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Ok, but, in the florist AU, Viktor doesnt know Yuuri likes him back but Yuuri is too shy to voice out his feelings and tries to tell his fellings by giving him flowers. but Viktor doesnt even think over the fact that flowers have deep meanings/symbolism. he freaks out making a research for work because he finds out that the ambrosias yuuri gave him weeks before mean "Your Love is Reciprocated"

What’s funny is in that my version, Yuuri actually knows nothing about flower meanings- he knows how to take care of flowers, alright, but beyond roses being romantic and white lilies being for funerals, he doesn’t take notice of flower meanings!

Victor, on the other hand, is a wedding planner, and absolutely has an entire flower dictionary memorized! 

(Cue Victor reading too much into meanings of flowers Yuuri likes/gifts and calling Chris because Chris, why would he give me red poppies? Do I look like I need to be consoled? and Chris assuring him that’s probably not the case.)

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Hello! Your verse is just absolutely adorable and i love it! I was wondering how Sam and Gabriel's relationship evolved once Gabe got older , did he develop romantic feelings toward Sam (the same way cas did for Dean) ? Or did he saw him as his care-taker/parental figure? Thank you very much!

Thank you so much, lovely! ♥3♥
Mmm, I can’t completely explain this yet without infodumping all over the place, unfortunately :P So, summary first, and for the interested there’s a more detailed explanation after!

Long story short: he DOES develop feelings of some sort for Sam, but NOT in the way Cas did for Dean. While Cas latched on like a limpet and his biology did most of the work, Gabe’s biology did not (worked against it in fact). And Gabe’s perception of Sam went along the lines of parental figure/caretaker whom I adore –> an uncooperative human (but whom I am fond of gdi) –> equal (still fond of the asshole) –> human in which I have a special interest –> this is my partner in everything, aren’t we the most magnificent pair you’ve ever witnessed?. 

Now more in-depth: Gabe is an Archangel. They are genetic mutations whose main purpose is to guard and protect their flocks. Most archangels remain mateless during their life, mostly due to them taking their guardianship Very Seriously and won’t be distracted from that. Mind, there are exceptions, of course. (exceptions confirm the rule, if I may be so free to translate a dutch saying). 

Research has also discovered that genetically, archangels and normal angels (also known as seraphs) differ. Not enormously, but enough. There’s a cluster of genes in particular that are essentially the same, only in archangels these ‘bonding hormone maker’ genes express themselves a tad differently, resulting in a different set of hormones being produced (more aggression-triggering hormones as well as hormones that influence their hideously protective nature) instead of the ones that would make an angel seek out a bonding partner. 

They are natural leaders and don’t take kindly to being seen as ‘weak’; they won’t be allowing other angels to ‘coddle’ them, and being the one being protected instead of the one doing the protecting makes them break out in hives.  Research has discovered that having an archangel as a biological parent-angel doesn’t significantly increase the chance of the fledgling also being an archangel. So, normalxnormal, archangelxnormal, archangelxarchangel all have the same chance of producing a new archangel. So it isn’t that attractive for a seraph to bond with an archangel. But it DOES happen. Because it’s not to say archangels can’t be incredibly fond of one person in particular! 

Gabe won’t have that same insanely deep bond with Sam that Cas has with Dean. But while he’s extremely protective of any and all angels and the humans he calls friends and family, he is INCREDIBLY protective and doubly as fond of Sam. Probably because Sam is just that lovable, coupled with the fact the human is genuinely trying to make the world a better place for angels, AND treats Gabe like a prince (but not a spoiled one :P Sam is a firm but fair, fond parent). 

So, Gabe respects Sam immensely. He loves him very much, too. When Gabe’s hormones come into play he also finds himself appreciating Sam in… other ways. He’ll wait, though. He’ll watch the drama between Dean and Cas and how Sam reacts to that. Only when he’s certain Sam won’t run for the hills he’ll casually start hitting on the moose, completely unrepentant. So, his perception of Sam shifts; when Gabe is dependent, Sam is his caretaker/parental unit. Gabe then asserts himself as a fully functional adult who doesn’t need a caretaker. Sam respects this (although he’ll have it a bit difficult sometimes), and starts to treat Gabe as a complete equal. Now Sam shifts in Gabe’s perception; morphs out of caretaker/parental figure and into ‘fellow adult’. And that, coupled with the way he loves Sam, makes it a logical step in Gabe’s eyes to see what all this relationship business is about. (spoilers, he likes it.)

Week 30!

