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I feel you on the ship front. I don't understand the tagging of hate in ships? Seriously what's the point? but yeah, also this is why I like following you, you like, don't take things personally from the comic if you know what I mean? (also kinda funny but I tend to forget about the homestuck updates until I see you post so thanks for unintentionally reminding me? haha)

people love upsetting others by tagging their negative opinions because it’s fuuun to make other people mad and to create unnecessary drama

it’s like you tag something for the sole purpose of making somebody angry or /attempt/ to make them feel bad for liking said thing, because you know they’re gonna see it, that’s really dumb and I automatically dislike anyone who acts like that

not tagging hate is like one of the basic tumblr “rules” and some people are morons enough to ignore even that

not to mention most of the people who do tag hate like some pretty terrible ships themselves so it’s really not their place to judge lmao

(I’m not sure what you mean by not taking things personally from the comic tho)