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@xatsushis asked: rukia kuchiki or arima kishou

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Do you think Sento and Parad get along well?? what with the duality and red/blue aesthetics?? I like to think they both lovingly annoy Emu

okay but like build’s cameo in ex-aid did not even make sense

like, not saying i hated it or anything but how the hell did any of that even happen? did a black hole transport sento back and forth, kyu-style?

what has occurred here and why??

I read DC vs. Marvel one time ten years ago but I can still tell you the three most important things that happened:

  1. Batman getting scolded for staring at people with his mask’s creepy blank eyes
  2. Aquaman dropping a whale on Namor as punishment for being a humorless dick
  3. Jubilee was supposed to fight Robin but she tied him to a chair and kept him in her room instead

So we can all agree that Howard hates Kim so much because she played DM one time for HHM’s annual D&D campaign, and she killed his beefy elf paladin by drowning him in mud, thanks to the heavy, fancy armor Howard worked so hard to get, right?

A fic where Jazz is off at college and something strange happens at her campus or to one of her classmates so the Winchesters come to check it all out as they normally do and end up talking to her as a witness, friend, suspect, person who knows way too much about the supernatural in a situation like this.

Eyy look at this really bad Stranger things//Voltron crossover for TSinktober day two (Two netflix shows crossover (rlly nice idea!!!))

I didn’t even do day one and I don’t think I’m going to do every day but I’ll try to do so as often as possible!

there are only 4 paladins oops sorry also this crossover would never work but it’s like the easiest I could think of and two of the only netflix shows i watch


a series of unlikely crossovers