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Hello. :) How would BTS wake up their S/O for work if said S/O had been up til early morning nerding over a videogame/anime and is whining about wanting to sleep more?

Hiya, darling. I posted the hyung line version yesterday and here’s the maknae version <3 Thank you for requesting!

Jimin: Would definitely get all playful - tickle fights, climbing on top of you, kissing your face. If that doesn’t work then he’d go into pouty mode, pulling the sad eyes and wobbling bottom lip until you finally got up. If you were to complain, he’d promise you could take a nap together once you got home from work.

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Taehyung: He would have stayed up with you and would also be complaining about the lack of sleep. However, he likes to take whatever chance he can to spend time with you and so he doesn’t regret it. Knowing you have to get up, he promises a nice hot bath when you get back and your favourite takeout. 

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Jungkook: Is probably half asleep himself but, like Jimin, would annoy you until you were awake. You’d most likely end up on the floor (kicked out of bed by the little shit) and he’d definitely suggest sharing a shower to ‘wake you up’  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Yoongi, is unconscious:
  • Jimin: Hyung's not breathing! What do we do?
  • Yoongi, slightly begin to wake up: *whisper* Guys, I'm---
  • Jungkook: I'll gave him mouth to mouth!
  • Yoongi, lying down again: Still unconscious!

lee woojin in his kang daniel’s arms ♡

great work and well done, our beloved maknae, woojin-ah ♡
Dating Kim Yugyeom

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- Ah, the Maknae

- “Oh I’m sor-”

- “No no It was my fault, I wasn’t paying attention so I’m sorry..?”

- “Yugyeom”

- Friends at first

- Inside jokes all the time

- BamBam getting jealous but then joining in on the jokes

- Three musketeers

- Falling asleep at their place a lot

- Becoming a sister to GOT7 except Yugyeom

- He never saw you like that

- Him towering over you and making jokes about it so now you would have to hit his chest

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“First Meetings” Series: Jeon Jungkook

A/N: I kept getting distracted from completing this, first by the VIXX comeback and today, AGUST-D. When will I live?? O_O Anyways, here is Kookie’s fluff :) It was fun to write because I incorporated Taehyung into it and mentioned the others with references to my other “First Meetings” stories. Hope you enjoy! 

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         To Jungkook, photography was more than just an elective class. It was capturing a moment in time that could never be replicated down to a tee. It was an art to bring out the best in his subject. The angles, the lighting, the contrast, the exposure, the shutter. If he could compare it to painting, all of those factors could be mirrored to a painter’s palette or whatever medium they wanted to present their piece in. Those knobs and buttons on his camera controlled the outcome once the picture was taken.

           Jungkook would spend nights editing his pictures, perfecting it, and during the days he would walk around campus wishing he was allowed to bring his camera to his other classes. He would stand in the middle of the courtyard and try to imagine the weight of his DSLR in his hands, knowing exactly what angle to take to highlight the beauty of the freshly flourishing garden. A mixture of blush pink and ivory blossomed amidst the healthy green, and it was so calming. He wanted to share this sight with other people. He wanted to capture this moment.


           His thoughts were disturbed by his loud best friend Taehyung calling him. He turned quietly as his bubbly companion skipped to him.

           "You left without me!” Taehyung grinned, not the least bit accusatory.

           Jungkook smiled and continued to walk as his best friend began babbling about random topics.

           "Oh yeah. Did you do your photography project yet?“ Taehyung asked.

           Jungkook snorted. Figures that Taehyung would do it last minute.

           "Yeah as soon as it was assigned I took pictures of Hobi-hyung and his long time girlfriend. Why didn’t you start yours?”

           "Ahh!“ Taehyung groaned as he ruffled his hair. "I know I should’ve done it sooner, but I just couldn’t find willing pairs. You already took Hobi-hyung and his girlfriend. Namjoon hyung is always at the library, everyone else didn’t want to take photos, and who knows where the heck Yoongi-hyung is!”

           Jungkook frowned, concerned for his friend. “Well are you close to any girls in class? You can ask them and then see if any of the guys would be willing to after seeing her?”

           "Oooo.“ Taehyung smirked. "That’s sneaky Jungkook-ah! It’s like baiting them in. I like it!”

           Jungkook blushed shyly at the compliment.

