The name they gave Boss Baby in Brazil is just adding insult to injury. Here, The Godfather is called “O Poderoso Chefão”, which basically translates to “The Powerful Big Boss” (sounds less dumb in portuguese). Since there’s no good literal translation for “Boss Baby”, some asshole had the idea of translating it while making a reference to The Godfather, and we got The Powerful Little Boss

So now whenever I walk in front of a movie theater not only am I forced to see this dumb toddler, his giant head and stupid Dreamworks face, but also witness it spit on one of the best movie trilogies ever made 

Some AUS I want to see

“We’re supposed to be doing a school project so you came over to my house but before we could do anything, you saw my dog and now you won’t let them go please we need to get this done.”

“My dumb ass of a room mate just set the microwave on fire and you’re one of the firemen who showed up and now I’m need an ambulance cause damn ur hot.”

“My dick of an ex was trying to knock down my door but you stopped them thank you so much. Let me make you thank you brownies.”

“I was chilling in my room when you knocked on my window asking me if I could come kill a spider for you. I LIVE ON THE FIFTH FLOOR HOW WAS THE WINDOW A GOOD IDEA TO YOU.”

im marinating on this little idea. Tell me if its dumb ot not. i like buying the used books on amazon because sometimes they have notes in them pointing out specific things, thats always fun and most of the time makes u realize new things i wouldnt have if i was skimming over but sometimes they dont have notes. wouldnt it be cool to do a book club esque thing where one person starts with a book chosen for that month, has a week to read, makes their own little notes, and then u sign the back page. and it goes down the line and whoever went and bought the book for that month could keep it. supr fun. And u have this book with all kinds of cool notes and all of our signatures in it!! Its exciting. we send the book to eachother. guys

i have a hypothesis that creators should have like, only a small amount of contact with their fanbase. not none at all, a little is good, but once they’re so chummy with the fanbase that it’s like “they’re one of us” territory then you just get a work where the writing is like 22 minutes a pop of wink wink nudge nudge at the fanbase. jacking jokes and ideas that the fans came up with, making the fans’ favorite ships canon but not putting any effort into making the character dynamics interesting, stripping their own characters of all but 1 or 2 personality traits and reducing them into vehicles for Funny Relatable One-Liners.

granted i probably have a particularly strong opinion on this because i think fandom culture is a fucking pox in pretty much every way possible - the way i see fiction consumed by fandoms is pretty much the most dumbed-down, empty and hollow way you can do so - and basically when creators start letting the fandom ghostwrite their own series for them you will see an immediate nosedive in quality because the way that fandom consumes and regurgitates fiction is actually good maybe 2% of the time

but hey, views

Okay but I really need more fics of young Jack Morrison being completely and utterly love-at-first sight infatuated with Gabriel Reyes.

I want Jack Morrison who’s enlisted fresh out of high school where he was prom king and captain of the football team taking one look at the rugged beauty that is Gabriel Reyes and being like “Yes. Him.” Even though all his fellow recruits are like “dude he outranks you” and “dude he’s an officer and you’re just enlisted” and “dude that’s Gabriel Reyes.” And because Jack Morrison doesn’t know the meaning of the word “stop” when he’s got an idea in his mind he fucking goes for it.

But Jack’s not dumb. Jack knows you win people over with kindness better than force, so he winds up hell bent on being Gabriel’s best friend. He sits by him at mess, tries to really get to know him, compliments him every time he sees him. He’s determined to get to know Gabe and support him and make himself everything that Gabriel Reyes needs in a man.

Meanwhile here’s LA raised Gabriel Reyes who’s a ROTC kid, probably double majored in Philosophy and Computer Science while working in the theater department’s costume shop throughout college, wondering what the hell this white bread Indiana boy is doing trying to get on his good side. He’s suspicious at first, but the problem is Jack is just so genuine in his adoration. He backs off when Gabe asks him too, respects his boundaries, and really listens and takes things to heart, even when Gabriel challenges his Midwest farm boy assumptions about the world. So Gabriel can’t help but relax around him. Bit by bit he lets himself enjoy Jack’s constant company and comes to see him as a friend that he can rely on.

