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Shawn Mendes One Shot

A/N: I suggest you listen to True Love by Coldplay because its fracking amazing and goes well with this one shot (:


Shawn. Nothing could describe how proud I am of him. It started with youtube videos and vines but now look where he is. Performing his own concerts, winning awards, going on shows. Life’s been so great for the two of us. He had been on Ellen recently, and I’m telling you, I cried. My baby was living his dream right there. His eyes were sparkling, his voice was melodious and everything was perfect. I remember how the both of us were in his little room back home trying to get that song together. Life of the Party. He wrote that about me, how I would always stand out everywhere I go and that was just by being, well, me. From the beggining I supported him. I knew he could go all the way with just a little push. We had bumpy rides but hey, that’s part and parcel of life. He deserved all this. But the best part is, despite all the fame, the increasing number of fans and the busy schedule, Shawn always made time for me. He always made me feel special. Sometimes makes me wonder if I even deserve this beautiful human being. But one thing for sure, I’m never leaving him. Shawn. My love.

A/N: idk about you guys, but i’m crying rn