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Slight Taemin smut and cuteness

Your eyes immediately lit up when Lee Taemin entered your busy science room. His sweet mixture of purple and blond hair made you smile warmly every time you saw it. From your desk, you watched him begin walking up to join you, your heart racing, but you were interrupted by some of the popular girls and guys mumbling things to each other and laughing. You raised your eyebrow, puzzled. Taemin’s eyes widened, his cheeks glowing red; you wondered what the hell was going on. Sure, Taemin was shy and he wasn’t one to talk much but he was never picked on in college. Placing his bag on the floor, Taemin sat next to you and smiled nervously. In front of you, the popular kids turned on their stools with Cheshire cat grins. 

“What’s up with them?”

 You whispered in Taemin’s ear, completely confused.

 “I’m not sure.”

 He replied back quietly, yet he still looked intimidated by his class mates. Unintentionally, you gazed at his luminous face, the sharpness of his cheekbones, his cute deep brown eyes. It sucked, knowing you were falling for him. 

“Aww what a sweet couple!”

 One of the popular bitches teased. Her comment was followed by a bellowing laugh from her gang of followers. 

“What are you talking about? We’re not together.” 

You questioned defensively although, secretly, you wished you were together. You’d been infatuated with Taemin for the longest time. 

“Oh (Y/N), you haven’t heard? Taemin has a crush on you.”

 One of the bitches said in a patronizing tone, flipping her hair over her shoulder and cackling with the other girls. You didn’t want to show it but your heart perked up. Deeply, you hoped it was true. Taemin stared at his science book, looking stressed. He didn’t object yet confirm what they said. You noticed he was feeling extremely pressured and as a result, you felt stressed too. You felt sick to your stomach and confused; a migraine was the last thing you needed. 

“And why is me and Taemin’s relationship your business? Stick to your own.”

 It felt good to fight back; stick up to her and her group. Thankfully, the teacher walked in and quietened everyone down. The awkwardness was over for that moment.

Finally, the class was over and you could get home, throw your books on the floor and relax. It had been another tiring day at the bleak college. Recklessly, you rushed through your class mates, eager to get out the door when suddenly, you clumsily crashed straight in to poor Taemin. Taemin threw his books up in the air, losing his balance as he fell back on the floor. 

“Oh my god! Taemin! Are you alright?! I’m so sorry!”

 You cried, feeling dreadful. The rest of the class erupted in laughter, causing quiet Taemin to go bright red in the face. 

“I’m okay.”

 He uttered shyly before getting up on his knees to pick his stuff up. Instantly, you went around picking up his college work to help him. You couldn’t shake the horrible feeling of guilt. 


 You said softly, handing him his things and when you caught his sweet eyes, you couldn’t seem to look away. You was like a magnet to him. His fingers accidentally brushed your hand as you gave him his belongings; slightly, you gasped at the electricity you felt. Taemin’s hand made a small jump too, telling you, you weren’t alone in your feelings for him. You could see it in his eyes, the way he chewed on his plump bottom lip, that he had a desire for you. 


 You felt sick to your stomach, about to confess that you had a crush on him. Perhaps, more than a crush. 

“Uh..(Y/N). I have a biology exam I need to study for. I know you got an A, do you could help me?”

 He interrupted, fiddling with his slender fingers like he couldn’t think straight; the anxiety was radiating off him. 

“Of course I will. I’ll help you sex..I mean study!”

 Taemin blushed again, along with you that time. You burst out in to a nervous laugh but inside, the embarrassment made your insides cringe. 

“Thank you. It means a lot. Do you want to I don’t think my parents are home which means the oven is free so I can cook.” 

You wasn’t even going to bother pretending like you had plans, all you had in mind was getting lost in a good book. 

“Yeah, I think I’m free. And…I’m sorry about running in to you..again.”

Taemin arrived upstairs with two plates of noodles whilst you were sat on his bed, surrounded by a pile of biology revision books. 

“This looks lovely! Thanks Taemin.”

 His eyes sparkled as he smiled with pride at his cooking. 

“You’re welcome. I thought I should at least cook for the pretty girl helping me.”

 That was the first time you’d ever heard him say anything about him thinking you were pretty. Your palms were getting wetter by the moment as your pulse was racing, gazing at Taemin with hungry eyes.

 “You… think I’m pretty?”

 You questioned, before biting down anxiously at your bottom lip. Taemin blushed so much you thought he was going to explode. Letting out a nervous laugh, he pushed his gorgeous hair away from his face.

 “Aghhh you make me nervous…I think you’re beautiful but also talented and so gentle and graceful.” 

