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i hc at some point in their relationship, yuuri decides he's up for some good time and goes "hey victor wanna come over and eat what my mom made ;))" and victor gets all excited and he's like "KATSUDON?? :D" and yuuri falters a bit but victor looks so happy so he's just "...........YES"


I feel like we talk a lot about Victor flirting and Yuuri not catching on but?? Yuuri flirting and Victor not catching on?? This is a good thing™

  • Yuuri tries to help Victor up (and hold his hand in the process) and Victor gives him a high five
  • “Netflix and, um… Netflix and chill?” Yuuri asks nervously, and Victor’s eyes light up with understanding. // “I’ll get the blankets, we can build a fort,” he suggests. “Why do you look upset??”
  • Whenever Yuuri makes a dirty joke Victor always needs an explanation,,, it kind of ruins the mood but it’s okay because Yuuri loves him anyway

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maybe because you drop plots or never reply to threads without reminding people? you dropped like 3 threads with me lol

kinda wanna tell u to mind ur own goddamn business but i guess i’ll try to answer this properly (:

 okay, first of all, good job for sending me a passive aggressive ask about a post i made ELEVEN HOURS AGO when i was in a very low mood and wasn’t actually about threads/replies at all. in any way. literally wasn’t talking about my thread count!! amazing, right? don’t you worry, i have plenty of threads to work through and i haven’t been low on threads for about two years. but, really, well done for making a post i made when i was feeling shitty about you and your feelings. you do realise how entitled this sounds, don’t you? 

second of all, i can promise you, whoever you are, more of my threads get dropped on the other end than on my end and by an overwhelming amount. i’ve had a lot of threads that have gone nowhere or were dropped early. i’ve written with plenty of people who have dropped multiple threads with me. guess what? i don’t give a shit. it didn’t kill me. i don’t harbour any ill will against those writers. nobody is obliged to give you a reply if they don’t think they can. this is a hobby, not a job. 

anyway, i only drop threads when i get overwhelmed because i have more on my plate than i can handle, i genuinely can’t come up with a decent reply or the blog isn’t active anymore. i don’t often drop threads because i hate doing it. partly because i feel bad but largely because i’m afraid of getting this exact response from people. i genuinely avoid dropping threads as much as i can, always make a post about when i do drop threads and rarely drop more than about two or three at a time. no, i don’t message people personally but that’s because of The Anxiety (and i’ve said this multiple times). even without that, though, sometimes i’m just?? slow with replies?? because i’m human?? wild, i know. also, please, tell me what plots i’ve dropped because, as far as i know, i’ve hardly plotted with anyone outside of my small friend group for a long time.

in conclusion, what the fuck? you’ve clearly got some issue with me so why are you following me? this ask in itself implies you don’t think i’m deserving of attention from people around me so, seriously, why? do you really feel that slated by a few dropped posts (that i’m not even sure i definitely dropped since i have no clue who you are nor any evidence to support that you might have just missed a notif or something)? please go focus your energy on something else. (and i genuinely can’t believe i’m saying this shit again after i already wrote THIS POST back in december)

I Want To Know You

This spread is for getting to know a person, spirit, or deity! It lays everything out and is probably going to snatch/roast you. Proceed with caution and hopes of honesty. 

1. Who you are. 

This card can be a card you place as a signifier of who you’re doing your work on if you know (for example, for myself I always place Queen of Wands, or for one of my spirit guides, I place Sirius.), or a card that you draw to answer a question. 

2. The good part of you. 

This is the good part of you. I ALWAYS go for the positive definition for this card, reversed or not, because the intention of this spread is to have a positive thing here. 

3. The bad part of you. 

This is where you get snatched, alright? Don’t be upset. I’m going to make a further spread on how to target this card specifically, but this is the card that shows either your insecurity, your main flaw, or something that you’ve recently hecked up. 

4. The downside to your good.

Every beautiful thing has an ugly side, and this is what the bad part of your good is. For me, it’s usually like “Hey, you’re really generous and kind, but you are emotionally unstable and draining yourself.” 

