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Trying Too Hard (Part 3)

Summary: Realizing that the Avengers won’t let you go so easily, you try to adjust to life in the tower. Things don’t really go as planned.

Warnings: swearing

Ship: will eventually be bucky x reader

Part Zero Part One Part Two Part Three

italics = flashback 

A/N: I wasn’t too happy with Part Two so I wanted to post again to make up for it not being the best. 

“I really don’t want to do this.” You admit, looking up at Steve. 

After finding your way to the training rooms, (which took awhile because Jarvis didn’t help you until you took a third wrong turn), Steve announced that you’d train with Bucky. First, everyone wanted to see if Hydra had actually improved the technology inside of your arm. Sam suggested that you arm wrestle and everyone agreed. 

“Why? It won’t hurt anything.” Steve shrugs, and then he smirks. “Besides, based on what I saw at the Hydra base, I’m pretty sure you’ll win.” 

Giving him a small, 91% fake smile back, you turn to face Bucky. He was already sitting at the table you’d arm wrestle at. It hurt to look at him. He was a reminder of Hydra to you, and a reminder that you were just a second, a copy of the original version. Even Hydra never truly cared about you. Of course, you also felt bad for what you did to him at the compound. As you approached the table, he looked up at you and gave you a half smile. 

“Hi.” You greeted, sitting down across from him. “Look, I’m really sorry about what happened… It’s not your fault that I’m like this.”

“It’s alright, I bet seeing the person that you were meant to recreate isn’t the best feeling in the world.” He looks surprised by your words, probably because this is the first time you’ve ever actually talked. 

Before an awkward silence could settle over the two of you, everyone walked over to the table. You looked around at the Avengers, who you now knew as Steve, Wanda, Sam, Natasha, and Clint. You’d also heard about Bruce Banner and Thor, but no one knew where they were. 

“Alright,” Sam, who insisted on being the referee, leaned on the table and glanced between us. “contestants are you ready?”

Bucky grinned and rolled his eyes at Sam, placing his elbow on the table and holding out his hand for you to take. You did the same and grasped his hand tightly in your own. It was strange, knowing that you were holding something but barely even being able to feel anything other than pressure. You imagined it was the same way for him. 

“Ready…go!” Sam announced, slicing his hand through the air in a starting gesture. 

Immediately you felt Bucky trying to force your arm down, but you had more than enough strength to keep both of your arms vertical. For a moment you didn’t know if you’d have enough power to actually force his arm down. You heard Bucky grunt while your arm changed gears, and you saw your arm pushing his down. Vaguely, you could hear Sam commentating in the background. You heard Bucky’s arm trying to power up even more but it was no use, with a final push his hand smacked against the table. 

“Damn, girl!” Sam laughed, patting you on the back.

You felt yourself actually smile a bit at how dramatic Sam was being. A surge of confidence overcame you. Even though Bucky was the original copy, you were the new and improved. 

“It’s okay, Bucky.” You tease. “I’m sure we can get you an upgrade.” 

As soon as you said it, the smile fell from your face. You weren’t sure if Bucky would be able to tell that you were just messing with him. Why did you even get so comfortable around everyone in the first place? You stare at Bucky, who was also staring at you. 

Before you could even open your mouth to speak, he laughs, leaning back in his chair. You feel yourself internally deflate, sighing in relief. You definitely didn’t want to mess things up with anyone on the first day. 

“Yeah, let’s just walk on back to the Hydra base and ask if I can have a new arm, too.” 

You’d been living in the tower for about a week now. Steve had made you official training buddies with Bucky, so you trained every day for at least an hour. The two of you had become generally good friends, since you had quite the common interest. Sam also often hung around you. He was funny, and you liked that he could lighten the mood when you weren’t feeling the happiest. Steve was very nice, he had the aura of a big brother or a best friend. You rarely saw Clint or Natasha, so you and Wanda stuck together, being the only girls. Tony was a sarcastic asshole, but you found that he cares about people more than he let’s it show. 

“Shit!” You exclaimed when a blue shell hit your car. Bucky sped past you while Sam suffered in 12th place. The three of you had been playing Mario Kart for the past hour. You’d won almost every tournament even though you had never played before now. 

Once you could drive again, you had already been passed up to 6th place. 

“No!” You complained, hitting Bucky on the arm. 

“Ow! Jeez that’s metal, you know!” Bucky whined, trying to soothe his arm by rubbing it on the couch so he didn’t have to take his hands off the controller. 

“I know, that was the point.” You admit before trying to grab the controller out of his hands. 

“Hey! You dirty cheater!” Bucky yelled, trying to yank his controller out of your grip. 

While you two fought each other, Sam took full advantage of the commotion and advanced up to first place. The two of you were far to occupied with beating each other up to notice. Bucky was trying to pry your metal hand off the controller with his own, while your flesh hand was jabbing him in the side to get him to let go. 

