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I read DC vs. Marvel one time ten years ago but I can still tell you the three most important things that happened:

  1. Batman getting scolded for staring at people with his mask’s creepy blank eyes
  2. Aquaman dropping a whale on Namor as punishment for being a humorless dick
  3. Jubilee was supposed to fight Robin but she tied him to a chair and kept him in her room instead

A fic where Jazz is off at college and something strange happens at her campus or to one of her classmates so the Winchesters come to check it all out as they normally do and end up talking to her as a witness, friend, suspect, person who knows way too much about the supernatural in a situation like this.


a series of unlikely crossovers

My favorite picture of my first Comic Con/cosplay is when Amy Dyer met Captain America and he let her touch the shield.

But nope, no cheeks pinching. Not on the first date, you dirty, dirty minds! *shakes head* (Amy would have LOVED skinny!Steve, lemme tell you)

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the absolute BEST PART is that people are like ‘I’m mad because johnlockers are making weird sherlock crossovers with shit like star trek and it’s making me uncomfortable’ as if star trek didn’t already have a long and storied history of dedicating entire episodes to crossovers with other literary works such as, say, the stories of sherlock holmes