mako is one of my least favorite characters of all time

71 hours later – A Mass Effect: Andromeda critique

Et voilà! Since March 21, 2017, I’ve passed 71 hours in the Andromeda galaxy. Hated the first hour, because the Character Creator (CC) couldn’t or wouldn’t give me what I wanted. But as soon as I started the game with the default Sara Ryder, I could truly appreciate (and frown at) Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Here is a critique of the game. Let’s see what you scored, Andromeda!

I tried to make this review as spoiler free as possible. Hopefully, you won’t be spoiled. Fingers crossed!

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Top 10 animated shows of 2015

This year’s been pretty great for animated shows with older shows doing their best eps yet and newer shows showing they have legs, We’ve also seen some great stuff brought to other regions like Ladybug and tons of anime. Some shows have left my favor but for the most part I think it’s been a really great year. Before we begin honorable mentions to Yokai Watch, Miraculous Ladybug, and Bob’s Burgers since they all make me laugh and I enjoy them all to varying degrees.

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Clarence: This is a pretty simple show about kids who’s parents should be watching them more closely doing crazy stupid stuff. It’s really real lifeish while being cute and funny the whole time. Clarence is a sunny optimist and the cast around him are mostly pretty likeable as they fill their roles. I feel like it’s a more charming Ed, Edd and Eddy.

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We Bear Bears: I didn’t think a show about three Bears would be near my favorites this year but here are three bears that I adore. The show feels very much in tune with modern culture and doesn’t really seem to be judging it as much as just using it. The world feels very much like the world of us 20 somethings and show manages despite being about ears to have a very diverse set of human characters. It’s a show that feels very of it’s time and I think that might give it some major nostalgic value in the future too.

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Gravity Falls: The show is reaching it’s close but I’ve loved it while it was going on. I cosplayed Mabel, my girlfriend was dipper, we have a lot of Gravity Falls stuff, I think it’s just an awesomely charming series. The sense of mystery has been great in it and the character development has been shocking for the kind of show I thought it would be. I really like how this show keeps moving forward with a real ending in mind and it has a very realized world that I’ll be happy to step into again in the future if ever given a chance.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 series):  I had  watched a few episodes in the past with my little brother but I never really watched this show. I can’t remember why but my girlfriend and I ended up watching some random episodes on TV and enjoyed it. So we watched more, then we decided we were going to watch it all from the start and now we are up to date.  Turtles going to space has been cool and I like the characters were given. I got some feminist issues with the thing, April is although better here then ever still often the damsel and despite her having Ninja training is show as less capable often than Casey Jones who has no training at all. Still at least here she has some powers and gets to be a Ninja that’s more than other animated series at the leat for this franchise. Also the lack of other female characters in any long lasting way sucks, if Casey can become a staple Idk why some other female badass couldn’t too (or #TransCasey make it happen). Anyway in generally I really love the comedy and stories the show is telling. They are really fun and this take on the Turtles world is by far my favorite i’ve seen (although I’m interested in seeing the comics universe as well).

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Rick and Morty: This is the most “adult” thing on the list I think. Rick and Morty is just sooo freaking funny and while it’s episodes are mostly individual stories I find myself very invested in the characters. Rick and Morty are both very interesting and have wonderful chemistry. Summer also stepped up in a big way this season making for another really cool character to follow here.

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Star Vs the Forces of Evil: This show was a surprise hit from me although I was super excited since I saw the opening on tumblr.  The shows totally lived up to my expectations and gone past them. This show is so charming, funny and original. It feels like the perfect show for Disney to release.

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  Adventure Time: With the Stakes Special airing I had the best episodes of Adventure Time I’ve ever watched play before my eyes. The other episodes outside of this special have also been really good and totally inspired me to watch all the chunks in the middle i’m missing. The more I watch the more i’m a fan.  It is great seeing Princess BubbleGum and Marceline both gain a lot of character development this season.   

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  Kill la Kill: I would have lost my way if I never watched Kill La Kill. This year saw it’s dubbed release and it’s my first exposure to the show. It is wonderful and wacky in every way. It does have some male gaze issues but with how funny the show is and how bad ass the characters are I can get past the #OtakuMoney stuff they do in the show. Most the fan service is keep to the core clothing thing and I do like the discussion of the role we give clothings. The action and characters here are brilliant Mako, Satisuke and Ryuko are still in my head months after watching this show.

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Legend of Korra: This one is this lists cheat since the show ended in 2014 but I had only watched two episodes before this year. I binged the whole thing early on in the year and I loved almost every second of it. A weak season two is my only flaw with it but that is negated by just how awesome everything else is. The drama here is handled in a great way, there is a huge sense of importance in what’s going on, the world building is great, the characters are my personal favorite part.  I also wanted to note I watched all of last Air Bender this year that is too old to justify putting on this list but I will say it would be on this list if it could be and it be high up here.