You looked up at the screen to see that Sam had won the race while you two were fighting. 

“No!” You cried out in defeat, shoving Bucky away from you. “Now neither of us won!” 

“That’s what you two get!” Sam cheers, watching his character race around the track with ease. 

“Hey, guys.” A more serious voice interrupts the playful atmosphere from behind you. You turn around and see that it’s Tony. “Can all of you meet us in the lab?” 

“Um…” You swallow, not liking the tone of his voice. “Sure.” 

You hesitantly stand up and follow Bucky and Sam out of the room and down to the lab. The closer you get to the lab, the more you find yourself tensing up. Whatever’s going on, it surely has to have something to do with you. 

“The last time I was in a lab was when they cut my arm off.” You mutter under your breath, quiet enough so only the person next to you could hear. 

Bucky just stares at you, eyes wide. 

“What’s going on?” He questions as soon as you arrive at the lab. Steve and Wanda were already there, waiting. 

“Well we were thinking about it.. and we realized that we’ve been putting ourselves in serious danger this past week.” Steve confesses, looking at you and then at the ground. 

Of course it was about you. 

“Bucky has trigger words that make him go all Winter Soldier mode, so we need to find out if you have those, too.” Tony takes over for Steve, who looks guilty. 

“They never brainwashed me! It was easier for me to plan an escape with my conscious in tact so I just did what they asked!” The words are pouring out of your mouth. 

“And if that is true, then good, no harm done.” Wanda nods. “Just let me look, just incase. You might think they never altered your mind, but they could have made you believe that. It’s easier to work with a weapon, not a human.” 

You back up, clenching your fist. 

“No! I told you to stay out of my head!” Your voice trembles. It feels like everyone is closing in on you and it reminds you of the time you spent at Hydra being an experiment. You know if there’s one person who understands, it’d be Bucky. 

“Bucky,” You turn to him. “please.” 

You see Bucky open his mouth to speak, when suddenly you are ripped from the present and are shooting through the past. Your body feels like it’s being pulled taut, like a puppet on a string. Your time in Hydra flies through your mind, reversing and fast forwarding. An image flashes before your eyes that you’ve never seen before. 

You’re strapped down to a chair at the Hydra compound. Panicked screams of pain echo through the room, and you realize they’re from you. There’s a man that you’ve never seen before, pacing in circles around you as he reads in Russian from a book. 


You scream, trying to break out of the restraints. 


You see yourself in the present, before you flicker back to the past. You growl in pain. It feels like icicles penetrating your skull. 


For a moment you see nothing, before you flash back to the present. The two alternate like strobe lights. You double over and fall onto your knees, hitting the ground with such incredible force that your fist cracks the ground. 


You only see the present. You rise up, slowly. 

The switch is flipped. 

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I wonder how it makes the Fab Four feel when they see little Battery City children blaster toys, and killjoy trinkets. What went through their heads when they realized that these children, are finding joy and fun from things that represent the very people who want to destroy what most of them are going to be a part of one day. We’re they guilty, did they lose sleep over the very thought? Were they sadistically pleased at the irony? Who knows.

You can create your own universe
with the power of your hand

Hi, guys! It`s the first time I`m writing such a sentence, because I`ve recently reached 500+ followers (that`s great for me:) and just wanted to tell a great “THANK YOU” for your every like, reblog and messages. I`m really enormously excited about your emotions, which I read in your texts and words or support, you definitely make me go further and not to stop each day:) Thank you so much:)

I also wanted to share with you one thing which is constantly rolling in my head: its the purpose of this blog. When I started drawing long ago as a kid I thought it`s only for throwing out your emotions, but getting older I realized, that it`s not only about your emotions, its about the emotions of other people. Thoughts. Memories. Things. Everything you do is connected with people around you, and with your hand, as well as with your thought, you can create a universe not only for yourself, but also for others to make people`s life a bit happier.

This is my creed. I make things. (I hope) these things are beautiful. Beautiful things awake emotions.

WE ARE CONNECTED by these emotions. By these endless waves of strokes. You and I. You and her. You and the world. 

I`m endlessly happy to you for creating this type of connection. Each of you. You are the stars, you are the wanderers.

So thank you for being together:)


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Hi! If you weren't too busy, could you do 1p Romano head canons?

Sure, love!

(If there’s one thing I love asides from yanderes, it would be a combination of a yandere and another dere type)

Originally posted by iwatobi-ice-pick

(Just personal preference, but I think this gif is too cute for my content that isn’t even cute. So, it makes it all the more better. ^w^)

♥  Type: Possessive, Tsun-Yandere

♥  At first, he’ll be quite friendly, if not flirtatious. But then, he realizes that his feelings for you might run deeper than friendship… He becomes the Lovi we all fangirls know.

In reality he just doesn’t know how to handle his feelings.

♥  You on the other hand would be very confused by his sudden change in attitude. You’d start wondering why he seems mad at you and what you did wrong.

