mako mermaids: an h2o adventure

Why I think Rita is Nerissa

Mako Mermaids
Rita is Nerissa

— Rita has two extra moon rings, Nerissa has two children

— Rita abandoned her pod to live on land; after having two children, Nerissa left her pod aswell

— At the beginning of series 2, Sirena and Ondina have an argument if Rita is a good teacher. Sirena beats Ondina by using powers that Rita showed her that Ondina was never taught. (Nerissa was the most powerful, and she cast a spell on Zac that made him not grow a tail)

— Mermaids and Mermen haven’t interacted for thousands of years, so Zac and Mimmi must be half-human, half-merfolk. It was noted in series 1 that Rita left her pod to be with her love, who was a human, on land

— Rita seems to have higher knowledge about ancient artifacts that most mermaids do not