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Steven Universe: When I first saw Steven Universe I feel in love with the musical score and went hunting down the music. From there I started to watch more episodes and then I watched every episode, then I became a major fans then Jailbreak aired and I became a hard core fan who just adores this series. The comedy is great, voice acting is fantastic, diversity of all kinds is here, the action is animated wonderfully, the writing is brilliant. Nothing about this show doesn’t stand out as great except how bad they seem to be at scheduling since this show goes on more breaks then the French. Seriously I adore this show, it might not be for people who like gritty stuff but this is an amazing show that I only ever want more of.

Junker headcanons

I know someone else has already come up with like all these headcanons, but here are mine.  Some are nsfw, not all of them.

-Junkrat is just legitimately a happy person most of the time.  Like all that nutty laughter is him having a good time and it’s pretty genuine.

-I feel like he enjoys getting off as much as the next guy, but when he gets with someone else he is NOT romantic at all pfffff.  Like he’s really goofy and doesn’t really even try to be appealing, he’s just giggling and squirming the whole time.  That’s not to say he’ll never try to appeal to someone, but I think for the most part he just lets loose and gets carried away with the screaming.

-On that note, he does not last long, like AT ALL.  He gets way too excited during sex and just blows his load in the next ten to twenty seconds pfff.

-He then proceeds to make the worst bomb puns and it’s hilarious and terrible at the same time.

-Also he talks a lot no matter what he’s doing.  Eating, watching a movie, peeing, having sex, etc.  Anything.  He has commentary for everything.

-He miiiiight have blown his dick off at some point?  But I don’t strongly hold that headcanon, it’s somewhat of a joke haha.

-On the subject of bathing, I do not think he hates soap.  I actually think he just finds it pointless to clean up often because he is always rummaging in the dump and blowing stuff up, so as soon as he washes up he’ll just get dirty again.  So why bother, right?  I do think he embraces it by this point though, doesn’t mind his own smell, etc.  Might even be lazy and just wear the same clothes for two months and stuff.

-I think Junkrat and Roadhog care about each other a lot, which is kind of obvious from their interactions in canon.  And while the “Timon and Pumba with guns” jokes are always funny, dare I say that these two have more depth than that.

-I ship them, but when I think of their relationship, I don’t exactly see a lovey cuddly thing going on all the time.  There’s a beauty in the subtle ways some people show affection that is unlike the norm, such as Roadhog pulling Junkrat out of a line of bullet fire without a word.  I don’t think protecting Junkrat is just a job to him anymore.  I also personally find the little rarities much more sweet than a constant drone of the same attitude towards one another.

-To elaborate, I love to picture Junkrat always doing silly (and yes, suggestive) things to Roadhog all the time, but he doesn’t always get away with it.  If they’re alone and relaxing, Junkrat can usually get away with teasing him or poking him or saying stuff like, “Who’s my favorite piggy?” just to try making Roadhog blush under his mask lol.  But if Roadhog isn’t in the mood for that, it’s kinda obvious, and you’d better believe Jamie’s gonna get decked if he tries that shit in public.  Hog still has a reputation to keep ya know.  However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the more observant characters can tell that they like each other as more than just business partners because I highly doubt Jamie would constantly do that if he never got a positive reaction.  Eyyyy?

-Junkrat falls asleep in weird-ass positions, just passing out anywhere under the sky, and yes Mako picks him up and takes him to whatever makeshift bed he has.

-Also they really don’t mind being naked in front of each other.  Having to live in tiny spaces where privacy is barely a thing, they just make do, and it’s totally chill and casual.

-I actually really don’t know how to picture them having sex if that’s a thing, because to be honest I usually picture them almost like queerplatonic or at least not-quite-at-that-point yet.  But!  I do love to picture them getting rough with each other and that leading to stuff that could just be taken in a sexual way.  Like Roadhog getting annoyed with Junkrat’s shenanigans, so he just slams him against the wall to intimidate him, but all Jamie does is make a sexual joke and then proceed to get smacked.  Roadhog probably secretly enjoys trying to scare Junkrat into submission pfff.

-Roadhog doesn’t talk in public much, but might open up more when alone with Junkrat.

-They might not show it, but they do like seeing the other smile.

May add more later haha.

Would yall mind if I rant? You don't have to read the whole thing,but I'm pretty irritated.

