 'giant’, as she gets grabbed by her shoulders by the NPCs.

Mako; 'what the fuck are you doing?’

Me; 'there’s a giant there, we have to kill it!’

Mako: ’ thats your cart?!’

Me; 'oh… proceed’


Day six of @kiribakuweek2k17 and Iโ€™m bringing more fluff! ย Check the tags for more notes on this piece if youโ€™re interested!

โ€œYou know I wanted to be there today.โ€

โ€œI do.โ€

โ€œIt wasnโ€™t my fault I got called in to work last minute.โ€

โ€œI know that.โ€

โ€œThere was an emergency downtown and my Quirk was best suitedโ€”โ€


Kirishima snapped out of his rambling and turned at the sound of his name. ย Bakugou sat up in bed with his arms crossed, watching Kirishima with a stern gaze. His book lay discarded on the nightstand and he had moved his glasses to the top of his head. ย Kirishima chewed his lower lip. ย He felt awful and the way Bakugou looked at him wasnโ€™t helping.

โ€œCome here.โ€

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Samurai Jack may’ve concluded with it’s own ending.
but, IDW didn’t forget the OTHER version
of the conclusion to Samurai Jack.

Issue #20 gives readers a look at the future first prophesied
in ‘The Guardian’ episode. Where  a scribe named Mako
(yes, THAT Mako) to brought to Jack by a man named LaMarr
(yes, THAT LaMarr, too!) to chronicle Samurai Jack’s
exploits into history.

Jack himself is now very different from how he was in the series.

In his own words “He is no longer the Wandering Samurai.

Having given up on returning to the Past, Jack now resolves
to lead an army comprised of his allies, and defeat Aku HERE, and NOW.

We never see the outcome of the battle. But, I am to assume
that Jack not only won, but became the world’s new king.
replacing Aku as it’s ruler (albeit a more benevolent, and kind ruler.)

I guess it’s now all up to the fans on which
“Series Finale” scenario that they prefer.

.King Jack in the Future, or .Sad Jack in the Past.