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Choosing the wrong Priorities Part 1

Harry is urged to get back into the spotlight by staging a make out session with Kendall Jenner. His girlfriend isn’t too happy about that.

Choosing the wrong Priorities Part 2

Follow up to Choosing the wrong priorities part 1.

Choosing the wrong priorities part 3

Follow up to Choosing the wrong priorities part 2.

It never faded

You and Harry had a messy break up and after suffering a terrible heartache you’re ready to move on. That’s until he shows up at your door in the middle of the night.

Overhearing a confession

This is a One Shot about Harry being your best friend and falling asleep on top of you. Unfortunately, that’s the exact time your friend decides to talk about how obvious it is that you have feelings for each other. 

A Difference between Like and Love

Harry and you are best friends stuck in the awkward transition between being friends and lovers. 

On a scale from one to ten

Harry is caught up in his job and his girlfriend is fed up with it so they make a deal to put away their phones for the weekend and to spend some quality time together. 

Admitting it

You’re Harry’s best friend who happens to be hopelessly in love with him. He doesn’t know, though and is dating Kendall Jenner. Until he shows up at your door. 

A threatening Kiss

You and Harry are arguing after pictures of him making out with a girl are published online. He claims he’s innocent, but fed up and hurt you make him sleep at a hotel for the night.

A half full Coffee Mug

Requested AU imagine; In this one shot, Y/N is CEO Harry’s new assistant, whom he really likes to poke fun at. That is, until one evening on which Y/N has finally had enough. 

From Friendship to more

Harry and Y/N are close friends and have a rather serious conversation at a mutual friend’s party.

You gave up on us

This is a one shot about Harry and his girlfriend talking and crying about how their relationship has developed and changed. 

You gave up on us - Part 2

Follow up to ‘You gave up on us’ part one. 

Settled Down

Harry entrusts Y/N with the first draft of the ‘Another Man’ article, in which he happens to talk about her as well. 


Y/N loves Harry to pieces, however, not when he switches from being the nicest man to the complete opposite whenever he’s angry.

New Love

Harry is quite new at dating and though unsure how to behave around her, he knows he’s already in love. 

A Duet sung by Himself

Harry takes his time for many people, however, not for his girlfriend.

A Duet sung by Himself - Part 2

Follow up to ‘A Duet sung by Himself’.

Ex-Girlfriend Troubles

Harry and Y/N’s Skype call is interrupted by no one other than his ex, Kendall Jenner.

… Cheating Series: 

He has Someone Else

Harry’s girlfriend is confronted with the knowledge that he’s cheating on her and has no choice but to deal with the consequences. 

He’s with Me - (kind of a Part2 to He has Someone Else) 

Harry cheated on his girlfriend and now has to deal with her having left him for it. 

How could I be sure? - ( kind of a Part3 to He has Someone Else ) 

Harry cheated on his girlfriend but finds it hard to let her go.

This could be Our Thing

Harry and his lovely girlfriend decide to have a little bake competition

There’s an Intruder in her Home

When Harry enters his girlfriend’s apartment, he’s quick to discover she has an uninvited guest.

The Styles Christmas Celebrations Routine

Harry and Y/N are a newly wed couple and disagree on when it’s time to open the christmas presents.

Teardrops and a Mug of Tea

You’re Harry’s rebound.

Regrets and a happy Smile - ( Kind of a Part2 to Teardrops and a Mug of Tea ) 

Harry’s heart hurts when he realized how big of a mistake leaving Y/N was.

Need for Breath and finding Each Other - ( Kind of a Part3 to Teardrops and a Mug of Tea )

Don’t want You to Hate Me

When Y/N awakes in a hospital, she has no idea what could have possibly happened to her and that Harry thinks telling her would make her hate him, doesn’t exactly help either. 

Enchanted by Her

Harry simply cannot look away when he sees her whispering along to Pink Floyd.

You Never Disappoint

Inexperienced Y/N wants Harry to finally introduce her to a more intimate level of their relationship.

A Little Bit of Jealousy

Hardly anything upsets Y/N as much as when her Harry is being hit on.

Ordinary Things

Harry can’t make time for simple things.


Harry wants to have sex and Y/N… doesn’t. 

Party Monster

Harry is left with taking care of his ex girlfriend, Y/N, after she’d had a drink that was a little too heavy.

You’re My Favorite

What to get to the man who has everything?

Unwanted Attention

Harry has this one friend who loves hitting on Y/N.

Search for Loneliness

Harry breaks Y/N’s heart.

Search for Loneliness - Part2

Harry broke Y/N’s heart but how come he misses her now?

Needing Comfort

Harry and Y/N have been fighting for days. On day four, Y/N starts to cry.

Sick of Losing You

Harry and Y/N lost each other when he found someone else.

Look at Me

Y/N can’t understand why H never looks at her.

No Need to Worry

H is grumpy and jealous but Y/N knows how to cheer him up.

Still in Love

H and Y/N used to have a bond until they cut each other out of their lives.

Words Aint Enough

Y/N never asked him to commit himself to her, but when Harry flirts with someone else it breaks her heart. 

Only You

Y/N cries over having seen Harry kiss someone else and he tries his best to comfort his friend. 

Driving Lessons

Harry is convinced he has to teach Y/N how to drive.

No more Crying

It’s after an argument that Y/N realizes she cannot take it anymore.

A Tenderness They don’t Understand

Harry and Y/N are utterly in love with each other. 

Why are You like this?

Y/N feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to let her Harry know.

Ambiguous Love

Jealous Harry rather leads Y/N on than sharing her with somebody else.

Cold on Your Fingertips

Y/N can’t feel her heart beat anymore.

