making this my theme picture!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ   On this day I just want to say thank you for all your support, the messages, likes and comments - I really appreciate all of it. You always make my day!

This year I didn’t manage to create a themed picture, I’m sorry! I had this sketch/WIP sitting around for a while (after a while I realised I didn’t know where I wanted to go with it, there are many mistakes and I decided to move onto a next piece), but nonetheless I wanted to post something to thank you for being there (・ᴗ・) ノ ♡
I promise to make up for it once I have the time~!

Hope you have a wonderful day, however you choose to spend it! (。’ ▽ ’。)

the height of april fools humor was ~2012-2013 when i would change my url to breade and make my icon/about/blog themed around bread and i would only post pictures of bread and everyone genuinely thought they were following a bread appreciation blog or that it was a glitch that made them follow a bread blog 

I’m not very good at editing or drawing or anything like that, but I would really like to have some sort of Isaac related picture for TFiTS, so I have a proposition… If any of you are good at editing or drawing and would like to make an Isaac themed picture to go along with my story, then I would post the picture (with credit to you of course) on my blog, as well as promote your blog. If any of you are interested in this, please message me! :)


So my friend and flatmate Abby likes to bake and decorate cakes.  Every year I have her make my birthday cake or others with themes (not pictured: My Groose cake with a little Kikwi on it, Journey cake for Jak, Pusheen cake for Kathy and a cake shaped like Chopper’s pink hat!).

Last year when asked for a theme I said ‘Either Kingdom Hearts or Persona 4’ and it resulted in the cross-mash of Teddie on Destiny Islands.

This year I said either Dragon Age or Ninja Turtles.

I am preparing myself for something hilarious…or beautiful…or terrifying!

Tutorial: Theme Graphics

Hello, so an anony asked me how I make the pictures on my theme. Sorry in advance if this is shitty, I’ve never done a tutorial before. I’ll try to keep it as simple as I can for beginners. People have also asked me how I keep the picture static and in place on my theme, so I’ll also teach you how to keep it from shrinking or repeating.

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