making up for all my griping earlier

Sam and Cas would be all about kisses.

Slow, sweet kisses while cuddling together on some motel bed. Maybe they were watching tv with Dean at first but they weren’t into whatever was on and it just kind of went from there. And when Dean finally notices he makes a big fuss and goes, “Dudes, gross!” but he secretly loves that they’re happy together. And Dean’ll grumble about going out to the bar or else his life really is going to turn into a porno and Cas looks confused and Sam rolls his eyes and pulls Cas right back in for more kisses. Maybe they just kiss and kiss and hold each other until they fall asleep so entangled that they don’t even remember that they’re separate people and not just one soul connected in love.

I think a lot about how Cas would try to explain his feelings for Sam. Humans have enough trouble explaining their emotions, so for Cas, an angel, to try to define love is just baffling to him. But this is what always seems to stick in my mind when I imagine Cas confessing his love:

“You make me afraid, Sam. When I’m near you I am afraid, but I do not think my fear is of you. I don’t want to run from this fear. It’s terrifying and it hurts but I don’t want it to stop. And I don’t want to stop being near you. I would stay by your side, afraid, for an eternity, just so it would never stop.”

I really want an episode of Supernatural with Cas going to Dean and saying, “I have been having strange emotions lately.”

“Uh, ok…you ok?”

“Dean…I think I am developing…feelings…”


“…for your brother.”


And then Dean teases Cas for a bit for having a crush on his geeky little brother, but then totally shows him the ropes of flirting; of course, Cas doesn’t really get it, but he’s trying really hard and when he finally manages to go up to Sam and ask him, “Will you go on a date with me?” Sam has to take a minute to pick his jaw up off the floor (because it’s the last thing he ever expected) but it’s so cute that he just kind of says yes out of shock.

But then the date is beautiful and perfect. Cas takes him to a movie that neither of them really care for but they work up the courage to hold hands during it and Cas kisses Sam on the doorstep of the motel and Sam is completely hooked.