maknae and lead rapper

🐝 Lisa Gif Pack

‣ Below the cut, you will find 62 gifs of Blackpink’s Maknae, Lead Rapper and Main Dancer, Lalisa Manoban.
‣ This pack was made for a request on @seventeenrph, however Tumblr started freaking out and glitching and locked me out, so I posted them here and am reblogging them to that blog.
‣ All of these gifs were made from scratch by me.
‣ These are all recent gifs.
‣ I will update this pack as more footage of Blackpink becomes available and I make more gifs
‣ Lalisa Manoban is 19 years old and Thai.
‣ If this gif hunt helped you in any way, please like or reblog!

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anonymous asked:

pls tell us more about your kpop au uvu

Ahh I kinda gushed about it on my twitter post and here mostly but just imagine

  • Hinata as lead dancer + rapper, Kageyama main vocal + maknae 
  • Daichi main dancer + vocal + leader, Suga as lead vocal 
  • Daichi and Suga probably write and produce the music most of the time, with Asahi helping with lyrics sometimes 
  • Asahi main rapper - he used to have stage fright but he overcame it, and he has awesome charisma on stage (although he’s shy on camera)
  • Lmao I’ll come up the positions for other characters later  
  • Hinata mukbang videos 
  • Members doing aegyo on variety shows (Kageyama scaring the cameramen and everyone on set)
  • Hinata and Kageyama grinning at each other across the stage at the end of a particularly good performance 
  • All the stage flirting, all the butt slaps 
  • Ukai (the PD) telling Kageyama to go for the “cool intelligent” image
  • People actually believing it, despite Hinata saying otherwise in every single interview
  • Until Kageyama fucks up just months after their debut in one radio show where it’s revealed he can’t do simple math or english and he begins arguing with Hinata 
  • Fans shipping the members. The fanfics. The fan analysis of their interactions 
  • Them discovering the dark side of internet 
  • Also just the fashion and typical kpop make up tbh 
  • They know EVERYTHING about each other since they’ve lived together since they were trainees 
  • Noya probably takes ugly pictures of them sleeping and posts on their twitter page 
  • Kageyama and Hianta probably get together to take weird videos of them fooling around and share them on YT 

By the way, Hinata and Kageyama were NOT based on specific kpop idols.