making this was weird because the screen was so different

BTS members as JiKook shippers

Taehyung: loyal, doesn’t give a shit shipper. Has account on every single social media where he can share his love for them. The one that’s always nice towards other people/ships. Talks about JiKook to his non k-pop friends – who have no idea what he’s on about – to the point it’s annoying. Writes fanfics. Lots of them. Internally torn between pure fluff and filthy smut. So he does both.

Jin: in everyday life you wouldn’t say he’s a shipper. He acts all together. That’s until he comes home and opens his tumblr. Chances are he has “trash” in the name of his blog. He reblogs a lot simply because he can’t decide which gif set is more awesome, so he needs them all. Squeaks and yells a lot behind his computer screen. He makes analyzes of V lives and twitter posts, but there are just few people who take him seriously because he points out really weird stuff.

Namjoon: collected shipper. He doesn’t talk much about his shipping activities. He compares different types of ships and relationships. Always states how important is to not forget they’re real people and how hard the situation might be for them. Been in a k-pop world for years but claims JiKook is simply different and more real. Makes analyzes that actually makes sense. He once wrote angsty 50k long oneshot and everyone lost their minds.

Jimin: average shipper with a twist. He’s friendly and even though really similar to Taehyung-like shippers; he knows when to shut up about JiKook. He’s really nice but you don’t want to piss him off by saying he’s delusional. In cases like that he goes on a spree and posts hundreds of JiKook pictures with occasional rant that’s just too long (he still isn’t calmer and needs to read lots of fanfictions to calm down.)

Suga: mysterious shipper. Doesn’t have any social media where you could connect him to shipping. He’s careful and so over stupid shit like that. In reality, he follows everything and he’s really thirsty. Once let his mother to believe he was watching porn, rather than admit he was looking at JiKook gifs. Sends anonymous asks full of love to Taehyung-like and Hoseok-like shipper.

Hoseok: loves JiKook and coos over them a lot. He’s basically best friend with Taehyung-like shipper. Makes MVs of JiKook with songs describing their relationship. Says “they’re more real than my life” a lot. His YouTube channel currently contains 36 parts of series “Fated love – Kookmin” and he’s working on more. He cried for a minute over the video of gecko on Jimin’s hand (“JiKook adopted a baby lizard!!!”)

Jungkook: shipper in denial. He has other ships to stan and he can’t let himself to fall for another one. However JiKook is special. Refuses to admit he’s in deep until he looks over his dashboard and realizes he just followed 6541 JiKook blogs. Fights with other shippers a lot, mostly when they try to prove JiKook date other members. Anonymous account of Suga-shipper joins his fights (not like you could prove it) and they go in for the blood.

Wolf Girl of Hope Street -- Behind the Scenes

Okay, so, I had initially hoped to put together this sort of…process post…thing much sooner, but. Work and general laziness threw a wrench in that plan, and it’s only because I was cleaning my desktop and stumbled across the .jpegs I’d saved that I was like: ‘hmmmm…I should do this…so that I can delete this folder. It’s cluttering up my screen.’

THUS, here we are, about to embark on a truly magical journey through the weird process that is comic-making.

(Well. My weird process.)


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“maybe ashi developed off screen!”

“ashi’s had enough episodes to grow into an adult”

“ashi’s a grown woman and can make her own choices”

ashi, in the episode, literally two minutes before the kiss: hi, i’m so childishly naive i don’t even understand the concept of nudity and think you’re just acting “weird” for no reason

jack: i agree, i feel you’re so naive i’ll actually say the sentence “men and women are different” to try to explain it to you

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Some scenarios w/ the bros. Their s/o secretly texting them in class lol like those other kids with gf and bf and cant wait till later to talk to them

Do you mean the young!bros? Like high school times?


  • No Shame.
  • He would openly text people in the classroom much to the teacher’s annoyance.
  • As soon as he gets a text, he would always look to see the name. If it was someone he was acquaintances with, he would let it slide.
  • You’re a different story.
  • He would openly text with his phone in full view, thus getting his phone taken away mid text (Which sent a weird text to you).


