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Do you know any good noragami fanfiction i should read?

ohohohohohhooooo, you have come to the right place.

In Spring I Said I Love You by @fushiginokunino​ has yet to be dethroned as the fic that gave me the most feels, and if you read I dare you not to get misty. It’s very sweet and very well-written and I can’t recommend it enough.

In the Darkness is the published fruits of @yatorihell​‘s labor on a Harry Potter AU. Good luck surviving it. Everything in her collection so far has been very humorous, in-character, and well-written.

May Our Fates Intertwine by 79AuRa88 is a poignant fic with a gorgeous, melancholic, fairy-tale-esque narrative style. It’s been one of my favorites for a very long time.

Now and Forever is an ongoing fic by @leopah​ about what would happen if Yato made Hiyori his shinki after the hospital arc. Ina is an astounding writer and has meticulously shaped her speculation in this fic so as to make it feel basically canon. It’s also a trainwreck of emotions, OTL. (She also updates regularly every Saturday. Go forth.)

Red by pseudocitrus is a classic bittersweet Yatori fic. Their writing is incomparable.

reverse by songs is a short, sucker-punch of a fic that kind of broke me…forever. blight is a bit longer, and had much the same effect.

Solstice by threesmallcrows is one of the staples on my rec list, simply because it’s phenomenal. It’s also one of the first norafics I read, and very near and dear to my heart. (It does get rather dark in moments, so keep that in mind.)

Swing For the Fences by @eerna is an amazing fighter AU that is very cleverly and beautifully written. (AND IT HAS ART!! Seriously, who told her she could be good at art and writing.) I’m not personally caught up on this fic yet, but that’s going to change very soon (I swear).

@sinemoras09 is another incredible author who walks the line between hilarity and heartbreak in a lot of their fics. Thousand-Year-Old Virgins exemplifies the former, A Blessing the latter. Their AO3 page is here, and it’s basically Kazubisha heaven.

@the-delivery-god has a ton of amazing Noragami fics on her AO3. A lot of them are super heartwarming and fluffy, which is great for the current state of the manga. :’) I really love It Started With a Text and Dwelling in the Past.

From the other side

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Request: Can I get a namjoon scenario where you’re an American music artist on a show kind of like jimmy fallon, and the host asks you who your celebrity crush is and you say it’s namjoon. The people are like “who dat” and then the reader explains (maybe gets asked to dance to a song and they do so?). Then somehow the boys see it and show it to nams ^~^ sorry if this was too much

Word count: 2.2k

A/N: I had a great help from @sunwasrising when adding the last bit, hope it’s okay! I didn’t know if you wanted a fake text, or a short story. So, I did this lol, and if you had a stage name? I have NOT edited or corrected the story, because I am a little busy and I’m hoping, there aren’t too many errors.

Y/S/N = Your stage name

Rock-records = Music company (I maybe, have watched big time rush)

“Welcome to Y/S/N!!” A female confidential voice, were searching your name. As the big blue boarders revealed your dressed-up frame, giving the audience your latest song. The crowd cheering and clapping at your entrance, as the speakers boomed with your angelic voice. After a few minutes of performing, a short-haired blonde approached you with open arms as her smile were pulling your lip muscles.

“Welcome to the Ellen show! Thank you for coming!” She spoke, guiding you to the white chair. Her contagious smile, made your cheeks hurt.

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I love Tony, he is so tiny, kind, selfless and a great friend to Clay. It makes me a bit sad, that people see him often only as the nice guy who is looking after his friend who lost the girl he was in love with. But Tony lost a friend too, griefing and dealing with all the sh*it alone. Clay has Tony, but Tony had nobody. That thought kinda broke my heart. I was so happy when he finally told Brad everything and getting the comfort he needed and deserved since day one.

Y E S. 

It hurt me to think that Tony had to go through his pain alone and he had no one to talk about that day he went to Hannah’s house, or the guilt he felt because he didn’t check the package sooner. 

I mean, he focuses on Clay so much because he wants to look out for him and doesn’t want another tragedy

but who looks after my boy?? 

I belong in your arms

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Dean Winchester x Reader 

Warnings : Jealous!Dean 

Request :  Hi :) can you write a Dean x reader oneshot? Dean & Sam saved reader, then she was with Sam for a while & now she’s with Dean. He is scared that she would want to go back to Sam because they are really close friends :)

     You felt a strong arm enveloping your little frame and soft lips pressing to the exposed skin of your neck , then a warm hand caressed your thigh .

     “ Wake up princess ! It’s time for us to start the day !” Dean whispered in your ear ad you smiled softly eyes still closed as you was happy to wake up next to him , even if previous you were his brothers girlfriend now you was his and Sam was just your best friend . You could still remember the day they rescued you and you decided to help them in hunting monsters . It didn’t passed to much after that before you and Sam got together , but after a while both of you realized that you don’t want each other so much so you broke up but decided to be friends . A few months ago you and Dean got together and you was very happy now . Dean really seemed to love you and he cared so much about you that your heart melted every time he was around .

     “ Just one more minute Dean .” you said making Dean laugh than slap your ass lightly .

     “ Come on (Y/N) , we have to look for a case and then we will clean my baby up .” You whined as you didn’t wanted to get up , you always loved to stay i bed a little bit more but Dean just liked to wake you up .

     “ If you don’t get up I’ll bite you .” he said and you got up looking at his with wild eyes . 

     “ You wouldn’t dare .” you said and he came closer to you .

     “ Try me .” Dean said and you laughed getting closer to the green eyed boy and kissing his soft , pink lips . Deans hand found it’s way in your hair as he wanted to take things further , his hands squeezed you thighs and his lips went down to touch your sensitive skin . 

     “ Wow , easy on there , tiger !” You said and Dean pulled apart .

