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Are you gonna watch King Cobra? The movie about that gay porn star

And watch Hollywood try and sensationalize a story about how some 17 year old kid got started in the porn business by getting taken advantage of by a 44 year old pedophile and then watching them ignore that reality in order to make the center piece of the film about the dramatic “real story” of how this pedophile was later murdered by a rival porn producer because they were so dead set on getting Brent Corrigan in their movie, or so the movie claims. As if there needs to be entire movie dedicated to glamorizing the pedophilic underbelly of the gay porn industry or the obsession the gay porn industry has with white men… like you can really miss me with that bullshit tbh

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So I’m making a very pro Zack Snyder post right now because something I don’t see people acknowledge very much about him is how much all the actresses he’s worked with really like him and have consistently praised him.

This is Hollywood. A lot of actresses don’t have good experiences on films. Directors will belittle them, make them cry, put them in situations that make them uncomfortable, etc. So I have found it interesting for a while how much actresses who have worked with Zack clearly like him, because a lot of women in Hollywood will either call out unpleasant directors, or just keep silent about them, rather than saying anything bad. Zack’s actresses, across the board, seem to really like him.

Don’t worry. I have receipts. Let’s start with Sucker Punch, shall we?


Emily Browning repeatedly praised Zack on the press tour for Sucker Punch. She even went as far as to say he gave her her love of acting back.

“At one point I was [doubting that I would continue with acting] and actually this film, to be honest with you, is the one that’s brought me back and made me realize this is absolutely what I want to do. I have faith in this industry, if a movie making experience can be this positive and this much fun, then I can’t imagine ever doing anything else.”

For video reference, here’s a video of Emily and Abbie Cornish. They start talking about Zack at around the 5:00 minute mark.

“He keeps the set really fun and light and positive. I mean, obviously when we were doing our emotional scenes, he was really super respectful of that.”

Just wanted to point out from that what Emily is probably referencing there are the scenes of sexual abuse her character faces. You don’t think it would be asking a lot for a director to be respectful of those scenes and their impact on the women performing them, but unfortunately it sometimes is, and from what she said, Zack obviously is respectful of her while performing those scenes.

Jamie Chung, Jena Malone, and Vanessa Hudgens also praised him a lot here around the 4:30 mark.

Moving on to 300, Lena Headey was the female lead in that film (it’s worth noting that Zack expanded her role greatly from the graphic novel, where her part was extremely minimal) and she, like the others, had many kind things to say about Zack at the beginning of this interview.

“He’s so enthusiastic and it’s kind of infectious to be around that. And he’s got such a clear vision and knows absolutely what he wants to bring to the screen. So it’s great to have a leader like that.”

While on the San Andreas press tour, Carla Gugino, who worked with Zack on Watchmen and Man of Steel, expressed interest in working with Zack again in the DCEU at 1:07.

“I would go anywhere with Zack Snyder, do any movie with him and Debbie.”

So now for the DCEU actresses. We can start with Amy, as she’s said many sweet things about Zack. Most recently she discussed how it was difficult for her to see Zack take so much heat for BvS. It’s at around the 40:00 minute mark in this podcast.

“I just felt for Zack,” Adams says. “Zack’s like the nicest person ever, and to see him kind of talked about like that was really hard for me, because he’s really such a respectful director.”

There’s that word again. “Respectful.” Amy has been pretty candid in the past about working with directors who she didn’t get along with or didn’t treat her very well. With Zack, she’s only ever had nice things to say.

Now for Holly Hunter, she starts discussing him at the 1:00 minute mark.

“People have a fabulous time on this movie because the atmosphere is very creative, very respectful, and at the same time playful.”

Somehow I’ve gotten the impression that the women on his movies have never felt disrespected by Zack given the constant use of the word “respectful.”

So of course we have to hear from Wonder Woman about Zack. She starts talking about him at 1:38.

“He’s so women friendly. He’s very into women empowerment, and I think that for him, personally as well, it is very important to show a strong female on the big screen, that is equal to the other heroes.”

Lastly I’ll link Diane Lane’s interview, where she talks about Zack at 1:45.

“It’s so wonderful to work with Zack, who I trust implicitly, and has all the answers. It’s so wonderful to be able to trust him.”

So basically with this I wanted to say if you don’t like Zack Snyder as a director, that’s fine. No one is obligated to like a director’s movies. But I feel like the attacks on Zack Snyder have become downright personal, and that is ridiculous. I think it’s rather sad that a director that the media and some fans have decided to target is a director who treats his actresses with respect and clearly goes out of his way to make them comfortable and collaborate with them and actually care about the women in his movies.

There are not very many action film directors today who I feel care a whole lot about women, and Zack is one of the few, and I wish that was appreciated more. But instead I still see constant personal attacks that he does not deserve.


please watch this trailer for george orwell’s animal farm that tries to make it look like a heartwarming family film

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What's this "scandal" everybody keeps talking on about Woody Allen and the fact the Sebastian wants to act in one of his films?

It’s not really a scandal and more people standing on a soapbox and not using their common sense. 

Basically Woody Allen is super gross, like he married his stepdaughter, he has a weird obsession with having older men in his movies fall for much younger women, there was sexual abuse allegations too and also he defended Roman Polanski who raped a child. So as a person, Woody Allen is more than a problem. 

However, he is iconic in his craft. He makes movies that are more often than not hugely critically acclaimed films. Sebastian Stan, just to remind everyone, is an actor, and any actor is going to want to work in big critically acclaimed movies, they want the chance to work with people that are considered the best at what they do. And wanting to work with someone doesn’t mean you agree with or support them as a person, it just means you admire the things they create. For example, I know that Johnny Depp has done a whole bunch of shitty things in his time, do i support those things?? No. If someone offered me the chance to work opposite him, would I jump at the chance? Absolutely, bc I recognise his talent and I recognise that working with someone with such a talent would help me better myself as a performer. Like, ask any actor who they want to work with, they’re obviously going to say the people that are widely known as the best within their craft. People seem to forget that first and foremost the guy is an actor and as an actor he is going to want to work with people that can bring out the best performance in him. 