Finally one day his curiosity gets the better of him and he turns to Jack all “What the hell is all this for, Morrison? You know I’m not going to give you preferential treatment.”

Jack just shrugs like, “I don’t really want that. But how about a date?”

And Gabe is so thoroughly dumbfounded and seduced that he says yes.

those introvert posts that are like
“im too nervous to talk but if i spoke my mind i could go on for weeks”
are the most bullshit self mastubatory things ive ever seen. like, being socially awkward doesnt make you smart.

i spend 6+ hours daily in a 10x10x10 room because the idea of being out in the open where people can see and talk to me is scary to think about.

and im still dumb as shit

tbh u know what i hate: the whole idea that you can’t really be a fan of a celebrity if you call them out on stuff. like, if anything, i think it makes you just as much of a fan as everyone else because you’re recognizing them as a normal, human being who does dumb/shitty things like every other person in the world. & while its DAMN hard to admit that someone you admire isn’t perfect, its super important to be able to humanize them too.

Clumsiness is a physical effect of stress.

Remember when Nursey spilled cereal on Dex?

His chill is so fake, its frightening.

ok but consider this: destiel pokémon go au
  • dean bumping into cas while walking around the street looking for pokémon
  • dean and cas meeting for the first time at a poké stop and they end up getting along well so they decide to continue looking for pokémon together
  • dean being in team valor and cas in team mystic and cas keeps taking over dean’s gyms and dean is pissed as hell
  • cas using a lure and dean being able to catch a high CP pokémon because of the lure so dean comes up to thank cas personally
  • dean and cas as best friends who are competing against each other to see who can hatch their eggs the fastest (cas winning in the end is technically unfair cause he’s a goddamn runner)
  • sam accidentally hearing dean and cas groaning in the same room and sprinting away because he thought dean and cas were having sex but they actually just got cut off from pokémon go’s server
  • dean and cas as best friends hunting for pokémon together and dean keeps yelling ridiculous poké stop names out loud while cas rolls his eyes affectionately
  • “dean i thought you told me that you were going to actually jog with me for real this time” “no but cas listen there’s a pikachu just right over there
  • dean blushing violently when cas finds out that dean names all of his pokémon after classic rock bands
  • dean as a cop who has to pull cas over for driving too slow and turns out it’s because he was driving while playing pokémon go
  • cas wanting to come into a coffee shop because there’s a pokémon inside and dean is the coffee shop owner who has a “pokémon are for paying customers only” sign on his door
  • cas stubbornly sitting outside the coffee shop and using a lure to attract other trainers who eventually come just to hang around outside of dean’s shop
  • dean glaring at cas through the glass door of the coffee shop and cas smiling smugly at him


the signs as people i know

from an aries perspective;

aries: weird senses of humor, often misunderstood, super chill, literally down to hang out with anyone at anytime, childlike enthusiasm but only about things they rly care about, immature in love, can try to be manipulative but isn’t good at it bc they’re far to blunt in nature, literally dumb as hell lmao

taurus: not to be cliche but stubborn as hell, fixed in their opinions which tend to be against the norm, quiet, borderline shy, tends to be anxious, doesn’t want to hurt anyone or let someone down, full of ideas but lacking in ambition, one foot in one foot out kinda people

gemini: literally the funniest people ever, can talk forever, tells a great story, they make their lives seem like sitcoms, i’m never quite sure whether they actually like me or not, borderline social climbers, can be fake af, always knows best, touchy touchy, but still some of my favorite ppl to be around

cancer: u poor sad babies, can literally flip a switch and change their mood So Fast, goes from charming and sociable to emotional and reserved in 2 seconds, falls in love far too easily, good material taste (not so good interpersonal taste lmao), i feel like they try to pander to people like libras but aren’t as good at it so it comes off forced?? and when they’re attempt to pander doesn’t work they just retract into their shell even more

