mako clone

☽ ✧ space mood mixes ✧ ☾

music for gazing up at the stars, for free-floating in space [listen & download]

Labor of Love-Star Trek OST / Across the Stars-Attack of the Clones OST / Mako (feat. Priscilla Ahn)-Pacific Rim OST / Solar Sailer-Tron OST (by Daft Punk) / There She Is-Portal 2 OST / That New Car Smell-Star Trek OST / FrankenTurrets-Portal 2 OST / Better Than New-Pacific Rim OST / Flynn Lives-Tron OST

background for the epic space adventures in your head (listen & download)

Nailin’ the Kelvin-Star Trek OST / Fragile (Remix)-Redlight / The Courtesy Call-Portal 2 OST / End of Line-Tron OST / Double Event-Pacific Rim OST / Friendly Faith Plate-Portal 2 OST / Derezzed-Tron OST / Duel of the Fates-Phantom Menace OST / Gipsy Danger-Pacific Rim OST / Nero Sighted-Star Trek OST