♥  Although he’s all cute and tsundere with you, the moment his yandere side  shows up, things won’t be so cute anymore. It’s usually when another guy steps in and he’s taken over by his inner yandere.

♥  Also, he gets jealous very easily. If you looked like you were having fun with another guy for just even a second, he’ll quickly step in and rudely interrupt the two of you.

You can’t be with another guy (or anybody, tbh) without him by your side. And if you don’t want to start an argument, or hear that one of your friends got hurt or even worse, murdered…

…Then you better listen to what he says.

♥  There’s a reason why he loves PDA. It’s because he can show off to everyone that you are his, and that everyone should keep their hands off of you. His possessiveness can be just as bad as how quickly he can get jealous. Sheesh…


So basically, the lesson here is that even though he is a cute tsundere that doesn’t know how to handle his big crush on you, he can be bat-sh*t crazy when he is jealous.

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I have this friend (who is a lesbian) (I am also a chick) that I eat at the same lunch table every day. And every time she makes a (sexual) grunt, or eats something (in a sexual manner) she looks me dead in my eyes. It's hilarious really. It kinda became our inside joke. (and it became bigger when we both found out we liked SPN) I call her Cas and she calls me Dean. And we bond over Destiel, anything to do with SPN. I just wanted to say SPN helped me make friends in the 1 year of high school.

Omg yes, this is so important!! So many people (non-fandom people, adults… y’know what I mean) don’t see this and don’t realize how important a series can be for someone? You clearly have a very wonderful friendship with someone and a large part is because you could bond over this one thing. I’m so happy reading this because I’m glad you made a friend (or like idk if you have a crush on her but you guys sound really cute… rose stop) but yes, thank supernatural because hello it’s of big importance to a lot of people, even indirectly.

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Hi! I wanna do this spell, and it's not really a curse... basically one person really important to me fucked up, betrayed me, I don't wanna curse that person because I still wanna fix things, but I want a spell that will make them realize how bad that person fucked up.. I don't know how to do it or go about it?

Hey hun,

In this case, I suggest a harmonious communication spell.
The intention behind this spell is that they will be able to see your point of view. That way you may increase your chances of fixing things.

You need:
Orange candle- harmony
Lotus incense- peace and harmony, communication
Frangipani flowers- An offering to connect with someone

Light your incense and candle and sit before them at your altar space. 
Visualize yourself and this person sitting opposite each other. Take the time to acknowledge their presence and feel their energy.
Then, visualise your aura surrounding you, and their aura surrounding them. Gather any pain inflicted by this person and return it to their aura, and gather any of your own energies from their aura and take it back to your aura. Basically you’re swapping energies with that person that don’t belong in their aura, that way you are essentially cleansing both auras of pain.
Once you feel satisfied that this is done, offer them frangipani flowers as an offering of good will.

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So I used to be one of those ppl who said things like "Mshep is worthless lol why would you play as him when you have Fshep" but actually since following your blog I've realized how awful this line of thinking actually is. I still prefer Fshep over Mshep, whom I'm pretty indifferent to, but I've come to recognize that, just like Fshep is special to me, Mshep is special to a lot of other ppl, for a variety of reasons. (1)

It’s wrong to judge ppl just for liking a certain character over another; I mean, I would be upset and hurt if someone made fun of me or attacked me for playing Fshep over Mshep, so why would I do that to someone else? Plus, as I’ve started to figure out my gender identity, I can relate to ppl like trans guys and trans masculine ppl choosing Mshep bc they identify with him more. Even if I still identify with Fshep more (or my Fshep anyways), I totally get it. (2)
In fact, I’ve started to consider making my own Mshep, just to fool around with, figure out his story, see how he feels. Maybe I’ll find an Mshep I’ll relate to just as much as my Fshep. It wouldn’t hurt to try. So basically: ppl need to chill, let others live their lives, maybe take a step back and re-evaluate themselves and why they feel the way they do. So sorry to all Mshep players that I once bought into that bullshit. And happy playing~ :) (3)

Thank you :)