     “ How much are you going to refuse me before you give in and sleep with me ? You slept with Sam a few weeks after you got together . “ Dean said and your eyes darkened with anger .

     “ You have no right to pressure me into sleeping with you and don’t even try to speak about me and Sam , Dean , because I’m not going to be so nice the next time when you do it .” You said and gt up from the bed . You pulled out some clothes from your closet before going into the bathroom to brush your teeth and get changed .

     When you walked put of the bathroom Dean wasn’t there anymore so you went to the kitchen where you found Dean placing two plates with food on the table as Sam already ate . You looked at the plate whom was full with bacon and eggs but you didn’t felt like eating . You never felt like eating after having a fight with Dean .

     You went to the counter top and put some coffee in your cup , you poured some milk on the black liquid and went to the door as you didn’t wanted to be close to Dean now .

     “ (Y/N) , some and eat !” Dean said but you decided to ignore his request .

     “ I’m not hungry , Dean .” you said not knowing that it will hurt Dean not to eat with him when he prepared everything special for you .

     “ (Y/N) , please , just come and eat !” Dean pleaded wrapping his and around your wrist .

     “ I said I’m not hungry Dean !” You yelled and pulled your hand harshly from Dean’s gentle grip .

     You left the kitchen , making Dean even more agitated and insecure than he was until now . He started to think that you’re going to leave him and go back to Sam since you two never had a fight as long as you were together ad he knew you better then Dean .

     Dean got angry and smashed a glass on the wall .

     “ Woah , dude , what’s going on ?” Sam asked as he was shocked by Deans outburst .

     Dean shot a glare to Sam before going to the basement to wash his car .

     “ I can’t believe he actually did that !” you said laughing as you was watching some stupid movie with Sam . He saw you sad and instantly knew that you and Dean had a fight , he didn’t liked when you and his brother fought , he found it annoying and hurtful since he didn’t liked to see none of you sad and hurt .

     “ Yeah , he’s stupid right ?” Sam said and you laughed resting your head on his shoulder .

     “ The stupidest person I ever meet .” you said and hugged Sam as you felt a lot more better 

     Dean was just coming form the basement and he heard you saying those things he imagined that you and Sam were talking about him so he went back on the basement and get into the car leaving the place for a while .

     Dean went to a restaurant and bought some pie as he knew that it will make him feel better . He ate the pie while beautiful girl came to his table and sat in front of him .

     “ What is a good looking guy like you sitting alone at this table ?” The girl said and Dean looked up at her , his eyes didn’t roamed over her curves he just looked into hers eyes .

     “ Look , I’m not trying to be mean but I’m not interested .” Dean said as he started to think about you being on the other side of the table looking lovingly at him and laughing at his way of eating pie .

     “ I like the ones who don’t fall from the first time .” She said seductively but Dean didn’t cared .

     “ Look , girl , I already have a girlfriend so I’m not interested and I’ll never be .” Dean said and the girl smiled .

     “ And why your girlfriend is not here with you ?” she teased and Dean got angry .

     “ You’re no one that important to me , I don’t have to give any explanation to you !” Dean yelled and threw some money on the table before going to his car in order to head back home to you and to hold you in his arms .

( At the bunker while Dean was away)

     “ So what’s going on between you and Dean ?” Sam asked and looked at you curiously as he wanted to know why you ad his brother acted so strange today .

     “ He woke me up from my sleep and then we kissed , he wanted to get things going but I didn’t wanted so I stopped him , he asked me when I’m going to let him have his way on me and then he said that I let you have sex with me after only a few weeks and I got angry . I yelled at him and then at breakfast I was so angry that I didn’t wanted to eat and I don’t know Sam we’re not alright , I don’t know what’s going on with him lately .” You said and Sam brought you closer to him wrapping your arms around his body to comfort you as tears started to fall from you eyes  .

     “ I don’t know what’s going on with him either but please don’t give up on him , I know that he can be to much sometimes but he just loves you to much to see you walk away and maybe this is why he was acting so strange lately .” Sam said and you leaned in his touch letting your tears to fall and stain his shirt . 

     “ I hope so . I just love him to much to let him go . I wish that he will just tell me what’s going on with him so I won’t worry about him leaving me anymore .” you said and your eyes closed slowly . Sam pressed a kiss to your forehead and caressed your head being aware of the fact that you were going to fall asleep just like that with tears running down on your face and your little frame in his protecting arms .

( Present )

     Sam just got out from yours and Deans room when Dean headed to his room , his eyes darkened with anger when he saw Sam getting out from the room that you shared .

     “ Did you just fucked her ? Hm , did you just fucked my girlfriend in my bed and you think that I’m not going to find out ? Oh Sammy you’re so wrong .” Dean said as he slammed his brother on the wall and gripped his neck with one hand .

     “ Dean I don’t know what the fuck is going on with you lately but let me tell you that because of your attitude you’re going to lose her dude ! You don’t know how much you’re hurting her when you’re pressuring her on sleeping with you . And you clearly don’t trust her enough . (Y/N)’s never going to leave you until you don’t want her to ,she loves you way to much to leave or cheat on you . Do you wanna know why I just got out from your bedroom ? I just got out from there because I had to get your girlfriend on the bed after she fell asleep crying in my arms because she’s afraid that something is going on with you and that you’re going to hurt her . Dean I don’t know what the hell is going on in that head of yours lately but make her cry one more damn time and I swear you’re not going to be ok when I’m done with you .” Sam said and Dean slowly let him go .

     Dean went into his room and saw you sleeping in the bed , cheeks stained with tears , he went over and slowly wiped off your tears . You slowly opened you eyes and saw Dean in front of you . You threw your arms around his neck and started to sob on his shoulder .

