The Snatcher

The Snatcher by Makingtriangles (electricbloo) on Ao3

You are KARKAT VANTAS. You’re living in a doomed timeline in the Veil, and you begin to discover that you and your friends might not be the only things alive on the asteroid base you’ve been forced to call home. You know your time is running out – but will this be what causes the clocks to stop?

For any Solkar shippers out there, I think you’ll enjoy this fic. Though unfinished, and with just a teeny tiny, itty bitty bit of OOC-ness, it’s still a really adorable and dramatic read. I loved every bit of it! I highly recommend this story to anyone who ships Sollux/Karkat. Not to mention there’s some Gamzee<>Karkat and Sollux<>Terezi in it, too. You won’t be disappointed!  

makingtriangles-deactivated2013  asked:

I'm experienced with colorwork, but - I'm doing some hats in the round (god tier hood hats, heh!) with symbols on the front. With these, since the different color is only on the front, and it's in the round, I can't work back and forth across it like I usually do. Is there a better way to do this besides dividing it up into sections and using four different strands? The only other potentially viable alternative I can think of is to cut the alternate color after every row and agggh I hate that D:

you are in luck, my friend. i just ran across this extremely clever tutorial for doing intarsia bits on a piece you’re knitting in the round. i haven’t tried it yet, but i’m itching to.

the concept is basically like so: you knit around in your background color like usual, but when you come to your foreground color, you knit that bit across and back, slipping any stitches that would be in the background color. then you go through and knit your background color bits, leaving long floats that you’ll tack down with the tail of the foreground color.

that looks a lot easier for pieces with a small area of intarsia than the usual method, which is to knit it flat and seam it, or knit it back and forth twisting your yarns at the turns (which is seamless but fiddly).

if any intarsia at all is too much (and i know how that is, i have to be feeling pretty sassy to tackle it myself), you could knit the hat plain and then add your motif in duplicate stitch. here’s a pretty good tutorial for that – and let me just add that the author has a fine, ironic sense of humor. i wonder if the followup project was a hat labeled ‘head’. :D