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Hello. :) How would BTS wake up their S/O for work if said S/O had been up til early morning nerding over a videogame/anime and is whining about wanting to sleep more?

Hiya, darling. I posted the hyung line version yesterday and here’s the maknae version <3 Thank you for requesting!

Jimin: Would definitely get all playful - tickle fights, climbing on top of you, kissing your face. If that doesn’t work then he’d go into pouty mode, pulling the sad eyes and wobbling bottom lip until you finally got up. If you were to complain, he’d promise you could take a nap together once you got home from work.

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Taehyung: He would have stayed up with you and would also be complaining about the lack of sleep. However, he likes to take whatever chance he can to spend time with you and so he doesn’t regret it. Knowing you have to get up, he promises a nice hot bath when you get back and your favourite takeout. 

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Jungkook: Is probably half asleep himself but, like Jimin, would annoy you until you were awake. You’d most likely end up on the floor (kicked out of bed by the little shit) and he’d definitely suggest sharing a shower to ‘wake you up’  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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He often thought that BigBang was an artificial miracle, brought about both by man and God. No matter how genius Yang Hyunsuk was for investing in Kwon Jiyong and Dong Youngbae, and figuring out later on that it might be better to put them in a group, he couldn’t have calculated in Seungri all on his own.

He wasn’t going to kid himself and think that neither of them could make it solo, that their duo wouldn’t have made it big. But there was also no doubt in his mind that neither of them would make it as far as BigBang had.

Dong Youngbae’s star might have eventually faded into the background, a mere star among the million others, and Kwon Jiyong had always shone brighter than he could handle. Kwon Jiyong was a black hole waiting to happen.

Maybe Yang Hyunsuk saw this, and maybe that was why he thought it would be better to put them in a group. That was his genius: he filled in their lack of a powerful voice with Daesung, and added more charisma with Seunghyun’s own brand of voice. Daesung was cute and funny and the angel of the bad boy group. Seunghyun was the lady-killer with eyes so sharp they can cut through any stone heart. Nobody questioned why they were in the group. They were essential; they were all well and good and so full of undeniable potential.

They were the product of YG’s genius. He kept them working hard and humble enough to stay favorable in the public eye, despite a decade of hardships and trials.

Seungri was not a product of YG’s genius.

Seungri, YG would often (jokingly) say, was one of the biggest regrets of his life. He’d have more hair and fewer headaches if it weren’t for him.

Seungri was a product of Divine Intervention.

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NCT Reaction:His fans shipping you guys (You’re his gf) (Maknae Line)

A/N:Ah,I don’t really have anything to say about this except that I found this really cute to make!Enjoy!


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He would love it,but hide it because he’s Mark Le aand Mark Lee is a cool guy okay.And whenever fans would bring signs to his concerts with you guys’ ship name he would be a blushing mess throughout the whole concert.


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Omg he would be even more smiley than he used to be.He would be so happy that his fans accepted you and him being in a relationship and he would love to take selfies with you to show his fans and the shippers would go crazy bcs omg so cute


(Credits go to @taaeeeyong for this gif!)

This kid is so proud of it.He’s probably the one that created your ship name and he would do all kind of cute things to hype the shippers even more up.


(Credits to @taaeeeyong for this gif!)

He probably fanboys about you guys too.He loves it when his fans send fanart of you guys and he just can’t handle the feels okay.Secretly posts your selfies just to brag even more about you and the fans love it bcs omg look at this child grow up.


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He would be so shy about it because you’re his first girfriend and he doesn’ want to mess this up.Jisung probably posts videos of you guys dancing together and the shippers go wild because you guys are so young but it’s still so adorable.

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Kapan seseorang dikatakan siap menikah?☺

🤔Perlu parameter untuk menentukan seseorang siap menikah atau belum. Rasulullah menyebutkan satu parameter di dalam hadist berikut ini.
“Wahai sekalian pemuda, barangsiapa diantara kalian telah mampu ba'ah, maka hendaklah ia menikah. Karena pernikahan lebih dapat menundukkan pandangan dan menjaga kehormatan fajr. Dan barangsiapa belum mampu, hendaklah ia berpuasa, sungguh puasa itu benteng baginya.” (H.R. Bukhari dan Muslim)

☝🏻Hanya ada satu parameter saja. Apa itu? Ya, Ba'ah. Apa itu ba'ah? Sebagian ulama berbeda pendapat, tetapi menyepakati satu hal. Makna ba'ah yang utama adalah kemampuan biologis, kemampuan berjima’. Adapun makna tambahannya, menurut Imam asy-Syaukani adalah al mahru wan nafaqah, mahar dan nafkah. Sedang menurut ulama lain adalah penyediaan tempat tinggal.
Seberapa pun persiapan, sesedikit apa pun bekal, kita sudah dituntut menikah kalau sudah ba'ah. Maka persiapan utama adalah komitmen. Komitmen untuk menjadikan pernikahan sebagai perbaikan terus menerus.

Ada hikmah lain ketika parameter kesiapan menikah adalah ba'ah. Kita dituntut sedini mungkin mempersiapkan pernikahan. Bukan berarti harus segera menikah saat sudah mampu ba'ah. Adalah kesiapan dan komitmen yang harus siap karena jodoh Allah yang atur kapan datangnya. Maka, saat jodoh kita datang kita telah punya bekal yang cukup untuk menjalani pernikahan.

😎Jika ditanya kapan siap menikah, jawabannya akan selalu merasa kurang. Jika ragu dan masih berat, mari kita ingat janji Allah
“Ada tiga golongan yang wajib bagi Allah menolong mereka. Pertama, budak mukatab yang ingin melunasi dirinya agar bisa merdeka. Dua, orang yang menikah demi menjaga kesucian dirinya dari maksiat. Dan ketiga, para mujahid di jalan Allah.” ( H.R. Tirmidzi, Nasa'i dan Ibnu Majah)

☺Selamat mempersiapkan dan memenuhi syarat-syarat agar mendapat pertolongan Allah. (tw)

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bts 150531 kim sung joo's gayo plaza: who takes care of jungkook the most?
  • KSJ: So who is the maknae? Ah, Jungkook. Jungkook is the maknae. How old are you?
  • JK: I'm 19.
  • KSJ: So you were born in 1997?
  • JK: Yes.
  • KSJ: Your coming-of-age ceremony is this haven't become an adult yet right?
  • JK: Yes.
  • KSJ: Ah, that's nice (meaning it's nice to be young). Do the hyungs take good care of you?
  • JK: Yes, they do.
  • V: But the maknae isn't nice to us.
  • KSJ: The maknae isn't nice to you?
  • JK: Apart from V-hyung I'm nice to the rest.
  • KSJ: Haha you're always joking...among the hyungs who takes care of you the most?
  • JK: Hm...V-hyung aside they all treat me pretty well.

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아, 정국이 미모에 세금 붙였으면 나는 이미 빚더미 올랐다…✨ 뭘 먹고 이렇게 잘 자란건가요… 우리의 영원한 황금막내 정국아😫 (각혈)

Ah, if Jungkook’s face was taxed, I would already have a mountain of debt…✨ What did you eat to grow up so well… Our eternal Golden Maknae Jungkook-ah😫 (coughs up blood)

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