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B99 + Cooking Class AU: in which Kevin is a renowned but jaded food critic, who starts teaching a cooking class in an attempt to rediscover his love for food. 

Kevin had been chief food critic for The New York Times for over a decade, had published four best-selling cookbooks, and had appeared as a guest judge in hundreds of Iron Chef episodes. He had attained everything he once wanted as a culinary student (and more), yet he found himself unhappy; eating was no longer a joy, reviewing restaurants seemed like a chore, and appearing on TV felt unbearably fake. 

After a great deal of coaxing from his husband, he finally decides to take a sabbatical from the Times. He spends the first couple months of this break vacationing in Paris with Raymond and returns to New York considerably less burnt out. 

It takes another few weeks of soul searching, but he finally settles on starting a small beginner/intermediate cooking class for adults outside of the culinary arts field. (He isn’t quite ready to face pretentious aspiring professionals just yet, and he knows there’s a special sort of joy in helping someone make a perfect soft boiled egg for the first time.) 

The students of his class all sign up for different reasons:

  • Charles had been following Kevin’s career since his grandmother had given him a Times subscription for his twelfth birthday. 
  • Terry just wants to learn how to make healthy, delicious meals for his babies.
  • Amy’s convinced taking this class will help her get to know her boss, Kevin’s husband.  
  • Gina saw Kevin on Food Network once and is convinced this is her in for meeting celebrities. 
  • Jake had been dragged there by Gina and “wasn’t interested in this stupid cooking class at all” – until he saw Amy from outside the kitchen doors.
  •  No one knows why Rosa is there.

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My thoughts on making fun of "WHY ISN'T THIS A THING" posts

So, it’s kind of a trend lately to poke fun at people asking “WHY ISN’T THIS A THING/SHOW/WHATEVER” by referencing the whole Miss Officer and Mr Truffles fiasco, or DashCon

And…I’m kind of okay with it, but within reason.

See, those two incidents prove that you really, REALLY shouldn’t rush into an idea without knowing what the hell you’re doing. MOAMT’s Kickstarter was started by someone who had the artistic talent, but not necessarily the directing or financial skills to really get an animated production going. DashCon was started by people with little to no experience running a convention, and no idea how to use their resources.

These two things could’ve been great ideas, but the people behind them were more focused on gaining from a demand than they were actually doing the job right. Furthermore, they had absolutely no proof they could actually pull this shit off.

Contrast this with, say, the Kickstarters for series based on shorts like Bee and Puppycat or Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared. These two Kickstarters were pulled off by people who had proved they could put together a full production, and weren’t jumping the gun in regards to merchandizing or anything. The demand for those series was based on the fact that there WAS already a product, and the creators would just make more of that.

So, when people say “Why isn’t this vague concept for a show a thing?!”. I feel the need to say “It could be, but you gotta wait until someone with the right skills and resources makes it”. But when people say “I want a series based on this one video online that already exists!” my response would be along the lines of “Well, we already know they have the skills! Sounds good to me!”

So yeah, bottom line is: Be patient, guys. Don’t rush this shit, or you’ll all get scammed.

princesspandaful  asked:

Lup and Taako have many classes together. Sometimes they pretend to be each other and switch places. few notice. Lup intentionally exaggerates being taako.

“Oh, look, it’s me, 🎶Taaaako🎶! I can make a three layer truffle cream cake out of Gogurt and wishes! And I’m totally a ”“"natural”“” blond!“

“Listen. I’m a blond at heart, and that’s all that matters.”