leo: drama queens, but not necessarily in a bad way, good story tellers too, they’re so full of life, a me first attitude that i appreciate tbh, can also talk for fucking ever, likes to share everything, incredibly generous, although sometimes i worry that it’s a demonstration instead of a genuine act, tries Really Hard 

virgo: special snowflake complex, thinks they’re the only people affected by anything in the world, extremely bright, but not always the best at reading themselves and handling the emotional world, knows what they want and are v ambitious, and often are very successful bc they work so hard, sometimes too hard lol

libra: definition of charming, always the diplomat, they’ll never be too much, they know how to be just enough and adjust themselves to whoever they’re hanging out with, lowkey so fake tho, i can never trust what they tell me bc i feel they’re always pandering or manipulating, but very sweet obv, a good friend but not an honest one

scorpio: wild, does shit just bc people tell them not too, literally takes no shit, tries to be intimidating until u realize they’re actually mushy af, would be scary if they weren’t so dam emo all the time, can be repressed as hell tho, feels everything v deeply, it doesn’t take a lot to rile them up, v loyal friend once u prove to them ur loyal and trustworthy too

sagittarius: y’all…. drive me fucking nuts tbh lmao fucking leaving cabinets open n the lights on all the time n shit. ur brain moves too quickly onto the next thing u can’t even turn the dam lights off, a bit flakey, but so much fun, always in a good mood no matter what, and a complete open book, absolute commitment phobes tho, it’s amazing they get anything done

capricorn: a bit of a square but still tries to be cool, it’s so against their nature tho, hard worker, and isn’t satisfied unless things work out properly, kinda quiet, but not meek. obviously a strong sense of self and worth but isn’t flashy abt it at all, kinda paranoid and anxious, and i wish they’d open up more. ppl try to help them but they’re not rly interested in talking shit out

aquarius: either the most emotional ppl ever or cold as ice, heads in the clouds kinda people, they vibe like they’re not of this world, but i hate saying that bc it just feeds theyre god complex lmao, everyone likes them for some reason, kinda spacey but it’s charming, honestly hard to communicate with but sometimes they’ll come out saying the coolest shit so it’s worth it

pisces: literal sweethearts, have such a soft vibe abt them, i feel like every pisces mom tbh, have the sweetest smiles ever, can tend to be a lil too emo for me tho, “still rivers run deep” kinda ppl, often hiding some Fucked Up Shit under their sweet facade, bright and funny but not often popular bc they can be a little quiet 

dating ian would include

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  • being friends with max, joji, and chad 
  •  giving him video ideas 
  •  "you should make a content cop on him. he’s honestly just the worst.“ 
  •  him always asking you to film for him 
  • you stifling laughs behind the camera as he does some dumb shit 
  • going to australia together 
  • "let’s put each other in our twitter bios" 
  • "nah. that’s gay" 
  •  "you’re gay" 
  • car sex in the Jeep honestly 
  • you wanting to have rough sex but him always making it fluffy 
  • "i’m sorry, y/n, you’re just really adorable. i can’t help it" 
  •  trying to plan cute dates at fancy restaurants but ending up saying fuck it and going to taco bell instead 
  • him being romantic every once in a while 
  •  constant laughing 
  •  hugs!! all!!! the!! time! 
  • honestly i bet that boy gives the best hugs 
  • him just texting you the most random shit just because 
  •  "i just saw a dog that reminded me of you." 
  • "what the fuck does that mean?" 
  •  "idk… it was loud and annoying" 
  •  "fuck off, ian" 
  •  talking about how much you like each other, then realizing how ridiculously cringey you sound 
  • wearing his clothes, especially the Hoodie™ 
  • you know what hoodie i’m talking about 
  • holding hands while driving 
  • just straight up adoring each other 
  • you being the luckiest cunt alive
[ bagel boy ] ✧ mark lee

about: dumb texts with the weird guy in your history class (that was coincidentally in your second grade class, too) a friendship forms?¿

note: honestly i have no idea what this is lmao enjoy

Mark Lee, 11:51 P.M

[7 life hacks that will make you look like a bagel, click here!]

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