mako deserves it


I’m so glad they gave Roadhog a more serious comic about what he thinks of the world after he fought so hard to protect his home. 

And then they did what I’d hope they’d do: 

They showed us how they met. 

And how Junkrat apparently just picks and chooses bodyguards out of random bars to take care of him… I guess it was fate.

Anyway, more importantly:

My favorite part, where he says Junkrat is a liar. 

So Blizzard is interested in giving Junkrat more than just the comic relief role. 

Roadhog says he’s a liar who lies to himself most of all.

Lies to himself about what?

I may be wrong and this may be open to interpretation, but maybe he means Junkrat’s hiding his true feelings about his circumstances, about being “happy” and energetic all the time. 

He’s “not the quiet type” so he lies loudly, as opposed to Mako, who hides the truth by saying nothing at all.

Some people bluster and talk to hide their insecurities or their pain. 

I really like this line. It adds a dimension to Junkrat that I hope we see. 

He’s full of bluster, a yappy little mad max chihuahua with smoking hair, but Mako’s smart enough to see more in him. 

He thinks very little of everyone, based on the previous dialogue:

“They deserve what they get” “World deserves them.”

Mako remembers the past, knows how this wasteland came to be and he’s disgusted by the people who’ve settled into it, who’ve made it their home, because they don’t care about what was lost, only what they can now gain.  

He might be looking for treasure and spoils with Junkrat, but I don’t get the feeling that he cares that much about it. 

Otherwise he wouldn’t claim the queen and the others were just fighting over scraps. 

Again, personal opinion. 

But I think he was just looking for a purpose. 

And a way to strike back at a world that never cared about him, that left him and his people and his home in ruins. 

So going all over the world, wrecking rich people’s shit, stealing gold and pachimaris with Junkrat… yeah, I think he’s doing it not because gold is all he cares about, or even Junkrat’s treasure, whatever it is. 

I mean, he doesn’t even know what Junkrat’s treasure IS here. I doubt it’s just money, that would be lazy of Blizzard. 

I think he’s doing it because he’s still aching over a failed rebellion and has nothing to lose. 

And why did he choose Junkrat to stick with?

Out of all the people in the world he could’ve stuck with?

Because Junkrat is a liar, who lies to himself. 

Because other people it would seem, are liars too, but they keep their lies to themselves, and Mako apparently trusts the “loud” type more than the quiet type. 

And like I said before, because he’s on a quest for revenge, because he wants the civilized world that made his home a living nightmare have a taste of their own medicine. And Junkrat, explosions-extraordinaire, noisy but trustworthy, a real idiot, but an honest one?

Well, it really was meant to be, I guess. 

He took him up on that offer quick, didn’t he?

roadhog week day 2: fave skin

this isn’t technically a skin but i wish it was….. the world just wasn’t ready for olympic gold medalist roadhog running around on the objective in just a speedo i guess :^/

Summer Games
  • <p> <b>Good ending:</b> Junkrat in a beachy skin.<p/><b>Neutral ending:</b> Junkrat in a racing skin.<p/><b>Bad ending:</b> Junkrat in a tennis skin.<p/><b>True ending:</b> Junkrat in the cricket skin he damn well deserves.<p/></p>
First thoughts playing Mass Effect... 10 years since its release


  • *tallies 42nd death on a whiteboard; cracks open 8th beer*
  • me: dw, joker’s just an ass sometimes. liara: must be a human thing. me: blinking-guy.gif
  • okay fine maybe you have a point
  • new planet we’re skipping all this worming around bullshit
  • where tf did this mako come from goddammit
  • anyone who survives a mako ride with me deserves a fucking promotion
  • *low-key realizes i might have a swearing problem*
  • kaidan’s really fucking shit up. i chose the wrong class
  • (meanwhile) garrus:*stands facing a wall in the middle of a firefight. i accidentally press ‘talk’* not now, shepard! 
  • -____________________- dude
  • zombies now? exploding SPACE zombies? real origina-
  • i can get why they’d wanna eat kaidan so fast but??? garrus??? me??? we ain’t no tasty canadian booty
  • Fuck It™ i’m just running this time
  • BREAKING: Giant Ancient Parasitic Lifeform Reveals Secret To Giving Birth To Fully-Grown, Fully-Clothed, and Heavily-Armed Asari Clones
  • i’ve been informed by a third party that i need an adult

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💝💙💚wuko, por favor.

💝: who spends more time (possibly overthinking) what presents to get the other?