The Mods Describe Common Rooms

Ravenclaw (By Abigail) 

  • always music playing, a different member of ravenclaw chooses the music every day, varies from classical, to indie pop, to rock, to well, whatever that person wants to listen to 
  • super duper cozy, literally a billion quilts, a bunch of pillows, and beds/study zones perfectly made for each person 
  • huge windows on different walls, Ravenclaws spend so much time studying, or well not studying that sometimes it’s hard to get out, this helps, Of course though, there is a huge telescope for night time, like a huge telescope
  • there’s an enchanted dumbwaiter that can bring thing’s up from the kitchens, mostly snack foods, and things you can eat while doing other things and not make a mess 
  • depending on when you get there, if you fall asleep in the common room, the head girl or boy, or well anyone who decides to wake you up will help you back to your room 
  • one wall is literally a huge book shelf, people leave a book for every year they go to school there and leave there favorite book of the year there, theres copies of some super old books that have been there for over eighty years, the first book there was Romeo and Juliet, the pages are a little tatered at the tops and bottoms, but other than that its good as new 
  • shoes are totally not required, but theres millions of pairs of slippers in a bucket if you want them 
  • The room is enchanted to sense what the claws are feeling and flows smells that will calm them down, or make them happy 
  • plastic stars and planets are stuck to the ceiling everywhere
  • there are two walls devoted completely to art, on the area beside the wall, theres a huge raised up thing filled with paint, paint brushes, pastels, crayons, sharpies and anything else they need. They started with only one art wall, but that quickly changed when the first wall was covered in the week, every month they repaint the wall so they can start over. 

Hufflepuff (By Jinxy and Star)

  • Fireplaces on every wall, all constantly stocked, stoked, and cosy, all with plenty of pot plants with flowers, succulents and a few herbs. The fireplaces have plants climbing up the sides and making a nice covering for the front.
  • Wide windows, with the sun permanently pouring in (even in winter), except at night, when the stars give off a yellow glow and it lights up the room.
  • Scented candles everywhere: caramel, chocolate, and popcorn scented to make the room smell sweet.
  • Trapdoor to the kitchens, so students don’t get caught out of bed after dark.
  • Couches have piles of fluffy blankets next to them, and tables all around the common room are covered in hot chocolate.
  • Hardwood floors, with sunflower pattern rugs dotted throughout the common room (which occasionally bloom real sunflowers!)
  • Birds always chirping in the background.
  • Lots of cats lying in the sunspots on the floor, or curled up on the couches under the blanket piles. Whenever students from other houses lose their cats, they’re always in the Hufflepuff common room.
  • Milk bowls and lots of food on the floor for the cats.
  • Students’ essays framed around the rooms if they got the highest score, so students can get inspo, and so that other students can admire the work (and feel proud of beating the Ravenclaws, because of the silly rivalry).
  • At Christmas time, one of the prefects always puts up an elf on the shelf, but it moves by itself, does all sorts of silly things, and winks at you. Students add gold tinsel to the fireplaces, and plenty of big colourful bows.
  • At Easter, bunnies roam the room, and love getting cuddles and letting students’ smush their faces. One prefect every year is assigned to do an Easter theme activity with the students, be it egg hunting, bunny face painting, painting new curtains, or truffle making, and the room adjusts and provides what the students need.
  • Big cheery curtains framing the windows (white lace, that’s been hand painted with yellow prints or flowers). They’re always drawn apart to let the light in, but can be closed as needed.
  • There’s a humongous bookshelf (because Ravenclaws aren’t the only ones who are allowed to read) where students share books. All of the covers are worn and bent, but it’s okay because everyone gets a chance to enjoy the books that others love. Some have highlighting in them, mustaches on the pictures on the front and love letters to other students in them. There’s textbooks for if you couldn’t afford one that year, muggle books about foreign countries, books in other languages, and muggle books about what they think wizards are, and students have graffiti all over them, as a protest. There’s a surprising lack of cookbooks. Because, despite common thought, Hufflepuffs aren’t always the best cooks, and the kitchens are close anyway.
  • There’s a giant hand painted portrait of Helga Hufflepuff on the far wall, which students have enchanted to host Helga, so she gives advice, welcomes new students with a song at the start of the year, and tells students to go to bed.
  • Bathrooms all have large luxurious baths, where the whole person can fit, and no need for bubble bath or scents, because it fills automatically with it when a student presses a button. Each student has customized shampoo, conditioner and products made by older potions students to keep their hair and skin healthy and glowy. Each student gets an ‘appointment’, and the older student makes up bottles that only that student can open, with constant refills.
  • Privacy curtains that students can choose to pull or not, and all have yellow flower patterns on them.
  • Warm fluffy towels, in the students’ favourite colour, with their name embroidered on it. Always warmed up, and fresh every time.
  • Students’ beds have multiple covers on it, and unlimited pillows, and teddies galore. There’s a basket at the end of the bed for dirty laundry, returned clean within 6 hours, and folded. Each student gets a nice window at the head of their bead with their favourite flowers growing there, and most students choose lavender to help them sleep at night. Curtains can only be drawn on weekends and until certain times on weekdays, so students can sleep in, but pull open at 7:30 to wake up students naturally and without alarm clocks.
  • Bedside tables for each student, and students can choose 15 knick-knacks from home to remind them of home, and each student automatically gets a moving image of their families back home.
  • No mirrors (except in bathrooms), because students will tell each other when they have their uniform askew or their hair is messy. Uniforms hung at the ends of beds so students can sleep in and not need to find their clothes.