           "I do have a close friend that’s a girl that’s probably nice enough to do it. We have a lot of classes together and she’s gorgeous.“ Taehyung beamed.

           "Sounds like you have a plan.” Jungkook smiled happily. “Good luck!”

           "Let me go ask her right now!“ Taehyung sprinted ahead.

           "Tae! We have class!” Jungkook called out, but his friend was rather free-spirited so he knew it was no use.

           He watched as Taehyung approached a beautiful female with his signature grin. It seemed that the girl was taken aback by Taehyung’s sudden appearance at first, but soon was listening to his pleas intently. Jungkook continued watching the interaction until you turned and your eyes met briefly. Hurriedly he ducked his head down and sped-walked into the lecture hall. His heart raced at being caught red handedly staring at someone he had never met, but he also couldn’t help thinking that your eyes were absolutely gorgeous.

           You were walking through the hallway to your next class, mumbling last minute information you had crammed to yourself repetitively when you felt someone grab your shoulder and turn you around. Your eyes widened to find Kim Taehyung, the talkative male student who liked to borrow your colored pens to doodle during class.

           "Hey _______.“ he exhaled, clearly out of breath.

           You waited patiently, wondering what in the world he needed that he had rushed over to you.

           "So like I have this photography project I need to do. It’s due next week and I haven’t been able to find anyone that would be a model for me. Please tell me you’re free this weekend to help me out.”

           There was such a desperate look in his eye and it reminded you so much of a puppy begging for food, you couldn’t help but nod your head.

           "You are?! OH MY GOSH! YOU’RE A LIFE SAVER!“ He hugged you roughly out of happiness and you tensed up, embarrassed at his open affection.

           Other students were glancing over at you two curiously as you tried to hide your face. Kim Taehyung was a bit overwhelming and shameless. You admired it but you were also a little self conscious.

           "Okay great. You’re going to have to take pictures with someone else. But don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I’ll make sure you look great, okay? I’ll text you the details about it later.” He turned serious and grabbed your shoulders. “You’re my only hope, _______. I’m counting on you.”

           And with that, he ran off just as fast as he had appeared. Leaving you flabbergasted at the complete whirlwind you had just experienced. What did you get yourself into?

           It was just some pictures. It would be fine, right?


           Jungkook hummed as he rummaged around his dorm room to collect his gym items. It was finally the weekend, meaning that he could finally get home from the gym and not have to rush to class. He was free to take pictures wherever he wanted for the rest of the day. Grinning widely at the prospect, he hurried to the bathroom to brush his teeth. While he was doing so, his phone rang multiple times. He walked over to find a missed call from his best friend Kim Taehyung and a text message in all caps.


           Jungkook rolled his eyes and called Taehyung.

           "JUNGKOOK!“ he screamed causing the younger male to pull the phone away from his ear hurriedly.

           "I’m pretty sure that incident wasn’t as dire as how you make it sound. ‘Risking your purity’? Hah.” Jungkook smirked.

           "Okay, but you owe me, right?“

           "Yeah, I did say that…why?”

           "Okay…so like Jimin was going to be my male model today with my friend, but he’s sick and in bed now.“ Taehyung groaned.

           "And…” Jungkook stated, getting a bad feeling about what Tae was going to say next.

           "Can you be my male model please? Please, please, please, please.“ his friend begged earnestly. "This girl is really pretty and she’s sweet. She’s shy too and not at all handsy so you don’t need to be nervous or anything. PLEASE. PLEASSSEEE.”

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  • Maknae line
  • Taehyung: so I hear that 1 in 3 people are gay. So one of us must be.
  • Jungkook:
  • Jimin:
  • Taehyung:
  • Jimin: *to himself* I hope it's Jungkook cause he's fuckin hot
Because Two is Better Than One

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Featuring: Jikook, Jimin and Jungkook (BTS)
Genre: Smut - Threesome 
By: Admin S

Two posts in one day!!! (because 2 is better than 1 - sorry!) I am going to hell for this one…omo. As Requested - It’s my first threesome fic and it took me ridiculously long to actually write this lol. I couldn’t write it in a single sitting, I kept hyperventilating lol. I hope it’s enjoyable!