In response to Mike and Bryan:

I’m torn. On the one hand, I love and respect you guys, and I have since the beginning of TLA. Your writing has been phenomenal on just about every front imaginable. (I love your fanservice reference to Tahno. Reading about that in your description made me smile.) But on the other hand, just because I love and respect you guys doesn’t mean I have to agree with you guys. There are little things that were stated in your ‘Korrasami is Canon!’ announcements that kind of sort of enraged me. Just a little bit (not really it was actually a lot). And, to be honest, basically all of what I’m upset about comes from Bryan (please don’t hate me)

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anonymous asked:

So do you think Asami, being a wealthy, educated girl in a metropolitan area, is already aware that she is a bisexual by the time she joins the krew? Korra is a country-mouse obsessed with being the Avatar, so I don't know if she would know or understand that aspect of herself, nor would Mako (if we consider Wuko), since he was to busy trying not to die and raise his brother in his youth (poor emotional cripple).


Anon, I think you have the best of intentions, but I’m going to be honest: there’s a lot of things that are rubbing me the wrong way about this one.

For one, it’s this idea that that understanding your predilections is tied to your level of education, economics, and a country vs. city setting. Like, in Mako’s case, or the case of anyone whose primary focus is survival, yeah, self-reflection and emotional self-care might not be something that’s going to happen. And though I mislike your wording about Mako (plus IMO he’s not an “emotional cripple”…he’s just a bit out of touch with himself, which is sometimes just someone’s personality), his actions do happen to align with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. So that’s food for thought.

But like, this “rich educated girl” vs a “country mouse” (I’m sorry this wording is really just…), I mean. I grew up in the suburbs, middle class and publicly educated, and I had no fucking idea that the weird feeling I’d get around certain girls was sexual attraction until I was 20 and one of those girls was like “hey I’m bisexual.” I simply wasn’t the most self-reflective person in high school, and that had zilch to do with my setting and monetary stability.

Korra was sheltered growing up and not around a lot of other people her age, so it’s quite possible that she didn’t understand her capacity to be sexually attracted to someone of the same gender, not because she’s a “country mouse,” but because she literally wasn’t around a girl who might contextualize those feelings.

Because that’s the other thing. Bisexuality…actually any sexuality…it’s not innate. And it’s not immutable, though it is dangerous to think of it as a choice, or something that can be programmed in a certain way (the premise on which those horrifying ex-gay organizations are based).

But the whole “you’re born this way!!!” stuff is uh. It’s nice, I guess. It’s well-meaning. But it’s very het tbh. Because guess what? We’re not. We’re not born sexually attracted to anyone. And there’s no “gay-gene,” no more than there’s a gene that determines our favorite color or if we’re going to prefer Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Peter Parker. That makes zero sense, and it’s kind of damaging to think that there’s this one sexuality that you’re locked into so you better fucking figure it out.

I rant a lot about using sexual gender preference as an identity label because it doesn’t make any fucking sense to me. We’re not attracted to genders, we’re attracted to individuals. Individuals who happen to have genders (or not). They also happen to have eye colors, heights, political opinions, and allergies. Yet we don’t identify based on if we’re dating someone who is hazel-eyed or can take amoxicillin for an ear infection. Why does that stuff not count as part of our “sexuality”? Kinda makes you wonder why the fuck we hyper-focus on gender. It really makes people that uncomfortable?

So this was a long winded way of saying that Korra and Asami’s bisexuality wasn’t this like, dormant thing in them, waiting to be discovered. It wasn’t like learning “oh hey my vocal range is a C2 to a D4” (which btw is also not super innate or immutable, but hopefully you catch my drift). It’s more that they experienced attraction to both a man and a woman (not the monolithic *men* and *women*), and for that reason, “bisexual” is the label that perhaps most accurately describes their feelings (and I say “perhaps” because do these labels even exist in-verse??).

Alllll this being said, I do think Asami recognized her attraction to Korra earlier than Korra did to Asami. Like, after rewatching the first time, I think it’s pretty obvious that Asami was aware of her crush from the get-go. Not because she’s stupid-rich, not because she’s educated, not because she’s from the city, but because she’s Asami. And Asami is incredibly intuitive, plus weirdly emotionally mature when we meet her (far more so than say, I was, at 18).

Korra didn’t recognize their chemistry as a crush until Book 3ish (IMO), not because she grew up in the SWT, but because she is Korra; she’s very externally focused and not the *most* self-reflective human in the world, at least at the start of the series. In fact she had quite the habit of ignoring her emotions, often to her detriment (“I’m going to challenge Amon to a duel rather than admit that I might be scared!”). And then also, heteronormative assumptions that we are all inherently socialized to have are hard to push against. Yes, their universe is more egalitarian, but it’s still heteronormative (see Korra’s remark to Bolin about water tribe necklaces).

