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vixx's cooking level

taekwoon: vixx’s one and only cooking master
hakyeon: good and passable, sometimes forget to spice his food
jaehwan: questionable, hasn’t been proven, but most likely can either end up a fine dining dish or carpet flavoured
hongbin: disastrous. mr “should i add sugar to my fried eggs”
sanghyuk: disastrous 2.0, didn’t know the egg had to be cracked to make fried eggs
wonshik: glad enough to know how to turn on a stove

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Sweat beaded your forehead as you ran through the sea of people flooding the airport, your breathing was erratic and Jungkook was nowhere to be seen. Your heart hammered angrily against your chest, where was he? There you were, willing to drop your life for him and he didn’t have the decency to even answer the phone the 14 times you’d called.

Close to giving up your eyes wandered the busy scene desperately once more, much to your surprise you saw a tall, broad figure wearing all black holding what looked like to be a Louis Vuitton luggage bag. Your Louis Vuitton luggage bag. That had to be him. You ran up to the man who was speedily walking away, his wide strides almost impossible for you to catch up with.

“Jungkook!” You shouted, earning a stare from a dozen pairs of nosey eyes in the process.

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Spoiler alert Jungkook ate them all


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Vixx & First Kisses

Anonymous asked: First kiss - all of the boys! 

So this is the first time I’ve done a reaction post and it seemed to kind of mix itself between reaction and scenario so, I apologize! But hopefully you still like it, this only came from the mind of Admin Maknae so *shrugs* 

Enjoy!! 💚

~Admin Maknae

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N -  Being the confident leader that he is, he would be the one to initiate your first kiss, but also, make sure to see that you are comfortable with him too. Maybe starting with running his fingertips through your hair along your face and stopping to linger his hand near your jawline. Letting you know his intentions, but also trying to see your reactions as well, and if you were up for it, he’d step just a little bit closer, leaning into you. His kiss would be touching and delicate, letting you know that he cared. He’d want to touch you, but he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, so his hands would be warm, placed on the side of your face.

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