making this one broke my heart a bit


Prompt: Ooo I really hope that anon makes a Snape imagine blog! Could you perhaps do a story involving Snape”s girlfriend (reader, Ravenclaw graduate) receiving his wand after hus death please?? Have a good day!!

Okay, so I added a little bit more to this.  I couldn’t bring myself to leave it as it was and it really broke my heart (curse you for making me cry) so…. this may have turned into something else entirely at the end.  Maybe a part 2 could be made.  I don’t know yet.  Anyways, hope you like!  Enjoy!

Word Count: 2482

Trigger Warning: Character Death/Dealing with death.


It was over.  The battle had taken a toll on everyone as you wiped dirt from your cheek, casting the finally spell toward a Death Eater than refused to give up.  As he fell, you looked around, seeing all the tired and excited faces.  Harry Potter finally did it.  He finally defeated the Dark Lord once and for all.  Even with all the death surrounding you, the school in a destroyed state, you couldn’t help the smile.  

Your arms dropped to your sides, exhausted but you couldn’t stop.  You had arrived at Hogwarts to help defend your old school against the Death Eaters even though your boyfriend asked you not too.  He tried to tell you to run, to get somewhere safe, but you couldn’t do it.  He had his tasks to complete and you had yours.  You arrived right as the battle picked up so you didn’t have time to really talk to anyone.

“Professor!” you called out, waving your arm above the heads of the others. 

Professor McGonagall was there, speaking to someone you didn’t quite recognize at first until you got closer.  You still kept your eyes opened though, searching the gathering crowd.  You felt your chest constrict as people hugged each other, crying tears of joy at realizing they survived.  Other cried in anguish, finding loved ones lying dead on the ground.  You couldn’t help but feel tears prick your eyes at the scene, taking a shuttering breathe.

“Y/N!” McGonagall hugged you, patting your cheeks in relief.  “I haven’t seen you since you graduated all those years ago.  But it doesn’t matter now.  I am so grateful that you arrived when you did.”

“I couldn’t allow my school to come to danger.  Especially filled with students,” you answered.  

“No wonder you were placed in Ravenclaw.  Such a bright and caring girl,” she placed her arms around your shoulders, keeping you close.  You didn’t understand why but you left it at that, feeling your heart slowly sink with each passing moment.  He had promised to meet you here, when it was all over.  Both of you were going to move away, leave this place.  He would stop teaching and you would leave the shop you worked for in Diagon Alley to find a quiet place out in the countryside.

“Y/N, dear, what is it?”

“He isn’t here yet,” you murmured, grabbing her hand in fear.  You looked at her, tears beginning to form.  He never broke his promises to you.  He never left you waiting too long.  He always arrived on time.

“Who?” came the unfamiliar voice and you found yourself locking eyes with Harry Potter.  He had his hands shoved in his pockets, his head slowly lowering to the ground.  He seemed lost in thought but you understood.  He was Harry Potter.  The Chosen One who defeated the Dark Lord.  And he was so young, being thrust into such a position.  But at least he succeeded.  

“My boyfriend,” you swallowed, “Snape.  Severus Snape.”

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My divine experiences with the sign as a Leo sun/Taurus moon/Sag rising

Aries: some of my favourite people are Aries. They have a lot of fun and have such a wicked energy. I work with lots of Aries and they’re bossy but a bit childish, which I think softens them a bit. I’ve seen one cry and it broke my heart. My mum is an Aries and I LOVE how confident she is. I aspire to be just like her.

Taurus; I know only a handful of Taureans and I’m growing very fond of them. I have a huge crush on one and I’m constantly bedazzled by their patience and chill outlook. Super sweet and always gorgeous. Inside and out. Communication is a bit of a challenge. Want to wrap them in blankets and make them food. Beautiful eyes. Shy (which is tricky being the Leo I am, but my moon helps me understand them)

Gemini; I’m close with two geminis and they are some of the coolest people. One is so smart and reminds me of gold electricity. Laughs a lot, shares music and articles with me. We did a drug test together and she wanted me to hold her hand as they drew blood. Sweetest souls who are good at being separate from their emotions. I love them endlessly.

Cancer; my dad is a cancer and as much as I love his unconditional love and tolerance of me (fiesty drama queen) but they’re so passive aggressive and can’t be direct which really gets me. I wish I knew some on a more personal level.

Leo; I can’t get enough of Leos. I’m blessed to know a bunch of them, and they are pure light. I can see the love pour out of them with how they talk, what they do and how they express themselves. Loud and outgoing but so understanding. My friend whom I’ve known since kindergarten has the exact same natal chart as me but I have Taurus moon, she has cancer, and she is the coolest ray of sunshine. Loyal and super soft hearted.

Virgo: I only know two, and neither too personally. One just bugs me, but the one I know more is super sweet and humble. She used to tell me her relationship troubles and it was hard to hear how selfless she was and how she didn’t get much back. Super clever and quick witted.

Libra; my best friend and grandma are Libras and they’re really chill. They can be superficial and can’t make a decision to save their lives, but super bubbly and know so many people. They do play the social chameleon but I see it as a way to accommodate for people. So nice. They hide insecurities very well.

Scorpio; intense. I only know two and they are the sweetest. I feel so loved and appreciated by my close friend. The other is just so emotional but owns it which I admire so much! I would give them the world if I could. They have such emotional strength. I’ve been hurt by Scorpio men, so I’m still trying to be open to them. Their intensity/passion scares me sometimes.

