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Stydia Fanfic Appreciation

themartinskis  started this Stydia Fanfic Appreciation tag, and I’ve been tapped. Here’s the rules, straight from the source:

Talking with people, I’ve noticed just how many of us think that the fanfic for the stydia fandom is severely unappreciated. So I thought I’d do a little tag to try spread some love. All you have to do is write a review (it can be as long or as short as you like) for each of the following categories. If your fic is mentioned in any category you’ve been tagged! Continue the chain by making a new post and answering the questions. Try and use fic that you haven’t seen tagged before to try and spread the love as much as possible. Read the fanfic recommended under the third topic and write something nice about it (and check out the other fics they mentioned while you’re at it too!). Here are the categories:

1) Three of your favorite Stydia fics from three different authors

An Algorithm for Mistakes- fleete (ao3)/(no tumblr I can see) Epically long one-shot that you can also consume in podfic form if you’re so inclined. Takes place in college, where Lydia is putting her super smarts to good use by researching werewolf genetics. She’s also partnering with Stiles to stop an all out pack war… and partnering with him in the bedroom. All of the old school pack is present and accounted for, and it’s such solid writing.  Unfortunately, this author doesn’t seem to write much Stydia fic, and I weep for this loss to our fandom.

Those Mad Sounds- flowermasters (ao3)/(no tumblr I can see) Take-charge Lydia asks Stiles to go to prom with her following the nogitsune possession as she attempts to bring some normalcy back to the pack. Allison isn’t dead, and Stiles is actually having an appropriate reaction to being possessed. This author writes Lydia the way you want her to- sassy, smart, and with a gooey center. 

I’m Well Aware This Should Remain Unspoken- marlahey (ao3)/ marlahey     I’ll basically read anything by this author, but I particularly like the series she’s writing now that’s digging up all the possible Stydia in Season 5. Yes, the canon ships are there, but the Stydia is heart-clutching-sighing-into-your-coffee good. 

2) Two fics you think are particularly underappreciated

Out of This Skin- writergirl8 (ao3)/ dr-lydiastilinski  Okay, I’m cheating. This is a well-known Stydia author. But everyone gushes over Ground Rules and overlooks this fantastic Lydia character study. Fierce Lydia is the Best Lydia.

Deck The Halls - HSMLusitania (ao3)/ hmslusitania 1900s Teen Wolf- Lydia is a lady, Stiles is the son of a detective inspector, and there’s been a murder at the annual Argent Christmas party. I basically love the Stydia Detective Agency in all its forms. 

3) Your favorite fic you’ve written

The Loudest Sound- thejazzsquared ao3 Uh, it’s the only fic I’ve written. Or the only one I’ve published. Anyway, Lydia is banshee-sitting Meredith, and Meredith says some uncomfortable stuff about Stiles and Lydia. WHY DID THEY RUIN MEREDITH?


These are the prettiest and the best. They have the best graphics, the smartest essays, and the most flawless taste. Some I’ve been following for ages and others are only recent discoveries; some I know and have talked to a lot, some a little, and  some I just admire from afar; but they are my favorite blogs and without them my dashboard would be a very boring place indeed. Without further ado, I submit for your consideration:

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