Slytherin (By Tory)

  • Knick-knacks galore on the bookcases and mantels, each with a special story. Like that shattered crystal ball? That was smuggled out of Professor Trelawney’s class one day by a Slytherin student as a joke, but after the theft, he and others swore it could predict test answers. (It broke when some particularly stupid student tried to smuggle it under his desk for his OWLs, but thankfully a Slytherin prefect retrieved it and put it back.) That old music box? Brought in by a Muggle-born student in the 19th century and soon enchanted her classmates to the extent that they got used to hearing it play every night before they fell asleep. When she left the school, she decided to leave it behind for the younger classes as a memento, enchanting it with a Self-Repairing Charm so that it would never break no matter how many times it was played. That skull? Found buried under the tree by the lake by a Slytherin student…alas, no one knows who it belongs to, but the students have taken to calling her Salazara and treat her with utmost respect.
  • Slytherin students frequently wave to the merpeople swimming outside their windows. The merpeople don’t really understand what waving means, but sort of shake their hands back and forth in response in an attempt to be friendly.
  • Their bathrooms are classy, elegant, and off-the-hook. Each student would have access to their own special area made up of a shower/bath and a changing area with several mirrors behind a curtain. That way each student would have complete privacy getting ready before anyone else saw them – no sharing mirrors or sinks here. Each stall would also be equipped with old-fashioned fixtures that offer both fresh and salt water baths, as well as bubble baths!
  • There is a baby grand piano set up in the corner. If no one plays it, it plays itself.
  • There are all sorts of trapdoors and secret compartments hidden in each dorm, perfect for hiding personal items or even just escaping from your dormmates. Most Slytherins haven’t found them all, and if they are in use, the handle goes red hot, so as to deter any stranger who might want to disturb the person using it or their belongings.
  • WINDOW SEATS. SO MANY WINDOW SEATS. Also a few chaise longues.
  • Lots of portraits of old witches and wizards litter the walls, and they always love giving career advice.
  • The fireplace actually is part of a revolving wall. If you push a certain brick on the mantle, it spins around and reveals a secret passage that leads to the kitchens.
  • The huge grandfather clock in the main common room tolls the hour to the tune of “Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts.”
  • Because it’s very hard for owls to get down to the dungeons, they are trained to drop their mail down a chute in the Owlery that magically drops the mail down into a collection tray in the center of the Slytherin common room. A separate collection tray then spits any outgoing mail up to the next available owl, if the student doesn’t care which owl sends it.

