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MAKOTO S2 Secret Cohabitation is OUT in Japan!!!

1) Looking forward to the CGs xD

2) @morimachimako its not a bathrobe (unfortunately… ) but a sweat shirt! haha! So looks like all the guys will have new at home clothing as Ayato also got a new ‘at home’ outfit in his S2 (nothing special just a black jumper)

3) Looks like Mako and the MC moved into a new apartment in a different apartment complex.

4) I’m assuming that the dude in the red cardigan and white shirt is a new neighbor which leads me to 5


6) blushy Mako is the most precious thing in the world (actually blushy Morimachi brothers are the most precious thing in the world xD

Post book 1 Makorra headcanons

maggie and I might have spent last night texting each other post book 1 makorra headcanons of their 6 month relationship and they were so flawless I needed to keep a record of them 

  • One morning early in their relationship Mako wakes up to Bolin singing and dancing in the kitchen of their apartment and it’s before probending practice and all Mako wants is to eat his oatmeal in peace and so he sits in the corner of the room grumpy while Bolin jams and then Korra knocks on the door and Bolin opens it to pull her in, and suddenly they’re both jamming and dancing and spinning and Korra looks at Mako and winks and smiles and he can’t help but smile and blush and Bolin pulls Korra into another spin and Korra’s laughter fills the room and Mako thinks that his life is perfect in that moment
  • Mako always initiated hand holding 
  • Korra always initiated make out sessions and she would always initiate them in the most open places and it would make Mako super uncomfortable “Korra can we not make out here Tenzin could walk by any moment” and then they’d start he wouldn’t care
  • After his first shift as a cop Korra runs up to him and jumps into his arms and kisses him
  • Korra invites herself to the police station after Mako got hurt on duty and got stuck on paperwork duty for a week and Lin gets pissed and she pulls Mako aside to tell him to “get the avatar out of my office” but he looks at Korra with a chair pulled up to his desk, her legs propped up on the table and playing with her new found airbending and she’s there because she’s worried about him and he can’t bring himself to tell her to leave and then he heads back to his desk and Lin watches how Korra pokes fun of him and hovers over the wound on his left abdomen and she just sighs and shuts the door to her office
  • Korra starts to take interest in Mako’s cases and starts reading his case files and they can spend hours talking about them
  • Korra sometimes brings him food when he’s on patrol
  • She tries to make him as uncomfortable as possible when he’s on duty and kisses him with when he’s handing out tickets and he turns into a blushing dorky mess when he’s trying to look serious and she just laughs
  • Mako sometimes has late nights at the station and Korra joins him and she sits on her chair by his desk and starts asking random questions about his job or a case but Mako can’t concentrate “Korra we’re going to be here all night if you don’t let me work” “Ok but what’s this thing" 
  • And soon she tires out and falls asleep in her chair and Mako takes off his jacket and lays it over her and shuts off all the lights except the one directed at his paperwork and Korra cuddles with the jacket unconsciously until Mako gently wakes her up when it’s time to go 
  • They swing their arms when walking in the park
  • He sometimes gives her piggy back rides and she falls asleep on his back after being exhausted from training
  • and one time she offered to give him a piggy back ride and he refuses but she picks him up anyway "KORRA PUT ME DOWN I KNOW YOU CAN PICK ME UP BUT PUT ME DOWN!” and she zooms all over the island and Meelo laughs and follows her around on an air scooter
  • On their one month anniversary Korra feels nervous cause she’s heard you have to do something for a one month but this is her first relationship and Jinora keeps bothering her about it and so Korra tries to go shopping and it turns into a disaster and the date turns into an awkward mess and she apologizes but then Mako just pulls her into a kiss and whispers “happy one month" 
  • First time Korra gets sick when they’re together Mako’s on mama mode and he uses all the remedies he knows from taking care of Bolin on her and one night Korra’s asleep in her bed and she wakes up to Mako reading beside her
  • 3 days later Mako gets sick and Korra just laughs at him and she lays in bed with him all day, and she calls Lin for him to tell her that Mako is sick and that he won’t be coming in on the Avatar’s orders. Mako can hear Lin yelling on the other side of the phone but Korra hangs up anyway and smiles. *LIN YELLING* *korra hangs up* "lin says feel better”
  • first time bolin walked in on korra and mako was when he walked into the gym for a probending match right after they got together and their flirting and korra brings her arms up around his neck and mako dips down to kiss her until bolin coughs and knocks over weights “we ARE HERE TO T R A I N????” And so Mako tries to tell Korra that they need to remain professional for probending matches and once they walk into the stadium they need to leave their feelings out the door and remain focused but during practice the sexual tension is so high bolin just throws his rocks in the air and walks out

