mako & minako

Mako’s mixture of support and “I am so over this” truly warms my soul.

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This gives me all the Usagi x Rei feels. I mean, REI IS SPOON FEEDING USAGI HER CAKE. INTO USAGI’S MOUTH. WITH HER OWN FORK. Mako and Ami think this is something better done in private, but Rei doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it because Usagi looks like she’s been waiting her whole life for Rei to spoon feed her some cake. AND MINAKO, OH MINAKO, SHE SO COMPLETELY APPROVES OF THIS. OF COURSE SHE DOES. IT’S MINAKO.

“I’m sorry. I can’t kiss you.

Rei, Ami, Mako and Minako…

They all died before they could even kiss the boy they loved.

So, I can’t find happiness just by myself.

I’m sorry.

I’m not going to run away. 

There are still things I have to do.

Watch me. I’ll do my best.”

owtide submitted:
I am sad and worried and I needed to do something with all of it so I drew this for you. I ran out of time to finish it today (but I will!) but I wanted to say I love you guys, I love you Jet, you are all so important to me. Jet, you have kept me going through some terrible times and you absolutely succeed in being a safe haven and I’m so grateful for you. I wish we could do more. PS, after starting critical role, I now imagine Mako doing Grog’s Rage growl thing.


I mean it’s always a good day when we get to hear from you, BUT THIS.

Already the details are extraordinary. Rei and Minako’s joy, the way you worked in how Ami looked to be nearly falling off in my picture, Usagi’s BEST glomphug, MAKO’S ROAR OF TRIUMPH.

And then you have the nerve to be so sweet in the text, what the fuck. It’s not at all that my aggression is covering that I’m too touched to know what to say. Never that.

I love you guys too. So much. AND I LOVE THIS THANK YOU SO MUCH.