Dating Jughead Jones would include...

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I’ve been so obsessed with Riverdale since it came out and JUGHEAD!

If you wanna see these as full imagines just tell me!

  • Being friends with Archie, Jughead, Betty and Kevin beforehand
  • Getting together sometime during the summer
  • Archie being completely oblivious of your relationship
  • Until he finds you two making out in the newsroom
  • Stealing his beanie
  • Stupid nicknames for both of you
  • So many pizza dates
  • Becoming good friends with Veronica
  • Not hating Cheryl, but rather pitying her.
  • Sassy remarks
  • Sarcasm wars. For fun
  • Helping him try to save the drive-In
  • Trying to get him to move in with you when you find out he’s living at the school
  • Punching Reggie when he’s a douche.
  • Helping him with his novel
  • Working at the Blue and Gold.
  • Standing up for him.
  • Helping him with his ‘Murder Board’
  • Comforting him about family issues
  • Veronica being amazed you work, as you’re like a ray of sunshine
  • Being the only one who knows his father’s a south side serpent
  • He asks you to read his novel because he values your opinion
  • Making each other laugh the hardest
  • Getting easily annoyed with Archie. A lot
  • Hand holding
  • Average PDA
  • Your parents liking him
  • Sharing food. Which is uncommon of Jughead
  • The rest of the group teasing you about your relationship
  • Although they’re really supportive
  • They can tell when you have a fight because you disappear for a day and Jughead becomes angsty and secluded
  • Betty and Veronica shipping you two
  • Because you make each other better people

There’s a story about a little kid who keeps shredding paper and his parents take him to all kinds of doctors to get him to stop shredding paper. And finally they take him to the most expensive doctor in the world who turns to the kid and he says, “Kid, if you stop shredding paper, your parents will stop dragging you to doctors.” And the kid turns to his parents and says, “Why didn’t you just say so?” The point of the story is that the kid could make himself happy by just stopping. I think that’s the point. I don’t know. I’ve been trying to figure it out.

Another ET headcanon
  • Eriol: Why are you single?
  • Tomoyo: A lot of people are intimidated by my intelligence.
  • Eriol: No, seriously.
  • Tomoyo: Because you never asked me out.
  • Eriol: *shocked*
  • Tomoyo: Caught you off-guard, didn't I?

I need Aaron Sorkin and Lin-Manuel Miranda to write like a crossover script of Hamilton and Will McAvoy meeting, and Will’s like “AMERICA’S NOT THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD” and Hamilton’s like “SIDDOWN, SON YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT”


“She’s exhausted. Not like at the end of a long day. Mentally and physically exhausted. She hasn’t had four hours sleep in two years. She’s been shot at in three different countries. And she’s been to way too many funerals for a girl her age. She wants to come home.”

Looking back, this scene reveals so much about the duality of Charlie’s nature and the inherent kindness to Will’s. Charlie is plainly manipulating Will into accepting MacKenzie back into his life, even in just a professional manner. But he knows the way to do that is not through minimizing Mac, or the role she’d be playing as “just” an EP, or “just” a coworker. Charlie knows he can manipulate Will’s better angels and stop him from listening to the lesser demons that have lead him to become such a flop, critically. Charlie knows that Will doesn’t want to hear about MacKenzie as someone who has returned a wounded warrior from a stint as a war reporter. Not because he doesn’t care about her, but because he cares too much. And for a moment we see a hint of Will’s characterization in the third season come out, see a face similar to the moment that Mac reveals that she knows Neal’s source. Will is a protector, who cannot stand for anyone he loves to be hurting.

But Charlie’s not just saying all these things to be manipulative. He has goodness to him, he wants Mac, who originally just “fell into his lap” after CNN fired her, to recover and succeed and not lose herself in the bottom of a bottle like he did. Charlie relates to Mac from his time as a Marine and as an embedded journalist in Vietnam. She is broken in the same way he was, and to have her join his mission would also save her.

that’s how I got to memphis - a fanmix for season 3 of The Newsroom - for coming together; for the fight of their lives; and finally, for saying goodbye

01. ready, aim, fire | imagine dragons: with our backs to the wall, the darkness will fall 02. uprising | muse: they will not control us, we will be victorious (so come on) 03. hey brother | avicii: hey brother! do you still believe in one another? hey sister! do you still believe in love? I wonder 04. seven devils | florence + the machine: and no rivers and no lakes can put the fire out, I’m gonna raise the stakes, I’m gonna smoke you out 05. comes and goes | greg laswell: this is for the ones who stand, for the ones who try again 06. ghosts that we knew | mumford & sons: so give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light, cause oh they gave me such a fright 07. raise hell | brandi carlile: I’m gonna raise, raise hell, there’s a story no one tells, you gotta raise, raise hell 08. love vigilantes | iron & wine: and I want to see my family my wife and child are waiting for me, I’ve got to go home, I’ve been so alone, you see 09. that’s how I got to memphis | jeff daniels (cover from season 3 of The Newsroom): thank you for your precious time, please forgive me if I start to cry, that’s how I got to memphis listen

  • in a crowd:
  • Will: Where's Sloan?
  • Don: I've got this.
  • Don: The Clinton Administration's decision to repeal the Glass–Steagall Act has had only positive consequences for the American economy; and I can only hope the current Congress never raises the debt ceiling so that this positive economic climate can continue.
  • Sloan: [busts through crowd]
  • Don: Found her.


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“Can we talk about the staggering parallels between The Sound of Music…”

I am so down for this discussion. GO!

Oh my god, do I want to make this elaborate? I think I want to make this elaborate… 

How The Newsroom and The Sound of Music are Basically the Same:

So you have the story of a wealthy, handsome, prominent, and grumpy man.

And a beautiful, outspoken, idealistic, and talented woman.

The woman comes to work for the man and help take care of his many children.

The children grow to admire this new motherly figure in their lives.

And though the man and woman fight a lot at first because they are stubborn and don’t see eye to eye…

They slowly start to bond and get along and though they don’t admit it…

They start falling in love with each other…

Only problem is that the man is seeing someone else…

And while this is going on, the man’s coworker tries to persuade him to go against everything he stands for because it’s what the rest of society sees as right…

But ultimately the man does what’s right.

He realizes he was an idiot…

And gets married to the woman because he’s madly in love with her.

There’s also the man’s sassy right hand guy…

And some singing… 

And because of this woman, the man learned to appreciate her and his family, and lived happily ever after with all of them.