mako and bolin's parents

Ejem… Well, this is my first drawing in two years.They are Bolin and Mako´s parents acording to masterarrowhead’s headcanon( sketch will be part of something a little bigger, and my “kick star” to learn the basic and draw again.

I just hope this isn´t that bad

PD: Grammar and orthography nazis, you are welcome. I really need help to learn english :/

Now that Bryan posted that pic, it got me wondering… it is implied that San had a wealthy life in Republic city? even their cousin thought Mako and Bolin lived in a mansion and stuff. I mean, look at their family photo:

their clothes (and the chair San is sitting on and the background, for that matter) look kinda fancy. is not what a low-class family would wear, althought it’s said that they took the photo on San’s birthday, so they could be only using formal clothes for a special date, but let’s go with the assumption that they use it more often;

So they are this happy family prospering in Republic City, and then San and his wife(i’m still upset that they didn’t even mentioned her name) are killed. So, what is to be done? Logically, their property would be inherited by their children, but as they are only children, they should have been taken care of by someone till they reached legal age.

But what do we see? Mako and Bolin living in the streets. It is never said whether they were sent to a orphanage and then escaped from there or if they went directly to the streets, but it is strange that they hadn’t nobody helping them, not even neighbors or family friends, or even their mother’s family, how did nobody take care of these boys?

Certainly San and his wife had a house, and jobs and other possessions, but where are all these things now? The brothers grew up in the streets without having any of what would be rightfully theirs.And this is kinda strange.

Guys, I just got a headcanon, that Mako’s and Bolin’s parents were nonbenders.  Like maybe there was bending in their families, but they themselves weren’t benders.  Then they have two bender children, and they’re completely proud of the them, but they have no idea how to control them.  Like at a young age, Mako starts fires accidentally, or Bolin causing cracks to the structure of their building.  The police would come by to see what is wrong, and just see the one or both of them holding a squirming child.