Made some sprites of Lovechildren!

-Kami Ouma (Iruma x Ouma) Ultimate Aerodynamicist

-Koa Shinguuji (Korekiyo x Angie) Ultimate Spectrologist

-Sachi Saihara (Saihara x Maki) Ultimate Student prodigy

-Ioane Shinguuji  (Korekiyo x Angie) Ultimate Hojojutsu Master


Aqours and μ’s wallpapers (requested by anonymous)

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New Danganronpa Love Dodecahedron! Now with more ships and more accuracy.

So I saw some people reblog my old one but since it’s outdated I made a new one based on the spoilers and the popular ships (excluding those which ended up with no interaction like AkaMaki and Oumami). I might update once I play the game and notice other stuff, but I don’t think there really is much I could have missed.

This doesn’t really spoil the game tbh. It just spoils some of the canon crushes but unless you’ve read spoilers or checked which ships are suddenly popular you can’t really tell who canonically likes who. And it’s not really important to the game anyway.

Spoilers (for the crushes and other funny stuff):

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Ok Love Live is my favorite anime and it’s one that actually made me cry and dam do I understand the pain of not getting a card or your best girl
Prompt- Shuichi, Rantarou, Kokichi, Miu, and Maki reacting to their S/O crying over not getting the card they want in Love Live

Shuichi Saihara
•First he thought you were crying over smth more dramatic
•Then realized it was over a game
•"S/o it’s just a game you can get the card another time"
•He doesn’t realize he just set you off
•"But its increased rates for the Honoka UR Thooooo"
•You try to explain to him about how many love gems you used to get her but he doesn’t understand
•He apologized for saying it’s just a game but he thinks you’re going crazy

Rantarou Amami
•He knows your love for the game
•Whenever he’s around when you scout some how you get the card you want or at least an SR
•So you forced him to sit with u when you did a 10+1 scout
•He didn’t mind of course
•Until you started crying
•You didn’t get the time travel You UR
•"S/o its ok maybe next time, hey at least you got more than an SR"
•He was right you got 3 SRs and a SSR
•You’re still salty tho and he just laughs at you
•Until you bought 50 Love gems
•*rolls eyes @ you*
•U still didn’t get You, But you got the Chika UR instead

Kokichi Ouma
•Just trying to casually walk by the living room
•Until he hears you throwing a pillow in rage
•And if hits his face (lmao)
•Fakes cry walking up to you
•Until he realizes you’re crying
•"Ummmmmmmmm S/o are you ok??????“
•You start crying more and start speaking really fast while failing your hands
•But to his understanding he realizes you did get a card you want
•He thens makes and account on his phone
•Got the UR in one try
•You get more sad because you wished that was you
•But he gave you the account
•Then again yours was pretty good so now you have 2 accounts

Miu Iruma
•She actually plays the game with you
•You and her have about 100 Love gems saved each to scout the 3 year box
•First scout for both of you was good
•You both didn’t get at least a SR
•Secound scout wasn’t that good for you
•Miu was screaming cuz she got a Nozomi UR which was her dream one
•But you got an initial SSR
•Yes the ugly initial SSR
•You start tearing up but you’re happy for Miu
•Miu was screaming profanities in joy for getting her best girl
•Until she realized what you got
•She just gives you a lot of hugs to make you feel better
•Surprisingly you actually feel better

Maki Harukawa
•You’re scouting in the 1st years box because you want to get a Maki UR
•Your best girl is Maki Nishikino
•Well mostly because of Maki being your S/o and her and Maki share names
•You saved 200 Love gems for this
•And got no Maki UR
•You did get some of her SR but nothing to idolize
•But you got a Rin SSR and a Hanayo UR
•You start crying because you really wanted a Maki UR
•But you aren’t that upset cuz at least you got a UR
•Maki hears you crying and questions you
•"S/o why are you crying”
•You try to explain to her on how you did get your best girls UR and you show her who she is
•She’s shooked on what her name is
•"oh hey me and her share names"
•She tries to comfort you but it’s not much help
•But you’re done crying

I finished a second request because this was really short and I love μ’ and aqours sm
-Mod Saihara