Guess He’s really into Her, Mate

Harry really likes Y/N and is surprised when his friend is less supportive.


Harry doesn’t hesitate to reassure Y/N of his loyalty to her.

They’ll all come to see you for what you are

A Jonerys fic

Arrival at Winterfell…

He closed and bolted the heavy door behind them.

“So…that went well I thought.”

With the tiniest roll of her eyes, she turned her back on him, refusing to let him see how upset she was.

“They hate me, Jon. Your family hates me.”

“No, they don’t hate you, they just don’t know you. They don’t trust you. But they will, just give them time. After all, I felt the same way a few months ago, as did you.”

Daenerys spun back around, her hands clasped to avoid wringing them. “Fine, Arya may not hate me, and Bran…is a little hard to read. But the same cannot be said for the Lady of Winterfell. There’s no mistaking her.”

Jon opened his mouth to protest, then thought better of it when he saw her daring arched eyebrow and realised there was probably some truth to what she said. So he tried a different route. “If it makes you feel any better, she hasn’t liked me much most of our lives either. I think she’s always loved me in her own way, but she’s never really liked me. Probably has something to do with her mother.” He looked at the floor, memories of the dearly departed Catelyn Stark flittering through his head, none of them pleasant.

She stepped towards him carefully, lately it felt like every move between them had to be thought and re-thought a dozen times before acted on lest one makes a move the other isn’t ready to reciprocate. But at that moment she didn’t care, they hadn’t spoken much on the subject, but Dany knew his father’s wife was a sore spot for him. After all, she had no great love for those who made her feel like an outsider in her own home either. She placed a small, delicate hand on his callused ones.

Jon looked up and met her eyes, she didn’t speak any words of comfort, nor did he need them, her touch was enough, the gentle smile on her face was enough. He shook his head slightly as if shaking off the reverie and let a playful grin begin to form on his face.

“Besides,” he began to say with a glint in his coal-stone eyes. “There’s only one opinion that really matters to me and he seemed to take to you quite nicely.”

Dany cocked her head to the side and furrowed her thick brows in confusion, then broke out into a bemused smile when realisation hit her.

“Are you talking about Ghost?”

Jon didn’t say anything, he just bit his lip slightly like a cheeky schoolboy making a joke. She loved this side of him, it surfaced so rarely, usually buried under layers of brooding, but when it did it made her heart glow.

“I’ll admit, the fact that he didn’t immediately try to bite my arm off was more of a relief than it should have been.” Dany walked towards the fire in the corner of the room, it had been hours since it was lit and was now barely burning. “‘The Dragon Queen’…bested by a little wolf.”

His eyebrows shot up. “‘Little wolf’?”

The tiniest giggle escaped her lips, reminding Jon how young she truly was at heart, there weren’t many moments like this. “You know what I mean, the animals I deal with are usually –”

“Alright, fair enough. He’s no dragon. But in these parts, he is still considered quite formidable.” Dany could’ve sworn there was something in his voice that sounded offended, but he did a good job of covering it up.

“That he definitely is. A worthy adversary if he chose to be.” She nodded to herself absentmindedly, apparently it was enough to put him at ease.

He walked up behind her and they watched the flames together, dancing and circling each other.

“It wouldn’t hurt you at all, would it?”

The corner of her mouth perked up, she had been waiting a while for Jon to ask her about this, she was starting to wonder if he ever would.

“Not at all.”

“What does it feel like, Daenerys? To walk through fire?” He had been holding this back since the day they met, he’d only heard tales of her walking through flames unscathed, and of course there was the ‘Unburnt’ in her title, but he’d never actually addressed it with her. He just took her word for it.

“Like warmth.” Then, perceiving what that probably sounded like, she backtracked. “Not ‘fire’ kind of warmth, more like…what I’ve always imagined a mother’s smile feels like. A proud father’s hug. The love of a new-born child. It’s the safest feeling in the world. It won’t help you understand it, but it’s the same as when I’m on Drogon’s back, soaring through the skies. I feel invincible.”

They both took a deep breath in, gazing wistfully at the fire, anything to keep them from staring at each other longingly.

“It sounds incredible.”

Daenerys nodded slowly, sadly. “Almost makes up for the fact that I’ll never have anything to compare it to. A mother’s smile, a father’s hug,” her voice broke ever so slightly, “my child’s love.”

Without thinking, he took her hand, squeezing it gently and rubbing his thumb along her pale skin. Boundaries didn’t matter to him, not now, not when the woman he was so desperately in love with was hurting.

“You are the most loved woman I have ever met, My Queen. Trust me, I speak from a place of authority.” Jon, realising what he had just said, cleared his throat self-consciously.

She took a small step back until they were aligned and rested her head against his shoulder. And there they stood, not saying a word, watching the fire die out, relishing the seconds, the minutes, the hours, that they didn’t have to pretend to be stronger than they were.


It’s a bit late, but I wanted to redraw one of my favorite scenes from Battle for Mewni, which was great , it left me asking more questions than getting answers. Not to mention, it made us go through a roller coaster ride of emotions from that heart melting hug or the moment I saw Moon’s wall being broken. She and star have had a pretty strained relationship from the start. Seeing her break down like that literally broke my heart it was a side of her that we had not yet seen making it more impactful for me at least.

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Do you know any good noragami fanfiction i should read?

ohohohohohhooooo, you have come to the right place.

In Spring I Said I Love You by @fushiginokunino​ has yet to be dethroned as the fic that gave me the most feels, and if you read I dare you not to get misty. It’s very sweet and very well-written and I can’t recommend it enough.

