making yourself

Not everything is supposed to become something beautiful and long-lasting. Sometimes people come into your life to show you what is right and what is wrong, to show you who you can be, to teach you to love yourself, to make you feel better for a little while, or to just be someone to walk with at night and spill your life to. Not everyone is going to stay forever, and we still have to keep on going and thank them for what they’ve given us.
—  Emery Allen

“How am I stealing if it was mine all along?”

“You weren’t meant to see me. I shouldn’t be visible to you.”

"Welcome to your new family. The one you didn’t want, but needed.”

“I don’t like doing all this work for nothing. You owe me.”

“You should know better than to come to me.”

“Why are you so against making things easier for yourself?”

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I am a lesbian and I don't like those who are against gays, but not all straight people are mean. I've had many straight friends that are really nice and care about me. The thing that bothers me the most though are gays that are against straight people, you are only making yourself as bad as the others are. This is what humans don't get most of the time, there is no use in arguing.

you are not broken.
you do not need him to
stitch you back together,
you do not need her hands
to make yourself whole.
their heart may burn for you,
but you are a star, timeless,
ignited by nothing besides
your own bright love. take
that love, build something new
out of ashes and blood,
make a home for yourself
out of your existence as
your own self, unbowed &
—  a.s.w.
Soulmate Au: Barry Allen

Requested: Oui Oui

Warnings: Um Fluff?

Prompts: 4, 21, 35

Words: 622

Song of chapter: IDK 

{Y/C/N} means Your city name

When you reach a certain age, words are imprinted on your wrist. Those certain words are the first words your soulmate would ever say to you. Some words were sweet and adorable, some were strange. Yours, yours were a mystery. No matter how much you searched, you couldn’t find him.

You rushed down the streets of Central City. You’d orginially been from {Y/C/N} but you felt like it was time to make a name for yourself. Sure you loved working in your old city, but the same venue was getting boring to you. And the sudden news of ‘Meta-Humans’ and ‘The Flash’ also caught your attention. You also studied Forensic Psychology in your college days and wanted to help make a difference.

When CCPD finally called you with a job offer, you were delighted. You were over the moon with happiness. Your parents were sadden about the fact that you had to move away, but they were happy nonetheless. So when time finally came, you glanced down at your wrist and smiled, maybe you’ll be closer to your soulmate when you move. You bid your parents a teary goodbye and left. Leaving your city behind, happy that your were starting over.

You muttered quick apologies over your shoulder, the first day on the job and you were already late. You had a bad habit of doing that, running late to the most important things. Your heeled feet made you curse to yourself for choosing the damned shoes knowing you would be late.

Stepping into the building of CCPD, you immediately fixed yourself up. Your shirt had been hanging loosely over your pants, you quickly tucked it in before advancing towards the captains office with the help of passing officers. Your heels clicked against the stairs. Your hands nervously shaking. Your palms were full of sweat. The butterflies in your stomach increased as you walked closer to the office with ‘The Captain’ on it.

“Hi Um, I’m sorry, I’m new here and the email told me to come to your office,” you awkwardly said after you knocked. The man only gave you a smile and directed another officer, you assumed, to take you to your office. It was a large space, empty. The large windows were closed and streamed sunlight into the room.

The day seemed to drag on and Central City was lit up. You just wanted to have a normal night, but central city seemed to have different plans for you. Of course, the area was full of Meta-Humans. So that’s where you found yourself, standing on the ledge of a bridge with a meta by your side, urging you towards the icy waters bellow.

“What are you doing?” The meta had asked seeing you contemplating the jump. You hadn’t realised the Flash standing to the metas side, the waves on the bottom made your stomach churn. You just wanted a normal night with Netflix, was that to much to ask?

“I’m jumping, duh,” you stated as if it were obvious, your sass becoming evident. The Flash chuckled, fighting the meta who was throwing beam rays towards him. You only found yourself flying through the air, the gush of wind flying through your ears.

“Don’t worry, I’ll catch you,” the flash shouted towards to you as you fell through the air. The burning on your wrist had been ignored as you fell into the arms of the scarlet speedster.