When you were asked about your plans for the future for the first time, you hadn’t even had your first day of school yet and there were dozens of szenarios in your head of how you’d spend your life.
It took a few years for your dreams to be shaped, until the vary shadows formed contours and you could answer with a small smile playing around your lips whenever someone asked you about that time which still felt so far ahead.
However, in middle school, you had to realize that life wouldn’t be as easy as you had thought before; that many of the things you had once dreamed of would never be possible but then, new ideas started to form in your head and when your friends told you about the subjects their older siblings were studying at university, you almost couldn’t wait to grow up and follow your dreams.
In high school, you had learned about your abilities and the topics you’re interested in, what you are good at and which issues you would rather avoid.
Now, when you were asked about your plans for the future, you could answer with several opportunities lying ahead of you and you’d talk about the cities where you would have liked to study. Graduating no longer seemed out of reach nor sight but still far enough away to not worry about details or feel the need to have your whole life planned out.
But then senior year comes around.
The first weeks, even months, still feel relatively normal, compared to high school, even though more and more people around you have a concrete idea of what they will do after they graduate.
But in the beginning, it’s still possible to laugh it all off, to shrug your shoulders and form an alliance of carelessness with those who feel as lost as you do when it comes to the future.
And you begin to remember all those dreams you once had, especially those who will never truly leave your mind and you cannot stop asking yourself whether it would actually be possible for you to follow them;
if maybe, just maybe, you are really free to achieve whatever you want.
Yet, it is still easy to forget about it all by focusing on the tasks ahead, the final exams and the preparations for the last educational events you’ll ever witness with these people who have been a part of your life for so long.
It’s not hard to simply surpress your worries and fears but then the end of this final year in school comes closer and closer until all the ‘last times’ are beginning.
The last time studying for an exam, the last presentation or the last movie you’ll watch bored to death while doodling on your paper.
But also the last free period spent outside in the sun with the people who mean the world to you, laughing until there are tears in your eyes and your ribs hurt, the last time being late to class because all of you rather stay in the car to finish singing this one song, the last time of ever laughing about a joke of that funny kid in your math class.
And then, suddenly, there is only one week left until you will all go separate ways, hoping that your paths will cross again someday and you cannot possibly understand that this part of your life, which seemed endless back when you were eight, will actually come to an end.
—  // and it is when you are standing on that hill behind the building, looking over the place where you spent almost your whole life, that you realize that it might just be true what people say;
that good things have to come to an end to make room for even greater adventures

Okay, so, I was at StopGame, as a customer. Buying a game, ofc, and I agreed to become a member of whatever their thing is (you get the magazine subscription and everything). So, the cashier had to enter in all my info. Nbd. Note: there was no line when I was there, the place was dead, so I just hear this exasperated sigh from a lady who couldn’t have been in line for more than two minutes, vocally complaining about how long the cashier was taking and how she’d never get any help and blah blah blah, generally being a bitch. Course, I’m a retail worker too and this girl was the only person on duty, so this entitled, impatient asshole was getting on my nerves.

And then I realized. I don’t work here. I’m a customer. I don’t have to grin and bear it or hold my tongue.

“You know, I’m the one taking up her time and taking so long. If you’ve got an issue with waiting, yell at me, not her. And, if you want to yell at me for taking a moment to actually do my transaction, you can kindly fuck off cause I have better things to do than listen to you.”

Lady was SO pissed. I was 100% prepared to be shouted at or stay after my transaction to make sure the Bitch didn’t abuse the poor cashier, but she just stormed out. Good fucking riddance.

The cashier seemed relieved and, on the off chance the bitch was gonna complain or anything, I left a sparkling review on the survey online.

TLDR: It feels great to tell off obnoxious customers for being rude to workers.

Someone’s YA Dystopian Future novel is going to feature one character being a natural leader and then revealing:

“I was at the Fyre Festival in 2017.”

The whole camp went quiet, with the exception of Daran, who swore softly. Chelsea looked like she was about to cry; Pete laughed softly with disbelief. “You were at the Fyre Festival?”

Craig nodded slowly, his gaze not leaving the flames in front of him. “One of the first ones in. One of the last ones out.”

Susan furrowed her brow, trying to piece the words together. Would it be inappropriate to ask him? Was it a religious thing? A massacre?

“What’s a Fire Festival?” The question slipped from her lips before she could help it, and suddenly all eyes were on her–all except Craig’s. The fire still flickered inside them.

“There was just one. The Fyre Festival, with a ‘y’. They thought it was clever.” He sighed, stroked his beard, and shifted a little before continuing. “It was supposed to be a simple weekend in the Bahamas. Me and a bunch of other rich kids packed our clothes, gathered our things, and took a plane down south. Everything was going smoothly…but when we hit the first landing strip, that’s when we started to realize that something had gone awry. Instead of seeing a private beach in front of us, we saw a crowded tourist trap. We were promised private jets, fancy boats, the full VIP experience…” His eyes flicked up to her, and though his mouth curved up in a smile, the eyes did not share in it. “But none of that was anywhere to be seen. We thought it would be fine, all we had to do was get our things, make sure they were together, and they’d lead us to the hotel, but…it was already growing dark, and that’s when the luggage arrived. Unloaded from one of those giant storage containers, the big ones, like you see on the docks. Just tossed out to the crowd, one after another. No conveyer belts, no lockers, no express deliveries to the rooms…and it was when I finally got my bag, with a dented crease along the side, like it had been resting under someone’s golf clubs, that I realized: everything had gone wrong.

“Anyway, I’m standing there with this bag, and it occurs to me how hungry I am, so I start looking for the restaurant. I was young, and foolish…fortunately, Gabe was young and foolish, too, so we both headed off to find the restaurant, thinking it would be there.”

