The Pornographic Sweater

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This is it.  There’s a submission in the queue that uses the pic, too, so it’ll be up here captioned in a couple of days.  Although, actually, maybe I’ll just roll it out today, now.  (Thanks to anuschja for digging up the pic, which is originally from the Flaunt photoshoot.)

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TAG! YOU’RE IT! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them that they are it. c:


I’m one of someone’s favorite blogs?! LET ME LOVE YOU YOU SWEET MISGUIDED PERSON. *ALL OF MY HUGS*


1. I’m in love with Jeremy Renner (but I didn’t mean to be!!! *SOB*)

2. I’m fascinated by Astrology and how people relate to their own signs.

3. My biggest “OTPs” are Clintasha (my newest) and Batman/Catwoman (my oldest)

4. I don’t have a favorite color. I have like…4…Red, Green, Black and Gray.

5. In 2010, I moved to England to enlist in the British Army…it didn’t work out, for numerous reasons, but it’s something I’m still proud that I tried.

6. I’m learning basic Russian. Привет!

7.  I’M RUNNING OUT OF THINGS. I’m not all that interesting guys…I was born, raised and currently live in the Bahamas?

8.  I have anxiety and tend to tremble whenever I’m nervous or in public settings. And everyone always feels the need to point it out, which doesn’t make it any better. Like yes, thank you, I’M AWARE, can you just do me a favor and pretend you don’t notice? That would help a lot, kthanksbai.

9. I’m currently working towards my long term goal of writing novels for a living.

10. I have some of the most talented bestfriends ever. (Check out and if you’re so inclined.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH makinganestforthehawk!

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OMG I LOVE MODCLOTH. And I am also broke. Let us cry and drink whiskey and eat cookie dough together. Or just drink whiskey

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How many mouthfuls of cookie dough before the pain goes away? Curse you Modcloth! Curse you and your magnificent line of clothing THAT I CAN’T HAVE.

We deserve nice things too. So here, have a Renner hug.

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TAG! YOU’RE IT! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them that they are it. c:


  1. I have a cat named Mia
  2. I live in Michigan
  3. I just turned 21 (PARTY HARDDDD.. not)
  4. I’m NOT ready for school to start tomorrow
  5. I have a slight addiction to purchasing copious amounts of shower gel
  6. My sister bought me a Hawkeye action figure for my birthday
  7. My sister is my best friend
  8. I finally got to purchase a maneki-neko whilst in Epcot (I’ve always wanted one, and now I do!!)
  9. I aspire to travel to visit the Studio Ghibli museum before I die
  10. I once purchased a ginormous stuffed koala bear from salvation army for $4 and he’s been sitting in my room ever since - I regret nothing!!!

Imma not tag anyone right now because I just did something similar to this yesterday and I don’t want to be bothersome…. and I’m lazy.

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NYC plumbers are the best. I had one here a few weeks ago but I think he was Jamaican.

Yeah, I mean, this guy’s white and Italian. He’s stereotypically Brooklyn. My family (read: anyone born before me) is from Brooklyn, so they’re chatting away about the neighborhood. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here, having been born in Queens and living here my whole life, and I have no idea of the places they’re talking about or anything like that.

Besides, I’m feeling rather antisocial lately and the last thing I wanted today was to have to sit here with some dude while he fixes my bathroom just because I’m the only one who knows what’s wrong and who doesn’t have any plans until work tonight.

Ugh, I was just gonna be lazy and watch Ghost Protocol before work and now that’s not gonna happen.

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Well, that sucks. Nothing better than having a nice Renner movie and some snacks all to yourself. I’m almost finished with Hurt Locker. Brooklyn, we go hard.

Right? And with this weather, it would have been nice to relax before having to cater to idiots at my store all night. Just the rain, Renner, and something sweet. All I asked.

Oh, well. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a Renner movie marathon tomorrow, since “Love Comes To The Executioner” came from Netflix and I’ll have the day off. :)