making this made me so happy :))))

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I never really realized how pale Ethan is, but I'm kind of glad he is pale cause it kind of makes me happy since I too am pale, I always am told to tan and people act like my reasoning for not tanning is stupid, I'm like "Look, I don't want to tan cause I just don't like it. I don't have to be tan in order to attract anyone, being pale is just fine!" So, Ethan is someone I really look up to not only with personality, but I guess body image too. BLUE BOI IS BEST BOI!

I’m glad that seeing his paleness made you a bit happy! And I’m super proud that you’re not letting anyone change your mind about being pale. Imo pale skin is super pretty. ;)

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Question, do you have any SanSan fics that you'd recommend that are SFW? Like long chapters but without them doing the do? I love the books but damn if the show doesn't make me uncomfortable with all the amount of sex in it.

Hey, no shame in that! Bighound-littlebird is all about making sansan fans comfortable and providing a safe haven so the ship is safe and fun for everyone. 

To be honest, the graphic sex and sexual assault on the show makes me really uncomfortable too. I never watch it live, I always DVR so I can speed through the squicky scenes. And let’s give our lovely sansan writers credit: I have yet to read a sansan fic that was as tasteless/graphic/squicky as most on the show.

We have plenty of excellent safe for work stories to recommend, so you’re in for a treat. Happy reading!

heyyy so i just reached 800 followers and i’m so happy and sorry lol that all of you’ve decided to follow this shitty blog

recently i’ve discovered that i really enjoy doing moodboards and even if they’re really bad just as everything i do because i have no talent, i truly enjoy making them !! so i’ve decided now that i reached 800 followers could be a great opportunity to do moodboards for you,, my followers

so if you’d like a moodboard made by me,, this is what you gotta do

  • you should be following me
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you can blacklist ‘michelle does follower moodboards’ if you don’t want to see them

B.A.P Reaction

@areu-um asked: Can I request b.a.p’s reaction to you having a mommy kink?

Reminder: That´s only my opinion and it could be totally different in real life and english is not my first language, so sorry for mistakes, if I made some.


Would give you an interested look and ask you why you never told him before. This guy would absolutly give it a try and let you live your kink just to please you and make you happy. “Show me what you had in mind darling.” He would be satisfied that you can tell him everything and that the both of you had ways to make each other happy.

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I see him as the type of guy who is rather the dominant one, so he had to think about it, but he would be more interested in this the longer he thinks about it you. “Alright mommy show me what you are thinking about.” But he wouldn´t let you do it as often as you want to tho. He´s so handsome I´m crying

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He would be the most interested and the most open minded towards your kink. This guy would listen to everything you planned for this moment and would do everything you want him to do. “Tell me what to do jagi- I mean.. mommy” *wink*

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I also see him being a bit more dominant so he would hesitate the first time you wanted to try it, but, just to make you happy and to please you like you deserved, he would do what you want. “Don´t think that this will happen as often as you want to, princess.” 

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I think that he would be a bit flustered when you told him what your kink is, but I totally see him liking the idea of it and would try it and see why you have that kind of kink. “So that´s why you are into this, mommy.”

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This kid and yes I´m saying kid because he´s younger than me would look at you and try to figure out since when you had that kink, because you never told him. He also is one of the guys who is more dominant in a relationship, but would be open minend towards your kink and would give it a try.

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Okay so I was heartbroken when I first started reading it hahahahaha ;-;-;-; and then V is always cute and that put me back together. But then she left and I broke again aaaaand then she came back and they had a moment and I got fixed again. But then he started crying and I broke again. AAAAAND THEN he started taking pictures and I cried bc cute ;w; But then he became vv sexual aaaaaaand then I got all blushy and stuff POINT BEING THIS MADE ME HAPPY THANK Y OU NWJHDHWJDHDIAKURIWURUJQJF7WJHDJ

@weirdballoftrash one day I hope you realise how much joy you give to me on a daily basis. Not with the reviews (although damn girl, you make me smile with these) or random asks with love in them… just seeing you around and about on my dash makes me happy. You are a kind and precious soul and I am blessed to know you. 

NOW- thank you so much!!! I wanted to show the bad side to pregnancy, how it’s not all glowy skin and weird food cravings- it can be scary and dark and not a great time for everyone involved… I couldn’t make V the bad guy in this story… I couldn’t… besides we all know that boy is itching to be a daddy! Look at all the people he’s taken under his wing. Boy was born to be a father! 

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Happy 9th Anniversary to Us!

Phia was so sweet for our anniversary. She made Gramma CJ take her out and buy gifts for us to give each other (we had agreed no gifts but she wasn’t having that). She got me a Little Mermaid card to give Manna that said “Part of your world… is where I want to be forever” and she got dressed up with Mommy but was happy and wanted us to go out on a date without her and helped take care of Orion while we were gone.

