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Just randomly started watching a mishmash of videos and some of them were about food on an internet show called SciShow (which, like it’s name might suggest, discusses science). For some reason, that got me thinking about the various food habits of the FFVII cast. This is me just going on a random speculation run, here.

  • Zack, Angeal, Genesis, Yuffie, Tseng, Barret, Vincent and possibly Tifa are lactose-intolerant! If you look at the cast and compare where they’re from to our world, it makes sense that none of their cultures would have seen much need or have even had the possibility for domesticating milk-producing animals. (Also, even if it isn’t confirmed, it’s highly possible that both Tifa and Vincent have recent Wutaian ancestry if you compare their facial features to, say, Yuffie and Tseng. Tifa gets a maybe because, since she’s from Nibelheim, she may have gotten a gene from one of her parents that allowed her to tolerate milk past early childhood.)
  • It’s quite probable that, when she left Midgar, Aeris went a little crazy on discovering what kinds of food are out there. She gained an appreciation for spiced foods and for meals that were made of 100% organic ingredients. Still couldn’t pass up the occasional bit of candy, but…
  • Sephiroth, growing up and especially during his SOLDIER days, could NOT stand overly pungent foods. Anything that caused his olfactory sense to go haywire was usually strong enough to give him headaches and minor nausea. This was a trait that was unfortunately passed to Cloud once he was entered into Project S and was made into a clone. The mako enhancements just added to both of their problems.
  • In Nibelheim, during the harsher months, blood-based dishes were somewhat popular, especially around festivals and holidays. It was made into everything from puddings to pancakes to sauces to alcoholic drinks.
  • No surprise, but Midgar enjoys more synthetic and preserved food than just about anywhere else. What MAY surprise you is that they also maybe ate more dried meats than just about anywhere as well. The upper plate was able to have the stuff imported from the Western and Northern Continents, but, in the slums, it mostly came from garden variety monsters when they could be slain and was dried, salted and rationed as a precious food source.
  • The biggest producer for stronger alcoholic drinks goes to Kalm. Wine is a relatively common drink in the Cosmo Canyon area, but wasn’t overly popular outside. The largest producer of flavored teas commonly veers back and forth between certain Wutai villages and Rocket Town. Banora used to be the largest producer of ciders and, once Genesis managed to figure out how to extract, concentrate and modify the juice from the somewhat dry Dumbapples in the orchards, apple juice.
  • People who have been infected with a significant number of Jenova cells have a taste preference to meat that’s come from monsters. Monsters are known to be descendants of Cetra that Jenova herself mutated, so infected individuals can actually taste the Planet-readapted remains of the virus it used. They instinctively try to reclaim as much of Jenova as possible to make themselves and their connection to it stronger.