     “ Shhh , calm down baby . I’m here , I’m here now .” Dean said caressing your head lightly . “ I’m sorry for being a dick , I thought that I’ll lose you . I thought that you’re going to go back to Sam , I’m so so sorry (Y/N) .” Dean said and you pulled apart a little bit to look into his eyes .

     “ You know I love you way to much to leave you , Dean . I’ll never be able to leave you or to love you less . I belong in your arms , only your arms Dean .” you said still crying .

     “ I know baby , I know it now .” Dean said and kissed you lips softly , wiping your tears away .

Realize -- Chapter Twenty-Four “Scandal”

Tom HiddlestonxReader

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain … Oh, My Goodness… here we go Chapter Twenty-Four!


@greeneyedgirls4 @kianya-loves


@foureyedsiopao, @frenchfrostpudding, @t-w-hiddlestoner , @moonpoetsasylum,  @marvelbase001 , @the-craziestone, @abandoncloud9, @my-current-fandom-is

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six | chapter seven | chapter eight | chapter nine | chapter ten | chapter eleven | chapter twelve | chapter thirteen | chapter fourteen | chapter fifteen | chapter sixteen | chapter seventeen | chapter eighteen | chapter nineteen | chapter twenty | chapter twenty-one |chapter twenty-two | twenty-three

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There is Quiet

George Washington x Reader 

Time Period: Canon Era

Words: 2,496 (wow I got carried away there !)

Warnings: Nothin’! Just v sad and vulnerable Gwash :( 

A/N: Hi everyone! So this story has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time now, and I finally got around to finishing it! I once saw a video from the Mount Vernon website about how Washington never wanted to be president, and after reading up on it, the situation broke my heart!

Especially after reading this part in his letter to Hamilton on accepting the presidency:

“I call Heaven to witness, that this very act would be the greatest sacrifice of my personal feelings & wishes that ever I have been called upon to make.”

I debated for a long time about the title of the story, and finally settled on this one! I think we can consider this situation to be Washington’s personal hurricane, after all.

On a more personal note, I actually wrote this up after I got home from Tech Week one day, so this is really me venting a bit and blowing off steam ! ( > u < )

I hope you all like it! Please tell me what you think - I love feedback! Now, without further ado, enjoy! ^ U ^

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“It is my great and sole desire to live and die, in peace and retirement on my own farm.” - G. Washington

On the 15th of April, the year 1789, Mount Vernon was silent.

It was well into the night, and the servants lay asleep in their beds - resting their weary heads after a day hard at work.

The animals had long since retreated to their shelters - the hounds and the horses and the livestock, all breathing in even measures as they awaited the golden rays of the sun.

The crickets chirped and performed their midnight symphony, but all inhabitants of the great estate were so accustomed to their song that the sound only served to lull them to sleep.

All was silent, and all was peaceful.

Then suddenly…


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Chapter 7

Mark Tuan || frat boy au

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Reader (you) x Mark Tuan

Word Count: 1243

Genre: SMUT, Fluff

Summary: After being shocked from the sudden confession from Mark, there was a feeling of love but also the feeling of being lied to. 

prologue  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 8   Chapter 9

It was like a dream. Mark standing in front of me, confessing that he liked me and no one else. I didn’t know what to do or say. A part of me wanted to jump into his arms and kiss him. The other part told me he was lying in which he’s just making an excuse for me to rest at home. Which was why I was so hesitant to answer back at him. I completely froze at the spot, staring at the handsome man in front of me.

“W-what?” I whispered, finally speaking up and breaking the silence.

“God, look at you. Your facial expressions tells me you don’t even believe me.” Mark sighed to himself, covering his face with his hands.

“No, no, no,” I quickly assured, “I just was shocked.”

“Yeah right,” He laughed it off, “Most girls would already be up on me after I confess.”

“And so you want me to be like most girls?” I asked, suddenly getting confused on what he was going on about. Maybe it was the headache that messed with my brain which prevented me from comprehending what Mark said or it might be the tone in his voice that confused me.

“Well you see,” He started, slowly walking towards me, “The reason I like you is because you aren’t like most girls.”

“What a classic.” I huffed out, rolling me eyes. And with that, Mark grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him, leaving our lips inches away from each other.

“Even if you don’t like me, I can make you fall for me.” Mark huskily whispered, brushing his thumb on top of your lips. My heart started to race and that was when I knew I couldn’t deny him anymore. It was what I wanted all along.

“Prove it.” I confidently whispered back.

Lips crashed into mine with full power and lust, magically getting rid of the massive headache. Our lips moved in sync making my head spin and my heart run a million miles per hour. Mark stroked his tongue over my lips, as I opened my  mouth, allowing him entrance. Suddenly kissing wasn’t enough. I wanted more from him, something I’ve been dreaming of since day one. Moaning softly as he bit my lip, he broke the kiss and smiled at me.

“Continue in my room?” He smirked, giving me the look that we both knew we wanted. Without further or do, I followed Mark back to his dorm as he closed the door gently and pressed me against the wall. Eying me up and down, his eyes met with mine as he leaned in again to give me a hot kiss.

“Mark.” I quietly moaned, as he started to nibble my neck and lift up my shirt slightly. His skillful hands told me he’s done this many times. But I didn’t care. It was just him and I in the moment.

Sooner or later, the both of us lost our shirts as we kept the intense make out into play. And after a few moments, I found myself losing a bra also as Mark lowered his kissed towards my chest. He flicked my nipple with his tongue, sending electricity down my spine as his hands lowered to my pants. It was obvious that he was eager to show me just how powerful his hips could be, so he pulled down my pants and underwear. Following with the same urgency, I unbuttoned his pants and earned a moan out of him.

“You aren’t a virgin, are you?” He asked suddenly, stopping all movements.

