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Ah! I don’t want “Maybe”
I’m an Angel that prefers “More”
I won’t let my wings be mere decorations
Ah! Though I don’t want “Maybe”
I’m an Angel that likes “More”
I’ve realised what’s important isn’t tomorrow
But rather the present instead
My pounding heartbeat can’t be stopped

What if Nico was to get a part time job because she wants to get maki presents too but never can. So she gets a part time job and has to start missing a lot of their time together. Then at the same time the job Nico works at there’s this girl that has been friends will Nico that lives in the same apartment complex place. Her and Nico hang out sometimes like go on lunch breaks together whatever and maki sees them one day. Now maki has been pissed enough as it is that Nico has to cancel a lot of their dates and when she sees Nico with this girl all H*ll breaks loose. Maki takes a picture of Nico and the girl who are in a cafe eatting and laughing. She is seriously upset and hurt and is wondering who this person is to her Nico chan. Maki then starts giving Nico the cold shoulder. Nico then starts to get pissed because she doesn’t want maki mad at her. So then date night comes around and Nico can make it. So during their date maki brings up the girl. At first Nico doesn’t know why maki is bring this up but then maki shows her the picture and Nico is all like that’s just one of my friends she lives in the same apartment place I do. Maki asked her if theres anything between her and the girl. Nico saying there isn’t whatever whatever. So then the next day comes and Nico didn’t report to school. So maki decided to pay Nico a visit mind you Nico had to work early that day and is just getting home as school just ended and she invited her work friend over without knowing maki was coming. So Nico’s siblings are with her mom at work. Nico gets home invites her friend to make herself comfortable and makes them both some tea. They are drinking tea when the door bell rings. Nico offers to get it but her friend insist on getting it for her. When her friend opens the door she sees a vet pissed maki chan. Nico comes around the corner and sees maki and knows there is going to be a problem. Maki tells Nico they need to talk and Nico’s friend feels that’s her time to go. She thanks Nico for the tea and leaves. Maki already tired of arguing with Nico grabs arm and takes her to Nico’s room. Yada yada this and that happen and maki basically marks her territory and finishes right when the rest of the yazawas get home.