His smile widened, showing those teeth again. “There was no restaurant. They fed us sandwiches–small, flat, flimsy sandwiches, with that bread you see on a gas station shelf, and some meat they said was ham. A single wilted piece of lettuce and a piece of rubbery cheese were the condiments, if you could call them that…Gabe said he saw someone with a ketchup packet. I didn’t believe him. Served in a white styrofoam box.

“Anyway, this would be regal fare to us today, but back then, to us, it might as well have been cow dung. I saw three people vomiting their food right back out; the girl next to me saw the same thing, and she became number four. I don’t know how many of us managed to actually choke our way through the meal, or how many of us actually made it back to go onto the plane, but I do know this: there were two thousand of us left in that village when the last boat left the island. Two thousand of us left to fend for ourselves. 

“When the sun rose the next day, we were one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. Four of us were missing; two were dead. It was then that I realized that this was going to be a live-or-die situation. I chose to live.”

I would continue with this but it is late and I needed sleep an hour ago.

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Lance,,,being insecure,,,,and the team helping,,,in subtle ways,,,in my,,,aesthetic,,,

anon,,,you get me,,,,

  • lance has no confidence in himself, thats a fact
  • but he hides it pretty well, all the jokes and bravado keep people off his tail
  • and the trick behind all that is that lance is observant.
    • like scarily so
  • so imagine when missions start to go wrong and lance does something behind everyones back that gets them back on track
  • or when they’re having team meetings, he wil mention something thats really off hand that no one really thinks about till later because omg it makes so much sense. and im talking wayyy later, to the point wehre its not relevant anymore
  • but its doesnt stop there
  • sometimes pidge will be sleeping in an odd place and lance will bring her a blanket so she doesnt get cold
    • he also saves the stuff on her laptop and turns it off or idles it for later
  • hunk will misplace something in the kitchen and lance sometimes walks in and ‘magically’ finds it for him
    • lance just knows where everything is
  • when coran is doing maintenance on the castle, lance likes to appear and give him a helping hand
  • shiro has a hard time sleeping and lance found a soothing body wash for shiro specifically that helps him calm down some, enough to sleep more than he does
    • (you cant tell me that lance doesnt know where all the cosmetic stuff is in the castle, the boy has a nose for it i swear)
  • keith is the training room gremlin and when kes been at it too much, lance will come in and basically screw up keiths groove enough to get him out of there
    • usually takes 3 or 4 challenges before keith has had enough and storms out
    • lance’s feelings arent hurt by it, he just wants keith to take care of himself ok?
  • allura can work herself to the bone too so when shes in the control room, lance likes to come by and start talking about earth
    • the similarities draw allura out of her head and start to open up to lance about altea
    • and by the end of the convo, allura is yawning and lance tells her to go to bed. works like a charm
  • and i like to think it takes a really long time for anyone to realize that lance has been keeping them together this whole time
  • like when conversations get to heated, he will make a joke at his expense and it diffuses the situation
  • or he will say just the right thing to kickstart a really great plan
    • all the while not taking any credit for it
  • like my dudes, lance cares so fucking much and no one notices, but hes completely okay with it since the team is all together and he can see his own family in them
  • he doesnt want to lose that
  • so he sticks to being the Middle Child™ and accepts being looked over as long as team voltron is together
Shiro/Lance interactions I’d like to see in future seasons:
  • Shiro laughing at one of Lance’s bad jokes/pick-up lines before he can catch himself (preferably while Keith is present, so he can shoot him a “I’m so disappointed in you” look ;p).
  • Shiro telling Lance a corny joke of his own, completely deadpan. Lance just stares at him for a moment before going, “Did you just make a joke?” and positively beaming.
  • Lance calling Shiro out on his tendency to internalize his pain and isolate himself rather than talking about it – “Just because you’re our leader doesn’t mean you don’t need help sometimes.”
  • Shiro realizing that Lance recognized this tendency bc he deals with his negative emotions in a similar fashion (seriously, this is one of the biggest things they have in common imo – we see it with Lance when he runs off to cry alone after getting homesick, and with Shiro when he waits for everyone to leave before letting out his frustration at Sendak).
  • Shiro and Lance bonding over the fact they were both international (or first-gen?) members of the Galaxy Garrison.
  • A scene where Lance tells Shiro he’s his hero.
  • Shiro getting to see more of Lance’s serious side.
  • Shiro accidentally revealing his dorky/less serious side one day and Lance being absolutely delighted (totes inspired by Josh Keaton saying Shiro likes memes but would never tell Lance).
  • Like just imagine Shiro delivering a very poignant speech before a battle one day, and when it cuts to everyone else’s faces they’re all smiling softly, looking inspired….except for Lance, who’s grinning like his birthday just came early. “Dude did you just quote [Generic Cheesy Sci-Fi Action Film]?! My favorite movie of all time?!”
  • More of these fond looks from Shiro when Lance is goofing around:

“What could you possibly do to me? I can easily extinguish a life as puny as yours.”