“Oh god no. Whatever Alex said was a lie.” I started, running my fingers through Mark’s blonde hair.

“Good, because I’d like to make this beautiful girl in front of me feel good.” Mark smirked as he grabbed me butt, hoisted me up and carried me towards his bed. Once again, I was in his room that I swore not to come back to. But this was different. This was something I was waiting for since I’ve met Mark. And I’m not stopping now.

As Mark carefully set me down on bed, he climbed on top of me and gave me another kiss on the lips. Lost in the trace Mark set me in, I felt as he inserted himself inside of me and thrusted hard. I couldn’t help but grab Mark’s shoulder as something to hold on to while he pounded inside of me.

“God, (Y/N).” Mark moaned. “You feel so damn good.”

My eyes fluttered shut as I felt immensely turned on by Mark’s words. His cock rubbed inside of me in just the right places making me mewl under his touch. Adding on to the satisfaction, Mark’s hand traveled down to my clit, rubbing my sweet spot and sending me over the edge.

“Yes, Mark,” I moaned loudly as Mark didn’t even slow down his pace, “Oh god, right there.”

My core tightened, and my legs shook from the intense speed Mark was going at. Mark added even more pressure to my clit as my body released, throbbing as waves of pleasure filled every bone in my body. My nails digging down on Mark’s back as I rode my high, knowing that it would make marks. My loud cries sent Mark over the edge, as he pulled out of me and released on my stomach.

“Do you believe me now?” Mark breathed out, leaning down on me and pecked my lips.

“Hmm,” I hummed, “Not really.”

“Then I guess I gotta do better during round two.” Mark winked as he stood up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. Staring at the ceiling, I smiled to myself as I finally realized that I just had sex with Mark Tuan. It was just like what I imagined it like to be, as a wild fantasy.

Mark came back, with a towel in hand as he cleaned up the mess he left on my body. Throwing a t-shirt towards me, he put on a tank as he plopped down right beside me.

“We’ll do round two after I take a little nap.” He giggled as he pulled the covers on top of us, grabbed my waist and pulling my body as we cuddled under the sheets. My cheeks started to rise in color as Mark pressed body against mine, falling asleep.

I was about to nod off until I heard Mark’s phone vibrate on the nightstand, annoying the hell out of me. Carefully wriggling out of Mark’s arms, I reached over at the nightstand and grabbed his phone. Curious as I am, I pressed the home button and a few text popped up. Looking back at Mark to see if he was asleep, I decided to read the texts that supposedly a girl named Shae sent.

Shae: Hey babe, are you coming over tonight?

Shae: You promised me yesterday that’ll you’ll come over to fuck me.

Shae: Just so you know, I’m wearing your favorite lingerie ;)

Looking back at Mark, I couldn’t help but feel betrayed and used. First Mark decided to confess to me that he liked me and proved it to me during the intimate moment we had. Now, I’m here reading these texts of a girl who he promised to have sex with after me. With tears forming in my eyes, I realized I was messing around with a fuckboy.

And this time, it hurt me deep down inside my heart.


HI y’all! What’s up and how ya doin? I wanted to update this au because I knew I will be busy all week and I somehow magically have 300 followers now which is crazy! Thank you for giving me so much love, I honestly love you guys so much. I’m currently writing 3 requests and for now, since i’m so busy, requests are going to close down. In the meantime, take care and don’t stress out too much! Have a wonderful day!

- admin

Heartless Breakups & Drunken Make-ups

Request: 2-54-x-74 Jungkook

  • Bedroom
  • “Why is your underwear hanging off the doorknob”
  • “The selfish me who has only thought about myself, The me who didn’t know your feelings and ignored it, I couldn’t believe myself that I have changed this much, Your love can still move me like this” - EXO, Miracles in December

A/N: So here’s your prompt request…got a bit carried away with this one… I have no idea what happened and I’m sorry!! Enjoy <3

                                                                            -Ray :)

“You broke my heart when you were sober. You’re telling me you want me back now that your shit faced drunk.”

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BTS reaction to you having their lyrics as tattoo

Requested by anon - thank you!

Request open


He would surely be happy that you wrote one of his parts on your skin but he still thought about the consequences it could have. Not only if you ever broke up but for your health too. Like: Was the tattoo artist professional? Did he use new, disinfected needle?

“It really suits you”

Originally posted by jinful


He would be touched. Suga would give you one of his warm hearting gummy smiles and trace the tattoo with his index finger.

“Thank your for immortalizing one of my lyrics” 

Originally posted by holdmettightbts


Tears would form and fall to. His level of being touched would probably be – next to Suga, who just shows it differently – the highest.

“I hope I can make you not regret this decision.”

Originally posted by taekookie-bts


He would surely happy, but also a bit worried. It was – like I already mentioned – something permanent and you should think about it a lot before you actually decorate your skin with it.

After you made clear that you really thought through the whole idea before you actually got it – he would be relieved and show his happiness more.

Originally posted by taehyyungs


I think Jimin would be the one kissing the tattoo.
After all it’s special and it had a big meaning to you but also to him because you wore his song on your body.

“This is one of the most beautiful moments in my life…”

“Are you really making reference to your own albums in this situation..”


Originally posted by booptae


He would smile wide – really wide.

Getting a tattoo is something amazing – it expresses yourself after all – but it got better in his opinion because it was HIS part.

Originally posted by bangtan-tv


He would be a bit awkward – yes he loves it in ever single way but the imagination that you had to keep it on your skin for ever got him a bit in the mood for thinking. BUT if you’re happy, why should he complain?

“It’s well done… i like it… it makes you even more beautiful”

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OK so I’ve vagued about it but I’ve been busy lately and it’s not soo late so here it is! My character analysis on Katsuki Bakugou for those of you who aren’t really sure about….well, WHO he is. I’m starting at the beginning and going up until the current arc so obviously there are are spoilers for you anime-only people and those who haven’t caught up yet. I wanna go step by step through his character development so he makes more sense, basically.