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what's all this about seb throwing out fan gifts?

this post on instagram led people to believe that sebastian left all his gifts from fans at the convention to be thrown out but it’s pretty common for actors to have their gifts mailed to their address due to the amount they receive. i also believe sebastian wasn’t going home after the convention and went straight on to go to filming so it makes more sense for the boxes to be sent to his house instead.

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I fully appreciate you on my dash, bringing your joy into my life, in the form of spider-boys. What do you think about the Miles Morales Spiderman, though?

I admit I have this lowkey angst when I see him, but that has nothing to do with HIM as a character it’s just the fact that he is a painful reminder that Peter Parker in his universe died. (my brother and I are kinda the head of the peter parker protection squad and it kills us that he got killed.)

But I love Miles and I love seeing Miles and our main Peter interacting and being bros I think he’s a lot of fun !!!!!


[ENG] Apink 3rd Full Album ‘Pink Revolution’ Making Film

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what music do the pastas like (I bet Jeff is into Melanie Martinez the weeb)

I may or may not have a few mix tapes I’ll use to answer thisss

Bens  Also probably some jpop tooo or a lot more 8 bit

Jeff also Jeff is a hardcore anal cunt fan and teen suicide

Jane Jane2 She also likes psychedelic music too

Toby I headcanon Tyler hoseph as Tobys voice

Eyless Jack He also really loves waltz music and probably listens to the masochistic tango on repeat

Hoody his music sense could be described as a angsty student film

I’ll probably make actual mixtapes for them at some point but here are some pre-made ones I made for my ocs and stuff

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What has people so pressed that we still want TnT together? It's just harmless fun. I don't get why some are saying that Tom and Taylor will never happen again. There's no way of knowing that. These people just need to admit they never liked them together to begin with and are just mad because there is still a window for them to reconnect. Especially since after his filming in Australia there is a time period that is perfect for lots of make up sex. 😝🍆😁

“Especially since after his filming in Australia there is a time period that is perfect for lots of make up sex. 😝🍆😁”

OMG Yes!

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Text 📱 Liles
  • Miles:You know, I don't think I've ever been more content with the fact that I'm gay than this very moment right now. Like thank the lord I'm not a girl, that you're not a girl, that sex with girls isn't an option in my life. Like, thank god.
  • Miles:Lima has got to be the trashiest place in this god awful country. I should make a documentary about it. That'll be my next film. The crazy shit that happens to the teens here, because there's no way this stuff happens in other places.

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I totally do not want Justin to create youtube channel and document his steps as an artist. I totally do not want him to get really excited that it's taking off and that people love hearing him talk about it. And I totally do not want him to someday force Brian to sit down and do the boyfriend tag because everyone wants it, why are you even asking me this??

I do not want Justin to geek out as he explains this new art technique he’s trying out and he wants all the viewers to see.

I do not want Brian to tease Justin as he films and making things 1000x more difficult than they have to be because he can’t stop flirting with him during production time. 

I do not want Justin to post his latest video and “totally not care” how many views it gets in the first hour but ever-so-casually peeking every few minutes…or for Brian to ALSO ever-so-casually announce the viewer count every fifteen minutes. 

I do not want want Brian to ““““““““anonymously””””””” reply to any critics with blistering comments about how they can go fuck themselves because their philistine selves obviously don’t know one shit about art. 

I do not want Justin Taylor to go down in history as one of the premiere artists of his generation who was able to successfully utilize social media to push his art and further his image, cementing his status as both a highly respected and wildly popular artist.

I do not want Justin to feel so humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude no matter how many times fans reach out to him to tell him how much he inspired them, for him to know it was all worth it, that he’s finally made it.

I do not want Brian’s face to beam with pride as he looks at all of Justin’s success and see how happy he is and think that this is it, this is the life, this is what it all means.



Hey film fans and NM history fans, here’s an upcoming event –

Free archival film screening: “Glimpses of 1920s New Mexico”
6 - 7:30 pm, Thursday, Oct. 6, at The Screen

They’ll be showing four films: two 1929 films made by W.W. Howells, nephew of Amelia White and Elizabeth White, and two earlier films produced by SAR. The films include footage of northern New Mexico Pueblos, pre-historic ruins, the White sister’s home, and scenes of the Santa Fe Fiesta. Maria and Julian Martinez of San Ildefonso Pueblo are featured in a film on pottery making.

The event is sponsored by the State Archives of New Mexico (New Mexico State Commission of Public Records) and the School for Advanced Research (SAR). Nancy Owen Lewis will provide commentary and historical context. The two Howells films were recently preserved with a National Film Preservation Foundation grant to the State Archives.

October is American Archives Month, showcasing the value of archives and archival collections. For questions about this event, call The State Archives at 505-476-7948.


Its Spooky Autumn time again, which is usually when one of my favorite blogs called @thetownwecallhome posts again for the upcoming holidays. I really love how they do a lot of lore building and character development for one of my all time favorite and inspiring films, that it made me want to make some fan characters myself. Also because i’m OC making trash but some of you knew that already.

So I ended up drawing Blair (a character I drew already) and two other characters I had in mind; the timid, but well mannered Doctor Corvis, and a peppy candy witch named Cavitina. There is also Nicholas, but I won’t go into too much detail, i’m already getting a bit embarrassed I haven’t drawn or even shared OCs in ages I’m worried about getting crucified ;v;