Mako! crossing off on them lists! thinking about what material thing Wu might even need from him and what gift could appropriately distill his feelings w/o being stingy or OTT etc. Wu is on the threshold of this kind of thing bc he considers mako so well-equipped and adept, but he just decides to toss in everything he can think of

💙: who is more protective?


💚: who tends to get sick more often? who is better at taking care of the other?

Wu only bc he has a very sensitive concept of ‘sick’. i think they could both be quite mothery intent-wise but Mako actually pulls it off bc he knows better how to take care of himself + others

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I wanna take a moment to say how upset I am about how Welcome to the Ballroom is treating Shizuku. Not only was she wronged by her partner and her mentor and had to compete knowing literally everyone wanted her to lose, then had her entire character made to spin around Hyodo, then lost the Queen award to a girl who got it “thanks to Tatara”, and now she’s feeling like shit and calling herself a failure even though by this show’s own logic it was Gaju’s fault for not being a better lead. 

And then fans of the show are saying how she got what she deserved and mocking her and saying she’ll “come to her senses”, completely ignoring that she was the one that got lied to back at the Mikasa Cup.

This is the problem with the show. This is why its gross sexism is a big deal. Shizuku was not in the wrong. Say it again with me

Shizuku was not in the wrong.

Hyodo and Sengoku kept vital information from her regarding her own career, the former because his man-pride was too big to confide her about her injury, the latter I guess because he’s a dickhole, because there’s literally no logical reason for Sengoku not to simply tell Shizuku that Hyodo is injured. Not only did they jeopardize her career -making her look bad to the judges and getting her disqualified from other competitions- but they basically proved they didn’t trust her/care about her even though the matter at hand directly involved her.

Shizuku had every fucking right to be pissed at them, and specially Hyodo, considering their partnership/rivalry is so important for her as a dancer.

But because the writing in the show has gaslighted the viewers constantly, Shizuku’s justified anger has been completely invalidated. Instead, she’s been made to look like a “skank”, throwing a fit (Sengoku’s words) who doesn’t know what she’s doing or what she wants and just caused trouble for everyone involved for no reason whatsoever. Not a single character acknowledges her reasons to be angry, and even Tatara chides her for not talking to Hyodo when it should be the other way around. She’s being made to be blamed entirely for this idiotic conflict when the assholes in the situation were Hyodo, Sengoku and Gaju. And instead of getting the apology she and Mako deserve, or making Hyodo reflect on what he did, or idk, make Sengoku realize he was a dickwad for no reason at all, Shizuku takes the fall for the whole mess, both within the show and in the audience’s eyes.

Basically, the viewers have been tricked by the narrative’s sexism to believe this was all Shizuku being a crazy bitch who has finally seen the light because Our Savior Tatara has shown her the wrong of her ways, and thus are rejoicing at her loss when she’s actually a 15 year old girl who felt betrayed by the partner she looked up to and never even got an apology for it.

TL;DR if you’re mocking Shizuku literally fuck you. Also literally fuck this show

I don’t know what to think about Mako Mori being in full military uniform

because on the one hand like, yeah, she’s Pentecost’s daughter through and through and it makes sense that she would follow into his footsteps and be a BAMF in charge and everything, while Raleigh is playing the handsome househusband (even if she doesn’t seem to be in charge ffs)

but on the other side it’s also the woman who, at the tender age of 21, managed to become a Jaeger pilot by defying her father’s orders, all the while having some lowkey-highkey anger issues, so I’m having a really hard time picturing her as going full military after the last battle



Learn To Be Lonely (Mako x Reader)

The two firebenders were sat together in their pyjamas, staring out at the night sky above them. The cold wind ripped past them and off into the distance; unseen.

“So…how’s Republic City now then?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Bolin’s off being a mover star, Korra’s off doing Avatar stuff and Asami’s with her as her fiance. So, how do you feel?”

“Lonely…I’m not used to being on my own. Even after Mum and Dad died I had Bolin and then we had you and then Korra and then Asami and…” he trailed off as he continued his heavy stare into the distance.

“You’ll learn,” she replied quietly.

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[translation] Free! Visual Story Vol.2 Drama CD track 2 - "Birthday Surprise"

[audio link] from wakoaime​ (thank you!!!)

Everyone loves Makoto here this makes me so happy.  Watch out for the lovely makoharu and makorin moment ^_^

Nagisa: Aaand done! The decoration’s perfect! Hehehe, it looks very much like a birthday party!

Rei: Yes! If I may say so myself, it’s beautifully done!

Nagisa: Hehe!  I hope Mako-chan likes it!