Finally we both went to bed early! Love work. Don’t feel totally baffled this week. I used to wake up dreading going to my far away ofc in NY and now I’m like yay I get to go to work today! My dad sent me a nice text saying how proud he is of me. That made my day. Me and him talk about anything with each other but we’re not typically effusive and it was nice for him to make the effort to express his feelings.

M’s school is worth the money. She’s happy, safe, and well cared for there. No idea if she’s learning anything but I care more about her smile than her reading. The mixed age classroom is great for her. I try to get through my work efficiently so I can leave on the early side to pick her up early. She runs over and gives me a huge hug and tells me about all the fun she had.

This house is so much more civilized than our tiny apt. Even when it’s not clean it doesn’t look messy because there’s enough space for everything. M loves separating clothes and getting to pour the soap and press the button on the washing machine. She thinks the button pressing job is the greatest honor.

So far it’s been possible to keep up with the side PT job. I do an hour in the AM then more at night. I miss our friends but having a simple schedule of school work home, school work home, without much social life other than hanging with M, is easier.

I miss A a lot. Sometimes I forget that he’s not at work and not coming home at night. I’m scared that now that it’s “only” a year and a half left something terrible will happen. But I can’t dwell on that because I have no control over what goes on where he is. I miss him so much, but my job also makes it feel like something good came out of something bad and I get to use the experiences to try to help people.

I want to focus more on healthy eating. 31 is young and I shouldn’t be dreading bathing suit season. When I was thin (and yes strung out and crazy) I had a lot of fun with clothes and now I’m just like shove on whatever fits. Considering whole 30 again because the rules are clear cut and straightforward to follow but yuck all that meat. There’s a gym nearby with a kids club but I don’t want to pick M up from school then drop her off at kids club. Tonight will do even one sit up at home.

So I’m re-reading World War Hulk. And this page. It just got to me.

Basically in the story of WWH people thought the Hulk was too dangerous so they voted to send him off to a planet where there’s peace. But the planet wasn’t peaceful, but the Hulk fought to make it peaceful found a wife, had a baby and chilled out. He was finally happy. But then there was a bomb on the spaceship they sent him off on, which made him think they were trying to kill him. Wrong move.

He got mad. Madder then he ever had been. And his strength comes from his anger. So he wages war on Earth and starts his journey back there. Then he fucks a bunch of shit up. Like REALLY fucks some shit up. 

And that’s the thing with the Hulk, he trusts people, and then they let him down. He trusts them again. Let down. Of course, it’s his own problems and behavior that’s the real problem, but he definitely tries to be good as a character. To seek peace and understanding of Bruce, the Hulk, and the people around him.

To see the Hulk so angry that he cries. I don’t know man. I just be feelin him. Plus it’s cool to watch him stomp to fuck up the eastern seaboard.

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Hey just dropping in to say - I honestly think you're really sweet! I also love your blog and I love the different gifs you've made of Star and Marco, because you show many underrated moments from season 1 that always make me feel happy haha. Anyway, I hope you have a nice day today!! ^^

Aw my gosh, you’re incredibly sweet! I’m so glad you enjoy my Starco gifs! :) Thank you so much for this message; you really made my day. I hope you have an amazing day because you’re such a nice person! :D

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Great, you made me ship Knuckle/Shoot now, are you proud of yourself (Your art is amazing and I love your blog, keep being awesome human being)

AAH :DDDDD I’m so glad I could corrupt you to love nashuuuu haha <3 they’re the bessttt !! <3 also really makes me so happy that you’ve liked so much my stuff ;  w ; is so encouraging to see those words ! so thank youuuuu <3

Also couldn’t help ta notice that you’re polish :D ( I was in Poland once last year and planning ta go back again 8D but I can’t speak polish v’: I just know derp words like biedronka and uwaga and kurwa xD ) 

 Aaaand @ls-sketchu is polish  and she was also super hyped to see another person that liked the babes from Poland 8D !!! now you’re the second polish person we know that ship’s em <3 Currently we both workin hard on nashuu comics together <3 ! we’re planning to upload more stuff soon ;  w ; we just hafta finish it first tho haha but would love to know what you and other people think about it <3 ideas and everything are always more than welcome <3

Thanks again for your kindness :3 have a super cool day 8D 

(btw that polska sweater was legit real, had one like that in high school and was my fave hoho )

“ How does
The lady’s garden grow?
It grows in her purse,
And in her head and heart.
It is seeded with a pen
And watered with ink.
It is planted in paper bright,
Its sun is art, the only light!

How does
The lady’s garden grow?
It grows in our eyes,
And in drawing after drawing.
It is cultivated in our minds
And is visited day and night.
It seeds are planted in
 new gardens and sights! “ - @slurryfix

One of my followers sent me a beautiful poem and I wanted to share it. It really made me happy :) Thank you so much for making my day. Making art isn’t easy (especially with a full time job). You guys are amazing, all my followers, friends, strangers, thank you all so much for your support.

Thank you!

1) movies are Very good seeing movies in cinemas (especially small cinemas) makes me very happy
2) Anna is also very very very very good
3) I ❤️love bread
4) Last obligatory dancing lesson of my life !!! Made me feel SO relieved and I cried
5) I have a stomachache and I feel like my body is yelling at me feed me more greens and I promise I will uh gosh !! Tomorrow I am going to make myself a great and very big bowl o salad with everything good I can find in this house in it and have it for breakfast And lunch
6) Today has felt 1000 hours long

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You! ♡ Your sims, your pictures, your simblr... & YOU.. They are all amazing, beautiful and just everything! You are a joy to see ♡ Spread the love and make the ones important to you smile. Thank you for being here.

Awww thank you so much love! You just made me happy after going through a rough day. It really means a lot to me, love you so much muah~! 😚❤️

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You know your very very special and supportive of so many people and I think it's only fair that I support you along with the others who messaged 🌹 please do well and do your best to keep a positive mind set because that makes all the difference ❤️

To my surprise, the whole “stay positive” thing really does help me emotionally rn ; u ; gosh thank you for noticing that I try my best to support others!!! I really do want the very best for all my friends and potential ones ♡ some people just need a little boost and I’d be so happy to be the one to give it to them. Yesterday my roommate told me how thankful he is for me and it made me tear up a little because sometimes I just convince myself that my actions are insignificant. Ya know? Like, it blows my mind how someone so smol can make a difference and I really should acknowledge the significance of my actions more ^ ° ^ thank you so much!!! Have a good day darling!!!

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(1/5) URGENT PLEASE PRAY FOR ME i am really anxious and i have panic attacks and i feel like one is about to happen because i stayed home from school today and this girl who isn't nice made prom plans and was relentless enough to make me agree to them. so now i'm staying home from school and the girl is really mad at me and i hate when people are mad at me because i feel like a really bad person. she's always talking about how much our friendship means to her and saying that i've made a

(2/5) difference in her life which makes me happy but it’s a very draining relationship and no matter how many boundaries i set she does not respect them. she gets really mean and then apologizes and says all these things that she likes about me. and she always says “i love you” and yells “say it back” at me when i don’t ever feel comfortable doing that. and so i wrote her a note about it once and she just said “it’s ok you don’t have to apologize i’m not mad at you” when really i was telling

(3/5) her that she had hurt my feelings and i didn’t want to say that i loved her. so she started saying “well just say ‘i appreciate you’ or 'i love having you as a friend’” and when i don’t say those things sincerely enough she yells at me and it makes me scared. she’s always wanting my approval and i don’t always give it to her because she’s not nice. i want to be there for her and show her God’s love but i don’t know how. i get scared every time i walk into school because she’s extremely
(4/5) clingy and makes fun of me and other people. my therapist says it’s a toxic relationship, which i agree with, but i can’t end it because our school is tiny and i see her every day. even though we are both lesbians, we haven’t ever said that it was a relationship. we (or she) always describe it as friendship. she’s always making me sit with her and if i don’t she stays where i am and whines. she never talks about anyone but herself and i’m sick of hearing her whine about the same stuff

(5/5) every day. am i being hateful? is God disappointed in me? i’m really scared about going back to school. please pray for me. ps i’m not sure if i asked 4/5. i’m very frazzled. sorry for this giant ask.

Hi there, dear. I’m so sorry that this has caused you so much anxiety and discomfort; you deserve friendships that make you feel comfortable and happy. I wish I had more advice besides agreeing with your therapist that this relationship sounds very unhealthy, and is definitely hurting you. You are not obligated to stay friends with this person just to “show her God” – right now, your priority is to keep yourself healthy. If she’s not willing to respect your boundaries or let you do things (show affection, sit where you want, etc.) on your own terms, that is not your fault and it’s not your job to fix that. I’m not sure how you can end the friendship, though; maybe ask your therapist for advice? If anyone has advice for anon, please share. But I’ll be praying for you, certainly.

Spirit of comfort and courage,
I pray that you help this person feel your presence now; replace their anxiety with your peace. Guide them as they work through this difficult relationship; send support their way as they figure out how to end the friendship if they decide to do so.
Be with the other person, too – open her heart to really listen when this person expresses the need for boundaries and healthier behavior, and help her to let the friendship close with grace.