In the Darkness is the published fruits of @yatorihell​‘s labor on a Harry Potter AU. Good luck surviving it. Everything in her collection so far has been very humorous, in-character, and well-written.

May Our Fates Intertwine by 79AuRa88 is a poignant fic with a gorgeous, melancholic, fairy-tale-esque narrative style. It’s been one of my favorites for a very long time.

Now and Forever is an ongoing fic by @leopah​ about what would happen if Yato made Hiyori his shinki after the hospital arc. Ina is an astounding writer and has meticulously shaped her speculation in this fic so as to make it feel basically canon. It’s also a trainwreck of emotions, OTL. (She also updates regularly every Saturday. Go forth.)

Red by pseudocitrus is a classic bittersweet Yatori fic. Their writing is incomparable.

reverse by songs is a short, sucker-punch of a fic that kind of broke me…forever. blight is a bit longer, and had much the same effect.

Solstice by threesmallcrows is one of the staples on my rec list, simply because it’s phenomenal. It’s also one of the first norafics I read, and very near and dear to my heart. (It does get rather dark in moments, so keep that in mind.)

Swing For the Fences by @eerna is an amazing fighter AU that is very cleverly and beautifully written. (AND IT HAS ART!! Seriously, who told her she could be good at art and writing.) I’m not personally caught up on this fic yet, but that’s going to change very soon (I swear).

@sinemoras09 is another incredible author who walks the line between hilarity and heartbreak in a lot of their fics. Thousand-Year-Old Virgins exemplifies the former, A Blessing the latter. Their AO3 page is here, and it’s basically Kazubisha heaven.

@the-delivery-god has a ton of amazing Noragami fics on her AO3. A lot of them are super heartwarming and fluffy, which is great for the current state of the manga. :’) I really love It Started With a Text and Dwelling in the Past.

Only me.

Hi, thank you so much for sending this request in! It doesn’t really touch on the fact that the reader is a powerful witch but it does touch on the other half of your request so hopefully, you can and will enjoy this piece! Thank you!

You wander over to where Jason is currently sitting with a very sour expression on his face and you sit beside him. “Jay, do you want to dance with me?” You ask him but instead of replying to you, Jason simply turns away from you and you frown. What got your boyfriend’s mood in a twist? “Jason,” You place a hand on his arm and you can feel Jason’s body tensing up.

Judging by how tight the expression on his face is as well as how tense is body is, you have come to realize that Jason is not in a very good mood at the moment. Now that you finally realize that, you actually notice the anger radiating off of him so you drop your hand from his arm.

“Jason, talk to me.”

Jason lets out a rough sigh. He glances at you briefly but whenever he looks at you, he can’t help but remember what he had just seen. The image of you smiling and laughing with him of all people left a very awful and bitter taste in his mouth.

You bite the inside of your cheek, a little bit hurt at Jason blatantly ignoring you. The two of you had been in a really wonderful mood earlier. Jason had been teasing you the entire night too and of course, you being you definitely teased him back. You try hard to remember when Jason started acting cold towards you and a frown appears on your face when you could not think of anything that you had done.

Jason shakes his head. Just by being near you is already making his annoyance bubble and he knows he should not really be mad at you because that was just in your nature to still be friendly to your acquaintances and previous acquaintances too but Jason really cannot help himself.

“Jay, please.” You place your hand on top of his arm this time, pulling him towards you. Jason lets you pull him to you and he is currently staring at everywhere but your face. “Did I do something to upset you? Because I thought we were having such a wonderful time?”

Jason rolls his eyes. “I thought so too until you went and talked to him.” Jason grits his teeth and exhales roughly, shaking his head. “I think I need to take a walk or something.” He really does not want to get mad at you.

You shake your head as you hold on to his arm. Jason stares at you and you stare back at him. “We promised to talk about these sort of things.” You remind him and even though where the two of you are currently at is not really the greatest place for you to be talking about private things, you are also not one to let your problems go unattended. “Are you talking about… John?” You ask quietly and Jason narrows his eyes when he heard that name coming from your lips.

Jason’s silence was already enough of an answer to you and you sigh before leaning forward, so close to Jason that he actually had to lean away lest the two of you wanted to be kicked out of the place for inappropriate behaviour. “What?” He asks gruffly, crossing his arms.

“I love you, Jason Peter Todd.” You lift your hand to caress Jason’s cheek. “John is my past and I just want you to know that I will always love you, Jason. You own my heart and honestly, right at this moment, I don’t even want it back. I want you.” You lean forward to press your lips against his chastely and Jason’s lips seek yours.

The kiss had to be cut short because Jason really did not want to get the both of you kicked out. So instead, he holds on to your hand as he tries to calm his annoyance down. “I just, I know, I am sorry.” Jason shakes his head.

You shake your head. “I understand; honestly if I were in your shoes, I would probably act the same too.” You probably would do something worse like storming out of the place, causing a very huge scene if Jason was to ever talk very chummily with his ex-girlfriends.

Jason sighs, tightening the hold he has on your hand. “I love you, Y/N.” He lifts your hand up to press his lips against your knuckles and you give him a bright smile, feeling relieved that you finally know the reason behind Jason’s sour mood.

So you lean towards him before nudging him with your free hand. “You are so adorable when you are jealous, Jay.”

Jason rolls his eyes, chuckling at your jab. “Sure, babe.”

You giggle quietly to yourself. “But seriously though, Jay. When I agreed to be your girlfriend, didn’t we agree on no take-backs?” The both of you made this cute silly pact that there would never ever be any take-backs between the two of you. “John used to hold a special place in my heart but ever since we broke up, that place has been empty until you landed on me.”

