It's Not Constructive Criticism, It's Bashing.

These two days I’ve read so much garbage posts about Sakura being a bad mother. Again, I have my complaints about Sakura as a character and individual but she is a good mother.

Evidently Sakura working, providing a safe environment and paying the bills is not enough. She must also be home to make dinner every night.

Stop it with the b.s. It’s irrational how far some of you will reach to hate Sakura. There are many types of families. Sakura is essentially a single mother.

Sorry(no offense to Hinata) she can’t be a stay at home mom because she amounts to what is the chief of medical staff, the strongest medic nin in the village.

Prepare meals before hand? Have you ever seen a working single parent? Most of the time they are exhausted. So families rely on each other.

She isn’t abusing Sarada. Sarada isn’t starving. Sakura gives her money and she doesn’t have to cook because Sakura said she could order out.

She chooses to cook for her mother.
Don’t you dare say she doesn’t love her daughter enough. You’ve already made up your mind and now you’re nitpicking.

And please spare me Sarada is ten! She should be out playing. You got Sarada’s whole schedule figured out from five minutes of interaction. Clearly Sarada is best friends with ChoCho, a friendship that could only have been built on frequent interaction.

You all have been watching Boruto far too much. He has no schedule, runs a muck and is disrespectful/rude to his father. He is spoiled, entitled and continously takes for granted what he has.

This is Naruto. The children are training to be ninja’s, how incompetent do you think they are? I guess they can learn how to fight, throw around fuma shuriken, use elemental jutsu but please don’t touch that hot stove!!!

Sakura is very appreciative and is aware of the help she receives. She’s not blind.

Freaking ridiculous, criticise something important otherwise it’s bashing.


She wondered what she should make for dinner tonight, this possible breakthrough calls for a nice meal!

Perhaps use the drowsy ink on Slendy again, just so he could sleep deeply enough for her to slip away in the early morning.

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Request: “hello, first of all i love all of your imagines and think u are a great writer. next i was wondering if you could write a damian wayne imagine where he breaks up with the reader for like no reason but like stalks her as robin (she doesn’t know about the whole robin thing yet). and then like dick or jason tell him to get back together with her, so they help him win her back. pretty please and thank you for taking the time to read this.”

Pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader

A/N: REQUESTS ARE CLOSED and keep in mind that Damian and the reader are both grown up like in their 20’s

Warnings: None

Originally posted by daddy-ashton-irwin1994

Damian had broken up with you let’s just say you weren’t happy. You had gone home crying but after a couple of days your sadness had been replaced by anger. You decided not to mope around and do your usual routine. After doing some work for your job in the morning and making dinner/relaxing afterwards it was now around 7o'clock. You decided to go shopping because why not you deserved a treat.

Little did you know Damian was standing above on the roofs of the stores. He was dressed in his Robin suit watching and protecting you from a far making sure nothing happened to you. Even though he had broken up with you he wanted to make sure you would be alright.

He had broken up with you because he didn’t want his enemies coming after you. They knew how much he loved you which meant that they could and would do anything at any moment. Damian didn’t and couldn’t take that chance so he broke up with you. He knew you would be safer and better off this way even if it meant that he wouldn’t be you.

“Little bro just get back together with her since you clearly can’t stop stalking her.” Jason told Damian through his intercom. He was standing on a building on the other side of the street.

“I’m 22 I’m not little anymore.” Damian mumbled.

“To me you always will be just like you’ll always be a demon child and so will your kids if you have any.” Jason said chuckling.

Damian rolled his eyes, “How am I supposed to get back together with her she ignores my texts and calls.”

“Easy kidnap her and take her to the Batcave so she sees why you stupidly broke up with her.” Dick intervened his voice rang through the intercom/ear piece.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Damian said.

“Well obviously not but you might get her back.” Tim also said as he butted in.

“Okay I understand where Jason came from but where the hell did you Grayson and Drake come from?” Damian asked.

“Oh we just overrode the system of the intercoms basically hacked our way into it.” Dick explained.

“Whatever I’m going in only if that will stop you losers from continuing to talk.” Damian said as he swung through off the building.

Luckily you were now headed to your apartment no one was around so taking you would be easier then Damian thought.

“Atta boy.” Jason cheered.

“Okay now be quiet all of you or else she’ll hear you guys.” Damian stated.

“Copy that.” Tim said.

Damian swooped in and landed right in front of you. But you thought it was Robin and not him so when he pulled out a cloth you got confused.

“Sorry for this Y/N.” Robin told you.

“For what? What are you going to do?” You asked.