I think one of the things that makes Azula so amazing as a villain and a character is that her breakdown is foreshadowed by her earliest episodes. All the pieces are on the board at the very start, you just don’t realize it. So when the breakdown comes it’s all full of callbacks to earlier behavior and it suddenly feels utterly natural that this person you’ve seen as a nigh-untouchable badass mastermind is coming so undone. It doesn’t come out of nowhere, it was there all along from the very start and we simply forgot about it in the interim because she was being so badass and it had no reason to take effect just yet.

–Her speech to the captain about the tides foreshadows her banishing all her servants and advisors. The captain is totally honest with her despite being scared, that they’re not bringing the ship in just yet because of an issue with the tides. Tides are BIG deal in regards to bringing in a ship but Azula doesn’t care and simply wants her will done now and makes it clear she will harm or kill the captain if he doesn’t do the thing he knows is a bad idea. The man is not delaying for silly reasons or to hide a mistake, he is genuinely making a sound decision about how to bring a ship into port, Azula simply doesn’t care she wants what she wants done now and treats disagreement as disloyalty. Azula perceives anyone subordinate as not doing what she wants for any reason at all to be proof they’re not perfectly loyal.

–The one hair out of place with Lo and Li training her. It shows Azula as a perfectionist, and again, as a control freak. She cares about appearences, which probably ties into her status as a prodigy who has long been praised for being such. She needs to make it look effortless and perfect. But after Boiling Rock this starts to slide. In The Southern Raiders he hair comes down fully during her fight with Zuko and she doesn’t even care–hell, she can’t do anything to fix it since she needs her hand to hang onto the mountain. Then in the finale her hair is an utter disaster, showing just how far she’s fallen. Once again it fully comes down while she’s fighting, and by the time the fight is over and Katara has her restrained she’s a total mess.

–Recruiting Ty Lee. This is where we should have known from the start that Ty Lee’s loyalty to Azula is not absolute by any means. Ty Lee wanted to stay with the circus and only left because of Azula clearly threatening her by having the net set on fire. We see it again in Zuko Alone’s flashbacks, where Azula is obviously jealous of Ty Lee being able to do better gymnastics than her and bullies her for it. Ty Lee is only with Azula out of fear and always has been. Of course if it came down to Azula or Mai she’d choose Mai.

–Recruiting Mai. It’s even more subtle than with Ty Lee but they show why Mai will eventually betray Azula in the same episode Mai debuts in. When Tom-Tom, Mai’s little brother, is in danger and a hostage, Azula makes it clear she doesn’t give a shit about that and that the deal should be off Mai’s not as open as Ty Lee is so she doesn’t seem to react as much but it’s the same situation. Azula wants Mai on her team and doesn’t care what happens to people Mai probably cares about. Thing is, the person Mai cares about most is Zuko, who Azula is hunting. Mai betraying Azula for Zuko becomes more and more of a given as the show establishes Mai’s feelings for him. Meanwhile Azula probably assumed that if Mai was willing to endanger her own little brother for Azula, there would be no conflicts of loyalty regarding Zuko…and was wrong. As Mai said, she miscalculated.

It was all there right from the start of season 2.

Dating Zach Dempsey would include...

• Lots of basketball games, where’d you’d be on the side lines holding up a cheesy sign saying “# 7 on the field # 1 in my heart.”

• Him looking and winking just as he is about to make the game winning point!

 • He’d run to you after a game through the crowd, just to get his winning kiss. “y/n!” “Oh no Zach! Get your sweaty self away from me.” You said running through the stands. But he catches you in less than a minute and envelopes you in his arm. “Caught you.” He whispers “You’re an idiot.” You say with a smile “Yes, but I’m your idiot, so it’s okay.” He says right before he kisses you. 

 • Ice cream dates, he’d smile and watch you as you ate your ice cream. “What’re you doing?” You said with a giggle, “You’re so weird.” He rolled his eyes, “is it bad that I love my girlfriend so much I can’t help but stare at her beauty?” You held out your spoon. “Oh shush and let me eat my ice cream in peace.” He leaned over and ate it as you gasped! “Zachary! How dare you?!” He chucked and winked. “Maybe next time you’ll take my compliment, so I don’t have to take you ice cream.”

•Movies at the Crestmont, where you two would sit in the back and cuddle into him.

•cuddling non stop.

•lots and lots of kisses, on your forehead, nose, lips

• You always wear his letterman jacket and it’s huge on you because your boy is a giant. “You’re tiny.” “I AM NOT.” “Y/n you are so small.” “I am average height, you fricking giant.” “Gosh you’re feisty, and you look so cute in that.” “Can I keep it.?” “No.” “But Zach…”

•he’d surprise you from behind and always make an effort to walk you to your classes. “Zach you’re gonna be late for your class.” “But I have to walk with you to class..” “I’m a big girl I can walk by myself.” “Yes, I’d rather spend time with my girl, than be in class, unless that class is Bio.”

