Angela/Charlotte Hogwarts AU:

  • Angela’s owl would hate my cat with a passion. They fight. They yell at each other. They do not like each other at all. 
  • Balls are either we both have dates or we go together in style
  • We both know how to get into the other’s common room and Angela 9/10 times would probably be dragging me out of bed because sleep is soo good. 
  • The Kitchen’s are used to get ice-cream and other sweet treats
  • Introducing muggle technology into Hogwarts, have you ever seen a pure blood try to work an ipod? It’s hilarious. 
  • Breaking rules about bright make-up because lipstick is what we live for 
  • I would 100 percent fall into the lake at some point 
  • Hogwarts match making
  • Figuring out spells to make make-up and hair easier in the mornings
  • Hufflepuff self would fight everyone, ‘fight me’ is the favourite phrase.
  • Angela finds this very funny until people do fight me and then it becomes a problem

The question is what era would this AU be? Marauders? Golden Trio? Next Gen?