-Wyoming is gorgeous in every direction.
-“I found somewhere for us to eat! Do you know how hard it is to find vegetarian food in Wyoming? We love meat here.” Oh, awesome! “It’s a tapas place, and they have great margaritas.” Oh, I don’t drink. But still awesome! “We should get the baked brie. You’ll die.” No, but I really will. It has candied walnuts. I’m allergic to nuts. “… I tried so hard.” Let it be known that I am, in fact, the worst.
-If you’re ever passing through Cheyenne around breakfast time, stop in at R&B Breakfast Club and grab yourself a breakfast burrito smothered in chili verde. Best in Wyoming. (Is that saying much? It doesn’t matter. Just do it.)
-The people here are real nice.
-If you see an exit advertising gas, go ahead and fill up.

Next stop: UTAH.