(And yeah, I’m looking at everyone who thought he’d go Sasuke. I had faith in my son.)

TLDR; Bakugou likes Winning more than Losing which is why he’d NEVER join the villains.

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Drummers// Josh Dun

Requested: Can you do one where Josh has a crush on y/n, a drummer in their opening act, and he’s like mesmerized by how she plays and stuff💜💜


Josh’s POV

               “Josh!” I heard Y/N call, as she was probably scrambling down the hallway trying to catch up to where I was walking. I was making my way to the stage, they had a drumset out there and I wanted some quick warming up before the show tonight. “Wait you long legged titan, stop walking!” She squealed, causing a small smile to adorn my lips. She was a fair amount shorter than I was; so for every step I took, she would take 3.

               “Yes my dear?” I stopped and turned, just in time to catch her as she jumped on me; ending up bridal style in my arms. “Did you just want me to carry you?” I laughed, holding her close as I resumed walking to the stage; except now I had the cutest girl in the world in my arms. Wasn’t I lucky? Don’t get me wrong, I love her. I have since Tyler and I met her band a couple years ago. I just never told her how I felt; and anytime she’s around I turn into a bumbling, awkward idiot. You see my problem now?

Cute girl in my arms + bumbling idiot Josh = An embarrassing, terribly life ruining moment just waiting to happen.

               “Take me to the stage, and let me show you some beats I thought up last night.” She smiled up at me, I swear her smile could light up a room. “I was laying in my bunk last night, right? I couldn’t sleep so I started tapping some stuff and I was like…this is it. This is amazing. Josh needs to hear it.” My heart fluttered at her words; she thought of me when she couldn’t sleep. No you idiot; she found a drumbeat and you’re the only other drummer on the tour. “I didn’t want to wake you, but now I can show you.” She slid herself out of my arms, grabbing my hand and leading me to the drum stool. I sat down; feeling her weight fall onto my lap as she placed drumsticks in my hands, wrapping her small fingers over my large, calloused ones. “I’m so excited.” She whispered before starting to drum, my arms following her movements. This moment was perfect; a beautiful girl on my lap who had the same passion for drumming that I did.

               “That was amazing.” I wrapped my arms around her waist once she was done, trying to savor the moment. The beat she had come up with was nothing less than perfect; and her passion amazed me. I loved watching her night after night, swinging her hair, smiling wider than I’ve ever seen someone smile. She had a zone she transported to when she performed; it was amazing to watch night after night.

               “Josh did you finally get the balls to ask her?” Tyler yelled; walking out from backstage. My eyes widened as my cheeks burned red. It wasn’t a secret that I fell for Y/N quite hard. It also wasn’t a secret that I flirted with her, and according to everyone else she flirted back (I didn’t see it though, she was just being nice).

               “Ask me what?” Y/N asked, turning her head to face me as I let go of her waist, trying to find a nice way to get her off my lap so I wasn’t stuck in this situation. “Josh don’t try to get out of this; I know you’re hiding something. You go all silent and red when you do, so what’s up? You can tell me.” This had to be the only thing I disliked about her; she could read me like an open book.

               “Uh what Tyler meant was I had been talking about asking for a drumming session with you for a long time. He must’ve thought I initiated this.” I let a fake, awkward laugh pass my lips. It was obvious that she didn’t buy it, as she gave me an unimpressed look before standing. Rolling her beautiful eyes and walking away. Mumbling something about how I could tell her anything. It wasn’t until she was out of sight when I let my head fall into my hands, groaning loudly.

               “So you didn’t ask her out yet?” Tyler mumbled, walking over to me. “I’m really sorry man.” I knew he had good intentions; Tyler was my best friend, he would never do anything to sabotage my happiness.

               “Its fine, I just hope she doesn’t hate me.” I whispered, pushing myself from my spot as I began making my way backstage; I needed to lay down for a bit. Relax before I found a way to fix this. I walked down the near silent hallway—until I passed Y/N’s dressing room; where a soft sob could be heard, causing me to stop. I knew I shouldn’t be snooping, but the sound broke my heart.

               “I don’t know what I did; one second we were having a great time. He even cuddled me closer after, and the next he’s outright lying to my face.” Did she really think that? “I don’t know what he’s hiding, but I feel like I’m being led on and I hate it.” My heart sunk, I felt like I was about to cry myself. Whoever she was talking to was in the middle of answering when I quickly made my way back to the my dressing room; falling on the couch and internally yelling at myself until I drifted into a light sleep.


               “What the hell?” I heard someone yell from above me; it was Y/N’s singer, and jeez she looked angry. “You are the lowest of the low scum on this earth I can’t believe you. We all thought you liked Y/N, hell we wondered if you two were dating. But you lead her on?” I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake myself up (even though the yelling had woken me up quite a bit already).

               “It’s not like that.” I groaned, sitting up on the couch. “I love her. I just don’t know how to tell her.” I got an angry eye roll from the singer in front of me.

               “Yeah sure. Are you certain you don’t mean you love another girl? Like the one who’s always in your snapchats and selfies?” I had to hold in a laugh when a picture of my sister and I was shoved in my face.

               “That would be my little sister Ashley thank you very much.” I pushed the phone from my face as I stood up; it was now or never. If I wanted to have any chance of ever dating the girl of my dreams I had to act now. I made my way swiftly through the hallways; refusing to stop until I found Y/N.