  • He knows he shouldn’t do it. But he does.
  • He would be sneaky about it, hiding under a book or in a folder for a quick text.
  • However, there was one problem: His glasses. The screen is reflecting his glasses which makes it hard to really hide it.
  • He almost got caught so many times, but the teachers let it slid because he was their best student.
  • But of course, their warnings got to him and he did it less, settling for a before class text and an after class text.


  • He knows better (from Ignis’ lectures), but he ignores it.
  • He’s a teenager, you can’ tell him what to do. He can text his partner and scare Gerard Way.
  • He would do the classic under-the-table move, bouncing his leg as to hid it partially.
  • He would also do it from under his thigh or below his seat.
  • He only got caught once during your class chats, then, never again since Prompto gave him some tips.


  • He’s like your average teenage girl right here, always attached to his phone.
  • He’s done this so many times. 
  • Chances are, he’s doing it again as you read this (For all you high schoolers out there)
  • He knows all types of tricks to make sure he doesn’t get caught. Better than Ignis with his glasses fucking him over most of the time.
  • Never got caught while texting you. Ever. Which makes it better since he can still talk to you.

Character designs in One Piece are SO WEIRD. I mean, even discounting non-humans and characters with special abilities that make them look different. Just normal humans are severely weird-looking. There are too many to count, even among major plot-relevant characters, but this guy’s a prime example:

DUDE HAS A HOTEL FOR A CHIN. It’s never addressed or explained, because he’s just a random bellhop with two speaking lines and maybe eight seconds of screen time. Why? Why not! If you’re drawing a character anyway you might as well install a three-story building in his face. I mean, there’s no reason not to.

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With all the different arguments against shipping certain things, or at least spreading content for those ships, the “reaching” argument makes the least sense. Yes, kl@nce shippers reach. So do shalads. That’s pretty much what shipping is, no? You take little bits of information in the canon and extrapolate it into something way more. And the only real difference between shipping and character analysis/meta is what ends up being canon. It doesn’t mean that inaccurate analyses were 100% wrong.

yeah… “reaching” arguments are kinda weird for exactly the reason you said bc like ??? literally unless the two characters in a ship are dating/kissing on-screen, in canon, right now, it’s reaching. because it’s all just speculation. and there’s nothing wrong with that really? it’s just fanon

I think I look so different to what people see on screen that people don’t make the association or think, ‘oh it looks like the chick from Wolf… but it couldn’t possibly be her because why would she be in a hostel in Dublin?’ In fact a couple of people did say that to me and I was like, ‘no that’s weird!’ They said, ‘I thought that would be weird.’


What will you miss most about playing Clara? I’ll mainly miss Peter. [laughs] It’s so rare that you get a show that is effectively a two-hander—it’s you two, all day, every day. Also every day is different, there’s no day that’s the same. Every two weeks you change episodes, you have a different cast, and you go to a different planet. You get to do weird stunts upside down, you play off a green screen, and then suddenly do a really domestic, emotional scene. As an actor, you can go anywhere. There’s not really a limit in that show where you’re stuck to a genre because it’s so changeable and dynamic. It’s that storytelling that I’ll miss the most and Peter, because we spent the best part of two and a half years together. But the show will move forward, as it does, and become something else, which is what makes it so special. - Jenna-Louise Coleman by Matt Holyoak for Interview Magazine (December 2015)



What GIF best describes how you are currently feeling?

When did you first start making GIFs? What was your first GIF?

I started a couple of years ago and the first was this animation I put together of a smashed up LCD screen taken from one of those cheap 99-games-in-one handheld consoles where all the games are terrible Tetris clones. I’d made a few prints based on it way back in art school and thought it would be nice to resurrect it in gif form. Things have gone a very different direction since then.

Your GIFs are so fun to look through because they are all so crazy and weird (in an awesome way!). Where do you find inspiration?

I try to entertain myself with what I make now and most of my ideas come from sitting at the computer, listening to music, or when I’m about to go to sleep and I’ll drowsily tap them into my phone for later. That means when I wake up in the morning I’ve got to remember what I’m supposed to be doing with nonsense phrases like ‘boxface’ or 'hotdog planet’. I also used to work in a dental lab, casting models for dentures and mouth guards, so that’s possibly why I keep putting so many teeth into things….