But Robin didn’t answer he put the cloth on your mouth and nose. You inhaled the awful smell while trying to get out of his grip. What the hell was happening was all you could think.

“What the hell you’re supposed to be a hero not a kidnapper.” You said as you managed to move out of the cloth a little.

“I’m sorry I have to do this I’ll explain when you wake up.” Robin’s voice faded as you fell unconscious into his arms.

Damian put away the cloth and put some of your hair behind your ear. You looked beautiful even when your eyes were closed, he instantly regretted ever letting you go.

Jason, Tim and Dick dropped from the buildings landing next to Damian holding Y/N.

“Alright you got her good job little man.” Jason patted Damian’s back.

“Let’s get her to the Batmobile.” Dick said.

“What the hell you took Bruce’s Batmobile?!” Damian exclaimed as quietly as he could.

“It was Jason’s idea.” Tim said.

“Ugh whatever let’s go.” Damian said as he carried Y/N’s body.

You woke up with a headache, you groaned rubbing your head. You instantly remembered what happened, Robin had knocked you out. But why? Well he walked in so you were prepared with questions already.

“What the hell Robin what was that for why did you knock me out?” You asked.

“It was necessary Y/N how else was I supposed to get you to talk to me?” He asked.

You looked at him confused what was he talking about? You connected the pieces and immediately knew what he was referring to.

“Damian you’re Robin!” You exclaimed ripping of his mask.

“Oww well I deserved that.” He shrugged.

“I’m leaving ugh you’re unbelievable!” You exclaimed.

“No please hear me out I never gave you a good reason as to why I broke up with you.” Damian pleaded as he held your hand.

“Talk.” You said crossing your arms.

“This is why I broke up with you. As Robin I have plenty of enemies and I knew that sooner or later they could come after you. I didn’t want them hurting you or even worse killing you. I love you so I thought you would be safer and better off without me.” Damian said looking down sadly.

“Damian I don’t care if they come after me yeah I mean be safer but that doesn’t matter being with you makes me happy. And I have you to protect me so I’m in good hands. I love you.” You smiled.

“I love you too.” Damian replied.

You both embraced each other in a hug. Once you looked at each other you connected your lips together. Although it had been days without each other to both of you it felt like months.

“Does this mean we’re back together?” Damian asked.

“Of course.” You giggled.

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How do the Tomato Gang deal with an s/o who when distracted forgets to eat.


  • Uh uh.  No no.  Her s/o is going to eat.  This girl makes sure of it.
  • Her s/o will be working/playing/doing whatever distracts them, then all of a sudden, there’s food.  In their face.  And they will eat it.
  • She’d be the type to make little sexy quips like, “You have to eat s/o.  You have to have plenty of energy for later *wink wonk*”
  • She’ll even feed you if she has to. You don’t even have to pay attention.  She’ll just slip spoonfuls into your mouth.


  • He’ll yell at you.  Be ready.
  • I didn’t make this fucking dinner so you could sit in your office and not eat it, s/o.  Get out to the dining room!”
  • He’ll drag you if you refuse to go.  You will eat.  You haven’t eaten all damn day.
  • He loves to cook, so he takes it as an insult when his s/o refuses to eat his food.  But don’t worry, he’s a great cook!


  • He finds it relatable. He’s done it too.
  • He’ll try to get involved in whatever you’re distracted by, even to the point where he forgets to eat too!
  • Eventually he snaps out of it, probably when his stomach starts to grumble.  Then he’ll start poking and prodding at you to get you to come eat.
  • S/O, it’s getting late.  I can still make dinner.  Let’s go get some food then curl up on the couch!”


  • For a while, he’ll just shrug it off.  When you’re hungry, you’ll eat. But eventually, enough is enough.
  • He’ll come into the room where you’re working, without a word, and just pick you up and walk away.
  • Lars, what are you doing?!”  “Carrying you.”  “Where are we going?!” “To the kitchen.  It’s dinner time.”
Sexually Confident Evan hcs

- So, like, Evan wouldn’t be sexually confident until he’s like in his early 20s


- So Evan has very high anxiety and a lot of self-doubts

- Those kinds of things aren’t “cured” in like a year

- They’re deeply rooted so they may take a while for him not to be like held back by them

- But then once he is, it does surprise you

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Ghostie ghost, I can understand if you don't want to answer this but idk anyone else who'd know, but would it be abuse if the abuser thinks that they're joking and everyone's happy but I genuinely get hurt by it? They have no idea that I'm taking anything to heart but I am. Like if I try to say anything, they claim that I'm ungrateful and that they make dinner as if that's all that matters in the end.