Gryffindor (by Boudica) 

  • The Gryffindor common room…what can be said about this wonder of gold and scarlet?
  • That cork board in the corner is the bravery board. It plays host to a number of everyday moments of bravery
    • Volunteering in class because you’re afraid of public speaking.
    • Asking out that cute Slytherin in potions; it’s up there.
    • Every day victories that make life worth wild are praised on that board
  • The chairs in the common room are both capable of heating and icing. The house charmed them years ago. Every year the house team renews the spells. 
    • On more than one occasion, the Gryffindor Quidditch team has commandeered the chairs, their groans filling the air as the chairs soothed their aching muscles
  • There’s a set of enchanted free weights that allow you to work out without a partner. 
    • Doing a chest press only to drop it from fatigue will elevate it above your chest as long as you’re a certain body temperature.
  • That box next the fire holds an enchanted dueling mat. 
  • When removed from the box it begins expanding into a cushioned dueling deck. 
    • This allows most Gryffindor to practice dueling in a safe environment without to much harm……most of the time.
  • This is accentuated by the shoot down to the hospital wing. 
  • Madam Pomfry has enchanted the door to play achy breaky heart when it’s accessed. That way she can catch the poor darling.
Homemade (Lucifer Morningstar)

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Pairing: Lucifer Morningstar/Reader
Words: 830+
Warning(s): Just one innuendo~
A/N: Yes, valentines was yesterday but I totally spaced it and didn’t think about it till 10:30 pm on valentines. I didnt finish this till 2″05 am rip 

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Chocolates: Josh Dun

Originally posted by tylerjosephappreciation

Valentine’s Day, probably one of the most stressful days in my opinion. For every relationship I have ever been in Valentine’ s Day always ends up in disaster. But not this year. This year I am determined to make this an amazing Valentine’s Day. It’s the first Valentine’s Day together for Josh and me, I want to especially want to make it special since he and Tyler just won their first Grammy on Sunday.

There are so many stereotypical gift on Valentine’s day; the store bought chocolates, the cheesy cards, and the heart covered stuffed animals. I refuse to get Josh a gift like that, so instead of buying a box of chocolates I’m going to make him some how hard could it be.

Luckily, Josh is busy for the first portion of the day giving me enough time to make these chocolates. I had spent all of yesterday looking at recipes and finding the perfect one. I settled on making dark chocolate truffles, they looked easy enough or at least the instructions on Pinterest looked easy enough.

“I’ll see you tonight,” Josh says as he walks toward the door with me following close behind him.

“Okay, just don’t forget we have dinner reservations at 7,” I remind him.

“I could never forget, it is our first Valentine’s Day together after all,” he replies with a chuckle as he turns to face me.

He wraps his arms around my waist, he leans in pressing his lips on mine in a loving yet short kiss. He pulls away from me then grabs his keys and wallet. I wave goodbye as he walks out the door. I take a deep breath, turning on my heels and heading to the kitchen.

I pull out all of the ingredients I need: heavy cream, bittersweet chocolate, butter, vegetable shorting, and white chocolate. I lay out the items on the counter then turn my attention to the printed out instructions. I read them over twice to make sure I have everything. I take the hair tie from my wrists and pull my hair back.

I feel defeated. I have tried to get the chocolate ganache right for what feels like years. With each batch I make they just don’t look right to me. I know that they don’t have to be perfect, but I want them to be perfect. I follow the instructions carefully step by step once again, concentrating and trying to get it perfect.

“Honey I’m home!” Josh yells out shutting the door behind him.

Crap! I thought he wasn’t suppose to be home for another hour. I don’t have a perfect batch to give him, they all look terrible and unpresentable. What am I going to do?

Josh walks into the kitchen with a smile on his face and a large bouquet of roses in his hands. He walks over to where I am, he kisses my cheek softly and hands me the rose. I take the roses and place them on an empty space on the counter no saying a word. Josh looks around the kitchen then looks at me with a confused expression on his face.

“Y/N, what’s all this?” He questions.