If you’re interested in a more in-depth analysis, I have this meta on Korrasami’s emotional development from Book 1-4. I haven’t looked at it lately, but it’s probably fine.

Oh, and one more thing…Korra, Asami, and Mako aren’t real. There is a man behind the curtain. Two of them, in fact. Plus animators, storyboard artists, voice actors, directors, etc. Mako may not have considered his attraction to Wu, because I doubt that was something Bryke considered exploring, or even intended to be an element of the narrative. B1 Korra didn’t recognize her crush on Asami, because that was not a story Bryan and Mike thought they could tell (even if it was a dynamic that was palpable, at least to Bryan, during the creation process). So yes, we can analyze the implications of sexuality being tied to economics from this narrative, and I’m never going to be one to say that we shouldn’t call attention to implications, authorial intent or no. But I do think that when discussing the development of sexual preferences in characters within a narrative that we know for a fact was constrained in this department, it’s just something we should be mindful of. 

Do you think Minako ever feels Usagi/Serenity, in a sense, had it “easier” than the rest of the Senshi, particularly herself? As sittingoverheredreaming pointed out, the fall of the SilMil was caused by Serenity falling in love with Endymion behind the Senshis’ backs. Now Usagi gets Mamoru, and is destined to be with him forever, while Minako had to kill her destined lover and live with the fact that she would never allow herself the opportunity to fall in love again? That, and Sailor Moon has the Senshi all ready to die for her, and she gets the most recognition for her heroics? How do you think that Mina deals with these thoughts, if she has them?

This is a super interesting topic, and one that I’ve thought about at length. Thanks so much for submitting this to me!

So, basically: yes. I think Minako, more than any of the other Senshi, falls into spells where she genuinely resents her position, and in moments of weakness acknowledges that she’s in that position because of Usagi. But I think she directs her anger/resentment to the universe as a whole, rather than towards Usagi.

I’ve spoken about this before, ages ago. Minako is unique among the Senshi (Inners and Outers, really) in the sense that her Senshi duty genuinely takes away from the quality of her life. Unlike everyone else, she had never been ‘alone’ before she became Sailor Venus. Even Michiru and Haruka both expressed feelings of being alone and floating around listlessly - poor rich and talented Michiru, put on a pedestal so high as to be unapproachable, and alienated Haruka who used to run away from everything.

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Summary: Korra finally gets around to answering some letters. Makorra. Sort of (kind of) filling elementalavatars request. not really but pretend i did
Word count: 3500
A/N: time is a goddamn luxury


…. most of my time trying to find apartments for my aunts and uncles. They all need to find jobs too, because obviously they can’t go back to Ba Sing Se, but Bolin thinks he can get work for them on mover sets. Nuktuk, hero of the South, saving the day again. I have to run but I’ll write again soon. Take it easy on yourself. – Mako

In the morning, Korra wakes up, throws the sheets back, and begins the long ordeal of getting out of bed: first, massaging the stiffness from her legs, the numb ache that clenches her thighs during the night. The lack of use (of strength) is wearing down on them, the lines of her muscles slackening into softer, weaker shapes. Once there’s feeling in her legs again, Korra reaches for the wheelchair by the bed. The arm rests are warped, parts of them bent out of shape; when her hands are not enough to pull it forward, she grits her teeth and metalbends, working more than Kya thinks she should (but the effort alone feels good, Korra thinks, even if it leaves her breathless.)

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Okay in the middle of my haze of Korrasami celebration, I gotta say- the other reason “Mako deserved better” bothers me? If any character deserved better, it was Asami,

Not romantically, obvs, she and Korra are perfect for each other and really the saving grace of her narrative, which I’ll go into.

But her narrative otherwise.

Asami deserved a triumphant moment in the finale. She deserved more than having to watch helplessly as her father sacrificed himself. That was literally her big moment in the final battle. Something shitty happening to her. And that has been so much of her narrative- having to endure terrible things happening to her. 

Mako got a huge hero moment. Mako got his brother telling him he was awesome before said moment. Asami got to see another tragedy unfold.

The narrative had her forgive her father largely so it would be more tragic when he died. This was the one character arc she was allowed that didn’t have to do with Mako-Korra stuff, and that’s what it ultimately amounted to.

This isn’t to say Asami isn’t great. She and Korra are my favorite on the show, obviously, and she’s a huge badass and has some great moments. She invented those robots in the final battle. But when looking at how her character was handled, I’m reminded of “male strength in fiction is measured by how many fights you can win, female strength by how much loss you can endure.”

