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talk to me about how bangtan spoil and coddle jungkook on his bday and how every member shows kook his love in his own way im a sucker for that

but anon, they already showed us that during their v app broadcast!~ his hyungs making dorky jokes, indulging his timbalands and xxxl t-shirts obsessions (though tbh he has more than enough oversized white t-shirts but you do you, baby), fostering his love of music & producing, and letting him game to his hearts content (●♡∀♡) and tonight seokjinnie hyung will probably make seaweed soup. what more could we ask for! (´▽`ʃƪ)♡ –nikkumeul

Happy Bday to the cutest maknae in the world. I only recently discovered “Infinite” but I’ve seen how you’ve changed by years. Please, smile again as you used to do. Your voice gives me goosebumps, your dance gives me good mood, your smile makes me smile more. You’re such a sweet and wonderful person and so you’ll be forever, I’m sure ~ ♥

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1. If you could be in any MV which one would it be? I would be in SuJu’s Evanesce and be the girl that dances with Eunhyuk <3 if i could dance and i was thin, pretty and elegant like her

2. Would you rater be the oldest or the youngest if you were in a group? Youngest, I’d totally be the cutest maknae ever

3.Opinion on Jacksons dance move in Girls Girls Girls ( you know which one I’m talking about.) ? I have not seen it, but I will watch it, but I won’t know which one Jackson is xD

4. Who is your bias wrecker and why? Taehyung from BTS, ugh

5. Do you have a favourite k-pop vine account? My kpop friend’s from facebook, but I don’t know her username, I only see her vines on fb cos she posts them there too and watch them there

6. Favourite thing about your bias group? (SuJu) that they’re like the second oldest (active) group, I think?? Yet they’re just so childish and fun, it’s beautiful :’) I saw an amazing post about it here actually 

7. A group that you’ve heard of and want to get into but haven’t yet? Ugh sooo many, I need to get more into Seventeen, I wanna get into Got7, Beast, Infinite and just loads more I can’t be bothered to list them. I also want to get into other girl groups apart from f(x) who I already love, but they’re the only girl group I love, I need more

8. Favourite school subject? I left school a year ago, but my favourite subject was always music. And I’m in music college now

9. How many k-pop songs do you have on your phone? My phone doesn’t like, store music, but on my iPod I have 556 songs, pretty much all are kpop. Some are in Chinese but that’s just cos they’re Exo-M or Super Junior-M or Tao’s album, Zhou Mi’s album etc etc. And then some are in Japanese because of Super Junior K.R.Y and some are in English because they’re kpop idols covering English songs, and I also have the English version of Henry’s ‘Trap’

10. Favourite anime? Death Note, always. The live actions are perfect too omg <3 <3

11. Have you had a good day? Do you need to talk? I have had a wonderful day, I got some furniture for my bedroom, me and Mum painted the horrible pink walls white and got black and white furniture, all I need to replace now is my desk. It’s brown, I want a black desk. Oh also my rug, I have wooden floors then a brown rug, I’m getting two smaller rugs, a square black one at one end of the room, then a circular white one at the other end yey. So yeah, I’m pretty good;D

My questions: I’ll do some Super Junior themed questions for my wonderful SuJu friends on here

1. Who is your bias in Super Junior? 

2. Who is your bias ruiner?

3. Is your bias your ultimate bias, or just your SuJu bias?

4. What’s your favourite SuJu song?

5. Favourite MV? 

6. Heechul with long, brown hair? Or Heechul with short, blonde hair?

7. Favourite sub-group?

8. MinWook or KyuWook? 

9. Favourite vocalist in SuJu?

10. Favourite dancer in SuJu?

11. Do you support Zhou Mi and Henry? (tbh if the answer is no then please just unfollow me rn)

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hahaha true tho, Jongin and Sehun are like the two most cutest maknaes together, I love them together, like they both went to the same school since like, I dunno, lots of years? xD and then they trained, then came togetehr in the same group. =3 Bro's for life.

Mm, they’re super cute. I really love the SeKai friendship tbh ^^

kpop tag (why am i doing this)

First kpop group: 4minute

First kpop song: SNSD - Gee

Favorite male group: Uhhh, Shinee *runs away embarassed* 

Favorite female group: Red Velvet

Favorite soloist: Juniel

Favorite kpop video: Orange Caramel - Catallena

Catchiest tune: Orange Caramel - Lipstick

Favorite male dancer: ?!?!?!?!

Favorite female dancer: Yuri

Favorite male vocalist: Onew

Favorite female vocalist: Raina

Current song you are listening to: SNSD - Lion Heart

Current kpop obsession: Lovelyz

Female bias: Wendy

Male bias: nope

Cutest male idol: gtfo

Cutest female idol: Minah

Cutest Maknae: Hyeri


Active on Allkpop ?: Ew

Which fandom are you in?:  Red Velvets, if we had a name

Which kpop forums are you active on?: Nope

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OMG! INFINITE F are the cutest maknae line ever ^_^ I am so happy to see them & know that they are having a comeback soon  & Yeol’s wish for new song is going to be fulfilled BUT comeback while they are in the in between their World Tour o.O how much pressure are Woollim planning to put them through ><  Moreover Woollim is trying to fool us again & again :3 Why say new sub-unit when  they were just coming up with INFINITE F! Anyway, I am delighted to hear so many medical terms spoken FLUENTLY by uri choding <3 However, Wednesday is gonna be my favorite day of the week since they are coming live on V every week that day ^_^ INFINITE F fighting J INFINITE fighting J Seangil chukkae uri maknae ^_^

jeon jungkook' bday

dedicating my last day of summer to the cutest maknae, jungkook. spending all day listening the his beautiful voice. thank you Lord for creating such a beautiful soul and person. happy birthday!! 😭💖