               “Y/N!” I called, she was sitting against the wall directly side stage. Head on her knees; she was still angry at me or something. She didn’t look up from her knees at all, not even when I sat right in front of her. “If you won’t talk, then listen. Please?” She lifted her head a little bit, only enough for me to see her red rimmed eyes looking at me with pain. “I was never leading you on; never. Tyler asked that stupid question earlier because he knew I was planning on asking you out for a long time. Like since a month after we first met. I got flustered and said stupid stuff because I’m an idiot when I’m around cute, amazing girls.” I was cut off by the feeling of a pair of lips pressed roughly into mine. A kiss filled with longing and suppressed feelings. It was amazing.

               “I’ve been wanting to do that for too long.” Y/N laughed as she pulled back, wrapping her arms around my shoulders; face snuggling itself into my neck.

               “Will you be my girlfriend?” I asked quietly, and awkwardly. Hoping she wouldn’t outright reject me. Especially not after what just happened.

               “Only if you’ll be my boyfriend. Oh jeez; that sounded so much smoother in my head.” We both began laughing, holding each other closely as Tyler yelled in accomplishment and pride somewhere backstage.

                “That’s sick!” Tyler’s words caused another wave of giggles to come over my amazing girlfriend and I. That feels nice to finally say; Y/N…my amazing girlfriend.


The eyeliner streaks on my face make me look a bit like the joker. I don’t mind this particularly. Maybe now people will stop asking if I’m okay.


It’s raining outside. I think perhaps even the skies are crying for you. Can you hear them?

1:38 am

I threw that bear you gave me across the room and one of his button eyes fell off. I think that broke my heart more than you leaving.


My mother says she is concerned for my mental health. I am laughing, a little too loudly, and telling her I am fine. I don’t tell her I am worried too.


I played my music a little too loudly and woke the entire house. I’ve been told to get a grip. This song reminds me of you.


I am exhausted, but not from sleep deprivation. I am exhausted from feeling too much and not feeling enough. My lungs are collapsing and I wish I could stop clutching at empty spaces as though they were your hands.

5:49 am

I have so much left to tell you and the walls are terrible listeners. But at least they won’t leave. Come to think of it, they are better listeners than you ever were.

6:13 am

It’s almost light. I am going to watch the sunrise by myself and perhaps today I won’t feel so pathetic. Perhaps this is me finally getting over you. Yeah. You never deserved me anyway. Screw you.


Well, that was a stupid thought. Come back. Please come back. I swear we can start over and pretend this never happened. We can do everything again and this time it will work, I promise.


Oh god. You’re not coming back are you?

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #36
“Don’t look at my wife” - Bucky x Reader - Part 2

Heyo, my potatoes! Maybe I won’t upload anything tomorrow, but Friday there should be either a one shot uplaoded, Part 3 to this or Part 2 to “Past, present and eternity”. Maybe even more than one ;D I hope you enjoy!

Part 1Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Summary -  Your husbands words still ring in Bucky’s ears. He actually didn’t want to look at anyone’s wife’s backside, but unfortunately he couldn’t take his eyes off you. You on the other hand had nothing against it. You thought it was quite entertaining.

Words - 1,563

Warnings - slight sexual tension your butt’s just amazing, omega!Reader x alpha!husband, domestic abuse and mentions of rape - if I forgot anything please tell me

Originally posted by marvel-dirtbag

Bucky’s POV

“As a punishment you have to stay another hour”, Steve whispered to Bucky, watching Alderman follow his wife and Tony. “But I wonder if it’s still a punishment.” He smiled at him inappropriately for a moment and he just rolled his blue eyes, still gazing at you.

“It’s not like-” “You stared at her ass, even though she’s married”, Steve interrupted him. “Language”, Bucky hissed at him. “Really? You, too?” He shook his head a bit dissappointed. “Anyways, you should keep your distance.”

With that said Steve made his way over to the bar and talked with this man, who had his black hair gelled back. Bucky followed him but stopped at the other end of the bar and ordered a beer.

In the corner of Buckys eye, he could just look past Steve’s arm and see you. You sat down on a bar stool moving so gracefully, it left him breathless. He just realized he held his breath, when the bar keeper gave him his beer.

From time to time Bucky thought you were looking at him, smiling. “Yeah, we provide the third world with our newest technologies to upgrade their healthcare system and even created an organization for people wanting to help them locally, like building hospitals and we provide them with food and clean water as well.” Bucky rolled his eyes again, slugging down his beer and ordering a glass wodka. This guy sounded like a saint, but Bucky knew this was all show.

“And you provide our soldiers with weapons. But that’s another talk, isn’t it?”

You turned around, leaning on the bar with your drink in your hand.

“(Y/N)”, Eric mumbled angrily. Bucky grinned to himself, saying to you in his mind “You go, girl!”.

Hastly Eric changed the subject and Bucky blurred out. He looks at you again. He’s just faszinated by your grace. Bucky asked himself, why you’re married to that dumbass, who was talking with his best friend.

The moment your eyes met his, he looked back to his glass. He felt your eyes were resting on him, so he looked back to you again. You smiled.

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My divine experiences with the sign as a Leo sun/Taurus moon/Sag rising

Aries: some of my favourite people are Aries. They have a lot of fun and have such a wicked energy. I work with lots of Aries and they’re bossy but a bit childish, which I think softens them a bit. I’ve seen one cry and it broke my heart. My mum is an Aries and I LOVE how confident she is. I aspire to be just like her.

Taurus; I know only a handful of Taureans and I’m growing very fond of them. I have a huge crush on one and I’m constantly bedazzled by their patience and chill outlook. Super sweet and always gorgeous. Inside and out. Communication is a bit of a challenge. Want to wrap them in blankets and make them food. Beautiful eyes. Shy (which is tricky being the Leo I am, but my moon helps me understand them)

Gemini; I’m close with two geminis and they are some of the coolest people. One is so smart and reminds me of gold electricity. Laughs a lot, shares music and articles with me. We did a drug test together and she wanted me to hold her hand as they drew blood. Sweetest souls who are good at being separate from their emotions. I love them endlessly.