“Noona? You like us right?” Jimin had said softly, while Jungkook smirked at you

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I can not forget this Hahaha

How They React To You (GF) Acting Sexy (GOT7)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

*Don’t own gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

JB: He’d loooove seeing this side of you not even low-key. You’d get him so excited and hot that he prob wouldn’t be able to control himself and get a little rough with you (but hey thats ok, you’d love it every time)

JR: He’d be a shy little sweetheart if you guys were in public, but if you were in private… fuckin 0 to 100 real quick let me tell ya. But I bet he’d really love to just sit back let you dance for him, a show for his eyes only (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

YOUNGJAE: It would make him SUPER happy no lie (even though he’s already basically like sunshine I mean really) he couldn’t wait to get his hands on you and when he did you’d be in for a night of crazy bed earthquakes (some real sexual healin’, ya get me)

JACKSON: Shit, he’d do it right back. He’s no rookie when it comes to all that so I feel like he’d act real confident and try to match your speed. Needless to say he’d prob end up running you over (but I mean like, do you care even?)

MARK: Mmm my sweet little american boy. Let’s just say he’s no stranger to getting down ok, so he’d know exactly what to do when you started sendin him the signal (I mean, look at all the flips he can do, do you ever wonder what this boy man could do in a bed?) *Also, I feel like he’d like a show, kinda like JR

BAMBAM: (My beautiful dab-prince, I would follow you to the ends of the earth) That being said, I feel like he would most def get the hint immediately that you wanted his attention and he would give it to you (boy, would he give it to you)

YUGYEOM: Ah, the maknae, you sneaky little sexy bastard. I bet he’d pretend not to notice what you were doing, trying to tease you back, but being the youngin he is (young to us at least, we noonas y’all) he would most definitely not be able to hold back

You Make Me Crazier

AN: Y/N is BTS’ interning doctor. Technically part of staff for a while. Jungkook doesn’t get to talk to many people his age, so can’t help but be curious about the pretty doctor he gets to see when he sprains his ankle and other ‘real injuries’. 

For in house injuries, BTS’ management had hired an interning first year med student to be on call in case any member required small scale injury support. A supervising doctor was nearby, so they could consult if they feared a complication would arise. 

For a 19 year old who had just finished her first term at med school, this was a real challenge. Not only was she interning without direct supervision, but she was going to be taking care of BTS. A band that her friends and her had practiced the dance moves to and sang along to on so many occasions.  

Her first few days were really about orientation, she was told not to hope meeting them unless one of them got injured, which would be an unfortunate meeting. She agreed with her supervising doctor, but inside she was curious about them.

It wasn’t like she should expect constant injuries, so her internship was mostly about understanding minor injuries and studying for her future exams, running test labs and conducting research. 

Soon enough, Y/N had gotten into a routine. Then, she met Jungkook who had sprained his ankle and was carried into see her by his fellow hyungs. She treated him and suggested staying under her observation for a few hours if that made him feel better. He did, and whilst Y/N tried to get to work Jungkook kept asking her questions.

‘What do 19 year olds do?’ He asked. 

Y/N looked up from her chart. 

‘Aren’t you 19? What do you do?’ Y/N asked. 

‘I’m an idol. Half my life is spent performing, the other half sleeping. If I’m lucky I can play games for a while. Sometimes, my hyungs and I will go out to eat after practice. That’s about it.’ He explained. 

Y/N could see he was curious. She felt bad for him. A typical 19 year old’s life wasn’t like his. But, some could say his life was better: it was a life that was doing something so early. It was a talented life. 

‘Well, every 19 year old has a different life. But I see your point. You’re Jungkook the golden maknae. Everyone has their eyes on you. A regular 19 year old isn’t like that. But, I don’t know if you’ll like the sound of it. The 19 year olds I know, including me wake up late, stay out late, drink too much, don’t study enough, kiss too much, spend time on social media too much and are trying to get their life together. You sound like you already have.’ Y/N said. For a moment she questioned if she should be a body doctor or a mind doctor. She felt like a psychologist now. 

‘I would draw. I’d spend all my time drawing if I wasn’t an idol.’ Jungkook said, a shy smile on his lips. 

Y/N hesitated before she asked ‘what would you rather be?’. She knew she stepped into possibly thorny territory. Could she live with any sort of information where Jungkook, golden maknae of BTS said he regrets what so many aspire for?