I’m really most inspired by what other gif artists are making. Not necessarily always in terms of subject matter but the work ethic they have in constantly producing great art, all while carving out their own very distinctive styles and niches.

What kind of a process do you go through to create your art?

I’ve a big collection of models from Sketchup, and I’ll play around with them until something interesting comes up. I’ll then copy and paste the results into GIMP for editing into gifs. It’s fairly low-tech as I previously made them on a little netbook that would groan if you dared have more than two browser tabs open. My computer is a bit better these days but old habits die hard.

What attracts you to the GIF format?

I find it suits an intuitive way of working, like sketching, and there’s something really gratifying about their looping repetitive nature, in the same way that things like old zoetropes and clockwork toys are still fascinating today. Before I started making gifs I was becoming dissatisfied with my art in the studio as I was producing these large-scale geometric wall drawings that required a lot of planning and measuring and not much fun. I saw gifs as a good way to free things back up and start creating work purely for enjoyment again.

Who are a few of your favorite artists?

There are tons but here’s a handful…

vince mckelvie
rachel maclean
clay rodery
cindy suen
jason clarke
john mclaughlin
john karel
eltons kuns

Current favorite GIF?

When things aren’t going right this is oddly reassuring…

Want more? Check out more GIF art from BADBLUEPRINTS on…and if you have a Mac iOS 10.8 or higher be sure to download the screensaver!

Still Able to Make Music

First of all, I just have to say that I absolutely loved the last episode. All of the characters were going through a shock and I thought the interviews were great. But I was bothered by the clarinet when I noticed it behind Rick, it just didn’t seem right.

Well, I was right, there is something wrong with that clarinet, because it wasn’t assembled properly. I played almost 15 years ago, and while I don’t remember much, I remember what clarinet should look like. In fact, just to make sure, I took my old clarinet out of its case from the back of my closet. That thing was really dusty and actually kind of gross. Anyway, I fiddled around with my old clarinet, just to make sure, and things seem a little weirder now… Or maybe it is just me.

The clarinet behind Rick is definitely not put together the right way. The center of it has been twisted. It’s hard to screw up a clarinets alignment because those bars above the holes are over lapping. The bars are suppossed to line up with the holes that make up the different notes also lining up. But we can clearly see that those holes do not form a straight line.

The instrument has obviously been twisted. And that is where things got a little weird, because I twisted my clarinet to match the one on screen. Twisting my clarinet like theirs made a key on each half overlap eachother, instead of the bars like intended. This changed the instrument, it changed its sound.

I’m not really sure how to explain myself, so bare with me.

Twisting the instrument caused one of keys to be pushed down, which changes the base note coming from it. And this key was weird to me because it’s connected to another key you can use instead. This key is practically a redudancy, as in one of them really is not needed. You can use the key at the bottom of the instrument that the first one is connected to without effecting the first key. But using that first key will effect the bottom key. So, that first key, which isn’t really needed, is forced down, changing the instruments basic sound.

Also, that key being forced down is also forcing a key on the top half of the instrument to stay in its up posistion, it can not be pushed down, which will not allow another note to be played. So, I guess one note is always being forced to be played while another note can never be played again…

I’m not really sure what to think or what any of this could mean. I just know that there’s something about that clarinet. Even if improperly assembled, it’ll still play, though incorrectly.

Thoughts anyone… please take this and run with it.


What will you miss most about playing Clara?

I’ll mainly miss Peter. It’s so rare that you get a show that is effectively a two-hander—it’s you two, all day, every day. Also every day is different, there’s no day that’s the same. Every two weeks you change episodes, you have a different cast, and you go to a different planet. You get to do weird stunts upside down, you play off a green screen, and then suddenly do a really domestic, emotional scene. As an actor, you can go anywhere. There’s not really a limit in that show where you’re stuck to a genre because it’s so changeable and dynamic. It’s that storytelling that I’ll miss the most and Peter, because we spent the best part of two and a half years together. But the show will move forward, as it does, and become something else, which is what makes it so special.