“I was trying to make you homemade chocolate truffles but every batch I made looked terrible. I just wanted today to be special,” I reply looking down at the floor.

Josh grabs one of the chocolate truffles that were placed on a plate looking more like chocolate blobs then an actual chocolate truffle. He pops it in the mouth, I look up at him with wide eyes. Why did he eat one when I said that they looked terrible?

“Did you even try one?” He questions after he’s finished eating the small piece.

“Um no,” I say in response feeling rather silly.

“Babe, these taste amazing. It’s okay that they don’t look perfect, all that matters is that you made them with love and that they taste good,” he states grabbing another one and handing it to me.

I pop it in my mouth and chew it slowly. He was right, they do taste amazing I guess I was so caught up in having them be perfect I didn’t even bother to see if they taste good.

“You’re right, but I still don’t like how they look,” I tell him.

“That’s fine but I’m still going to eat them,” he replies with a chuckle.

“Fine, we should probably go get changed and ready for dinner I don’t want to loose our reservation,” I say to him as I take off my apron.

“Not so fast,” he says wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close to his body. He looks down at me with a smile be for he presses his lips on mine. The kiss is full of passion and love, causing me to completely forget about the whole chocolate incident. “Happy Valentine’s Day Y/N.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day Josh,” I say back to him with a smile. Maybe today isn’t ruined after all. It doesn’t matter that they chocolate truffles look terrible, Valentine’s  Day isn’t about chocolates and gifts it’s about having a special day to be with the person you love and I’m glad that that person is Josh.  


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This is the @miraculousfluffmonth  Aug 3 prompt, sweets.

Rose jogged into the classroom, practically vibrating with happiness.  Juleka wasn’t there yet, so she had plenty of time to do what she’d hoped.  Sitting in her own seat, she rummaged through her bag and drew out a plum wrapped box.  It was long and thin, and obviously candy.  But her girlfriend had to open it to find out what kind of candy.  She placed in in the center of Juleka’s place at the table.  Next out of her bag she pulled out a packet of shiny black confetti and carefully sprinkled it over the box and table with a giggle.

In the upper right corner, she set a clear glass vase.  It was small with sharp facets to make it look like crystal.  She added a bit of water from her coffee mug.  She’d been willing to forego coffee for this, and that was saying something.  From another box, she slipped out three hot pink carnations that she’d picked up on her way to school.

At this point a few of her classmates had started to filter into the room.  Most observed Rose’s actions with gentle amusement.  Sabrina, as one would expect, took one look at the display and scampered out of the room, likely to report to her bestie.  Gnawing on her lip a little, Rose wondered if there was any chance Chloe could be just verbally abusive today.  If she touched one bit of the perfect surprise, Rose suspected she might finally snap and deck the girl.  Suspension would be worth giving her a fat lip or black eye.

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spartanguard  asked:

Captain Charming + fluff + chocolate

“Bloody hell- Dave, try that one!” 

David’s hand shot out to grab the small confection his best mate was pointing at and shoved it eagerly into his mouth, eyes closing in ecstasy as the chocolate melted on his tongue.

“You gotta put those on the list” he managed to mumble out around the mouth full of cocoa goodness.

Granny’s eyebrow raised in amusement as she watched both men with fascination. She’d worked on a selection of chocolates to provide for the wedding and the ladies had been silly enough to leave the two men to try them out, not realising just how sweet a tooth they both had. 

“Granny, love. What is that one called?”

“That’s the pralines one.”

“We’ll take 200 of those.” Killian ordered before grabbing another chocolate to sample.

Granny chuckled to herself as she wrote down the order.

“So that’s 100 of the coffee creams, 200 of the cherry brandy liqueurs, 100 salted caramel, 100 peanut butter blasts, 100 rum truffles-”

“Better make that 200 rum truffles.” David added.

“I knew there was a reason I wanted you with me, mate.” he smiled fondly at his father-in-law before shoving a strawberry blast into his mouth. 