Cancer; my dad is a cancer and as much as I love his unconditional love and tolerance of me (fiesty drama queen) but they’re so passive aggressive and can’t be direct which really gets me. I wish I knew some on a more personal level.

Leo; I can’t get enough of Leos. I’m blessed to know a bunch of them, and they are pure light. I can see the love pour out of them with how they talk, what they do and how they express themselves. Loud and outgoing but so understanding. My friend whom I’ve known since kindergarten has the exact same natal chart as me but I have Taurus moon, she has cancer, and she is the coolest ray of sunshine. Loyal and super soft hearted.

Virgo: I only know two, and neither too personally. One just bugs me, but the one I know more is super sweet and humble. She used to tell me her relationship troubles and it was hard to hear how selfless she was and how she didn’t get much back. Super clever and quick witted.

Libra; my best friend and grandma are Libras and they’re really chill. They can be superficial and can’t make a decision to save their lives, but super bubbly and know so many people. They do play the social chameleon but I see it as a way to accommodate for people. So nice. They hide insecurities very well.

Scorpio; intense. I only know two and they are the sweetest. I feel so loved and appreciated by my close friend. The other is just so emotional but owns it which I admire so much! I would give them the world if I could. They have such emotional strength. I’ve been hurt by Scorpio men, so I’m still trying to be open to them. Their intensity/passion scares me sometimes.

Sagittarius; I love sagittarians. I know a lot and they’re all the coolest. Very easy to be around. Love to keep moving. Deeper than they come across, which is nice. They remind me of sugar and laughing. The only blunt Sagittarian I know is my grandma.

Capricorn; I know one and he has a dark sense of humour. Very emotionally closed off but very much a family man. Likes to take care of his family. Can be a real hard ass but he is a soft soul who’s been through stuff. I feel that compassion is what would break through his emotionless façade.

Aquarius; love them. Strong unique personalities. Live in their own world. Can be supremely selfless and sweet with those they care about, which catches me off guard. Nothing but love for them.

Pisces; my dads side of the family is full of them. They’re so sweet. Can have a good time but when it comes to serious conversations, they sit and listen intently. They remind me of tissues and dainty flowers. Simple souls who have a huge pool of love to draw on for their loved ones. My good friend is a 6th house pisces dominant and she is basically the ultimate mum friend.


Spoilers Ahead!!! ⚠⚠⚠
So I just finished A Court of Wings and Ruin yesterday and I loved it! This has to be my favorite series. I love fantasy novels and this story was beautifully written. Some may be shocked, but I love this series a bit more than Throne of Glass. In A Court of Thorns and Roses there’s just so much more diversity and it makes the story more enjoyable. And in this particular book you find out Mor is lesbian. Like a main character is freaking LGBT. Technically she’s bi, but leans way more toward females. Plus I just love Feyre and Rhys as mates a bit more than Aelin and Rowan. But in this last book my heart broke several times throughout it. So endings Rhys and Feyre are goals, Tamlin is still a tool but an acceptable one now I guess, and I just want these characters to live happily ever after when the series continues!



Request: Yes, thank you for requesting! Genre: angst, smut, fluff?

Genre: Smut Angst

Member: Namjoon x Reader

Originally posted by yoonkooks

Plot: You are left heartbroken and in a new country but when the man who tore you apart pops up again, what will happen next? 

“Hello, welcome to Corner Cosy, what can I get you?” You asked for the 500th time today, your back was breaking from your long shift of working in this little café.

College students came here to study or finish essays, loaded up on an unhealthy amount of caffeine, the café instead was dimly lit, with wooden tables and couches, books and art work covered the walls, and some times on weekends someone would get up on the little stage and sing a song or too.

You usually loved working here but now you threw yourself into as many hours as you could work, your skin was pale and your under eyes were black, you were trying to get over a break up but some times you felt like you couldn’t breath, but you needed to keep your mind off him.

  You were cleaning tables when your co worker Alex called you over.

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Kitt’s Fic Rec List!

So in honor of Fanfic Author Appreciation Day, I set out to make a fic rec post. It got a little out of hand and now I have a giant list of what I consider to be some of my favorite TF2 fics!  Some of you have written SO much amazing stuff that selecting a story or two was really hard. 

Much of this is nsfw and contains a wide range of ships and kinks. Please read the author’s tags before proceeding. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the authors for all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the work you do!  Lube and piss also play an important part, I’m sure. You’re all amazing!! I just feel so lucky to have so many wonderful stories to read. All the AUs and crazy pairing and theories and headcanons…. I love you guys!  

In no particular order I present Kitt’s Reading List!


I love u so much that ur no ones but mine - Heavy/Medic 

Jealousy, rough sex, Medic being manipulative, just… I love this one so much.

The Herded Frog - Scout/Frog

Scout is determined to break a curse.


Positively Filthy - Spy/Scout’s Ma

Hadn’t thought much about pegging until reading this, now I’m ALWAYS thinking about pegging. 

ALL of Monstrous Intent

Nip and Fuck - Heavy/Medic/Doppleganger

This is one of my favorites from MI.  I’m really hoping Heavy and Medic might need to go in for more tailoring help again.  

scouthater & Luna collaborating to break my fucking heart:

Lie to You - Heavy/Medic/TFC Heavy

Who said this was ok?!  So good, so sad, I need to go fetch a tissue.


Bunny & Wolf - Sniper Scout

Phone sex sniper/scout, I read this in as sketchy hotel room and wished I could call out for some food and get Scout instead.


Past the Edge - Sniper/Scout

Damn it, you know how I feel about socks!