Preference #40: Late Night Food Runs

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Liam: You lay your legs across his lap staring blankly at the TV screen. “Why are we watching a scary movie again?” You ask him as he turns his head to face you. He shrugs, “I don’t know. Just thought we’d watch something different,” he finishes turning his gaze back to the screen. “Well, I don’t know if it sounds weird, but all this blood is making me hungry,” you say and he turns back to you, his eyebrows furrowed. “You’re so weird, weirdo,” he says chuckling and turning off the TV. “I’m kind of hungry, too. C'mon let’s go get something. Movie was boring anyways,” he finishes. “Admit it, you were scared.” “Shut up,” he replies back a smile evident on his face.

Zayn: "I’m sorry. You know I wouldn’t wake you if it was this bad,“ you apologize and the clock reads 3:34 in the morning. Your back is to your headboard and your hands on your growing belly. You watch as Zayn skips across the room putting on some shorts and an old t-shirt. His eyes tired and a pout to his face for waking up this early. "But you hate pickles,” he whines and he sits next to you on the bed. “Remember, it’s not for me. It’s for the baby,” you stated firmly. “I hate you,” he jokes with a small smile on his face. “I love you, too." 

Niall: You put on your shoes as quiet as you can, careful not to wake up the sleeping body laying across your couch. You grab your keys but they make noise causing your boyfriend to shift. "We are you going? At one in the morning?” He finishes his sentence glancing over at the clock. “I’m hungry, so, I’m going to Taco Bell?” You whisper hoping this was just him sleep talking but your assumptions are crushed when he sits up slipping on his shoes. “You’re not going alone,” Niall says taking the keys from your hand, “and you need to work on being more quiet." 

Harry: "Let’s make a bet. If the Packers lose, we go out, your treat,” you say extending your hand for him to shake. “And if they win?” He questions you with a flirty smirk drawn over his face. You shift his body on under yours pinning him down on your bed. “We do whatever you want. Whatever…you…want,” you say the last words slowly and sexy. He leans up pressing a lingering kiss on the corner of your mouth. “That way, we both win here,” you wink. You both turn your heads to the screen. “Looks like we get to do what I want,” he smirks this time spinning both your bodies so now he was on top. He leans down kissing and nibbling on the soft skin of your neck. You let out a low moan and he stops. “But…” He sits up and you begin to study his face carefully propping yourself with your elbows, “I am hungry,” He winks at  you with an evil smirk on his face. “But it’s two in the freaking morning-” “Nuh uh uh,” he cuts you off placing a finger on your lips, “whatever…I..want." 

Louis: "And who’s idea was this?” Louis whines as you stroll down the aisle of the pastry section of the grocery store, fingers entwined. “And for fuck’s sake at ten at night,” he continues. “Stop complaining. It’s for Niall. Remember it’s his birthday tomorrow,” you say. “Yeah, but why not just buy a cake instead of looking for an ingredient you probably won’t find except in like some foreign country?!” You stop yanking him by the hand in the way. You glare at him. “Remember that time you were sick? How the guys volunteered almost a week running to the store and back just for you?” You glare at him one more time. “You make me look like a bad person,” he states and both continue your way. “You’re not bad. You’re just grumpy when you’re sleepy. It’s quite cute actually,” you finish planting a kiss on his cheek.

That white/gold or blue/black dress post is fucking me up because it’s making me question my ability to color and how others perceive the colors in my art.

Like what looks good to me might look completely wrong to other people? I remember doing that color test and scored nearly perfect so I know I’m not messed up and it’s not a screen issue, it’s just weird to think that people are seeing things wildly different from me thanks to RETINAL NONSENSE.

I’ll mainly miss Peter. [laughs] It’s so rare that you get a show that is effectively a two-hander—it’s you two, all day, every day. Also every day is different, there’s no day that’s the same. Every two weeks you change episodes, you have a different cast, and you go to a different planet. You get to do weird stunts upside down, you play off a green screen, and then suddenly do a really domestic, emotional scene. As an actor, you can go anywhere. There’s not really a limit in that show where you’re stuck to a genre because it’s so changeable and dynamic. It’s that storytelling that I’ll miss the most and Peter, because we spent the best part of two and a half years together. But the show will move forward, as it does, and become something else, which is what makes it so special.
—  Jenna on what she’ll miss after leaving Doctor Who

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looking at the slowed down gifs i am even more convinced that this was all planned mainly by liams reactions they have gotten this question a million times i groaned when i read in the screen because it was so regressive liam's comment was so weird it doesn't even make sense they have never answered like that and knowing it was suppossed to happen makes me feel so much better

Pretty sure I agree. I don’t think their answers were rehearsed, they seem too natural, but I do think they knew the stupid, regressive question was coming and had decided to do something just a little different this time :)

While Harry knew exactly what he was saying, he doesn’t have the look of someone who just went “BOOM!”  He looks like someone who has said it before, and will say it again, but doesn’t necessarily think anyone will hear him.

