mako feels


It seems that way, doesn’t it?


That’s my hc about how he got the idea for the tire bomb

I could have finished this sooner if I hadn’t procrastinated so much, i’m so sorry;;


some overwatch cosplays i spotted, tag urself if you see urself!! ✨


mccree: @maccreamy 
mei: @thisneverhappensinrealityright
solider 76: @rogueleadr1
junkrat: @mundeez
reaper: @thewalkingmikcosplay

I think pre-crisis Roadhog, would indeed be extremely family oriented but unlike all the headcanons that have him being settled down in a strange nuclear family of sorts, I think Mako would have been the more reserved sideline gay.
His entire family loves him, he loves them back, his neighbors repsect him, and so on, but all the people in whatever community he was at home in all were awaiting the day he’d find another young man that would finally take Mako’s mind away from his work.
Unfortunately, his reclusiveness and obliviousness has not changed whatsoever.


“You can’t run any farther.”
“Fine. Bring it on.”