Jason had to smile at that. The first time he had met you had been a tad bit interesting to say the least – one that make for a good story. He chuckles and nods his head. “Yeah, having fun poking at me?” Jason asks you and you laugh before nodding your head.

From the other side

Request: Can I get a namjoon scenario where you’re an American music artist on a show kind of like jimmy fallon, and the host asks you who your celebrity crush is and you say it’s namjoon. The people are like “who dat” and then the reader explains (maybe gets asked to dance to a song and they do so?). Then somehow the boys see it and show it to nams ^~^ sorry if this was too much

Word count: 2.2k

A/N: I had a great help from @sunwasrising when adding the last bit, hope it’s okay! I didn’t know if you wanted a fake text, or a short story. So, I did this lol, and if you had a stage name? I have NOT edited or corrected the story, because I am a little busy and I’m hoping, there aren’t too many errors.

Y/S/N = Your stage name

Rock-records = Music company (I maybe, have watched big time rush)

“Welcome to Y/S/N!!” A female confidential voice, were searching your name. As the big blue boarders revealed your dressed-up frame, giving the audience your latest song. The crowd cheering and clapping at your entrance, as the speakers boomed with your angelic voice. After a few minutes of performing, a short-haired blonde approached you with open arms as her smile were pulling your lip muscles.

“Welcome to the Ellen show! Thank you for coming!” She spoke, guiding you to the white chair. Her contagious smile, made your cheeks hurt.

“Thank you for inviting me! I was so thrilled getting an invitation” You responded with a light giggle, as you both got seated in each of the chairs.

“I’m glad you could come, I wasn’t sure if it was possible with your stuffed schedule. Your latest song has been reaching the charts the past weeks, how does it feel?” Ellen questioned, as the crowd clapped at her. You couldn’t help but feel shy, after finally getting a song to reach the world charts.

“It is a bit busy nowadays, but I’m happy. I’m glad people love my song and it brings me so much energy!” You spoke happily at the woman, who you had a small wish to meet as a teenager.

“You started as a person who did youtube, making covers of famous songs. After working on your vocals, Rock records reached out to you, how did you react?” She explained, for the people who maybe didn’t know your background.

“I was excited and I almost couldn’t believe it myself. Even though I was nervous, they didn’t seem to take ‘no’ for an answer. They have helped me a lot, to produce and develop my talent.” You answered with a smile, making the crowd cheer. The audience didn’t fail to react, either to your answer or appearance, but the loud clapping made your legs shake of excitement.

“It was already last year in 2016, January that they announced a new singer to America. Did they choose your stage name?” She asked, leaning at the arm chair.

“It has been going so fast, and I couldn’t believe it when my song hit the charts. My manager and me, decided on my stage name. Unique, but easy for people to remember” You answered again, making her nod along.

“Then your fanbase must have been sky rocking on social media and across the world?” She questioned curiously, making you think of your twitter’s following count blow up.

“They did, but back then when I started in my career. I still had supporters, encouraging me through the media. My first fans, has been incredible.” You spoke firmly, having the people around to clap.

“They must be proud of your achievement. Here on the Ellen show, we have a segment of answering some twitter questions. My crew has been plucking out a few, and hopefully you could answer them?” Ellen requested, making you smile widely with a silent ‘yeah!’. The screen behind you, lit up with a twitter question as Ellen read them out loud.

“What is your goal, now that you have gotten a song to hit the world charts?”

“My goal will always be, to hit the charts. But right now, I’m hoping to do a US Tour, or world Tour.” You answered, hearing the crowd cheer of the idea.

“Will you change your appearance or your behaviour after getting more recognition?”

“I don’t think so. My appearance will always be up for a change, for the better. My behaviour and goals, will always stay the same. I’m confidence, that I do not need to be ‘faking’ for my fans, to get more. The ones who has always been with me, knows what I stand for. If I lose fans, for the way I am now, then that’s too bad. I strive to be true, for everyone.” You spoke loudly making the audience stand up to clap. Ellen had a wide smile, as you saw her eyes glister of joy. Being true to your fans, has always been a priority. Seeing famous people change for the voice, always broke your heart. Betraying your fans, would be the last thing you wanted.

“Alright, the last question is a bit juicy. WHO is your celebrity crush?” She cooed, making the crowd gasp curiously. As you felt your cheeks heat rise, of the person you had in mind. Your finger fiddling nervously, as you answered.

“Rapmonster…” You almost whispered, making Ellen tilt her head. The crowd went silent, making it obvious people were confused who this ‘Rapmonster’ is.

“Rapmonster? I don’t think I’m familiar with that person…” She wondered, making you feel like a school girl, as you overcame your shyness. This show was a famous program, and the thought of that Kim Namjoon would be seeing this, was a dream.

“Rapmonster, is his stage name but his real name is Kim Namjoon. He is a rapper, composer and leader in the group Bangtan boys, but BTS for short. They reached the US charts not too long ago, with ‘Blood sweat and Tears” You explained, hearing a few gasps here and there. Apparently, not a lot of people knew. But Ellen’s confused facial expressions, disappeared as she clapped her hands once.

“Oh of course!! I heard their song and saw their MV. Their choreography seems intense, have you thought about collaborating with them?” She questioned curiously, as her smiled came back.

“I wish, their songs are amazing. I always wanted to collaborate with them, because their voices are so unique and their choreography is inspirational of me, wanting to dance.” You laughed, as Ellen waved her hand at the crew.

“Is there a choreography you can dance of theirs?” She asked, making you smile at her. While the crowd cheered, for you to show it.