Asami deserved better than being fucked over again and again only to keep dragging herself up. I have issues with how much of Korra’s narrative was wrapped up in her being knocked down, but Korra, at least, got to break down, got some attention paid to her recovery- Asami just always had to grin and bear it. 

Which is why Korrasami is essential to making her ultimate narrative not completely awful. Imagine if the finale had NOT ended with Korra coming to Asami and being like “I am here to be your new family, I will take you somewhere where we can get away with all this”. Imagine if Asami’s story had just ended with her having lost everything and maybe we get a nod to that, but hey, time for Mako and Korra to suck face now. Asami’s ENTIRE STORY would have been getting screwed over and in the end she’s alone BUT HEY, THE BOYFRIEND WHO CHEATED ON HER TWICE AND NEVER APOLOGIZED IS HAPPY NOW!

It’s not that Asami “deserved” Korra as a girlfriend obviously. It’s just that her narrative ending with her finding a new family in Korra, some stability and happiness, having someone acknowledging how much she’s been through and promising to support her through it- that keeps her character arc from being “Asami was fucked over, now let’s shove her aside for other things”. At the very least it was “Asami was fucked over, but the final moments of the show are her and Korra finding happiness, love and support in each other. She’s the person our main character loves and supports, she’s going to be okay.” That was the final moment of the show. And that was the only thing that saves how Asami was treated.

So before you think of “poor Mako”, think of how little you’re regarding the female character who was REALLY screwed over before that, and how you want to take away the one thing that offsets it. Mako was treated very well. Asami wasn’t. Mako has a family who loves him, Asami lost everything. Yet you still think Mako “deserved” the one bit of ultimate happiness the narrative allowed her to have.

Next: my issues with how Korra was treated. Don’t worry, once I get it out of my system I will go back to celebrating Korrasami and loving everything.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Give 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' a Chance

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming to Netflix, which means that it’s going to be available to a very large group of people, very conveniently, for the first time. As such, many first-time viewers may be wondering “should I give this show a chance?”. The Prequels are very controversial, after all, and this series is placed very firmly in that era. Some of you may have also heard a lot of negativity directed towards it, especially concerning its pilot movie.

So, here’s my list of reasons why I think it’s a good idea to give the series a chance. Because I honestly think it’s been a massive triumph for the Star Wars franchise as a whole.

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makobend i came up w/ so many headcanons on how mako/jinora/opal read oh my GOD

- mako reads diligently. like a cop!! he keeps stopping between chapters and taking notes on the plot and characters in his little logbook and rereading stuff, what a NERD

- because of that, he always takes the longest to finish a book, and also because he’s had the least practice out of the 3 of them, so he naturally reads slower??

- his pockets are full of bookmarks that little kids made for him; he never dogears pages because he almost never owns the books he reads :(

- he is INTENSE when he starts a book. if he starts it, he’s gotta finish it!!!! he, like, pencils out 2 hours from his schedule to just sit down and focus and read (NERD!!!!)

- jinora, on the other hand, is more ~flirty~ with her reading….she can sit down in the library with stacks of books around her and dip into one for a few pages, then switch out to another one, but somehow keep all the plots/characters/titles straight in her head???? SOMEHOW

- the library is definitely her favorite place to read (and just her favorite place to be in general tbh). she likes the feeling of being surrounded by stories and possibilities!!! also kai totally works behind the checkout counter lmao

- she’s read more books than mako and opal COMBINED so she has the best recommendations probably. she’s read from all kinds of genres and time periods and authors……and possibly some that are inappropriate for her age lmao

- she reads everything and everywhere….dime novels at the breakfast table. autobiographies by the beach. romantic poetry in bed. everything. everywhere

- meanwhile opal is super SUPER picky about the books she reads. her mom raised her to have a good taste in literature!!

- she always, always, always reads outside. wind in her hair, bugs on her face, whatever. her books have flowers and leaves pressed between the pages as placeholders, and they smell like…..grass???? maybe?????

- she reads with a pen her hand, and she circles phrases and page numbers that have a special meaning to her. she also reads super critically, looking for authorial bias and stuff–- also from her mom lmao

- im not saying toph taught opal to read in braille, but TOPH TOTALLY TAUGHT OPAL TO READ IN BRAILLE

– when they read together, mako hates spoilers (the plot twists are the best part, he says), while jinora and opal don’t mind too much. all 3 of them are used to loud siblings so they can read through noise, but they do best with silence or ~soothing flute music~ in the background!! their favorite thing to do when they finish a book is to discuss it with each other, ofc :’)

demisexualmako  asked:

you know what ship

mako/korra my most glorious otp of otps

when I started shipping it if I did: almost immediately, but conflicted through out book 1, and then hardcore after the book 1 finale

my thoughts: as jesus christ is my witness i will always love them, this is my favorite relationship of all time

