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I got to make today’s Google Doodle for NASA’s Trappist-1 announcement! It was a crazy exciting project cause we had no forewarning about this announcement and decided as a team to just make a doodle as fast as we could.  

I took on the project and concepted, designed and animated the whole doodle in about 5 hours.  It was a wild ride and a lot of fun, things always get interesting when you have to work under pressure like that. But the doodle team is amazing and everyone was supportive and helpful in us getting it launched!

Thought I’d shard a bit of the process for making it and some storyboards as well!

Trans Positivity Project

Hi! My name is Evan and for a project I’m making a photobook to promote positivity for the trans community. I’m looking for as many participants as possible. There are no submission requirements other than you have to be transgender/non-binary in order to participate. You must also be comfortable with your photo, first name, age, and country being posted on a blog and being published in 1 copy of a photobook.
All submissions must include a photo of yourself, your first name, your age, your pronouns, and the country you live in. I would also like about a paragraph long written piece or story about a positive experience you have had being transgender.
Please email all submissions to
A sample submission would look like:
“Name, Age, Pronouns, Country
Paragraph-ish story
(attached photo)”
In order to be included in the photobook I need your submission by April 10th, but I will accept submissions for the blog after the 10th! And please remember that you must be comfortable with your information being posted on a public blog!
Please message me on tumblr or email with any questions! Thank you so much for participating and reblogging, it means a lot to me :)

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Could I request some head-canons for Sasori and Deidara in a highschool AU? Thank you, I really love your blog!

(OOC: Ohhh thank you so much I’m so glad you like our blog ;;; - Dei Mod)


-”I don’t do sports, I’m an art student, asshole.”

-Literally best grades in art and mediocre everywhere else.

-I wanna say he’s in the art and the drama club cause he’s so animated that everyone was like “Dei you should do drama”  and he tried acting and he liked it. Poor kid isn’t too good at it though.

-He daydreams a lot during class. Same

-Really popular, girls and guys kinda just flock to him cause he’s really likeable. Let’s be real it makes Sasori jealous

-Once assaulted a freshman cause they accidentally messed up his art project by spilling paint on it.

-He’s permanently banned from the home economics classrooms.

-Has tried to set one of his teachers on fire. He claimed it was for scientific research.

-Tbh with the amount of wild shit he’s done it’s a surprise to everyone, including him, that he isn’t expelled.

-He’s that one kid who will just yell random shit during class.

-He’s like the only kid in the school who doesn’t think Sasori is a plotting serial killer in the making and will talk to him on a regular basis. Much to the redhead’s dismay.

-Other than being wild and obnoxious, he’s a pretty good student that doesn’t get into much trouble.



- Sasori is the really quite, loner kid. Only speaks when spoken to

- His favorite class is Wood crafting, Art, and Home Ec

- Has a crush on the most popular boy in school, (Deidara) And hates it

- Has an excuse everyday to get out of gym class, unless it’s doge-ball practice

- Once threatened Sakura Haruno to shut up, or he would cut her… While holding a saw blade

- Is friends with the creepy and other quite kids like Orochimaru, and Gaara. They have their own table in the lunch room

- Has really good grades because he wants to become a doctor like his Granny

- Has a good and healthy relationship with his Grandmother, because he is living with her. His parents died in a car crash (Sasori’s mod personal HC)

- Is rather happy Deidara talks to him, despite being a social outcast, but will never admit it

- For valentines day, broke into Deidara’s locker and left him a mini puppet version of the blond as a gift

- Is really possessive (Almost yandere-ish) over Deidara, and knows everything about him

- For his final project in wood works, he made his mother and father puppets

- Is good at drawing and painting as well, if he puts effort into it

- Finishes all his homework during class, so he doesn’t have to do it at home

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You look absolutely ethereal in Zelda! Are your gloves made from the same dupioni as the dress? If so, is it hard to get them on without using a stretch fabric? I'm struggling with what to make gloves out of for a project, your advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks! The gloves are made from stretch silk charmeuse. It’s a little on the thin side and I honestly wish I’d found something more opaque, but I might go back and line them, who knows.

I also added small buttons at the wrist, so that helps them go on and off because the stretch silk is still not super stretchy. 