“I know the key point of the dance ‘Blood, sweat and tears’ but not all of it” You shyly spoke, making Ellen put on the song. Her hands flatly pointed to the clean floor, making you stand up to step out. The song’s rhythm taking your limbs and showed the crowd how Jimin’s iconic move. Everyone was fixated at your movements, while not a single fail was made.

After finishing off the dance, with a light bow. Ellen thanked you again, for joining her show. A ‘follow’ on Twitter, and the crowd clapping at your exit. One of your teenage dreams has been fulfilled and nothing else could overcome that.

“Hyung! Look, Y/S/N is mentioning you on the Ellen show!” Jungkook spoke, as he handed his phone to Namjoon. Putting away his pen, and scrambled paper he took the phone to see a Youtube video. A on-the-rise star that he had been mentioning to the boys, was now talking about him. Your angelic voice, that would make his knees weak and even, give inspiration to write more songs. Your wish of collaborating for a song, made Namjoon wonder. After finishing your video, he was calling his manager. A serious talk, about the US tour and ideas were on display. The boys were curious, what the leader had in mind.

Reading the tweet over and over again, you jumped upon your couch. After a few days of being on the Ellen show, you had no idea this would ever happen. Namjoon, had tweeted to you. With your shaking hands, you called your manager to bring the news. Barely getting a correct word out, your manager liked the idea and set the deal in motion. Only an hour later, he called back to make sure, that Rapmonster was ready in three hours to talk about the song. The joy of your scream, almost made your manager’s ear deaf. The excitement and opportunity to meet your celebrity crush, was too surreal.

“What am I going to wear?!” You screamed, after hanging up on the phone. You had two hours, of getting ready and find the perfect clothes. After trying on thousands of different clothes, you went the casual way. A white blouse, with black jeans and converse. The two hours flew away, as your phone started ringing again. The manager was just outside your apartment, waiting for you two get down.

The ride towards the studio, made your heart beat faster and a hint of dizziness filled your body. You were still overwhelmed of the news and in just a few minutes, you would be sitting near Kim Namjoon, talking about a song. Your hands were sweaty, as you saw the building come to view. Breathing in and out, you hoped it wasn’t noticeable of your nervousness.

Stepping into the office room, you were met with a male. He wasn’t Namjoon, but he approached you with a smile and handshake. After talking for a bit, his English wasn’t the best. The man explained how long they had in the US and what they had in mind, doing the collaboration. The managers went together, fixing the papers while you walked further inside.

Met by another familiar man, who was seated at the table. His eyes fixated on his phone, as he tapped away. Namjoon, was right there in front of you. Your breath taking away, seeing his fashion clothes shine. His plump lips, that you thought was so full it was unbelievable. He didn’t seem to have noticed you, but you didn’t mind, as you tried to calm your nerves. His leg was shaking, making his foot tap along the floor.

“Maybe he is nervous too?” You wondered, feeling your heart fall to a normal beat. Coughing lightly, his face revealed itself from his phone. A familiar loving smile and stood up from the chair, approaching you with a hand.

“You must be Y/N, I have heard a lot about you” He spoke with his deep voice. His soft hand and slender fingers, made your body shiver. A clear vocabulary, making it unable for you to misunderstand. You nodded along, as you tried to calm down your nerves. Your heated cheeks were burning, as he walked back to his chair, having you to follow along on the other side.

“I was surprised to hear, that you wanted to collaborate” He spoke gently, making you smile of his words.

“I’m more surprised, that you actually contacted me…” You responded with a light smile. The two of you started talking about different genres, that would fit for your voice and his. Where you were going to post the song and what would work best, to get more publicity. His energy and imagination, was beyond the world. Inspirational, to just be around him. After talking to him for a while, you became less nervous and more comfortable. He was as you had imagined, gentle, hardworking and flawless. Even though, you had been talking for more than two hours. Your energy level, started to run low.

“What time is?” He questioned, looking with his brown orbs at you. You wiggled your phone out, to see the clocked displayed.

“It’s about noon, why?” You responded, putting your phone away again. His fingers tabbing on the table, as he bit onto his bottom lip.

“The managers aren’t going to be back for a while…” He trailed off, making you raise an eyebrow at him. A light smile plastered on his face, as he hummed for a response came out of him.

“What do you think about Lunch? Got to get more energy and I saw a restaurant not too far away and I would like to get to know you more…” He requested, rubbing the back of his neck. Unsure, what you would think about him. Maybe, he thought it was all about work, but he was flattered seeing your cheeks turn red.

“S-Sure! I would like something to eat” You chuckled a response, making him exhale softly. Walking together, you chose a restaurant, where privacy was a big hit. Sitting across from him, you never knew how lucky you were. You just hoped, this wouldn’t be the last time you heard from him.

“By the way, should we exchange phone numbers? I’m not certain that we will finish the song today, so it would be nice to have a hold on you for the upcoming days” He requested shyly, as you nodded. Your eyes felt like crying, feeling the joy in your stomach.

After exchanging numbers, you felt like a princess around him. Hearing of his goals and telling your own, coming to a close that you weren’t so different from each other. Even though, his voice made your mind go blank. His face dragged you back from heaven, feeling blessed of his existence. The managers found you at the restaurant, telling about their plans for the collaboration. Namjoon had to attend another schedule, but they would make sure to follow up on the song. There was an urge to hug him, but you knew it was too soon. Maybe he thought, you were crazy if you did. So, a handshake, took place instead. Going separate ways, you went back to the studio with your manager. After getting scolded for leaving, you felt bad about it, until you saw message light on your phone screen.

Already now, you were excited to meet him again.

There is Quiet

George Washington x Reader 

Time Period: Canon Era

Words: 2,496 (wow I got carried away there !)