What makes me happy about them: the fact that they love each other and understand each other and admire and respect each other and they’re passionate about each other and they think the other one is SUPER COOL and they demand the best of each other and iT’S JUST. I LOVE ‘EM. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. i love how mako immediately pinged onto korra’s defining flaw - Too Much Avatar, Not Enough Korra - and certain mako/korra moments in B1/B2 lampshade her development through that arc. i love how korra’s selflessness inspired mako to think outside his own intensely small circle and devote himself to service. and god help me, i even like that they fought, because it jump-started important points of character development for both of them - mako learning that the end of a romance is not the end of a relationship, korra learning she can’t run roughshod over everything without pushback from people who care about her (and manage to finally be honest with her)

What makes me sad about them: they weren’t allowed to flourish together. i wish bryke had kept them together for the whole show, or at least for much longer than half a book, to really, really underscore the good qualities of their relationship and why this relationship is valuable to both of them

things done in fanfic that annoys me: over-reliance on smut. (spritzes you)

things I look for in fanfic: a strong sense of emotional messiness (which they overcome)

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: NO ONE

My happily ever after for them: get back together in a few years, get secretly eloped a few years after that, they don’t spend all their time together - like a few months here, a few months there, on and off, they love each other but they do have separate careers, and they support that in each other as much as possible - mako wants kids but korra doesn’t want to slow her roll for a pregnancy so they adopt.

who is the big spoon/little spoon: mako is our big spoon here. that height difference is there for a reason u know

what is their favorite non-sexual activity: working out together. bugging mako at work. mako reading books while korra plays with his hair. drinking and playing pai sho w/ bolin and asami. going dancing, painting the town red

Asami Sato and the Heroic Sacrifice

“It’s time to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions: Who are you,and what do you want?”

—Iroh to Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender,“Lake Laogai”


To help my readers understand where I’m coming from, I should start by explaining that there are few characters in either Avatar series that I love more than Asami. (If you want proof of that, just take a scroll down my fanfic master post. -_-)

The reason I love her is simple: Silk Hiding Steel is my favorite character trope of all time, and the fact that Asami is a splendid example of that trope—both courageous and kind, hard-core enough to electrocute her own father but too polite to correct an old lady who has mistaken her for the Avatar—is enough by itself to lift her past every other LoK character except Korra on my scale. This is important to keep in mind as I make my argument. 


There are many ways to be heroic, and The Legend of Korra shows us a lot of them.

This show is heavily populated with good people who want noble things. Lin Beifong wants to protect her city; Tenzin wants to ensure the future of the Air Nation, both by producing more airbenders and by passing on his father’s Air Nomad teachings; Mako wants to break out of the “survival mode” in which he’s spent his life and put his talents to work for some higher purpose; and Korra wants to be the best Avatar she can possibly be. (There are many more, of course—even villains aren’t always exempt—but those examples are enough to convey my idea.)

And the show is endlessly inventive in testing these noble ideals and their bearers to the limits. Very often the writers do this by setting up situations in which the near certainty of death (or something portrayed as being just as bad—e.g.. loss of bending) is pitted against betrayal of a character’s greatest desire or highest ideal, forcing the character to choose between losing their life or losing their soul. In every case I can think of, the hero looks death in the face, sees it for what it is, and chooses to risk it rather than go against his or her ideal.

Any run-of-the-mill kids’ cartoon can put its characters in physical danger. And there are many ways to demonstrate character growth, and many more “real-life” ways to be heroic (absent the bad guys, for instance, Lin would have done it by dedicating her life to selfless public service). But to really thrill an audience, to inspire love for a character, you have to add moral danger. You have to do what the Avatar franchise is unsurpassably good at—asking its characters, “Who are you, and what do you want most? Are you willing to die (or worse) for it?”

If the character’s desire is noble, and the answer is yes, the moment of decision defines that character as a hero. (If this definition of “heroic” seems a bit narrow, keep in mind that it isn’t mine; rather, it’s the definition the franchise itself hammers it home again and again over 113 episodes. ;-P)

Some LoK characters get several such moments, others only one. Above all, every main character gets at least one… with a single glaring exception.


So what happened to Asami Sato’s big heroic moment? I’m convinced the writers did try to give her something like it, on two occasions.

The first occurs near the end of “The Aftermath.” All the dramatic tension in the warehouse scene arises from the fact that none of the participants—not her new friends, not her father, and certainly not the audience—knows Asami well enough to be sure what she will do when her father pressures her to join the Equalists. 