‘There’s no doubt I prefer doing what I do now. I’d rather having drawing as a hobby than singing. Music is my life, my first love. It’s unconditional’ I guess that doesn’t make much sense though does it?’  Jungkook said. He hadn’t really an idea why he was telling the pretty intern all these things. When he found out she was his age too, he wanted to know more about her. Observing her as she worked, he realised she was like him in some ways. She was quiet, polite and easy to talk to. Well, easy to talk to for him at least. She listened when all other girls screamed.

‘No, it makes perfect sense. It’s like what I do. Medicine makes me want to scream sometimes, but my love for what I may be able to do when I become a real doctor is unconditional.’ Y/N said, slightly getting lost in her own thoughts. This isn’t something she usually thought about. Y/N was a practical girl. She did things instead of thinking about them. 

Jungkook nodded in agreement, shying away. Y/N didn’t think too much of it. She was supposed to be practicing to be a doctor, she wasn’t here to see where talking to Jungkook could lead her. Later that night when she got home though, she couldn’t stop thinking about her first patient. His smile was shy and sweet. His laugh, (she rejoiced at how he had laughed at her doctor joke) was addicting. 

At the same time, across the city at the Bangtan residence, Jungkook was thinking about a pretty Y/N. It was scary for Jungkook, as well as exciting. Before, he had celebrity crushes. Well, they weren’t celebrities for him. The girls he liked who were idols he liked because they were cute, alongside a billion other fans. The pretty intern was someone he actually liked and felt open to talk to. 

He didn’t realise his hyungs were exchanging glances as they noticed at Jungkook’s wide smile. 

‘Did you dream you won a grammy award Jungkook?’ Namjoon asked, trying to figure out why this boy who used his free time to play games was sitting there smiling into thin air like the best thing ever had happened to him.

‘Aish I wish.’ Jungkook said, snapping out. 

‘Was it that intern?!’ J-Hope yelled, smacking Suga’s chest with the back of his hand as he thought he was on to something.

‘Ah, maknae did you do something?!’ Jin questioned, like a mother worried her son had done something inappropriate. 

‘Who do you guys think I am, Rap Monster?!’ Jungkook replied, annoyed his hyungs could think of it like that. 

‘Ya, I’m not perverted enough to do stuff like that so quickly.’ Namjoon tried to defend himself. He knew it wasn’t working. He probably would move onto a girl that quickly, if she was right.

‘So? It has something to do with the pretty intern doesn’t it?’ Suga asked, more as a matter of fact.

‘I don’t even know her name.’ 

‘Is this your issue? Just find out, ask her.’ Taehyung said.

‘She’s technically staff, you know the rules Jungkook’. Namjoon went into leader mode. He hated the rules himself, but he couldn’t do anything about it. The rules didn’t ban relationships with staff, but they did ban fraternising with staff for not BTS’ sake- but for the staff. 

J-Hope felt sorry for the golden maknae. He was a kid, who finally liked a girl enough to get to know her. At 19, he should be able to have some of the experiences the rest of them had. 

‘Find your way.’ J-Hope said. 

‘What?’ Jungkook asked. 

‘To see her. We’ll keep shut, right guys?’ The rest of the team nodded in agreement. 

‘Aish, my other ankle hurts!’ Jungkook yelled. 

Another way had been found, visits to the pretty intern’s office were going to become a regular thing for Jungkook. He smiled in delight. 

The next morning, and the morning after that, and the evening after that followed by a couple of other visits- Y/N was convinced Jungkook wasn’t coming to see her for ankle pains, headaches or whatever else he had managed to come up with. Their relationship had started to develop, they were friends who ended up laughing together at goofy jokes, eating lunch sometimes if Jungkook planned his visits well and recently, there had been what Y/N didn’t want to think of- but knew, was flirting. No one had any clue how much the golden maknae could do when it came to making her speechless. 

If anything, it was clear was coming to see her for a reason. 

She was going to confront him. 

Before he could enter the room once more again, Y/N stood there trying to come up with a stern expression. She was failing. One smile from Jungkook and it was like she was either breathless or hypnotised. 

‘Let me guess, headache today?’ She asked, trying to remain professional but it seemed to disappear around her only patient. 

Jungkook looked dumbstruck. Y/N was on to him. 

‘Aish, my back hurts.’ 

