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Asked you about your favourite beasts the other day for inspiration, and inspired I was, indeed. Occamy, Ashwinder, Demiguise and Niffler!
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make me choose: Black Sails S1 or Black Sails S3

I was no one, and then you came, and my island fell, and I became something else. On the night I confiscated the pardon rolls, the night I started becoming, I made clear my position that there would be two sorts of men on the island going forward… Those like Captain Vane, determined to stand by their oath to the very end, and those like Captain Throckmorton, happy to be the first to betray it. And thus, as always, to traitors… Captain Throckmorton’s black spot will not be the last. Ignore it, and join him. Heed it, and reclaim your place amongst us. Until then, I remain… Long John Silver.

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both my parties this weekend went very well, and everyone is very happy, and i am not going to move or speak tomorrow.

Jesus, people.

I’m not even a little bit sorry a neo-Nazi got punched in the face, I even enjoyed watching it a bit, but then I come here and see people actually advocating for going around punching people in the face and saying anyone who disagrees with them or is like, “maybe we shouldn’t treat that dude like an actual hero?” is now a complicit neo-Nazi themself. 

You can’t share a bunch of MLK’s words one day and then pretend violence is the answer literally three days later. Discredit, talk over, interrupt, ridicule. Shut it down. Stand in front of them, put things in front of their faces. Shout louder. There are literally a million things to do before going violent.Throw pie or silly string or eggs, even. 

I completely support protecting yourself and others from violent attack, physically if need be. I know that words can do real damage to the heart and soul, but if you could punch everybody who hurt your heart and soul…There is a pretty real and hard line between physical and non-physical violence.

Physical violence for speech…even terrible stuff, even dangerous speech…Do you not realize how dangerous a precedent that is? How instantly and immediately making that okay will turn and bite you in the ass? Do you not realize that who makes the rules about what counts as “terrible” and “dangerous” and “immoral” can change on a dime? Where do you draw the line? You can punch them, can you knock them out? Can you put them in the hospital? Can you kill them? Who draws the line? Why? Where? I mean, you do realize that people who read you writing about punching (and even killing) people can just as easily think you are threatening actual violence and present a real and present danger and now walk up an punch you in the face when you start talking, by your logic.

(guys free speech is really really really really really really really really important and we have to be careful not to endanger it just so we feel good about what gets said. follow the ACLU’s lead on this)

I see people saying it’s bullshit to argue that fighting violence with violence makes you a monster like the one you’re fighting, but…I just…seriously? How short sighted is that? No, how you fight does matter. That’s why the nonviolent protest movement has been more successful at accomplishing any sort of political gain throughout the 20th century. Strategy-wise, becoming the enemy to defeat your enemy works pretty effectively. It feels really good. But it’s also an elementary-school level understanding of justice. 

Ok so Bones is short.  I’m not sure exactly how short, but my image of her ranges between 5 foot flat and 5 4.  

When Baze hugs her (at 5 11), he just hugs her head.  


I’m always trying to do the right thing and it is never good enough. I need someone to just hold me and tell me my efforts are seen and loved and appreciated because I don’t even know why I try to make everyone happy anymore when there’s always something I’m not doing right

Forget love interests...

How about friend interests?

“Can we marathon movies together already?”

“Can we make inside jokes already?”

“Can we invent a needlessly complicated secret handshake already?”

“Can we create sentimental birthday gifts for each other already?”

“Can we share secrets already?”

“Can we call each other dumb nicknames already?”

“Can we laugh until we cry already?”

“Can we tell each other our hopes and dreams for the future already?”