She displays her great inner strength by giving the correct response to the question the writers have set for her (“Which is more important—family loyalty or personal integrity?”). Still, this scene can’t really be called heroic in the sense described above, because Asami’s life is never in danger. At worst, she faces non-lethal electrocution by the Lieutenant followed by imprisonment with her friends—minus, for her, the terrible threat of de-bending. Rather, the scene’s purpose (which it accomplishes very well) is to show us her ideals. What Asami wants most is to do the right thing. Integrity is her highest value.

So “The Aftermath” is a fine setup, but not the main event. I believe the creators intended for that to occur in “Endgame,” during her mecha-tank fight with Hiroshi.

This time our writers go to great lengths to show that Asami’s life is in danger, even veering into melodrama with Hiroshi’s line, “I now see there is no chance to save you!” The problem is that Asami’s ideal of integrity has dropped off the other side of the scale in the meantime. Her life may be in jeopardy, but even during the moment when she has Hiroshi at her mercy and hovers on the edge of killing him, her soul is not, because she knows that doing the right thing here means defending herself and Republic City. Of course it would have hurt her deeply if she had been forced to finish off her father, but she had made her decision about that (“It’s time to take down my father”) before she ever set out for the airfield with Iroh and Bolin. 

She shows initiative by commandeering a mecha-tank to smash up the Equalist planes, but once Hiroshi fights back the story hands the initiative to him and Bolin. And both of those things—the lack of moral danger on the one hand, and the passing of her initiative on the other—together rob Asami of her best chance in all 52 episodes for a heroic moment of her own. To top it all off, the entire scene is only a sideshow to the larger drama of Korra and Mako vs. Amon!

That’s the story of Asami’s involvement in Books 2 through 4 in a nutshell. Without obviously or consciously trying to, the writers managed to push her aside—for Varrick, Bolin, and Mako in the first half of Book 2 (“It’s over… I give up” had some character-revealing potential, until the script handed the moment over to Mako and the Zombie Love Triangle -_-), then for Korra and the Harmonic Convergence battle in the second half, then for the Air Nation in the first seven episodes of Book 3.

The writers try one more time to give Asami some focus in the arc from “The Stakeout” to “The Ultimatum,” but by this time they’ve given up on the “self-sacrificing heroism” angle and fallen back on run-of-the-mill physical danger—long on skill-based intellectual challenges, short on the soul-wracking, character-revealing dilemmas that could have given her real depth. And by the midpoint of Book 4, they’re actively farming out her former roles to other characters—Varrick becomes the engineer/genius in a pinch, Tenzin swoops in to take over as Korra’s advisor in “Remembrances,” Mako is Korra’s sidekick in “Beyond the Wilds,” and Hiroshi is the ace pilot who pulls off a last-second, sacrificial victory in “Day of the Colossus.” (That, by the way, is a great example of “sacrifice” vs. “loss”—sacrifice is a choice you make, while loss is a thing that happens to you. Asami takes a terrible emotional blow in that scene, but not through any decision of hers that might have made her a hero.) Even getting Hiroshi out of prison is Lin’s idea, not Asami’s!

Understand that I’m not calling Asami “bland” or “boring,” (although objective, critical assessments like “static” are more difficult to argue with -_-), and I’m not saying that what we saw of her wasn’t awfully cool in and of itself. If this were any other show, or any other franchise, it might have been enough. But I am saying that, when you compare Asami’s screentime with that of so many other major and minor Avatarverse characters, the things she’s given to do after Book 1 seem like a scattering of crumbs from a huge banquet table. 

We’re shown that Asami values her integrity, but we’re not shown what terrifying risks she’ll take to protect it. And on the other hand, she gets no uniquely tailored moral challenge paired with the occasional physical challenges the writers toss her way. Consequently, we viewers get no amazing glimpse into her soul… and that hands her critics ammunition for the bland/boring/just another character “anti” arguments that Asami fans are so familiar with. :-/

Of course, it’s possible to read between the lines and dig up some off-screen heroism—Asami dealing with the death of her mother as a small child, Asami pulling her company out of the mire and turning it into a major player in Republic City. But we shouldn’t have to read between the lines. Like Tenzin challenging the Red Lotus or Korra stepping in front of a nuclear-powered energy beam to save her worst enemy, Asami’s heroism should have slapped us viewers in the face and left us gaping with awe and astonishment. Like Lin Beifong’s singlehanded battle with the Equalist airships, it should have made people her fans if they weren’t already.  From an A-list main character in the franchise that gave us the entire Beifong family, plus Suki, Mai, and Yue, not to mention Korra and Katara, we should have expected nothing less. 

We had a right to expect so much more than we got.