Everyone heard him this time :D

I dont even work at this Cinema, but what this person did makes me wanna punch a seat.

So i went to the movies to watch Moana a few days ago, and I was really excited. At first i was the only one there so i was excited at the prospect of being able to watch it by myself, and naturally i sat in the best seat i possibly could according to my preferences. Unfortunately, right as the movie was about to start, three more small groups came in (one with two people, one with five, and the last with four) Two of the groups did their thing, and like any normal person would do they got seats in different rows so they could enjoy the movie in their own personal bubble without bothering anyone.

Not the group of four though. Ohhh no. They come to the row Im on, and decide to sit about four seats to my left, which makes no sense whatsoever because in that position, theyre right at the edge and watching the virtually empty theatre movie at an angle. and this might not seem that weird to some people, but considering how many other screen center spots there were, it was really weird to me. Im thankful they sat to the side of me rather than behind me, though.

About halfway through the movie, the little girl that was part of the group suddenly started spewing. It was gross, got everywhere over where they were sitting, and the mother just leaned forward and turned the child so she would throw up onto the floor rather than on her any more. Now i can understand a child getting sick in a theater, thats nothing weird. But this woman. She had vomit on her clothes, her kid just proved that she was too sick to really be in a theater, and the entire area around her feet was covered in vomit. Instead of, oh i dunno, leaving and taking their sick kid home and telling staff there was puke in the theater, they simply moved away two or so seats and then sat back down and finished the entire rest of the movie with the vomit just sitting there, stinking up the place, and soaking into the seats as well as the mother and childs own clothes.

Very basic gif tutorial

Ok so I haven’t made a gif in ages so bare with me.

1) Open photoshop, I’m using CC and it’s on mac. Go ‘Import’ then 'Video frame to layers’

2) Choose your video file, make sure it works with ps, best to use mp4

3) Then your screen should look like this. Choose the bit of the video you want to gif, make sure the settings are as shown because they will be different. When you first open it, it will be “from beginning to end”, you don’t want that. Make sure it’s ticked how it is in the picture (ignore GD’s weird face)

4) Press ok (very easy step wow)

5) THEN it should look like this, excuse random bits of the video because photoshop kept closing on me.

6)Right, so delete the parts you don’t give a shit about, even if we love Daesung ok. For mac it’s hold down shift and select the ones you don’t need and I’m sure its the same for windows.

7)and same on this side as well and then click the bin thingy

8) Now that’s done reselect the gifs on the timeline and click on the small arrow next to '0.03 sec’ and change it to '0.1’ seconds, this makes the gif move better, changing it to other speeds makes it painfully slow or fast


9)OK, this is optional but seriously do it ok it will save lives. You see the thing next to the fx the one that looks like a camera? will click on it and then it should come up like this, make sure you’re on the last layer of your gif ok

10) THAT SHIT MAKES YOUR GIF LOOK PRETTY AND YOU CAN DO IT HOWEVER YOU WANT. I don’t know why it adds another frame idek but yea click in one of the adjustment things, I use curves and play with it

11) CRUCIAL, you don’t want your gifs stolen or reposted so you add a water mark. press the camera thing again and this time we go to the text box on the left hand side

then we add the text box to where we want in the gif

then click the tick and we done

11) We go back up to the file and go to 'save for web’ here you must make sure the setting is to gif, the gif is under 2mb and the width etc thing is 500

Then press save and this is the final product

(don’t steal or I will cut your wifi off) (the gif didnt save properly so I made this to make up for it) remember kids, editing nicely is crucial

but no seriously if you want proper help then go here