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My hands slipped. Pair that Selene with a Dirthamen @selenelavellan

((OOC: hey y'all! I’m trying to decide on a design for the diadem I want to make {project inspired by @sirussly ’s beautiful hand-made one} but I desperately need help picking which design I want to try to create. Lemme know which is either your favorite! Thanks fam 💙

what I like about each: 1. It’s reminiscent of the classic childlike bird drawing of a bird in flight while remaining elegant. 2. Reminds me most of the actual diadem, and of an eagle with its wings spread. I also can imaging that silver playing off itself really well in that close proximity. I like shiny things. 3. This one is clearly the simplest design, and most closely based off of common medieval circlet crowns, and would probably be the most historically accurate))

Hello and welcome to ‘Be Happy with Himchan’, a day for celebrating what it is about Himchan that makes you smile! This day is part of a project organized by the B.A.P member networks, that will span from March to September. This project is open to any B.A.P fan, regardless of whether they are a part of any of the networks hosting this project! If you want to become a member of the networks, applications are open for some of them, so it wouldn’t hurt to check them out!

The 27th of April will be ‘Be Happy with Himchan’ Day, where you can show love and appreciation for Himchan by showcasing what it is about him that makes you smile. Essentially, what it is about Himchan that helps us to ‘Be Happy’.

On this day, you can post any original content that you create in order to show off what it is that you love about Himcan. The tag to use for this day is #behappywithhimchan (please make sure to place this within the first five tags).

We hope you will take part in the project and help show what it is about Himchan that makes you happy! You can create any kind of content you wish: gifs, graphics, fanart, videos, writing, and anything else you can think of to help be supportive of Himchan in any way that you can! You don’t have to be an experienced creator; first timers are more than welcome!

For details regarding the entire project, please look at this post here.

If you have any questions, you please direct them to kimhimnet!

I’m thinking of sewing my first ever suit next year and trying to perfect it into something I think Hannibal would be proud of, with a super nice material and matching pocket square. I want a project and I love suits and sewing and I’d love to wear it to a con knowing I’d sewn it!!

The question of colour does arise though!! (Floral or paisley printed? Red and white? Green and black? Red and black? So many choices!!!)

Hey guys! So I’ve actually been working on something for a while now that I’m super super excited to share because I think it’s better than both stories of I’ve done so far! I’m sorry if some of you were upset that I finished the Nylander one really abruptly, but I promise my next project will make up for it!

I’m going to stop the long winded stories, I kept thinking that I had to have conflict in order to have a good storyline but to be honest, I didn’t need it and it kind of made it harder to work around.

Instead I’m going to stick to the really cute things because those are my fave and each story will probably be a max of 10 parts, if even that high. I feel like I can get a lot more stories out of my head that way and not get tired of the same storyline everyday for a month or so!

Obviously I’m still learning and fine tuning my craft and I appreciate everything that you guys have sent me and all the support you have shown me. It’s amazing and I love you ❤️

Also, my next story was heavily influenced by another blog on here who gave me permission to use something she wrote in my own story. Thank you @mapleleivo for giving me a brand new idea without even realizing it! And for reading the first part and giving me feedback 😘

good afternoon i have a niggling feeling that rob and aaron will go on the picnic to celebrate rob’s birthday 👀 OKAY BUT LISTEN, HOW CUTE would THAT be ??? (let’s see how this sl goes because i really want this cute as heck picnic, solely if the whole sl is some mastermind project which makes rob undo sleeping with bex or some intergalactic creatures abducted him and replaced him with someone else 👀) KIDDING DJJSD but how SOFT would that be??? aaron setting up a cute as heck picnic for having interrupted the one rob wanted to prepare for him in ssw. But since maxine is currently not writing for ed it can’t be SUPER SOFT so im p excited to see how this turns out

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Ibuprofen and Zyrtec
An assortment of tic-tacs


Lamp. I love lamp.


Travel more
Take more chances
Let my hair grow really long
Learn to macrame
Just be a better person in general


Star Wars
Really good fanfics


Various phone calls that I don’t want to make
Some random projects around the house that need finishing
Get the planter ready for veggies for when it’s warmer
Finish yard work
I’m so lame


I’ve lived in 6 different states
I can always tell when someone in lying to me
I make the best baked potatoes you’ve ever eaten
My husband’s boss told him my gumbo was one of the most delicious things he’s ever eaten
I hate cooking

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Mum: you need to stop absorbing other people’s emotions. Go lie down. Do something for you!
Me: no I need to scan photos for my boss’ mum’s funeral, work on my pattern making project, and cut out my niece’s quilt.


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I’m Andrea and this week I will lead a Colombian Contemporary Music Week as a Guest-Editor, here at Musica in Extenso! Here is the first post of Colombian Contemporary music. 

Today on Musica in Extenso:

Blas Emilio Atehortúa

Six Colombian Pieces

Blas Emilio Atehortúa is a Colombian composer, born in 1943 in Antioquia, Colombia.

He is recognized for his free approach to compositional styles, and atonality. This piece Seis Piezas Colombianas (Six Colombian Pieces) is a compilation of six different traditional Colombian dances: Bambuco, Danza/Pasillo, Cumbia, Currulao, Sureña and Joropo. He is a very prolific composer, with more than 200 pieces, although many are unpublished due to lack of music editorials in the country.

Thanks again for making me part of this awesome project and I hope you will enjoy this amazing week! - Andrea, Guest-Editor


do you know that (8/8) : bts edition


Galaxy bathbomb ✨