This was a very nice watch! Makes me consider making a personal-project game more…

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I don't think they got the memo that YES we might be able to act like an institution to organise ourselves like Steve said, we - the boys - still NEED and require the professional team to put in the PROFESSIONAL effort and make use of their resources and contacts to broaden our reach and push the projects that fans set up. It shouldn't be us on our own entirely. It doesn't mean they just get to sit back and fire their PR department completely, that's what it looks like now. A management failure.

imagine being this fucking useless

(This is the cringest video i’ve ever done c’‘‘‘‘: punches sony vegas for not making transitions more extrame than it was in project)

I wanna do video for these lovely mens, because i see a big hate on them, because of protecting Felix, i don’t know where this world is going…but anyway it kinda makes me sad to see, so i decided to do video with THIS OBVIOUS song and i hate it anyway c’‘‘‘‘‘‘‘: because i freakin’ love them, they’re my heros and i’m gonna watch them everyday, because they help me soo much <’333 for @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier

Project Detransition and Reidentified stories

So I finally got around to making a tumblr for my project, the url is detrans-identified  (please @ me if you have better name-suggestion!)

I haven’t published any of the submissions I’ve received yet, but you can expect the first one to be up in the next couple of days.

I wanted to do this project because there is way too little resources out there for people who used to identify as trans. Also because I personally felt as if this type of project was necessary for the people out there who are in the process of detransitioning and are feeling like they’re the only ones out there going through this process. 

Please follow the blog and spread the word! 

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Hi! I just wanna say bless your soul and pastelmoon's too for doing this project! It's like really really awesome! So like, are there rules that we don't know of for this project? I just want to make sure I do things right

Daaaw thank you!! It’s been absolutely incredible seeing the JSE community flourish with positivity again so quickly!! Who knew a simple idea would turn into this?!

As for the rules, there aren’t any really! People have posted art/text/gifs instead of taking a photo or a video! We totally understand if you’re not comfortable with posting a picture of yourself online!

There are also people sharing their posts on Twitter and Instagram! It’s encouraged that you do that as well so Sean has a better chance of seeing it when he comes back full swing!

The most important thing to remember is to tag your post with #HeartsForSean and #jacksepticeye when you’re ready!

Thanks for wanting to join in!

~ Ray

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hey what did tony blair ever do wrong? oh you know apart from being a fucking war criminal... how can you be opposed to trident and whatevers happening in palestine and syria etc if you don't have a problem with that?

Iraq was wrong. Iraq was illegal. Tony Blair is a war criminal. Tony Blair is a shitlord. These are things we all know. These are things that we DO have a problem with.


He was Prime Minister for 10 years, and oddly enough he did more than just invade Iraq. It’s not a black and white kind of “he did one bad thing therefore he is bad and everything else he did was bad”, because that attitude
(1) is so overly simplistic
(2) prevents us from having any rational debate about the guy
(3) makes it impossible to move on from the New Labour project.

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I got my share of the homework out of my new backpack.

That’s a nice, seamless way to introduce the fact that Taylor has a new backpack, which isn’t relevant enough to warrant a full sentence stating that she got one, but could still make people think “plot hole” if left completely unadressed. Good writing.

Mr. Gladly had asked us to come up with a list of ways that capes had influenced society.

Oh, society, not the students personally. That makes more sense, and redeems the project slighty (slightly).

In between the various steps of my getting ready for my first night out in costume, I had taken the time to fix up my art project and had come up with a fairly comprehensive list for Mr. Gladly’s homework.

Ooh, the art project is back in business! I should’ve figured it wasn’t irrepairably broken when we didn’t find out what it was (I mean, if there wasn’t a sort of reveal planned for it, Wildbow probably would’ve told us what it was back in 1.1), but apparently I didn’t think of the concept of “repair”.

As for the homework, I still don’t really get why anyone’s doing it. Enough people already don’t do homework without the teacher saying it’s optional.

I had even used newspaper and magazine clippings to support my points.  I felt pretty good about it.

At least Taylor can take pride in it.

the fact that the artbook says clay was “frail as a child but apollos encouragement helped him become a passionate young man” or something along those lines i think of how nearly all the headcanons i saw are that he was also cheerful and loud like apollo and it makes me feel like ……o yea i was just fucking projecting but i ended up being right anyways


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition