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since you like sansa, what is your opinion on her relationship with the hound ? :D i ship them so hard OMG

i actually fkn love it so much??? i dont ship them romantically in canon ofc, sansa’s like 13 and the hound is around 22, i think, but i really do enjoy their interactions and their scenes together make me all giddy. 

i love how he turned out to be the knight she always dreamed of having, even though he ‘’spits on them and their vows’’. he has many faults, and i personally think the show whitewashed him a LOT but in the end, he was the one who cut his way through the mob when they tried to rape her, he intervened when the knights of the kingsguard were beating her, he covered her in his white cloak when ser meryn ripped her dress, he offered to take her with him, to protect her and bring her back to her family. yes, he drank, swore and was many times intimidating, he made fun of sansa for her innocence and ignorance, but he’s still in sansa’s memory, and she remembers him as someone who protected her, someone with whom she felt at ease. 

i believe in the gravedigger theory and i think the hound is still alive. i hope he finds his way back to sansa and serves as her sworn shield or something

I’m actually really happy someone brought up the spartos/hakuryuu stuff, the positive response I got is helping me write this chapter. I was going to really tiptoe around it, actually, make it hidden still, but now I’m just making allusions and judal is going to tease him about liking red heads, and it makes me giddy to actually be able to put this in, because I love having side ships in a story, I think they add to it, I really do
I think I’m going to start hinting more at others, too, like Ja'far and Masrur’s relationship, and aladdin’s crush on Alibaba
All the ships

Achieved all green with my fitbit goals today!! First time since starting to try and get fit and healthy! Today I decided I would try and stay active when on my feet all day so while doing the housework I put a housework playlist on and I danced and side stepped while cleaning and hoovering. When tidy me and my 4 year old daughter decided we wanted to dance on just dance for the kinect!! When my eldest 5 year old got home from school I decided that we would all take the dog for the first time, rather than just on my own. That was quite an adventure with me walking a giddy dog, 5 year old pushing the pram 4 and 3 year old walking alongside. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. Decided I’m going to make it a regular thing to walk the dog together as the children seemed to enjoy it also. Having the pram wasn’t ideal so I think we will take the baby sling next time.

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Character: Sugar Plum Fairy from Strange Magic

                                           LOVE Love is strange, doll. And dangerous——

               She paused for dramatic effect, a serious look on her
               face. That all melted away rather QUICKLY, though,
               and was replaced with a giddy grin as she gave herself
               a spin.

                                           So! You got me a primrose petal or what? Can’t go
                                             making you any love potions without one! ——WAIT!

               The fairy stopped with an over exaggerated gasp, nose
               scrunching up as her finger pointed towards herself.

                                           …What’s in it for ME, if I help you? Making love potions
                                             ain’t easy, doll! It’s just as dangerous as love itself

New follower (5.25.15$

Hey y'all! Social media just makes me giddy because you can literally get humans to follow you. Isn’t that exciting?! I mean half of my followers may or may not be robots, but I’m still excited.

I’ve got one new follower since yesterday: najboljefotografije

You seem to post a lot of hot women on your blog. So that’s cool. I’m gay but I can still appreciate beauty :)

Anyways I’m not sure if I’ll do a shout out EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a follower, but I will try! If I get really famous (haha…no) then it might be hard to keep up. But for now I really like this shout out thing; it’s very intimate.

So if you like my posts, or just anything I reblog, give me a like, reblog, message, etc! I love getting feedback. And I will usually F4F unless you’re a public relations/advertising blog or if yo have excessively porn-y stuff. Keep my dash classy yo. Once the clothing goes completely off I don’t follow. Period.

NINJA EDIT: on second thought, my new follower, I don’t think those 99% nude women are working out for me, you know? I just don’t exactly want weird looks when I’m browsing tumblr haha. But THANK YOU for the follow anyway!

So last night, I dreamt I was in a house, someplace dark and spacious like in that flying lestat dream,we were in a feild anyway. I went outside and the sky was clear but it looked like itd rain soon I noticed very much…
There were logs stacked around. Dark wood, as If it were all wet.
Old cars that were white and light pale yellow parked next to the logs. There were people around, alot of black people and just brown people, excluding my mom and the “ guests.”
everyone was so happy and giddy, they were all were so excited for me. People shook my hand and patted my back. I realized i was getting a gift of some kind. An old man who seemed to be my replacement Grandpa gave me a wooden “sickle” that he attempted to make look like Karkats but it looked more like an Axe??? Alittle boy next to him got a cooler one in dark wood, i didn’t comment out loud though that I wanted it instead.
I turned and someone with orangey hair got out of the old white car. It was Percy and everyone clapped and was so happy for me because they invited my freind over. But that wasn’t all. Another person got out of the car, someone with dirty blonde hair and choppy haircut. They has shiny skin but in a healthy way that glowed. It was Brooke. They both had glowing skin and their hair contrasted the rainy look around them and the pale car behind them. They looked happy to see me but ina fake way, they looked uncomfortable and looked around with just their eyes, as if someone was going to swoop in and help them at any moment. In that moment when I saw them both together I got a feeling of dread in my stomach. A dread that told me I was going to face the thing I had hurt and take the consequences. I excused myself and ran inside and upstairs. I ran to a wall in the “highest” bedroom and leaned my side to it before i felt something bulge in my throat. Something rEALLY bulge in my throat, so I coughed. i coughed harder and I started to puke. It was white and chunky. Like long strips of some kind of meat in it. The substance was thick like ranch but brIGHT like baby formula milk and bubbled when it splattered on the dark cheap carpet that felt like hotel carpet. I purged again and it poured out with more chunks but with so much white I couldn’t tell what they REALLY WERE. I got choked on a piece and so I slowly woke up coughing and trying to swallow. The dream and the real world faded into eachother so perfectly that I didn’t know I had woken up.


11:05 and I panic, when I realize I can’t remember how you sounded saying my name. the memory of your voice on the phone is no longer as clear as it was before. I can’t remember your voice. I’m racking my brain trying to think of the last time I saw you. I’m wondering how the tingles and the butterflies felt. how your kisses felt, how the wintermelon smelt that afternoon when I spilled it all over my shirt. the goosebumps, the giddy smiles I fight whenever you say something that makes me blush. gone. and it’s stupid to cry over this but it hurts. it hurts to see images, flashbacks, but the feeling I got with it are no longer there. I’m forgetting, oh god, I’m forgetting and I don’t want to forget.

please make me remember.

How to Rent a Car Cheap

This is part 2 of my series on renting cars in Hawaii. I also suggest you read part 1: “My Experience Renting a Car” .

I’m a big cheapskate. I love saving money. Everything I buy or spend time on, I like to shop around and see the different options available. And when I find something that saves me a lot of money, I get a giddy feeling inside of me. Renting a car was no different I had to make sure I got a good price on things so I did a bit of reading before I got my rental.

This was something that surprised me.

When I got an online quote from Enterprise, they did not mention insurance at all. So I arrived at the Waikiki branch one day, thought I was getting a killer rate, but then they showed me their daily insurance rates… and getting full insurance (there are 4 types of coverage) cost more than the car rental!

Rental companies offer 4 different types of insurance.

The following insurance add-ons were presented to me at the Enterprise branch:

1. Loss Damage Waiver (

$19/day). Covers rental car damage or theft. This is to insure the actual rental car.

2. Liability Coverage (

$12/day). Covers damages to 3rd parties. VERY IMPORTANT! No liability coverage means that people you cause injury or death to can sue you personally and you will pay out of your own pocket.

3. Personal Accident Insurance (

$4/day). This is to pay for your or passenger hospital bills that are injured while driving.

4. Personal Effects Coverage (

$3/day). This is to insure things in your car, in case they get stolen.

The rental car insurance rates can change, but for me, the total for full coverage was about $38/day.

Here’s a tip that could save you time and money: you may already have coverage for rental cars!

A lot of credit cards out there include some rental car insurance as a benefit if you reserve/pay for the rental car with your credit card. Also, if you have car insurance plans, they may also cover rental vehicles (though you’d have to pay a deductible to make a claim). Both items are automatic benefits of using their services, but are usually hidden in fine-print in the brochures/packages the credit card companies/insurance companies sent you when you got your card or insurance. If you have doubts, just call your customer support line and ask! Ask for someone who can tell you more about the extent of your rental car coverage, because the first person you talk to probably won’t know the full details.

As for Personal Accident Insurance, your health insurance or auto insurance may already cover it.

As for Personal Effects Coverage, I suggest you be smart and not leave valuables visible in your car in the first place. Thieves love to target rental vehicles parked in isolated spots,  like parking lots at hiking spots.

In the unlikely scenario that your own car insurance or credit card doesn’t provide coverage, then just get coverage from the rental car company. You will definitely need Loss Damage Waiver insurance. Don’t be a cheapskate. Someone getting out of their car can dent your door, a thief could break your window to steal your change jar or a drunk driver leaving Waikiki could side-swipe your car. You don’t want to see the actual bill if any of those things happen.

Rental cars rates are like Costco: they’re cheaper when you buy in bulk. You can play around with the online car rental quotes to check this if you don’t believe me. For Enterprise, if you reserve for 6 days or more, you will see a dramatic drop in rental rates.

Here’s a quick example quote I got from Enterprise. I did a quote for 3 days and then I did a quote for 6 days. Starting date, car class, rental location, pickup time are the same for both.

3 day rental = $52.99/day