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Hello, hope your having a nice day! Haru,Mako,& Sou going ice skating with their partner(who's a professional ice-skater) but they end up being terrible & have to hold their hand the entire time.

(Oh! I’ve actually been in this situation, but with roller blades instead of ice skates. My s/o didn’t appreciate my laughter very much.)

Haruka: This was an abomination. How had he been talked into this? In his personal opinion, water should stay a liquid. The solid form was cold and slippery and hard and painful. He gripped his partner’s hand tightly as one of his skates tried to slide out from under him (again) and did his best to maintain his precarious balance. Frowning a little as they laughed at the trouble he was having, he managed to right himself again, and he had to admit that he liked the way their hand tightened around his while they pulled him along.

Makoto: He never thought that ice skating would be so tricky, and the experience definitely gave him a higher respect for his partner and what they made look so effortless. It took about thirty minutes of him slipping, sliding, and falling all over the ice before he asked for a break, and his partner sweetly offered to buy him a hot chocolate and kiss his bumps and bruises.

Sousuke: Okay, he could at least remain standing on his own. The trouble came when he tried to move his feet. His knees and palms took more than a few impacts before his partner finally offered a new way for them to skate. Standing in front of him, they held out their hands for him to take and told him to just stand still. Since he was so much bigger than they were, it took a minute to work up to a steady speed, but they glided backwards smoothly while leading him across the ice. He still wasn’t a huge fan of ice skating, but he liked being able to watch them face-to-face.