Warnings: Nothin’! Just v sad and vulnerable Gwash :( 

A/N: Hi everyone! So this story has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time now, and I finally got around to finishing it! I once saw a video from the Mount Vernon website about how Washington never wanted to be president, and after reading up on it, the situation broke my heart!

Especially after reading this part in his letter to Hamilton on accepting the presidency:

“I call Heaven to witness, that this very act would be the greatest sacrifice of my personal feelings & wishes that ever I have been called upon to make.”

I debated for a long time about the title of the story, and finally settled on this one! I think we can consider this situation to be Washington’s personal hurricane, after all.

On a more personal note, I actually wrote this up after I got home from Tech Week one day, so this is really me venting a bit and blowing off steam ! ( > u < )

I hope you all like it! Please tell me what you think - I love feedback! Now, without further ado, enjoy! ^ U ^

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“It is my great and sole desire to live and die, in peace and retirement on my own farm.” - G. Washington

On the 15th of April, the year 1789, Mount Vernon was silent.

It was well into the night, and the servants lay asleep in their beds - resting their weary heads after a day hard at work.

The animals had long since retreated to their shelters - the hounds and the horses and the livestock, all breathing in even measures as they awaited the golden rays of the sun.

The crickets chirped and performed their midnight symphony, but all inhabitants of the great estate were so accustomed to their song that the sound only served to lull them to sleep.

All was silent, and all was peaceful.

Then suddenly…


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Things I Have Been Reading- July

Hello my lovely tumblr people, how has your day been?  I hope it’s been good.  Right, now, this months list isn’t as long as usual as I’ve been very busy and hardly read anything BUT I am hoping to make up for that next month so please send me any fics you think I might like. 

For more fic recs feel free to follow my @girl-next-door-recommends which is a blog I set up fairly recently to keep track of all the great stuff I have been reading.  I also have a tagging system to make it easy to find your fandom amongst the many or you can search for a certain character if that is your thing.  

So, here is some things I have been reading that I thought you might like too.

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Magic Dean - @kittenofdoomage has blessed us, truly blessed us, with this amazing incredibly smutty piece of Dean fucking Winchester.  Definitely one for the 18+ and DAMN don’t read it in public because you will need to go lay down for a bit or do the ice bucket challenge or something.  *furiously fans face*

Ready Steady - @dont-hate-relate-pls So as some of you may know I’ve been in a bit of a ROB crisis of late (it will help with a certain piece I’m working on but that’s beside the point) so ANYWAY, I came across this Chuck fic and instantly fell in love with it.  It broke my heart but in a really good way and I love the song it’s based on so go read the awesome fic!

Here again - @sdavid09 You know my list wouldn’t be complete without my favourite angel making an appearance and this is one I read a while back and recently rediscovered and I swear it ripped my heart out all over again.  So many Gabe feels right here so you have been warned!

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Can’t Stop This Feeling - @t-adash-i Peter Maximoff is actually super cute and sweet.  I think this awesome little fic might just have opened another trash can for me to fall into.

Married with Benefits - @bovaria A story where you are fake married to Steve you say?  Don’t mind if I do.  One of my favourite writers writing one of my favourite characters in one of my favourite AU’s.  GO.  Read ALL the parts now!!

Assistant to the Captain - @marvelouswritings YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! And with this series and it’s incredibly slow burn you are forgiven for the angry pile of angst I am after reading Table for Three.  

Control - @theheadcanonsawakens I do like a bit of Pietro and wiping the cock smug smirk off his face so this fic is right up my street.  Cute and funny, just a brilliant story you should go check out.

The One With The STD - @redlipstickandplaid Dude. Seriously dude! Fuck Bucky and Fuck Nat!  Aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh.  This is so fabulously written that I am really really fucking angry at fictional characters right now so well done.

Table for Three - @marvelouswritings What was that? Oh, never mind that was just the sound of my heart breaking into a billion pieces.  I swear to god I have never hated Bucky more than I do reading this series.  Right now I am soooooo Team Sam or even Team Steve.  

Love Me Honestly - @brighterlights The sequel to one of my all time favourite series and it does not disappoint!  The adventures of reader and Bucky continue and it is super sweet and cute and lovely.

Liar - @iwillbeinmynest There are times when I just want to wrap Tony Stark up in a fluffy blanket and cuddle him like a human burrito until everything is better and this fic plays to that side of me perfectly.  Sleep deprived, working himself too hard to save everyone Tony is a weakness of mine and this fic hit me right where I knew it would and now I want to go write more Tony myself.

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Star Trek:

Darlin’ - @musingsongbird McCoy is one sexy bastard and I TOTALLY get this kink.  Beautifully crafted smut here for over 18′s enjoyment.  Definitely a fun one to wake up to.

Frustrated - @kaitymccoy123 Scotty SMUT!!! (please consider that a warning, no under 18′s please)  This is the writers first time writing smut and it is far better than I can ever write! This piece is worth the cold shower.

What I Never Knew I Always Wanted - @pinkamour1588 I love Scotty and I love fluff so imagine how amazingly ecstatic I was to stumble across this beautifully written little piece!  This wonderful writer deserves a follow so go read this and then lurk in her blog just like I am doing wahahaha.

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Other Fandoms and Fics:

Like A Wildflower - @team-durin Oh please please feel free to tag me in any and all fics about my favourite dwarf!  A little Fili is always appreciated and jealous Fili is even more super yummy plus you get Kili being an adorable shit too!  Fantastic.