•you and his sister are best friends, and you guys are always whispering. And he loves how good you are with her.

•his mom loving you because unlike the rest of his friends, you’re such a good influence on him. She sees the way you two love each other and can’t wait to call you her daughter-in-law

•Zach gets jealous easily, especially when you laugh at Jeff’s jokes and hang out with him. He will give you the silent treatment until you make him realize he’s the only boy for you.

“Zach, I love you. No one else” “But Jeff..” “He’s a friend, one of my very good friends and you need to stop being jealous about small things. You know i’d never leave you.” “I-I’m sorry.” You kissed his forehead. “I love you okay? Don’t forget that.”

•you play video games with him, and sometimes he lets you win, just to see you smile and jump around. “OH MY GOD. I BEAT YOU.” Zach chuckled, “yes you did.” “I BEAT ZACH DEMPSEY AT COD.. HOW IN THE WORLD.” He scoops you up in his arms, “yes you did y/n, and I’ve got a prize for you.” He says as he kisses you!

•he’s super protective, especially after hearing Bryce’s tapes, and makes sure you’re never alone with him.

•He comes to you whenever he is sad, or upset about life. And the two of you cuddle and eat lots and lots of ice cream.

•You always make fun of how he’s allergic to strawberries. “It’s kinda sad, you know? You’ll never be able to bite into a juicy strawberry.” He rolled his eyes “yes y/n I’m so sorry that the small little fruit could possibly cause me to die.” “I’m just saying it’s a shame, they’re so good.” “God, you’re so mean.”

•He loves PDA when he’s drunk, but when he’s sober, he’d rather it be more personal, just between the two of you.

•He’s never fails to make you laugh, and cracks jokes just to see your eyes light up and to see your smile grow.

•When he gets drunk, all he’s does is think about you and tell you how much he loves you, and will not stop kissing you. “My girlfriend y/n, she’s such a babe. Like damn she’s the hottest girl in the school and she’s all mine. And have I told you I love her so much.” “Zach I’m right here.” “You’re really pretty you know that.” “Oh dear Zach, how much did you drink.”

• He’s always super embarrassed after hearing what he did while drunk, and you think he’s the absolute cutest.

• Zach is so fit, and loves the gym, and half the time you joke you’re dating him just for his abs. “God you’re hot.” He looked up at you. “Well that was random.” “Like I’m definitely dating you for your abs.” “Wow y/n so superficial” “Kidding I love every little thing about you.” “Oh sweet little y/n, nothing about me is little.” “ZACH!”

•Zach leaves the weirdest compliments in your compliment bag, and you keep them all to look at whenever you need to smile.

•Justin being like another brother to you and always jokes about how you have Zach wrapped around your finger.

•Justin and Zach are so close you always joke that he’s Zach’s boyfriend. “Hi I’m y/n and this is my boyfriend Zach and his boyfriend Justin.”

• He always tells you the cheesiest science jokes, because he’s a bio nerd. “Hey y/n, are you DNA helicase cause I’d like to unzip your genes.” “You’re an idiot”

•Zach dreaming about spending the rest of his life with you and growing old, because you’re everything and more he’d ever imagine in a girl.

White Lace | [S]

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MusclePig™ [12:27] : Are you free yet?

The obnoxious vibrations of your phone distract you from the splatter of paint that had you preoccupied for the past couple of hours.

You picked up your phone from your table, the light from it seemingly unpleasant as you typed in a quick response.

You [12:30] : Do you really want to go out that bad?

MusclePig™ [12:30]: I haven’t seen you in a week, my heart and dick are throbbing for you.

You threw your phone down on to your bed beside the hardwood table that you were seated on, silently laughing to yourself as you read his last message.

That’s definitely something Jungkook would say. Over the past couple of months you had gotten to know him better, the both of you often bonding over anime or stupid memes; sometimes just listening to each other as he babbled on about a new plot he had thought of.

You’d been avoiding going out with him over the past week, trying to focus on classes and the projects at hand. But Jungkook wouldn’t let you stay in this hermit hole that you had created for yourself.

MusclePig™ [12:31]: Pleasee~

You [12:33]: Pick me up in an hour.

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Update on the omaima83 situation

Guys. I think we’ve all been played.I’ve been talking with some people on discord and…..Due to the evidence, I believe omaima83 has done this to get attention.


let’s get to the first thing: typing similarities and “roleplaying”.

They both appear to do the spacing when it comes to exclamation points, periods, question marks, etc.

They also both appear to have a knack for…”Roleplaying”? 

….See what I mean?

They also use similar words (aka bad grammar): Cutted, Broked, etc. 

Now, if this doesn’t convince you, let’s get to the second thing: similar art style and handwriting.