“200 rum truffles and 200 pralines. Gotta say, captain. That’s a lot of chocolate.”

“Everyone loves chocolate.” Killian defended with his mouth full.

Granny sighed as she turned. “I do not want to be in that house when they take this order back.” she mumbled to herself, knowing full well they were going to get an earful from the bride to be. 

David and Killian continued to sample the chocolate. They left not a single sample on the table and left feeling rather sickly but they were definitely looking forward to the cake testing the next day. 

[Femslash February]: On Wheels

so apparently there are people that think that alyanette isn’t canon? lol whut ok what show have you been watching? so to mitigate this bullshit, my pink square for the Femslash prompts will be devoted to Alyanette :)

get ready for a week of these ladies, my gentle doves, and hopefully you non-believers will start to see reason (lol a bi girl can hope)

Day 8: On Wheels (Alyanette)

Words: 1597

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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“Marinette, I’m like ninety percent positive this is against traffic laws.”

“Ssssshhhhhhh. Shush. Hush hush. None of that.” Marinette had her finger pressed against Alya’s lips as she prepared herself to give the same monologue she’d already given five times. “Traffic laws should never get in the way of two girls trying to live out their teenage romcom fantasies. This is in all of the movies. Why would the media promote something so romantic if it was illegal? It just doesn’t make sense, Alya.”

Alya snorted. “You…do realize the media lies, right? Like, this is the same media that tells us that love at first sight is real and that your future wife is a barista at some coffee shop out there somewhere.”

“Um, excuse me, I fell in love with you at first sight and nobody is stopping you from working at a cafe so that I can flirt with you and we can get married.”

“Marinette, you cannot ride on my bike like this,” Alya said in between laughter. ‘You’re gonna bust your ass and then I’m going to have to carry you home.”

She shrugged. “I’m not seeing the problem here.”

“Okay, if you’re going to be sitting on the handlebars, I can’t see around you. We’ll crash.”

Marinette gasped. “But I’m literally the tiniest thing! You could easily peek around me. And besides. I can be your eyes, just trust in the power of love.”

“Marinette, you’re going to die. We’re going to die. Adrien and Nino are going to have to explain to our parents that we died because you wanted to relive some American movie you watched last night.”

“Ahhh! Don’t you do that,” Marinette said, tapping Alya on the nose. “You watched the movie and said, and I quote, ‘That was the most adorable thing I’ve seen to date.’ I’m riding on the handlebars of your bike and we’re going to look adorable as heck and everyone is going to be super jealous.”

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fenixfoxtrot510  asked:

"Can I tell you a secret?" with HR and Cisco? Pretty please!

“Can I tell you a secret?”

Cisco doesn’t even look up. “Is it legal?”

H.R. hesitates. “Yea–no–yeah, yeah, it’s legal.”

Cisco puts down his newest cold gun and raises both eyebrows. “H.R.”

“It’s totally legal,” H.R. affirms. “In … some countries?”

At that exact moment, a small, unmistakably lively creature wiggles in the front of his jacket. Cisco is on his feet in a second. “Oh my god what did you do.”

In response, H.R. opens his coat – and a red panda hops onto the floor. “I think it’s a raccoon.”

Cisco scrambles after it as the panda trots away. “No, no, no, no, come back!”

“See, I saw this article,” H.R. explains, fishing an entire folded newspaper out of his coat pocket. “Darnedst thing. I think it belongs to the zoo?”

“First,” Cisco says, grunting victoriously as he snags the panda, yelling when its claws dig immediately into his arm. “OW.”

“Usually they let the lions loose – ‘running from lions!’ It’s a hit. Must be 25 or older to participate.”

“How did you survive on Earth-19?” Cisco asks, wrestling to hold the panda.

“My wits, charm, and great beauty, of course.”

To H.R.’s immense disappointment, they have to return the panda. But they get their pictures in the paper, which makes him happy.