Home Before Midnight - @another-tmnt-writer So this is possibly one of the cutest things I have ever read!  Donatello as Cinderella is just…*sigh*.  I wish I had some requests for this amazing writer but until I do I will just scroll through a wonderful blog with fabulous writing.

anonymous asked:

I love Tony, he is so tiny, kind, selfless and a great friend to Clay. It makes me a bit sad, that people see him often only as the nice guy who is looking after his friend who lost the girl he was in love with. But Tony lost a friend too, griefing and dealing with all the sh*it alone. Clay has Tony, but Tony had nobody. That thought kinda broke my heart. I was so happy when he finally told Brad everything and getting the comfort he needed and deserved since day one.

Y E S. 

It hurt me to think that Tony had to go through his pain alone and he had no one to talk about that day he went to Hannah’s house, or the guilt he felt because he didn’t check the package sooner. 

I mean, he focuses on Clay so much because he wants to look out for him and doesn’t want another tragedy

but who looks after my boy?? 

Realize -- Chapter Twenty-Four “Scandal”

Tom HiddlestonxReader

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain … Oh, My Goodness… here we go Chapter Twenty-Four!


@greeneyedgirls4 @kianya-loves


@foureyedsiopao, @frenchfrostpudding, @t-w-hiddlestoner , @moonpoetsasylum,  @marvelbase001 , @the-craziestone, @abandoncloud9, @my-current-fandom-is

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six | chapter seven | chapter eight | chapter nine | chapter ten | chapter eleven | chapter twelve | chapter thirteen | chapter fourteen | chapter fifteen | chapter sixteen | chapter seventeen | chapter eighteen | chapter nineteen | chapter twenty | chapter twenty-one |chapter twenty-two | twenty-three

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OK so I’ve vagued about it but I’ve been busy lately and it’s not soo late so here it is! My character analysis on Katsuki Bakugou for those of you who aren’t really sure about….well, WHO he is. I’m starting at the beginning and going up until the current arc so obviously there are are spoilers for you anime-only people and those who haven’t caught up yet. I wanna go step by step through his character development so he makes more sense, basically.

(And yeah, I’m looking at everyone who thought he’d go Sasuke. I had faith in my son.)

TLDR; Bakugou likes Winning more than Losing which is why he’d NEVER join the villains.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Gosh I've been reading Rock and Riot for idk how long? I kind of stumbled upon it just perusing Tumblr one day idek. The comic just makes me smile so much and recently, my gf broke up with me (I'm a pansexual female btw) and my heart just hurts so much still even though I told her I'd be okay and I just re-binge-read the comic and I feel better. Here's these adorable LGBTQ+ characters and they're so happy so that makes me happy ya know? I love this comic (and Rolly) sm, it's so precious!!

I’m so sorry to hear about that! I hope you will recover soon. I’m glad that you can find a bit of comfort in my comic. Here is a rec list I’ve put together if you would like more feel-good comics to read!   (I really should update it tho, that’s quite old)

<3 <3

Spreading love

I’ve been having some family drama lately and It’s caused me to have some conflicting thoughts and emotions. I’m angry with my father for what he did, but also I love him and I couldn’t understand how I could still love him after finding out his disgusting actions. I’ve always been this way, despite someone doing something so horrible to me I can still find compassion and care for someone deeply. It’s always frustrated me because it makes me seem a bit…crazy? 

For example, my first real boyfriend cheated on me throughout our whole relationship but I still felt love for him, even after I found out and we broke up, I still wanted to be friends with him because I still saw the good in him. I hated him for breaking my heart, but I understood that one action doesn’t completely destroy the person that he is. I forgave him and we’re friends ‘till this day and he sends me pictures of the 3 children he had with the woman he cheated on me with and I have no ill feelings towards any of it. 

So, I reflected upon this characteristic of mine and realized that it’s not a negative aspect of myself to still care and love for someone who has hurt you. So instead of ripping my dad a new one I told him that I loved him, he will always be my dad and I don’t want to talk to him, but I will when I’m ready. I decided that I can love my dad and still be mad. I’m allowed to do both. 

So now I’ve decided to make decisions and respond to emotional situations out of love. I don’t like to spread negativity, so why not spread love instead? I hope you all decide to do the same. Yelling, screaming and calling someone bad names does nothing, doesn’t even make you feel better so respond to situations with understanding, compassion and love where it will benefit all parties involved. Spread love, not hate. 

Heartless Breakups & Drunken Make-ups

Request: 2-54-x-74 Jungkook

  • Bedroom
  • “Why is your underwear hanging off the doorknob”
  • “The selfish me who has only thought about myself, The me who didn’t know your feelings and ignored it, I couldn’t believe myself that I have changed this much, Your love can still move me like this” - EXO, Miracles in December

A/N: So here’s your prompt request…got a bit carried away with this one… I have no idea what happened and I’m sorry!! Enjoy <3

                                                                            -Ray :)

“You broke my heart when you were sober. You’re telling me you want me back now that your shit faced drunk.”

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My divine experiences with the sign as a Leo sun/Taurus moon/Sag rising

Aries: some of my favourite people are Aries. They have a lot of fun and have such a wicked energy. I work with lots of Aries and they’re bossy but a bit childish, which I think softens them a bit. I’ve seen one cry and it broke my heart. My mum is an Aries and I LOVE how confident she is. I aspire to be just like her.

Taurus; I know only a handful of Taureans and I’m growing very fond of them. I have a huge crush on one and I’m constantly bedazzled by their patience and chill outlook. Super sweet and always gorgeous. Inside and out. Communication is a bit of a challenge. Want to wrap them in blankets and make them food. Beautiful eyes. Shy (which is tricky being the Leo I am, but my moon helps me understand them)

Gemini; I’m close with two geminis and they are some of the coolest people. One is so smart and reminds me of gold electricity. Laughs a lot, shares music and articles with me. We did a drug test together and she wanted me to hold her hand as they drew blood. Sweetest souls who are good at being separate from their emotions. I love them endlessly.