(The first image is from lemon-sans-space, the second from omaima83.)

See the similarities? The main thing that really makes it seem suspicious is that curve, and look at how they both draw the s. 

Now, onto art style….

They both appear to have similar shading and dare I say anatomy. Someone from the Discord group had messaged her, inquiring about them being lemon-sans-space because of this, and this is how she had replied.

….?? “This art is mine”?? What the hell does that mean?

This is very suspicious.

Looking further and gathering more information, we realized this all started when she got her heart broken” by @ask-positive-bendy because of some….Roleplay shipping stuff? 

I sadly don’t have any screenshots for that but trust me, this is borderline guilt tripping.

She is also currently playing the victim card. [Continued conversation from above; see artwork and handwriting evidence]



And to make things worse…..

No one has questioned how he knows about her cutting herself. How could he have known? She never made a post about it stating that she did so.

Going back to the writing similarities:

They both used the word cutted.

TL;DR: She has manipulated people, played the victim card, has similar handwriting, artstyle, and types/uses the same words and poor grammar as lemon-sans-space.

@omaima83, you need to stop this, you’re making people worried and placing yourself in a victim role, which you don’t deserve. If you were feeling suicidal this was not the way to go about getting attention or any help.

Okay, but imagine Peter arguing with Teen Groot…

Peter: Because I told you to, that’s why!  
Groot: I am Groot? 
Peter (Infuriated): Or what? Or what? Or…Or I’ll let Drax eat you

Peter realizes what he just said and stares at Groot with wide eyes. Groot mumbles some reply and stalks off, but Peter’s just standing there, unable to breathe for several minutes. He retreats to the bridge to stare out the window listening to his Zune on repeat for the rest of the night and nobody can figure out what’s up. 

Except maybe Kraglin, who heard the whole thing, and watches Peter with a nostalgic, sympathetic smile. 


This entire chain of events, it’s gonna start happening this afternoon. But… we can change that. I studied relativistic physics my entire life. One thing emerged over and over, can’t change the past. Can’t do it. Whatever happened, happened, right? But then I finally realized… I had been spending so much time focused on the constants, I forgot about the variables. Do you know what the variables in these equations are, Jack? Us. We’re the variables. People. We think. We reason. We make choices. We have free will. We can change our destiny….

The turning point

I’ve talked before about how Diana changed her opinion about Akko in episode 13, during the Samhain Festival. Before that moment both Akko & Diana more or less just begrudgingly admired eachother.

However, while Diana changed her view of Akko that evening, Akko hadn’t had the chance to change her opinion of Diana yet. Until the episodes 19/20.

Even in episode 19, Akko still believes that Diana is the condescending ‘Miss Perfect, No Problems Witch’.  For Akko, any kindness from Diana is met with a suspicion of condescension. ‘How can this perfect, aristocratic witch possibly understand or genuinely care about me, a failing no-name witch?’ Akko cares a lot about Diana (even though she wouldn’t have admitted it to Diana or herself) but doesn’t expect that Diana cares about her.

However, we know they truly care a lot about eachother.

In this episode, they take turns saving eachother, caring more about the other than the consequences of their actions. Akko disregards the risk of the calamity for disturbing the ritual, while Diana abandons the ritual to nurse Akko.

Throughout both episode 19 and 20, Akko learns more about Diana. The more she learns, the more her prior view of Diana crumbles.

Diana’s childhood was far from perfect. Both her parents died while she still was just a young kid. She was sickly, and was at a point where she could have lost the ability to use magic at all. Her current profiency of magic all came from hard work and arduous practice.

Even Diana’s pride of her heritage is far less snobby than Akko probably assumed. Diana didn’t want to become the head of house Cavendish for the title itself, she wanted to preserve the legacy of her ancestors while continuing in their footsteps. And yet, Diana abondoned the possibility to earn the title only to save Akko.

Basically all assumptions Akko had about Diana turned out to not be true.

After learning about Diana’s hardships and the legacy of House Cavendish, Akko finally reaches her turning point. Just as Diana had changed her opinion about Akko, Akko now realizes that her inner view of Diana was wrong.

Akko is moved to tears when she hears Diana’s dream of carrying her House’s legacy. Akko does a complete U-turn of trying to stop Diana completing the ritual. She now instead fully supports Diana’s heartfelt dream. Akko can finally see what qualities they share: both of them are hard-working dreamers that strive to make the world a better place. This is more important than their differences, more than heritage, magical skill and personalities.

Due to Akko & Diana finally mutually bonding with eachother, the fifth word gets unlocked. I don’t know if they realized that it was necessary for them to grow closer to unlock the word, and that Akko couldn’t have done it herself. But with them finally understanding eachother, they now have a solid ground for them to work on their shared dream.

And I know one thing for certain, I truly want to see more of the unseen world they now have opened. Because from what we can see from Akko and Diana coming closer, it feels truly magical!