Y/N slipped. She grinned at him.

‘Back? I don;t know if I should be the one dealing with that. It can be pretty serious. Maybe I should transfer you-’.

‘i mean back head! The back of my head hurts. Here.’ Jungkook patted his head.

‘If you want to take me out on a date Jungkook, all you have to do is ask.’ Y/N said, putting a stray lock of hair behind her ears. 

Inside Jungkook was freaking out. He could do this. He could do this. Hell, he wanted to be as confident as the beautiful girl in front of him. 

‘Do you like pizza?’ Jungkook cockily asked, leaning against the door with his arms crossed. 

This was why he was the golden maknae, he took challenges with stride. Outside Jungkook looked confident, leaning against the door, arms crossed and cocky grin plastered on his face. Inside he was nervous. This would be the first time he offered to take a girl out. Girls usually just threw himself, and normally he sat on a date or two with nothing to talk about apart from the girl talking about how amazing he was.

‘What time?’ Y/N asked. She thought two could play at this game. 

‘Today. After I finish. You don’t go home till 12 right?’ Jungkook asked. He had given away another detail accidentally, which was that he sometimes stayed later at the studio to make sure someone was there to pick up Y/N. 

‘Don’t ask how I know that.’ Jungkook said shyly, looking down at his shoes. 

‘I’ll go out with you, if you tell me how you know what time I go home and anything else I don’t know tonight.’ Y/N said, offering her condition.

Jungkook breathed a fake annoyed sigh. Y/N was reminded of the time a youtube video went viral when he announced out he hated being called ‘oppa’. 

‘Deal.’ Jungkook smiled. 

‘I’ll see you tonight, Jeon Jungkook.’ Y/N winked. 

Jungkook felt elated. He’d have to see Y/N about his combusting heart soon enough. 

 That night, sat side by side over pizza and cola in the dance practice room (Y/N teased Jungkook how he’d end up diabetic from how much he drank), Jungkook learnt more about a girl who he was starting to really, really like. For once, he felt free. He felt like a 19 year old. He liked seeing Y/N in jeans and a t-shirt, hair down and being the cutest girl he’d ever laid eyes on. They were both mature for their ages, but it felt good for Jungkook to be carefree for once. He found out another detail about Y/N too: she was caring. She asked about his injuries, not as a doctor, but as someone who really cared. The night ended with Jungkook tired, and laying his head down on Y/N’s lap to rest. She smoothed out the contours of his face and eyebrows, and ran her fingers through his hair. 

‘I could fall asleep on you.’ Jungkook said, willing himself to keep his eyes open.

Y/N simply smiled what Jungkook was about to label her cute signature smile. It was shy for now. Jungkook could picture it becoming more seductive. 

WIth a certain stir at the thought, he willed himself to get up. 

‘I should take you home.’ Jungkook said. 

‘We’ll see each other tomorrow, right?’ Jungkook asked. 

‘If you find too many injuries Jungkook, I’m obliged to let someone know.’ Y/N said, allowing Jungkook to realise that she knew he was faking most of his falls.

‘Hmm. That’s a problem.’ Jungkook said, annoyed at all these rules. 

He took a step closer to Y/N. 

‘We have to find other ways to meet. Someone has to deal with my injuries though, right?’ Jungkook smiled as he whispered in her ear. 

Y/N felt her body tense. 

‘Same, place, same time?’ Jungkook asked. 

‘I’ll bring something for us. You can’t survive on junkfood.’ Y/N said, planning to cook something for Jungkook to eat. He had told her about missing home cooked food, and if anything- Y/N was known for her cooking. It was basically a science.

‘Aish, don’t spoil me women.’ Jungkook said, but he secretly liked it. He was falling for this caring, smart, pretty intern. More fast and scarily than he thought.

He walked her to a cab station before leaving himself, a spring in his step: a feeling of promise in his head and heart, something he hadn’t felt since BTS made their debut. 

AN: Jungkook is one of the most difficult people to write about! I think it’s because no one really knows what his personality is. He’s changed since debut, because puberty does that to you. I don’t want to make him seem like this innocent, always worried type because current Jungkook doesn’t seem to reflect that. I think he’s much more confident than we think, competitive, possessive and optimistic is probably who Jungkook is now. He’s so young, so his adult personality is only just coming into being.