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy, and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

Thank you for all your support for both me and the authors so far! You guys are awesome and I love reading your work. This one’s a really long one, and hopefully there’s something for everyone. There’s drabbles, series, AUs, non-reader works, and both fluff and angst. It’s all beneath the cut. Enjoy!

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Finally decided to make growing cards out of my research in companion planting!

The “yes” list indicates the best plants to grow with, the “no” list indicates the worst plants to grow with. Don’t stress too much about the yes, because that’s for best results, the no list is the primary focus. If it isn’t listed it’s considered an “okay” or “adequate” plant to grow with.

The suns indicate how much sunlight a plant needs. A full sun indicates a plant that needs at least six hours of sunlight per day. A partial sun indicates a plant that should get less than six hours of sunlight a day with four being the preferred maximum amount.

Happy gardening!

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Hello, I'm the anon from yesterday who asked you if you had any tips or any links on how to write about a sick diseased not mental character. Since my iPad was being sketchy yesterday, I wasn't sure if you had gotten the other thing I had sent. I was looking for tips on how to write about character with respiratory illnesses, or a matter of fact any illness that involves breathing problems fever delirium, the whole nine yards. If you can help thank you, if you can't,still thank you for trying.

Hello! Yes I did get your message. Sorry for the delay, had to fly back to Toronto and unpack. I’m not well-versed with this but here are a few resources that you can perhaps look at. 

I think the most important thing about writing a character with an illness is not to make it simply as a plot device. Try to flesh out your character like any other, and make the disease a factor that affects their behaviour which then triggers on mental health. You can make them tell everyone or not. Diseases are easy to hide sometimes and some people don’t feel comfortable as being labeled at that one thing, especially someone with a lung disease.

Second is to make sure that the discovery process of this disease is genuine. People often find out by going to the doctors after some warning sign. I know someone who has chronic bronchitis but didn’t even realize until one day in Drama class our voice teacher pointed out that she couldn’t breathe into her stomach. She went to the doctors and found out. So, make sure you research personal stories about lung diseases and take inspiration from that.

Third, in regards to breathing problems, they might be a symptom of some other kind of important disease in the body. So make sure that, again, do your research and pick a lung disease that you can understand and explore the experiences of.

Hope that helps!

[On trying to hide Andrew Scott from setlockers during filming] …I’m not kidding, Andrew hid behind me and at one stage we did that thing that Sean Connery does in From Russia with Love, like pretending to be…  [mimes embracing]..  like, ‘kiss me, kiss me!’
—  Mark Gatiss, in The Abominable Bride: Post Mortem

Isaac and Lydia going shopping together(◕‿◕✿)

Isaac and Lydia drinking hot cocoa in the winter(◕‿◕✿)

Isaac and Lydia going shopping for scarves(◕‿◕✿)

Isaac and Lydia getting mad at eachother cause they bought the same scarf(◕‿◕✿)

Isaac and Lydia trying to study but Isaac just suggesting they make out for ‘research purposes’(◕‿◕✿)

Isaac and Lydia cuddling and watching Call of the Wild(◕‿◕✿)

Isaac and Lydia watching the Planet Earth movies(◕‿◕✿)

Isaac and Lydia laying in bed talking about their past(◕‿◕✿)

Isaac and Lydia having cute curly haired babies(◕‿◕✿)


ok anon inspired me to think about Coffee Shop Fire Emblem Awakening AU while i was going home

so like there are two coffee shops in one neighbourhood, therefore theyre Rivals. of course those coffee shops are Plegia and Ylisse

they are rivals for ages now, which was awful before Emmeryn inherited Ylisse after her father had passed away. he would focus solely on destroying Plegia and wouldnt think at all about costs and what clients want, so of course he left a bunch of debts and stuff (it was basically a miracle they didnt go bankrupt before Emmeryn inherited it)

so now Ylisse is barely making ends meet, Emmeryn as a boss is trying her best to improve the situation and pay off all debts and loans without losing the shop (which was in the family for a couple of generations now so it would be v sad to let it go; also she lives with Chrom and Lissa in a flat above the coffee shop so it would be heartbreaking to pass by everyday if it wasnt theirs anymore) while Plegia wants revenge after what Emmeryn’s father was doing to them and they want to bring Ylisse down.