Sagittarius; I love sagittarians. I know a lot and they’re all the coolest. Very easy to be around. Love to keep moving. Deeper than they come across, which is nice. They remind me of sugar and laughing. The only blunt Sagittarian I know is my grandma.

Capricorn; I know one and he has a dark sense of humour. Very emotionally closed off but very much a family man. Likes to take care of his family. Can be a real hard ass but he is a soft soul who’s been through stuff. I feel that compassion is what would break through his emotionless façade.

Aquarius; love them. Strong unique personalities. Live in their own world. Can be supremely selfless and sweet with those they care about, which catches me off guard. Nothing but love for them.

Pisces; my dads side of the family is full of them. They’re so sweet. Can have a good time but when it comes to serious conversations, they sit and listen intently. They remind me of tissues and dainty flowers. Simple souls who have a huge pool of love to draw on for their loved ones. My good friend is a 6th house pisces dominant and she is basically the ultimate mum friend.

i was 7 when i started
making lists inside my head
random words
like raindrops
on a Saturday evening
one two three
and a thousand fell
like needles
but gentler
and softer—
ice cream,
a red dress,
a new doll
and i started
writing things i wanted
and things i had but never wanted
i closed my eyes
listened to the soft pitter patter
like a lullaby
from a mother
Thirteen when i knew how to
sort the things i like from the things I don’t
thirteen when I met a boy with deep brown eyes
and lashes that make you stutter
I spaced out
My hand started writing
Songs about love
Love stories
My cheeks flushed from the last word
I tore the paper
And hid it
At the bottom
At the farthest corner
Hoping no one would find
And the boy with deep brown eyes cried
I stared at him from afar
Clutching a note
A handful of “Sorry”
And a bit of
“Thank you for everything we had”
My heart broke a little
When he saw me
And smiled
I stopped making lists
about things
I love
The sound of rain falling—
I never heard it again
Or maybe I did
But it was noise
And never music


You came.

You left.
There was no music.
No raindrops
No chocolates
Nothing that would make one stutter
Only a sting on my chest
I suddenly knew what I wanted
And learned how I can’t have it.
I slowly wrote
with closed eyes

BTS reaction to you having their lyrics as tattoo

Requested by anon - thank you!

Request open


He would surely be happy that you wrote one of his parts on your skin but he still thought about the consequences it could have. Not only if you ever broke up but for your health too. Like: Was the tattoo artist professional? Did he use new, disinfected needle?

“It really suits you”

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He would be touched. Suga would give you one of his warm hearting gummy smiles and trace the tattoo with his index finger.

“Thank your for immortalizing one of my lyrics” 

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Tears would form and fall to. His level of being touched would probably be – next to Suga, who just shows it differently – the highest.

“I hope I can make you not regret this decision.”

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He would surely happy, but also a bit worried. It was – like I already mentioned – something permanent and you should think about it a lot before you actually decorate your skin with it.

After you made clear that you really thought through the whole idea before you actually got it – he would be relieved and show his happiness more.

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I think Jimin would be the one kissing the tattoo.
After all it’s special and it had a big meaning to you but also to him because you wore his song on your body.

“This is one of the most beautiful moments in my life…”

“Are you really making reference to your own albums in this situation..”


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He would smile wide – really wide.

Getting a tattoo is something amazing – it expresses yourself after all – but it got better in his opinion because it was HIS part.

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He would be a bit awkward – yes he loves it in ever single way but the imagination that you had to keep it on your skin for ever got him a bit in the mood for thinking. BUT if you’re happy, why should he complain?

“It’s well done… i like it… it makes you even more beautiful”

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Father and son bonding… (I’m testing if I still could draw people since I’ve been pretty much all chibi’s since November) Anyhoo, there’s a lot of precious scenes that broke my heart. And this was one of them >__< ugghh Balinor…. I was bawling when Balinor died and Merlin was trying to hold in his tears!

I’m actually a bit peeved that every story arc where Merlin can be happier, the show snatches away that chance and kills off Merlin’s loved ones like—- whyyyyyyy? Why won’t you make Merlin happy?!

Chibi commissions are open! If you’re interested, check my info page here.


Steve Jablonsky - Arrival to Earth

So I just wanted to see how well one of my favorite Transformers soundtracks would go with the last part of Not What He Seems! I ended up editing the scene a bit for it to fit into the music but it’s pretty much original. I like how this turned out and I had fun making it. Also, I broke my feels.

Please, watch it in HD! It gets better at the end.

One thing i did today to calm me down and make myself a bit happy, since i got a bit scared and panicy this morning.                                                       But hey, just look at this adorable dork who just broke my heart in his route not even a week ago.                                                                                    

Poor Rumple

So, I was watching 5x03 and I just realized something. It might just be me but… when Rumple woke up, the first thing he said was 

Rumple: What do you want from me? You’re the Dark One now, not me. 

And at first I didn’t think anything of it, but….

He really doesn’t think he is worth a damn without the curse, like, nobody would even want to seek him out if it wasn’t for his power and to look for his help or to make a deal or to take something from him. 

And, yes, we know all of this, nobody has ever just showed some kind of concern towards the man (besides Belle and Bae), but it was all just so clear in that one sentence. It just broke my heart a bit, because even without the curse, he has so much knowledge to share, and it’s so sad he thinks he is nothing. 

Kudos to Bobby, once again, for showing so much with so little.