SimCity Custom Buildings

Here are some renders of the work in progress Swamp Shack custom building set I’d like to use in SimCity. There’s still a lot I don’t know about how to actually get these models into the game, but until then I can mess around with the design.

The little green house is the “shotgun shack” style house currently in the game. Most of the details you see on it are the textures of which I am still learning how to add detail. I don’t know the correct way to modify my textures for the game yet, so my models don’t have any windows and the one door on the smaller shack is just for looks.

The idea is that both models will be just barely standing up over a little puddle of swamp water that will be on their lot. The first one looks kind of like an outhouse, but for the residents it’s a luxurious step up from sleeping outside on the cold mud. The second house had one of its legs snap and sink into the mud, but thankfully the homeowner was able to use a tree limb to prop it up from the side. It should be good to go for at least another decade.

They are both pretty simple designs. I haven’t really done this sort of thing before so I wanted to keep it easy. The limitations are really strict for how much geometry you can use in the model because when you get a whole bunch of these spouting up all over your city the game needs to be able to run smoothly. Plus you can never get too close to the houses in game, so hopefully it will look fun from a distance.

For the medium density homes I’m thinking about either a tree house kind of thing, or maybe houses stacked on one another over a little swamp island.


At first I thought I’d make a really simple marble machine with one basic moving part just for fun and to experiment more with C4D dynamics. But then I started added more pieces and then I thought it would be cool to make it out of wood and then I wanted the star things to spin around…