maknae leader love

Leader-Maknae Love

(Some of my favorite leader-Maknae Dynamics. Not romantically. They are so sweet)


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Monsta X:

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; the maknae and the main dish l o l

so. just right after calling Inseong - who’s just hugged him and told him i love you - a pervert:

get out. the main dish is being served.

and by main dish, of course he means his beloved Youjin hyung l m a o. maknae gets all excited for the backhug:

though he doesn’t shy away from telling the big hyung specifically what he wants:

say “Love you, Heejun. Happy Birthday.”

give me a tight hug.

look at that cheeky smirk when his wish is granted:

and of course, he just couldn’t stop himself from bragging about it to Jihun.

forever vying for Youjin hyung’s love, eh? l o l