5. The upside to your bad. 

This is where your bad helps you. An example for myself is like, “Hey, you find really unhealthy relationships, but you’re great at cutting ties.”


If anyone is interested, I’ll do this for them, just shoot me a message with your name or initials and the spread name!

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Reaction-The Sakamaki brother‘s s/o acting cold towards them because they're angry(or any reasons)

Admin Mawile: ( ´△`)


-As long as he can still feed from you without trouble, he won’t care. You can be as angry and cold as you like, just don’t make work for him. He’ll ignore your upset until it directly gets in his way. 


-That kind of behavior is immature and inappropriate. You will adjust that attitude, or face his idea of how to fix it. No partner of his will be allowed to treat him with such disrespect and rudeness. 


-If you’re going to be all cold, than he’ll just have to torture you until he gets a reaction! Between frequent, painful bites and actual torture devices, you’ll perk up quickly or suffer for it. 


-You’re not allowed to be rude to him, and Teddy is very offended by your behavior. He’s going to have to punish you now, because you just had to try to make him angry with you. 


-He knows lots of ways to make unhappy prey smile again… and you’re going to be experiencing all of them. Really, he doesn’t care if you’re angry or not, and is just jumping on the chance to torment you. 


-He ignores it for as long as he can, but eventually gets so frustrated with the cold behavior that he snaps and tries to scare you into stopping. If that doesn’t work, he just gets even more angry with you. 

full offense but when will people stop using “they’re an only child” to trash talk kids instead of the parenting. i know that the link between “only child” and “the parents must have spoiled them” seems pretty self-evident to you, An Adult, but “only child” is a label on the kids and the kids will blame themselves for it before they think about the way they’re being raised

also in general, how many times “well you know this kid’s an only child” is used as code for “i am tasked with taking care of this kid but now they’re crying and inconveniencing me so i will categorize them in a way that will strip me of all the responsibility to analyze the situation and make sure i understand what’s actually upsetting them”

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I took a fiction class for funnsies this semester and we've had to read a lot of short stories, and honestly your works of fanfiction are better than most of them. I may be biased because of my deep love for the spiderchild but even like the style and scene setting and everything about your writing is so good. A lot of "serious" works of fiction try to hard to be deep and meaningful but just come off as cheesy and pretentious. I'd take your writing any day!

this is honestly the nicest ask i’ve ever gotten, i’ve screenshotted it and just. am so grateful for such kind words. a chunk of my classes are fiction classes (i hope you like yours, even if you find some of the more serious ones a little boring), so i know what you mean, and this just. means a lot. thank you so much.

HWTR to you being a virgin

Requested. :3



He’d probably the most excited about it just because he can teach you all sorts of stuff or take it slow. He’s probably the best choice of partner for the first time since, despite all the bravado that he’ll make you feel good, he’s still nervous about it. He’d get cold feet right before actually penetrating you, asking you a hundred times before ‘Is it ok? Are you sure you want to do it?!’. You’ll have to comfort him and tell him that you don’t want to do it with no one else. He’s going to do anything in his power to make you feel relaxed, being gentle and spending much time in loosening you up during foreplay. He won’t make fun of you if you’re a virgin; he’d make a few jokes, but if he sees you getting upset over it, he’d stop. It doesn’t really matter for him if you are or not because the love-making is the most important aspect—so he wants for both of you to have fun. And he won’t pressure you on doing anything that you won’t like; he’ll work on it gradually.

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  • boy: wyd gorgeous
  • me: nm just thinking
  • boy: what about? ;)
  • me: lol you wouldn't wanna know
  • boy: oh? ;)))
  • me: yea, i mean I'm just thinking about if marco's gonna go back for star in the season 3 premiere. also i'm thinking is jarco gonna break up in the next episode?? bc like jackie knows about star liking marco and jackie knows starco is otp. btw can someone check on star? is she okay? like she's lost everything, glossaryk, the book of spells, THE FREAKING BOUNCE LOUNGE & technically marco at this point. the poor kiddo is upset & depressed and it makes me cry. also toffee is back and moon almost died and are we forgetting that marCO IS A 30 YEAR OLD MAN IN A 14 YEAR OLD'S BODY LIKE HE WAS SAD HE HAD TO LEAVE HECKAPOO'S DIMENTION BUT HE WENT BACK BC MOSTLY STAR. and iS EVERYONE IN STAR VS OKAY?!?!?!???!!!!?????
  • boy: *read 10:46 PM*