Sniper’s Zoo by ello-meno-p and @je-suis-le-petit-lapin

For all of your pet play needs and desires!


Creature Feature - So many different monster scouts!  Takes place in the Luna’s MI AU.

Depth Charge - Tentaspy/Scout

One of my all time favorites.  I managed to impress people at a dinner party with octopus sex facts I learned from this fic!


Bountiful large breasted German takes oversized Russian Bear

Why is Medic with boobs so hot?  This leaves me confused and aroused, just like most of Proper’s fic!

Saxophone Wife - Saxophones and their many uses.  Freaking adorable. 


Vertigo - I love the atmosphere in this one.  And the snake!

Tigress  I just stumbled on this one and it blew my mind.  


What’s Done in the Dark will be Brought to the Light - Every time I got an alert that it had been updated, I did a little dance!

Perfectly Legitimate Reasons - Voyeur Engineer is my favorite


Libellule - Sniper/Pyro/Spy - I love Juni so much!

Spitfire - Sniper/Pyro - I love a good chase and pounce!


Betrayal - TFC Heavy/Medic - I love the last few lines of this one.  =)


Shameless - Pauling/Scout - Scout hears that Pauling likes guys in skirts. I love the characterization of Scout in this one.


The Deadly Monster - I was SO excited to finally read more about Klausbert!!


Of Sound Mind - Alexkingofthedamned LondonQueen001 - Just in case you need to cry a bit or a lot about Heavy/Medic.

Engie and Scout Make a Porno  - Voyeur Engie and a bit of daddy kink, this ones got a really nice pacing and build to it.


There is a Season - This is just huge and amazing.  I save these fics for long trips, so I can just curl up in bed and lose myself in them.

theoldaeroplane and preludeinz

First Do No Harm - Pemm and Prelude

I love this series. The story is great and I just got the sense that you were both having such a good time creating it together. =D


Young and Beautiful - This broke my heart into a million pieces.


Get Me Away From Myself - Wonderful interplay between Sniper and Spy and BDSM as a coping device

It Never Fails  by Lucca Kane

This one is still in progress and seeing it update makes me squeal with delight.

The Undying -  fire_is_my_happy_place

I started reading with the Cook series and I ended up completely unable to get any work done that day.


Uberbliss - Savoury Scotsman

Mmmm… not enough mindcontrol in this fandom!

Groin Strain -  DancingGrimm

With the tagline “The time Scout got his legs stuck behind his head and everyone was a dick about it” you KNOW it’s going to be good.

Looking Up -  DancingGrimm

I know what I’m thinking of every time I hear that voice line.  =D


Middle of Nowhere, A Dusty Shack - Spy/Soldier

Lovely sense of place and peace in this one!

Fascination - GiddyTF2 - A nice bit of Bush Medicine!  

Men of Science - Delphi

One of my favorite Science Party fics. And you know I’m all about mad science kink.

Our Name is Legion - SanctusCeddit

Great series, lots of ups and downs and twists.


My day could have started better. Niall was shaking me gently, “babe, it’s 7:30, didn’t you say you needed to be up early?” I buried my head into his shoulder, inhaling his scent that I loved so much. I wrapped my arm around his waist, my brain still sleep fuzzy. “Chrissy, I hate to do this to ya, but ya need t'wake up.” The urgency in his voice and his arms pulling me away from him finally got through to me. “What time did you say it was?”, alarm running through me, as I jumped out of bed and ran to my closet. “7:30, why, what ya got planned for t'day?” He sat up and watched me as I pulled on my jeans and a loose fitting hoodie.

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The effect of accents

  • +18 Content. One shot. Reader´s perspective.
  • Author: me, so-easy-to-love-me
  • Character:  AU James McAvoy as an University student
  • Genre: Smutty smut with sweet romance
  • Summary: When James gets invited to a female felllow student to cook a nice dinner together, things quickly develop differently that he expected…

mamaobsidian, here it finally is, YOUR story. I included all you wanted. Sweet James (like Brian from “Starter for ten”), cute, eager to please and very talented. And there´s chicken in it too :)

Ever since I can remember being interested in boys, those with strange accents had drawn me towards them a lot more than others with their fancy hair-dos, cool bikes or sweet-talk could do.

Strangeness and otherness of people always fascinated me, even more so in cute boys; it somehow gave me a taste of adventure and carried me away from my ordinary life, even if it was only for the short time I was speaking to them.

I suppose that explained my sudden interest in James, a quiet student from my literature class.

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anonymous asked:

24 with Newt Scamander!

Originally posted by trechos-of-books

#24. “Am I ever going to see you again?” 

**Some spoilers for Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them lie ahead**

You swallowed as you looked into the rain pouring down just feet away from you. You turned back to Newt, trying not to let him see the tears burning your eyes. “Am I ever going to see you again?” your question came out as more of a whimper than you had intended it to and you ducked your head to draw a shuddering breath.

Newt took a step forwards, taking your hand in his hesitantly. “I don’t know,” he answered truthfully, staring at your fingers. “I hope so.”
You licked your lips, wiping quickly at your quickly dampening eyes. “I hope so too.” You glanced back out to the rain. The rain that would make you forget. Forget everything that happened. Forget about magic and wizards and creatures. Forget about him. Your throat tightened and you shivered. “I don’t want to forget.”

The words broke Newt’s heart. He lifted one hand to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, his rough fingertips brushing briefly over your cheek. “I’ll find you. I promise. Somehow, someday, I will.”

You forced a mournful smile. You bit your lip, making up your mind as you leaned forwards to press a kiss to Newt’s cheek. “Goodbye,” you whispered against his skin before stepping backwards into the rain.

Newt stared after you, the feeling of your lips on his cheek lingering. “Goodbye, [f/n].”

Prompt List