oK SO if it’s just a situation where the person thinks they’re joking and don’t know they’re hurting someone, that’s not inherently abusive. HOWEVER when you try to say something about it and they come back with “you’re so ungrateful” and “i do all this good stuff for you” and all that other fun guilt-tripping, THAT’S where we start getting into abuse territory

sometimes i feel like the only reason i exist is that so someone is there to make sure my mom and brother don’t literally murder each other and so my brother can talk shit about my mom to me behind her back and my mom can say hurtful things to me that i know she doesn’t mean because she’s really mad at my brother and so that i can make dinner and do the dishes because my brother is too busy studying and then my mom gets mad when he doesn’t get the grade she wanted despite the fact that he studied and i get to sit in my room while she yells and then he starts hitting things once she’s gone and i get to hear them say awful things about one another and cry and vent about their issues to me while i cry about my own issues in the bathroom at certain points in the day then coming out and being an emotionless zombie

sorry i had to say something

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I'm sure you get messages like this all the time, but I've been following you for a while and it's been really nice to watch you progress and gain success. I wish you immense success and happiness. Keep spreading your light bb.

thank u sis i’m making dinner rn it’s iconic

Reason #64,793 that I’m so glad we’re living in a small town:
Homemade chicken noodle soup that my lovely neighbor made us. It’s the cure for what ales you. I really am over being sick, but what a godsend this soup was tonight.
Birdie was a huge fan, I’ve honestly never seen her eat so fast.
I just did not have the energy to make dinner, so seeing her at our door with a big ‘ol smile and an ever bigger container of this delicious soup just warmed my heart and lightened the load my shoulders were carrying.
It truly is the little things in life.


another list of random spirits encountered:

-  a spirit with multiple eyes. each eye sees a different period in time (@becblanc)

-  a spirit that possesses plants and drains the life out of any surrounding plant life while strengthening its host/vessel (@3-possums-in-a-hoodie)

-  a spirit that likes to hang around people playing really loud music from their headphones (@yoki2ginko)

(thank you to anyone who stopped by the stream, and til next time ;))

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hi!! I really love your art and i was wondering if you'd ever consider drawing Lucy with a flower crown? (:

Not only would I consider it, but this is in fact the second time I’ve drawn Lucy in a flower crown for this blog! (Dun dun duhhhh!)  

Lineart if you want to colour it –>

How the Signs Show Their Love

Aries: light shoulder punches, defending your honor, inviting you out often
Taurus: paying for a meal, giving back rubs, working hard for you
Gemini: sweet indirects, remembering your favorites, making something creative for you
Cancer: small surprise gifts, planning ahead for days together, telling you about themself
Leo: getting dressed to impress, bragging about you to others
Virgo: sharing good books, making dinner, telling you their hidden secrets
Libra: giving out their Tumblr, goofy smiling as soon as they see you, taking your side in an argument address, 
Scorpio: hugs from behind, getting vengeance for you, sharing their insecurities
Sagittarius: flowers, no holding back their laugh, goading you into doing something crazy for thrills  
Capricorn: compliments, texting you often, telling you all their fun facts
Aquarius: sharing their conspiracies, opening up to you with their emotions, believing in you
Pisces: kisses on the cheek, telling you their wildest dreams, imagining being together and growing old

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How does Michael cuddle? O:

fdgsdgdf my bo y mic ha el

  • i like to imagine that michael’s always the kind of person who keeps an arm around you and he’s just always warm but like??? cuddling??? he l l y e s
  • michael would cuddle with u anywhere???
  • on the couch??? you two are probably cuddling and taking up the whole couch and everyone is mad because gdi stop hogging the couch u fucks
  • but like ur lying on him on the couch and ur head is on his chest and his arms are around u and its rly sweet and warm and while most ppl are annoyed you probably get at least one person whos like ‘daw’
  • michael!!! likes!!! spooning!!!
  • big spoon? little spoon? he will be either!! he likes holding you in his arms but there’s also just someting??? great about being in your arms
  • but also just him being big spoon = you can n e v er l eave
  • u gotta pee??? too bad michael is holding u
  • also sometimes he just??? peppers lil kisses on your cheeks and neck when he can while cuddling??? it’s rly sweet and only happens when he’s Really Tired but sometimes he’ll do it bc it makes you smile
  • like michael is just a soft and warm boi so like
  • he’s great for cuddles
  • also he’s totally fallen asleep with glasses on a couple times because taking them off??? means moving??? and you’re so comfortable??? and so is he??? e f f o r t
  • that’s all i got but i can guarantee u that cuddling with michael is Good