  • after their first win as boyfriend and girlfriend Korra takes off his helmet in the middle of the ring and pulls him down for a kiss AND THE CROWD GOES WILD AND THEY BECOME THE TALK OF THE TOWN

  • mako pulls korra’s hair pins out of her hair when she shows up to his apartment all tired and he makes her some tea and gives her an old large t-shirt. And he’s like "you didn’t have to come over if you were this tired.“ as he runs his fingers through her hair and rests his hand on her cheek and she leans into it and looks up at him "i promised, though.”

  • First time Korra gets drunk she storms into his office and kisses him in front of his coworkers

  • They had late nights facing each other in bed and just not even kissing just looking at each other and talking for hours. And in those nights she learns all about his parents and she tells him about the compound and growing up there

Title: Dust to Dust
Fandom: The Legend of Korra
Pairing: Makorra
Rating: K+
Warning[s]: None
Words: 1,212
Notes: dorkymako requested Korra telling Mako she wished to have a child, with Mako reacting negatively due to his fears of being a terrible father. I took my own spin on it, with her permission, and altered a few things, but it is basically the same prompt with no major changes. In short, Korra is instead already with child when Mako reacts negatively. Enjoy.

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Daddy Lets Us Do It

Merry Christmas, Lariren-Shadow! I’m your secret Santa :3 I hope you like this!

Plot- Complete and utter Makorra family fluff, Mako takes a day off and leaves Korra in charge of their kids for the day.

Rating- K

Word Count- 1,243

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The Legend of Korra

Title: The Legend of Korra [] [ao3]

Rating: K

Word Count: ~900

Summary: Wu drags Mako to a film on a whim. [Be the Peaf Prompt #64 – Mover Night]



“Wasn’t that great, Mako?” Wu gushed, jumping up from his seat.

“It was…something,” Mako got to his feet. “We’ll wait for the theater to clear before leaving to ensure safety.”

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Most of this I blame on makowl. Based on the Ep 8 preview clip. Enjoy. 1,147 words.

“Sooo…not a pack of cops in the woods?”

“That’s what you got from that? I tell you about my childhood and you’re still stuck on that?" 

The boys’ voices carried down the hall, and Korra struggled not to laugh at Mako’s dry tone as she walked toward the training room. She was constantly impressed with his ability not to punch the prince in the face.

"Well, I dunno, it’s hard to believe. I mean, you’re the most uptight guy I know! I can’t see you sleeping in a garbage pile or running with triads. You’re pulling my chain here.”

Korra heard the rustle of fabric as he shrugged. “Believe it or not, it’s the truth.”

 "Shouldn’t you be…I don’t know…more of a downer? But you tell all those jokes.“

"I used to be more serious.”

More serious?”

Korra could picture Mako rolling his eyes. “I was. Then I met Korra." 

She stopped in her tracks just outside the door.  

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Post Book 2 Makorra for you all


Korra slumped in her booth as she watched the couples twirl around the dance floors, ladies’ skirts flaring and mens’ polished shoes flashing in the dim light. She sighed and drummed her fingers on the table in front of her, her heart far hungrier than her stomach.

Her companion sighed as well, but for a different reason. “Korra, can’t you look at least a little interested in what I’m saying? I told you before that you wouldn’t be able to dance.”

“But Mako,” she protested, pouting just a little.

“But nothing, Korra. I’m on a case, and I can’t keep an eye on the mark and your feet at the same time.”

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Last Resort

This is a hot mess and all selenicsoulmates fault.  1.5k Makorra


“Pleeease, Mako?” Bolin begged with hands clenched together while doing his best puppy dog impression.

“I told you, no,” Mako replied. He yanked a cupboard door open. “We only have like $20 for the week. We’re not going to blow it on some tourist trap restaurant.”

“I swear, I’ll eat ramen for the rest of the week with no complaints! Besides, it’s cheap! That’s like their whole gimmick.”

Mako sighed.

Bolin could sense his brother weakening and began bouncing on the balls of his feet.

With one last disparaging look at the empty shelves, Mako conceded. “Fine.” Bolin cheered. “But you get the cheapest thing on the menu and no complaints about how hungry you are for a week!”


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