making this was upsetting

controversial opinion that shouldn’t be controversial:

ceos of corporations who willingly let people die, along with anyone else involved in the process, should be jailed, not fined.

a preventable industrial disaster that kills workers while the company is aware of the possible damage beforehand should result in prison.

that is murder, plain and simple. a cost-benefit analysis calculating murder. a crime against humanity.

there’s no reason someone stealing food should be jailed while a wealthy individual knowingly killing people is let off the hook with a fine that hardly affects profits at all.

Do you ever reread the scene in the Last Olympian where Percy decides to take on the curse of Achilles and it’s such a vital and important decision that he could literally die from and had to get his mother’s blessing for and just when Percy thinks he’s not going to be able to handle the curse and is starting to disintegrate we have that beautiful beautiful scene where Percy imagines Annabeth up on the dock at Camp teasing him and saying “You’re not getting away from me that easily. Take my hand” because she is literally the person tying his soul to the world, his weak point, his achilles’s heel, and just get so overwhelming upset because hoo just casually washed away the curse simply to make him more equal to the rest of the seven because I do


Lotor and the Generals, finally!

They would have full armor and everything and I’ll figure that out one day, but we’re appreciating the patterns and bodies here, so

Just because Nikki Reed is acting all cool with it does not mean what Ian Somerhalder did was ok. Yeah, I’m sure they both talked about it together after he revealed he threw out the birth control pills and came to an understanding yada yada yada that’s not the point. The point isn’t whether Nikki consented in the end to be impregnated or not, which from what I can tell she did. It’s the blatant presumptuousness (even Nikki called it presumptuous) with which a man decided to take his partner’s fertility and reproductive choice into his own hands and thought the best way to communicate that he had decided that now was the best time to have kids was by throwing away her freakin birth control without her permission.

Keep in mind, Ian was the one who wanted to have kids, being older than her and wanting to have kids sooner, and Nikki was on the fence about it until after he did that and until after she had a like 6 minute freak out when she found out her pills were gone. 

This whole story is extremely gross and not cute. It’s misogyny. 

Raise Your Hand If:

You think the only time we should be unwelcoming in the Magic: The Gathering community is to make misogynists, racists, harassers and assholes, feel unwelcome?


astro plays the sticky note game!

no eunwoo’s were harmed in the making (i hope)

Because instead of trying to develop an already large cast of interesting and diverse characters, why not add someone completely boring and irrelevant and focus the whole story on them