Makoto (in Nagisa’s mind): Ahaha, everyone, thank you so much! I’m… I’m so, so, HAPPY!-ppy-ppy-ppy…

Nagisa: Maybe he’ll cry just like that…

Rei: I’m not so sure if Makoto-senpai will cry, but I’m sure he’ll be happy.  Since we worked so hard to prepare this!

Rin: Let’s give him the biggest surprise!

Gou: Onii-chan, you’re kinda hyped up about this~

Rin: If we’re gonna make it a surprise, it won’t be fun if we don’t give it our all, right? Hehehe.

Gou: Hehehe.

Nagisa: Haru-chan~ how’s the cake~?

Haru: It’s ready.  Are you done over there?

Nagisa: Yup! All done!

Haru: I’ve just called Makoto, so he will be here anytime soon.

*ding dong*

Nagisa: Hah! It must be Mako-chan! Haru-chan, go get the door!

Haru: Okay.

Haru: Makoto.

Makoto: Oh! Haru! What’s going on? It’s really rare for you to call me over, I was really surprised! You said it’s an emergency, so I rushed over here…

Haru: Get in.

Makoto: Huh~ eh?

Makoto: Yikes! It’s really dark in your house! Can’t you at least turn on the light? Aaah!?  Haru… why are you covering up my eyes?

Haru: Don’t open your eyes until we get to the living room.

Makoto: C'mon, get this off me~ it’s really hard to walk like this…

Haru: Makoto, shut up.

Makoto: Whaa-t? Wait-! Stop pushing me, Haru~!

Rin: Geez, those guys are taking their time!

Nagisa: Rin-chan! Shhh! Here, take this firecracker.

Rei: Are you ready, everyone?  Just as what we’ve rehearsed…

Makoto: Wait, hey! Haru! What’s going on?

Haru: Just do as I say.

Makoto: Huuuhh~

Nagisa: Ah! They’re here!

Makoto: What!??


All: Happy Birthday, Makoto/Makoto-senpai/Mako-chan

Makoto: …you all gathered here?

Nagisa: Hehehe, Happy Birthday, Mako-chan! Since it’s your birthday today, We all prepared a party to celebrate together! Surprise!!

Rei: And it turned out to be a great success!

Gou: *giggle*

Makoto: hahaha… I thought my heart was going to stop!

Rin: Hahahaha, seeing you looking so surprised like that made it all worth it!

Makoto: You guys did this all… for me?

Nagisa: Rin-chan was supper excited when we were preparing! He’s the one who suggested that we’d all hide and surprise you when you walk in, Mako-chan…

Rei: And even though he kept saying how busy he was, he’s always the first to be here to help prepare.

Rin: Wha-!? I’m only here cos you guys wouldn’t stop bothering me about it!

Rei/Nagisa/Gou: hehehe….

Rin: What the hell…

Haru: Hey, here.

Haru: Happy Birthday, Makoto.

Makoto: Wow! A cake! Did you… make this, Haru?

Haru: Yeah. It’s chocolate, your favorite.

Makoto: That’s amazing~ it must’ve been difficult to make… thank you, Haru.

Haru: …it’s nothing special.

Nagisa: C'mon, Mako-chan, sit down! You too, Haru-chan!

Gou: I brought a camera! Let’s take a group photo!

Nagisa: Well prepared as always, Gou-chan!

Rin: I’m gonna light the candles now~

Rei: Well then, we’ll first sing a birthday song and…

Nagisa: There! Mako-chan, blow out the candles!

Rei: wait, we’re not singing!??

Gou: There, there, Rei-kun, clam down…

Rin: C'mon Makoto, do it quickly or the wax is gonna drip on the cake!

Makoto: waah, wait a sec!! uuhh… okay then, here I go! fuuuuuu….

Rin: Yeah!


Makoto: But really, thank you everyone.  I’m really glad to be able to celebrate with all of you.

Nagisa: All right then, it’s cake time~!

Makoto: Okay, I’ll start cutting.

Haru: I’ll cut it.  Makoto, you can sit and wait.

Makoto: Oh, there’s something inside the cake… ugh, please don’t tell me it’s…

Haru: Mackerel.

Makoto: Why would you put that in there!?

Haru: It adds a subtle touch to the flavor.

Makoto: It’s not subtle at all~!!

Nagisa: There, there, you never know, the chocolate-mackerel cake might taste good!

Makoto: Geez, Haru~~~


Rin: *teases Makoto* (probably asking him to take a bite)

Makoto: eeeh~~