“{Y/N} {L/N}” you introduced after saying a thank you to him. The burning of your wrist became apparent to you. You looked down at your wrist, the words slowly fading and being replaced by ‘You have met your soulmate,’

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Not sure if youve been asked this already so sorry if im making you repeat yourself. But AoD aside, what other rpgmaker games have you really enjoyed? I really want to play another and fill the void (with an even greater void) but I feel quite alot are hit and miss..

hmmmm well Ib’s 5th birthday is today! I liked Forest of drizzling rain too, The witch’s house, mogeko’s games are such eye candy (especially wadanohara and the great blue sea and the gray garden.). Yume nikki is a staple… hmm Corpse party is really scary but good and I liked Hello, Charlotte. 

OH RIGHT Pocket Mirror!

I mean I’d also say Undertale but everyone …knows …Undertale…

also!!!! Angels of Death is 20% off on Steam this week 

(shilling out intensifies)

( i.)
she’ll never love you;
you repeat it to yourself like a mantra
trying to make yourself believe
and let her go
but then you think of her bright smile
her warm hands holding yours
her breath on your cheek as she whispers something trivial
and can’t help but hope that maybe
just maybe
if you’re really lucky
she’ll love you back
( ii. )
she’ll never love you;
you see her standing right there
yet you know you’ll never be able to touch her
you make her cry from laughing too hard
yet you know she’ll never love you for it
she looks at you with a spark in her eyes
yet you know it’ll never be the spark you feel for her
she’ll never love you
but you take what you can get
because not being the reason for her happiness
or the warmth in her belly
or the blush on her cheeks
makes your heart ache
but not having her in your life
just might kill you
( iii. )
she’ll never love you;
it’s not until a few years later
as you stare into the warm brown eyes of a beautiful girl
that you think
she’ll never love you
and that’s okay
she was never supposed to
—  04:38am

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“If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change. Hoo.” 

~Mod Jaybird 

Impulse of the day: eat all the disgusting food that you can find in your house because you are a fucking dirty ball of fat. then regret per hours. make yourself sick until your throat is hurting. keep going. starve yourself the next 2 days. you deserve it, bitch

i hate cartoons. drawings cant move and you arent fooling anyone by flipping through a bunch of them real fast. in fact youre making a fool of yourself

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You seem like someone who's always positive and happy and like the ppl around you like you. I am a really good person but always seem to make the wrong decisions when I do not mean to and just want to make the ppl around me happy. Do you have any advice?

Making people around you happy shouldn’t be your goal. It’s about making yourself happy first.

Good energy will attract the right people.

You’re not living life to please others and if you’re not making good decisions, you should reevaluate whether these decisions are for your own good & those around you make it about themselves OR if you genuinely are affecting the people around you negatively because you don’t care about them as much as you think you do.

ok but real talk though, i think one of the best things that ive learned through using the internet long enough is that your words have consequences and you could seriously hurt someone if you’re, not even outright malicious, but just careless enough. i know i used to say and believe some dumb shit and im glad im not like that anymore. the main thing is to stay in your damn lane, really. once you’ve got that down you avoid so much unnecessary bullshit and drama and you’re much less likely to make a fool of yourself or hurt others through your ignorance, and that’s not just an internet skill, that’s a life skill, one that i honestly dont think i had before getting to know people that were pretty different from me in terms of background and experience, and i’m very glad that i’ve had that because i really believe its made me a much less shitty person. so, im gonna end this by re-iterating that, if i ever do something shitty and bad and mean, its most likely not me being a dick, its me being a stupid idiot that doesnt know shit so feel free to correct me and ill change that shit or remove the post or whatever. internet points dont matter as much as being a non-damaging force in the world, even if all i do is run some stupid humor blog thing that doesnt matter at all in the grand scheme of things. dunno what prompted me to write this but uh, yeah, here it is, you guys are great, thanks for having me (tbh i feel like my follower base is nicer than average, never mind my mutuals who are all swell as hell and who are all just great people and i need to talk to more, overall). anyway, ramble over, thanks guys

Just some words

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