making up patterns as i go along

Fenris in Fog

This is my submission for @teamblueandangry’s reverse big bang event: Glow Bang! As part of the event, I was teamed up with @wardenari who created an amazing fic to go along with my artwork. Please go check it out!

His First Friend - @wardenari

My goal with this piece was to create a visual story that represented the mystery that comes with the Fog Warriors and Fenris’s time on Seheron. I also wanted to take the opportunity to explore stylistic choices outside of my comfort zone as well as pattern making. I hope you all enjoy the art and fic as much as I do! <3 

Dark Phoenix Inspired Ballgown Part 1: Making a petticoat

Hey Everybody! I want to do a write up of how I made my Dark Phoenix inspired ballgown! I’m going to start with a write up of how I made the petticoat for my ball gown. I am by no means an expert and I totally made this up as I went along but here’s how I made the petticoat. 

I used Simplicity Pattern 4269 as the base for this dress and the petticoats

BUT I ended up ignoring most of the petticoat instructions and making up my own thing because they a). Made no sense and B). Didn’t fit over my hoop skirt so I couldn’t really use them. 

     - Base fabric (I used a white lining from Joanns)
     - Tulle (Lots and lots of tulle)
     - Bias tape
     - Elastic

Step 1: Here I followed the petticoat instructions and made a large white skirt. This Skirt didn’t actually fit over my hoop skirt (Which is a three hoop hoop skirt I bought off of Amazon a really long time ago) and I needed it to fit right so I ended up installing ten inch tall godets on all the seams of the underskirt and then hemming it. This did end up giving me enough room to work with but is a pretty inelegant solution. I was running out of fabric but if I had more I simply would have made more panels in the skirt. 

Step 2: Next I made giant ruffles for each level of the hoop skirt. These ruffles were gathered down to the circumference of each hoop. The way I did it was to make a bunch of individual panels that were about ten inches long and sew them together into a giant strip. (I did it so there were four inches of strip for every one inch of hoop length). That strip gets sewn into one giant loop, hemmed, and then gathered down to the right length. Something I did to hold the gathered loops in the right length/degree of poof was to sandwich the gathered edge in a piece of bias tape. The picture below shows the hemmed and gathered tulle strips pinned on to the base skirt.

Step 3: Make a skirt out of tulle like how you did the base skirt. This was something that was included in the pattern for the petticoat and I think it helped to smooth down the overall appearance of the petticoat as well as add a little more volume. 

Step 4: Attach everything to an elastic waistband (I used three inch wide elastic) by gathering down the tulle skirt and the ruffled skirt to fit that waistband. The right layer order is the hoop skirt, then the ruffled skirt, then the tulle skirt (keeping in mind that the ruffled layer and the tulle layer are made as one piece). 

The first of the next two images is just a sample skirt on top of only the hoopskirt layer. It has much more volume than if it was alone but it really isn’t the right silhouette for this project. The second image is me wth that sample skirt and the hoopskirt and petticoat on and the silhouette is much much better overall. 

And that’s how you do a simple petticoat to be worn over a hoop skirt for all your princess dress needs! 


Andrea, by TheVividStitch, 2015

Finally got this new piece up in my Etsy shop! Go to TheVividStitch and check it out, along with all my other patterns. :D

I have to say, I love love love the colors in this piece. This is also the second project I’ve completed using the laying tool (that weird needly looking thing in the second picture). I’ve found it makes a huge difference in the quality of my stitches. I’ve also decided to switch from stitching on Aida cloth to cashel linen…this stuff is so pretty and just as easy to stitch on. I like it because it’s not as stiff as Aida.

Tour Journal: 1

There’s a nice quote from a nice book called “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” and it goes like this:

“You look at where you’re going and where you are and it never makes sense, but then you look back at where you’ve been and a pattern seems to emerge.”

It’s always been corny to me, to start these kinds of things with quotes from books, but corny is what I do best, and that quote seems to make more sense as I drive north up the Californian coast to San Fransisco, along the ocean, the winerys, the palm trees and shrubby hills.

From “Papa smurf,” the Detroit famous merch seller slash provider of friendship-pins and love, to the weird breakfast spots with the age-old patrons of over-easy eggs and slightly-too-greasy hash browns, to an MMVA nomination in a Prius while gliding down the interstate towards Chicago, to the guy in Seattle who claimed to have played guitar with Kurt Cobain, to each and every fan of Walk Off The Earth, with their undying enthusiasm and love for music, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This tour has taught me things about myself, and the world, lessons never made possible without the people who were there to nurture them into fruition.

A massive thank you to Walk Off the Earth, who have inspired me with their talent and kindness, specifically Sara, who brings it every night with a 7 month old person growing inside her!!

Also, a thanks to Erika, my tour manager, for driving me across the country as I babble about whatever, or sleep, or make her stop to “pee” in shady gas stations, when secretly I just want to smoke a cigarette and talk to some folks whose perspective is not my own.

Also, a thanks to my fans, for keeping me company and giving me words of encouragement. It keeps me alive, and I can’t thank you enough for that.
A bittersweet home-bound flight to YYZ awaits me!

But it’s not over America.

With love,