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I hope they don’t make her evil though.:( That would be so upsetting. I am excited to get more Lena either way though! She is so interesting and complex, and there is so much about her we need to know!

i could go on and on about how badly the waitress has been treated not in the show but by the writers…. she’s one of the few serious character fuck-ups and it’s really sad that she’s been around since the pilot and we know so little about her actual personality. All we ever get are her relationships with dennis and charlie and she’s only used to further their development and never her own. It just makes me really upset that every opportunity they get to do something fun with her they just make her the most bland character and are constantly sacrificing consistency and development for gags. She is just a prop for the long-running and honestly not that funny any more gags of her fucked up relationship with Dennis and Charlie. It’s a complete tragedy in my mind and I really want to see her treated better by the writers, I know they can do better and so many recurring characters are really amazing and funny and unique and then the waitress just gets the shaft every damn time. Not to mention the sexist implications of her characterization thus far but I won’t even go there right now… 

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We had a discussion on veganism/vegetarianism in my philosophy class today, and it seemed as though most people were on board with the idea that animal farming is bad, but won't accept that eating meat is immoral. There were so many things that I wanted to point out but I found it difficult to raise my voice as I am a shy person, and just thinking about it makes me upset.

That sounds really frustrating. It’s absolutely classic of meat eaters though, the industry is bad, but their funding and supporting it somehow is not. It’s a ludicrous position but it can be hard to argue against, because it is difficult to reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into. Don’t feel bad, chances are you couldn’t have swayed them alone, but maybe you could talk to some of the more receptive people individually if you feel confident enough? It may be less intimidating to speak to people you know and when they’re not in groups.

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Is it weird that not being able to sing bass makes me dysphoric?

No that’s normal! You want to have a deeper voice, and not being able to sing with a deeper voice is upsetting, that makes sense to me.

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I just recently lost a good friend of mine to chronic illness and the grieving process is too much to bear. I'm at the point where I'm conflicted, like I still take pride in my Judaism, but I'm severely angry at G-d for taking her away from me or having her be sick in the first place. What should I do? I really don't want to turn my back on my faith, but I'm just so angry. Please help.

Hi anon,

I am so sorry about your loss.

Sometimes tragedies occur that are not in our control and they have the power of making us feel vulnerable, angry and upset. I do not blame you for being angry with G-d, nor do I blame you for feeling any emotions surrounding all of the things you are dealing with right now.

Your story reminds me of some of the feelings that Elie Wiesel wrote about his experiences in the Holocaust in his book “Night,” such as his theology surrounding saying the Kiddush on Shabbat: “For the first time, I felt anger rising within me. Why should I sanctify His name? The Almighty, the eternal and terrible Master of the Universe, chose to be silent. What was there to thank Him for?” (pg. 33) You have every right to hold every emotion that you are feeling.

As to what you should do? Once the days and weeks and months become just a little easier with your friend, do something in honor of her. Eat her favorite food, donate to one of her favorite charities, go to her favorite amusement park, watch her favorite movie(s).

If you would like to speak specifically about your relationship with G-d, feel free to send me a direct message. I would love to help you to personally help you (and not in public as this is a personal issue).

May your friend’s memory live on as a beautiful blessing. May her entire family and all of her friends feel comfort in the gorgeous light that she brought to the world.


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i really didnt mean to make you upset. i really love your blog and you're an amazing person i promise i wont do it again, please forgive my incompetence

seriously its okay, i saw your other messages, you are very forgiven, i’m a really salty person sometimes so if anyone has the right to be upset its you ;

i haven’t posted the post yet of the babysitting, i do everything in chronological order, so that the posts match up with each other. check @thetextingmemes this Saturday around the same time, it’ll be up to date by then