Plegia is very stable and makes good money. Gangrel is technically the owner of the coffee shop, but hes also an extremely lazy busy businessman and Validar handles managing the place most of the time. Validar is very sneaky and somehow manages to improve stuff for low price and find all the good deals etc etc so $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Aversa is part of the staff, but shes Validar’s right hand and handles rest of the staff and reports to him all problems. she also handles pr (you know those sassy official twitter accounts of shops and stuff? thats her)

Robins are twins (and i was thinking whether they would have different names but then i was like “parents thought there would be only one kid and didnt pick other name and then shrugged and rolled with one for both” i honestly believe Validar would do that)  and are a part of the staff; they are well liked by Literally Everyone and some clients come just to talk with them. they make the best drinks and are ultra good at making clients buy more than they wanted.

Tharja and Henry are both part of the staff too. Henry mostly does side jobs like moving stuff around, restocking, and cleaning. most likely to make comments like “oh hey this stain looks like a skull” or spend a long time discussing with robins how much coffee do you need to kill somebody.

Tharja joined the staff after meeting Robins and she always tries to have a shift with one of them or even both if its possible. although not very good with costumers, she makes killer coffee. is surprisingly creative coming up with new recipes, too.

as for Ylisse, only Chrom, Lissa and Frederick are the regular staff. they have some (very) part-timers consisting of their friends helping out for almost free while they can spare a moment.

Frederick has been sticking around Chrom and Lissa since they were tiny, so of course he thought it was his duty to help out at the coffee shop as well. his drinks and food are always Perfect (and he trains the rest of the staff really harshly. boy do they remember exactly how many times to grind the beans for perfect texture now). hes liked the most by old ladies who always try to flirt with him lol

the rest of Shepherds are either people who befriended Chrom and Lissa at school or clients that evolved into friends and now hang out at the shop since its not very busy. Ricken wants to be a barista (and help out Chrom) real bad and gets upset when hes told hes too young. actively advertises Ylisse wherever he is able to.

Maribelle is Lissa’s best friend and of course helps out often, mostly making sure everything is clean and put in the most efficient place. she also often bullies convinces people to come to the shop.

Phila is Emmeryn’s friend and she helps out with managing the shop and finding money and all that Business Stuff. she was/is (idk about everyones ages im too lazy to think about that lol) Sumia and Cordelia’s (uni?) senpai and the two were curious what kind of place she is helping, and thats how they ended up at Ylisse. Sumia liked it and Cordelia fell hard for Chrom, so they became regulars.

Gaius was supposed to be the Problem Client and spread bad rumours about Ylisse on Plegia’s behalf, but after tasting delicious sweets served at the shop he decided to hang around.

Libra was a regular client, but after finding out that Plegia wants to bring Ylisse down and telling Chrom in time he became closer with everyone and visits the coffee shop more often.

Similar case was with Miriel, although she mostly became curious whether the coffee shop can even stay alive despite the bad luck and all obstacles and decided to make a research out of it.

Vaike is Chrom’s school friend and of course he had to see where his Rival works. ended up becoming a part-timer. oh how tables have tabled,

Sully, Kellam, and Stahl are also Chrom’s friends, although they came to the coffee shop more out of curiousity than willing to help. they found it a very nice place to hang out (and Stahl got very fond of stuff they serve) and would spend their free time there when there were no other clients around, so eventually they started helping out.

rest of characters are there somewhere too but im too lazy to think about them, sorry,,,

anyways one day Chrom is sent to Plegia as a spy to find out what the heck they do to be so good and there he meets Robins and of course ends up befriending them. Robins of course quickly realize why hes there and that he works at Ylisse, but dont really mind and just start hanging out at Ylisse when theyre not busy at Plegia. other Plegian staff also starts hanging out there and basically eventually Gangrel and Validar have to give up and make a peace with Ylisse because their staff is now friends and would fight for each other if needed.(it all started just because i imagined flustered Chrom and Stupid Sexy Baristas Robins smiling at him oh dear)

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Hey, mind sharing the links to those Hobrien fics you were recced? It's so hard to find any! <3

unashamed-fangirl is the source of all my hobrien fic recs (and a lot of my sterek fic recs tbh). these have been highly recced with lots of flailing.

Make Yours a Happy Home by popfly (single dad!dylan, little league coach/gym teacher!hoechlin)

The Start of a Simple Touch by ionsquare (they’re in paris)

until we see the sun by vlieger (dylan moves in with hoechlin before they start dating)

i got you on my lips by vlieger (dylan thinks they should make out for research and reasons)

Read Between The Lines by kriari (sterek becomes canon)

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Image: Agent’s House. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Fisheries. Division of Alaska Fisheries. 1913-7/1/1939. Series: Pribilof Islands Glass Plate Negatives, 1913 - 1921. National Archives Identifier: 23853701