As for why our writers should have had such difficulty giving Asami her big moment… that’s a subject I’ll have to tackle some other time, because this post is rambly enough already. ;-P 

  • So, I just got done watching the Legend of Korra finale...and let me say what the actual fuck...
  • I personally find there are too many things wrong with the way they treated the ending, and no it's not just the bitterness of a makorrain who didn't get the kiss and getting back together scene she wanted. What myself and many other people in the fandom are mad about is the lack of unanswered questions. The fact that they ended it with a vacation. And while I think the korrasami vacation was important for both characters, and I'm super happy they went on it as a way to take time back from the trauma and both had to feel over the last few months/years, I'm also upset that that is where the writers decided to cut it off.
  • Korra being the ending of Avatar franchise, which has been a major part of my life since the first trailers for ATLA came out on TV, I wanted to get some insight on what korra's future was going to be like. I want to see how the world treats this avatar who has been through and done so much for a world that she thought didn't need her. Although, for ATLA the final episode left on a slightly ambiguous note with how Aang and the gaang were going to handle dealing with the nations after the end of the war, BUT it still was satisfying ending because ATLA had one clear plot goal throughout all the season's, and it was easy to guess how things were going to turn out after.
  • Legend of Korra doesn't not have the same plot as ATLA, so it's 100% leave it up to your imagination ending was disappointing. Korra focused much more on the growth of the characters through the show by giving them new challenges to face as a way to get knocked down, but get back up from there struggles and learn something new. Since this was the main plot of the story I really would have liked to see a time skip ,even if it was only a few years, to see how the challenges all the characters faced (especially Korra) made them grow as a person. There was definite dialogue an signs of this growth, but it was so brief that it left me with a very 'meh' feeling, while for me kind of describes many moments of this book, 'meh'.
  • It would have been nicer to have more episodes to add in more detail, or at least more moments of Korra. Like Christ I felt there were so many episodes where I was questioning where the fuck that girl was, or craving for her scenes to longer. Also it would have been nice to see something with the spirits. Korra was trying to build this world where humans and spirits and humans co-exist, so when the spirits refused to help protect republic city I was really expecting a big scene where the spirits come last minute to help the avatar, because wan was proof of the extent of friendship between the avatar and spirits. That fact the spirits just kind of popped up in the end like, "oh it's over? Time to come back now!" kind of pissed me off. There was so much potential there.
  • Another point I'm not sure if I should be happy with, or pissed off at is the way they handled korra's "romance". There were obvious signs of something possibly rekindling between mako and Korra, and the way he was looking for with she disappeared after the battle honestly convinced me that he still loves her (I could only hear Mako's voice calling for Korra). And then the whole happy touched i got your back forever scene, but it still left the status of there relationship questionable. Same with Korrasami. What the hand holding and soulful gazing at the end meant to signify a romance blooming? Or that yay girl time trip that its going to give us a break before we start rebuilding a whole city and our lives type of feeling? I don't know and I would like to know. I got the feeling that it was basically the writers basically telling all of us children that no one gets any desert after dinner because we can't get along. Which I guess it's a good thing, but come on...
  • I could also go on with what happened to Kuvira? Did she and Su have a talk? What about Baatar Jr.? How is the Beifong family holding up? And a shit ton of other things, but I'm tired and have work tomorrow. Maybe I might expand on other issues I have later....
  • Anyway these are my personal opinions , whether you agree or disagree is up to you.
  • I just feel let down that my favorite TV franchises ended in such a way.

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Erm MakoRin and number 20?

Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear.’

Rin has a realization.  (Warning for some inappropriate thoughts.)

Rin stretches out his arms and smirks at his friend.  

“Look out, Haru, you’re not going to be able to keep up with how much I’ve improved,” he taunts, waggling his eyebrows.

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The Legend of Korra Ending - Why It Works

I haven’t posted much in the past month, but I felt this was something I needed to weigh in on. There’s been a lot of nasty vitriol on Tumblr since the ending aired. While I truly sympathize with all the people that feel left by the wayside, I’ve decided to write up my thoughts on the ending in an attempt to show the angry people of Tumblr a different point of view.

Before I begin, I’d like to summarize my mindset for this. The most important thing is that I don’t ship anyone in The Legend of Korra. That’s not to say I dislike shipping or romance, but I tend to focus much more on friendship. Having said that, I still liked the idea of Makorra at endgame; I just didn’t particularly care about it. Instead, my personal preference was to see Korra not ending up with anyone.

I didn’t even like Korrasami all that much, especially for the first two Books; it truly felt like people were shipping them just because Asami was the only other female protagonist near Korra’s age—a mindset I was determined to avoid—or because they hated Mako and his actions. To me, neither of these reasons were valid ones for envisioning Korrasami at endgame. 

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