“I’m currently preparing for my teaching certification exam. At first I thought I would pass my exam right after I graduated. I studied so much for it, but I received notice that I didn’t pass. I really missed out on a lot of things while preparing for my test because I could only take it once a year. I had such a hard time when my results came back. I put everything I really wanted to do on hold thinking, ‘I don’t have any time. I have to study.’ However, I thought, I can’t waste away my youth like that. I can’t continue to put even more things off. So, I first put my mind at ease and started to slowly do more and more things I wanted to do. Street performing is one of those things.”

“지금 임용 고시 준비를 하고 있는데 처음에는 졸업하자마자 바로 합격할 줄 알았어요. 엄청 열심히 준비했는데 불합격 통보를 받았죠. 일 년에 한번 보는 이 시험 하나 때문에 엄청 많은 것을 희생하면서 살았는데 그런 결과를 받으니 너무 힘들었어요. 내가 진짜 하고 싶었던 것들을 ‘아직은 시간 없어. 공부해야 돼’ 라는 생각으로 다 미뤘거든요. 청춘을 이렇게 보낼 수는 없다는 생각이 들었어요. 더 이상 미루면 안 되겠다 싶어서 마음을 조금 내려놓고 하고 싶은 일을 조금씩 조금씩 해보기 시작하고 있어요. 길거리에서 해금 연주를 하는 것도 그 중 하나예요.”

…well, all right.

Based on this post.

Blaine slung his bag over his shoulder, his eyes darting from the paper in his hand to the numbers on the wall next to doorways. He knew he should have paid more attention during his tour of NYADA, but Kurt had been texting him dirty things and he had been more than a little distracted…

He was finally feeling like he was heading in the right direction when suddenly a voice called out, “Hey, you!”

Blaine’s head jerked around reflexively, seeking whoever had yelled. A tall boy with shockingly red hair was grinning broadly at him, an equally tall boy with black hair standing awkwardly next to him. Blaine frowned. “Can I help you?”

“It’s you!” He smacked his friend’s arm. “Alex, I told you it was him!”

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” Blaine asked, his frown deepening.

“You’re totally that dude who cried his way through a Katy Perry song last year at Callbacks!”

Blaine was pretty sure his entire body was red as he sputtered an excuse and hurried away. As he sank into his seat in his first class, he prayed that wasn’t going to be what he was known for for the next four years.

Judging by the whispers that followed him for the rest of the day, he was probably wrong.

Impromptu blog shoot! I have a small mountain of blogging for this month that is ready to go but is lacking photos thanks to the weekend’s wild weathers! My lounge is much too dark for decent shots but I tried the bathroom and for accessory stuff it worked a treat! Now to go edit and schedule! #Missi #pinup #pinupblogger #makingthemostofit #retro #blogshoot #bathroomglam

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makingthemostofit  asked:

Have you already answered who proposes to who in the A&L verse? And do they stay in NYC? If these are answered in future chapters, feel free to disregard. xoxo

Kurt proposes to Blaine - it’s an echo of something that’s coming up in a later chapter, so I won’t ruin that for you : ) 

They do stay in NYC! In the far future (outside of the fic’s domain,) Blaine  winds up as a researcher and, later, a professor in Columbia’s Department of Psychology. (Though he does move between universities once or twice during his career.) I feel like the two of them could never move anywhere else - they just love the feel of the city too much. 

However, later on in life, they do take an interest in Italian culture, and eventually wind up spending a year there - they run columbia’s small student house for part of their study abroad program. (Kurt goes on a year long sabbatical for it, and falls in love with Italian fashion all over again!) and basically they’re the best house dads ever the end

makingthemostofit  asked:

I'm sad to hear that the glee writers are no longer inspirational for you. I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your work! I hope to see whatever else inspires you to create new art!

I honestly feel like the writers give no shits about fandom. And Chris and Darren haven’t been super pro-Klaine lately either. So it just gets to the point of goooosh, why do I caaaaaare so much?!? I was gonna leave after The Break Up, but fandom got me to stick around and I’m so thankful for that! But there’s only so much negative energy one person can take I think, and I’m someone who thrives on positivity and love and it’s just difficult to feel lately is all. I hope ya’ll keep fighting the good fight though! Hands down, the most AMAZING fandom <3

Thank you so much <3 I appreciate the kind words!