Cancer; my dad is a cancer and as much as I love his unconditional love and tolerance of me (fiesty drama queen) but they’re so passive aggressive and can’t be direct which really gets me. I wish I knew some on a more personal level.

Leo; I can’t get enough of Leos. I’m blessed to know a bunch of them, and they are pure light. I can see the love pour out of them with how they talk, what they do and how they express themselves. Loud and outgoing but so understanding. My friend whom I’ve known since kindergarten has the exact same natal chart as me but I have Taurus moon, she has cancer, and she is the coolest ray of sunshine. Loyal and super soft hearted.

Virgo: I only know two, and neither too personally. One just bugs me, but the one I know more is super sweet and humble. She used to tell me her relationship troubles and it was hard to hear how selfless she was and how she didn’t get much back. Super clever and quick witted.

Libra; my best friend and grandma are Libras and they’re really chill. They can be superficial and can’t make a decision to save their lives, but super bubbly and know so many people. They do play the social chameleon but I see it as a way to accommodate for people. So nice. They hide insecurities very well.

Scorpio; intense. I only know two and they are the sweetest. I feel so loved and appreciated by my close friend. The other is just so emotional but owns it which I admire so much! I would give them the world if I could. They have such emotional strength. I’ve been hurt by Scorpio men, so I’m still trying to be open to them. Their intensity/passion scares me sometimes.

Sagittarius; I love sagittarians. I know a lot and they’re all the coolest. Very easy to be around. Love to keep moving. Deeper than they come across, which is nice. They remind me of sugar and laughing. The only blunt Sagittarian I know is my grandma.

Capricorn; I know one and he has a dark sense of humour. Very emotionally closed off but very much a family man. Likes to take care of his family. Can be a real hard ass but he is a soft soul who’s been through stuff. I feel that compassion is what would break through his emotionless façade.

Aquarius; love them. Strong unique personalities. Live in their own world. Can be supremely selfless and sweet with those they care about, which catches me off guard. Nothing but love for them.

Pisces; my dads side of the family is full of them. They’re so sweet. Can have a good time but when it comes to serious conversations, they sit and listen intently. They remind me of tissues and dainty flowers. Simple souls who have a huge pool of love to draw on for their loved ones. My good friend is a 6th house pisces dominant and she is basically the ultimate mum friend.

The effect of accents

  • +18 Content. One shot. Reader´s perspective.
  • Author: me, so-easy-to-love-me
  • Character:  AU James McAvoy as an University student
  • Genre: Smutty smut with sweet romance
  • Summary: When James gets invited to a female felllow student to cook a nice dinner together, things quickly develop differently that he expected…

mamaobsidian, here it finally is, YOUR story. I included all you wanted. Sweet James (like Brian from “Starter for ten”), cute, eager to please and very talented. And there´s chicken in it too :)

Ever since I can remember being interested in boys, those with strange accents had drawn me towards them a lot more than others with their fancy hair-dos, cool bikes or sweet-talk could do.

Strangeness and otherness of people always fascinated me, even more so in cute boys; it somehow gave me a taste of adventure and carried me away from my ordinary life, even if it was only for the short time I was speaking to them.

I suppose that explained my sudden interest in James, a quiet student from my literature class.

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The eyeliner streaks on my face make me look a bit like the joker. I don’t mind this particularly. Maybe now people will stop asking if I’m okay.


It’s raining outside. I think perhaps even the skies are crying for you. Can you hear them?

1:38 am

I threw that bear you gave me across the room and one of his button eyes fell off. I think that broke my heart more than you leaving.


My mother says she is concerned for my mental health. I am laughing, a little too loudly, and telling her I am fine. I don’t tell her I am worried too.


I played my music a little too loudly and woke the entire house. I’ve been told to get a grip. This song reminds me of you.


I am exhausted, but not from sleep deprivation. I am exhausted from feeling too much and not feeling enough. My lungs are collapsing and I wish I could stop clutching at empty spaces as though they were your hands.

5:49 am

I have so much left to tell you and the walls are terrible listeners. But at least they won’t leave. Come to think of it, they are better listeners than you ever were.

6:13 am

It’s almost light. I am going to watch the sunrise by myself and perhaps today I won’t feel so pathetic. Perhaps this is me finally getting over you. Yeah. You never deserved me anyway. Screw you.


Well, that was a stupid thought. Come back. Please come back. I swear we can start over and pretend this never happened. We can do everything again and this time it will work, I promise.


Oh god. You’re not coming back are you?

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #36


Request: Yes, thank you for requesting! Genre: angst, smut, fluff?

Genre: Smut Angst

Member: Namjoon x Reader

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Plot: You are left heartbroken and in a new country but when the man who tore you apart pops up again, what will happen next? 

“Hello, welcome to Corner Cosy, what can I get you?” You asked for the 500th time today, your back was breaking from your long shift of working in this little café.

College students came here to study or finish essays, loaded up on an unhealthy amount of caffeine, the café instead was dimly lit, with wooden tables and couches, books and art work covered the walls, and some times on weekends someone would get up on the little stage and sing a song or too.

You usually loved working here but now you threw yourself into as many hours as you could work, your skin was pale and your under eyes were black, you were trying to get over a break up but some times you felt like you couldn’t breath, but you needed to keep your mind off him.

  You were cleaning tables when your co worker Alex called you over.

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