You couldn’t bear another word; you were already romanced, swept off your feet. Taemin had caught you in his net and you never wanted him to throw you back in the sea. Following your heart, you kissed his plump, subtle lips softly and you felt the magic you thought only existed in fairy tales arise. Taemin put the food on the desk before sweeping all the books on the floor; he wanted a different, more physical approach to biology. This time, he placed his lips on yours, following his smooth moves by sliding his tongue in to your mouth like the dancing he did. Letting him know you liked it, you moaned in to the kiss as things got hotter. With your skin heating like fire, you grabbed Taemin’s hair as he laid you down on the bed, then climbed on top of you, never breaking the steamy kiss. 

“Taemin, I never knew you felt this way.” 

You uttered and groaned at the same time as he buried his face in your neck, kissing and biting gently. 

“I always knew I felt this way.”

 He looked in to your eyes seriously, making your heart pound fast. Sweetly, he moved the loose hair away from your face so he could see you. 

“I fell for you the first day you sat down next to me.”

 He seemed so sure; his voice and demeanour had never been more confident. There was something so sexy about confident Taemin. You knew Taemin would have never forced you to do anything sexual with him but the way he was so delicate and charming made you crave him so badly. Your eyes locked with his as you lifted his shirt over his head, revealing his skinny yet athletic body. Lee Taemin was so stunning and beautiful. 

“I’ve wanted you for so long Taemin.”

 It was all like a huge dream coming to life; Taemin stripping down to his underwear and your eyes being glued to his body. The overwhelming tinge, the arousal deep inside you was making you pant. As Taemin undressed you, he did it with his eyes also, turning deep and sensual. Taemin’s lust was becoming prominent too, his bulge protruding through his boxer briefs. You couldn’t help but touch what you wanted. Gently, you begin to rub the hardness in Taemin’s pants whilst his mouth explored your now exposed breasts. The deep sound of Taemin’s moans and the sight of his chest rising and falling as you caressed his solid member was more than enough to drive you crazy.

That college day, you never thought you’d be naked in bed with Taemin, rolling around underneath the covers, making out, grabbing fistfuls of hair and touching parts of him that you’d only dreamed of touching. 

“Jagiya, are you sure you want to do this?” 

He asked like a gentleman, making your heart flutter. You giggled; you couldn’t help it when he made you feel like such a princess. 

“Of course I want to Taemin. Feel…” 

Gently taking his hand, you guided him down to your pussy, making him feel how wet you were. 

“By how turned on I am right now, I hope you don’t want to stop.” 

His dreamy lips curled in to a sexy smile before nodding. The anticipation was murdering you, watching Taemin reach over to his drawer and pull out a condom. As Taemin rolled a condom down his long shaft, you never imagined protection could be so sexy. He liked to play the waiting game, making out with you, gently tugging on your lower lip and kissing your neck until every nerve sense was heightened. Finally, you felt the head of his cock press against your entrance and you wrapped your arms around Taemin’s sleek shoulders, ready for the ride of your life.

Taemin’s graceful fingers interlaced with yours as he steadily yet strongly made love to you; his striking eyes gazing in to yours with every thrust of his dancer hips. You couldn’t help yourself, your finger nails dug in to Taemin’s back as the intensity inside you began to build itself in to a hurricane. 

“Lee Taemin, you feel so good.”

 You whimpered against his neck, driving him crazy, encouraging him not to stop. Taemin drove himself in to you harder, panting heavily, desperate for you to reach the finish line and please you. He made you squeal; so many sensations were shooting through your body like fireworks. As you wrapped your legs around his smooth back, you eyed up his exquisite collar bones, the slenderness of his neck, his gentle arms. Taemin was the definition of perfection.

 “Oh (Y/N), baby, I’m going to cum.” 

He groaned deeply, droplets of sweat forming on his forehead, damping his hair. You felt close too, like a tidal wave speeding towards you and crashing as it hits. 

“Oh my god Taemin!”

 You cried as you leaked your juices, soaking him as he finished, gripping your hands tight. For a few moments, he stayed there, completely still, his eyes closed, panting, recovering from the sex. From his hand, you reached up and caressed the side of his face gently with your fingers. He licked his lips, pressing his face against your fingers like a purring cat, content and happy. On the bed, he fell next to you, exhausted, yet he pulled you against his bare body. Softly, he kissed your forehead, making your heart felt. Warmth flooded your body like sweet, hot fudge.

 “Think you’ll pass biology?”

 You questioned before giggling innocently. Taemin’s eyes glittered, chuckling. His face had the most gorgeous after sex glow. 

“I’ll get an A*”.